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WILLIAM WHISTON. 23 Vulgar Latin Copy. Arabick Copy.

Sun shall suddenly shine three Signs, the Earth again in the Night ; and troubled, and the Sun the Moon thrice in the shall appear on a sudDay.

den, and the Night and the Moon in one Day:

5. And Blood shall 5. And Blood shall drop out of the Wood, drop out of the Wood, and the [Stone or Rock] and the Light shall give shall give its Voice; and its Voice ; and the Peothe People shall be ple shall be troubled, troubled.

6. And even he shall 6. And a People shall rule, whom they look rule, whom they that not for that dwell upon dwell on the Earth lookthe Earth: And the ed not for : And the Fowls shall take their Fowls shall remove from flight away together.

their Lands, and their

Borders. 7. And the Sodomitish

And the Sea of the Sea shall cast out Fish, Sodomites shall caft forth and make a Noise in the living Fish, and they Night, which many have shall lift up their Voice not known; but they in the Night, and there shall all hear the Voice shall not be one of all thereof.

the People that shall know what they are, when they hear their Voices.

8. There


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Vulgar Lalin Copy. Arabick Copy.

8. There shall be a 8. And Sluggishness Confusion also in many and Astonishment shall Places; and Fire shall be in many places; and be often fent out again ; surrounding Fire shall (or Naked) and the wild be sent upon the Earth : Beasts shall change their And the wild Beasts of Places; and menstrous the Princes shall remove Women shall bring from their Places : And forth Monsters.

there shall be Signs in

the Women. 9. And falt Waters 9. And changing of shall be found in the the sweet Waters into sweet, and all Friends falt ; and Friends shall shall destroy one ano destroy one another. And ther. Then shall Wit in this Time, Knowhide itself, and Under- ledge shall

be hid, standing withdraw itself and shall

be into its secret Chambers. found; and Wisdom

thall go into its secret

Places, 10. And shall be 10. And many shall fought of many, and seek it, and shall not yet not be found. Then find it; and Unrightethall unrighteousness and ousness, and Viciousness incontinency be multi- shall be incrcased upon plied upon Earth.

the Earth. II. One Land also

11. And one Land shall ask another, and thall diligently inquire say, iş Righteousness, of another, saying, hath which maketh a Man Righteousness

passed righteous,


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Vulgar Latin Copy.

Arabick Copy.

righteous, gone through through thee, or is Sinthee? And it shall say, cerity found in thee? And No.

that Land shall deny it, saying, No.

12. At the same 12. And in this Time Time shall Men hope, Men shall hope for one but nothing obtain; they Man that doch Rightshall labour, but their cousness, but he shall Ways shall not prosper not be found ; and they for be directed.]

shall labour much, but their Ways shall not be

directed. 13. To shew thee such

13. These were the Tokens I have leave. Signs which I was com

manded to tell thee.

4. Efdras vi. 20—24.

20. And when the 20. And when the World that shall begin to Age is finished, in which vanish away shall be [fi- I have determined that nished or sealed) then these Signs shall be, which will I shew thefe Tokens. I shall do, I will

open The Books shall be open- the Books above the ed before the Firma- Firmament of the Heament, and they shall fee vens, and they shall see all together.

this all together, 21. And the Children 21. And the little Inof a Year old shall speak fants shall lift up their Vulgar Latin Copy: Arabick Copy. with their Voice; the Voices and talk; and Women with child shall Women shall conceive bring forth untimely and bring forth in Hafte ; Children, of three or



and Children thus born, four Months old ; and after three Months shall they shall live, and be live, and run about.

raised up.


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And suddenly $22. And inPlaces withshall the fown Places ap- Fruit or Grass, and pear unsown: The full

Places in which there Store - houses shall fud

was nothing fown, there
denly be found empty. shall growPlants, Grain,

and full Ears, with which
they shall fill the Maga-

zines and Granaries.
23. And the Trum-

23. And the Trumpet shall give a Sound, pet shall found, and the which when every Man Sound shall be heard on heareth they shall be sud- a sudden by every one ; denly afraid.

and all Persons and

Things shall be troubled. 24. At that Time shall

24. At that Tiine Friends fight one against Friends shall fight one another, like Enemies; against another like Eneand the Earth shall stand mies, and the Earth shall in Fear, with those that be astonished, with all dwell therein. The tho

those that dwell therein ; Springs of the Fountains and the Springs of the shall stand still, and in Fountains shall stand still, three Hours they shall and not run for the not run.

Space of three Hours,

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**** che Signs


1. He answered me then and said ; Measure which I told thee before, thou the Time diligently in itself. And when thou feest Part of the Signs past, which I have told thee before,

2. Then shalt thou 2. Then shalt thou understand, that it is the understand, that it is the very fame Time, where- Time which the most in the Highest will begin High hath fixed, in to visit the World which which he will visit the he hath made.

present World. 3. Therefore when 3. And when they there shall be seen Earth- see in this World the quakes and Uproars of Changes and Tumults, People in the World, and Seditions of the

Nations, and the Tyranny of the Heads and Governors of the People in several Places, and the Want of a Director

for the Princes ; 4. Then shalt thou

4. Then shalt thou well understand, that the understand, that the most High spake of these moft High spake conThings from the Days cerning these in the first


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