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Pag. 261. lin. 5. from the foot, for which read whereby Pag. 336. lin. 6. from the top, for early read earthly Pag. 362. lin. 8. from the top, for purified read justified



The Epistle to the GALATIANS.

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HE writing before us is an epistle directed by the Apostlc Paul to the churches of Galatia.

Those who know any thing of that kind of writing, will not expect the methodical exactness of an accurate treatise, much less the formality of a scholastic difputant. The writer who understands his business, will never indeed lofe sight of the point he has in view, 1or 0mit any thing that is necessary or proper for attaining his purpose: but, at the same time, he will lay the materials together in such an easy natural way, that every new thought shall appear to be suggested by what went before, until the whole plan be finished ; each part throwing light upon another, and all of them making one consistent piece. Vol.III.




The epistle we are now entering upon will be found an absolute masterpiece in this

way of writing, by all who understand it, and can enter into the writer's views. But to do this to purpose, one must be well acquainted, both with the character of the writer, and of those to whom he wrote, their mutual connections and relations, and what had formerly passed between them in their intercourse one with another.

The author is so well known, that it will be needless to spend words on his character ; especially when the epistle itself presents us with as much as we have any occasion for. Besides his natural genius, which appears to have been one of the greateft, and the best education the world then afforded, he was peculiarly honoured by the supernatural instruction of him who is perfect in understanding, and by the personal appearance of the glorious Son of God, often repeated in the most friendly and familiar manner : he was endued with the most extraordinary measures of that divine Spirit, which leads into all truth; and received from Christ a special commission to carry the know


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