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Página 299 - tis his will : Let but the commons hear this testament — Which, pardon me, I do not mean to read...
Página 65 - In the apparatus exhibited, a small gas-holder, filled by a pair of bellows, supplied common air through pipes. The gases formed by passing steam over red-hot coke would answer well for this purpose; and it would depend on local circumstances whether this mode of generating the current would be preferable to the expenditure of the mechanical force necessary for driving atmospheric air through the pipes. Pure oxygen charged with the vapour would explode on ignition ; it was therefore suggested that...
Página 105 - Thus every good his native wilds impart, Imprints the patriot passion on his heart; And e'en those ills, that round his mansion rise. Enhance the bliss his scanty fund supplies. Dear is that shed to which his soul conforms, And dear that hill which lifts him to the storms; And as a child, when scaring sounds molest, . . Clings close and closer to the mother's breast, So the loud torrent, and the whirlwind's roar, But bind him to his native mountains more.
Página 5 - A Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster and the Borough of Southwark...
Página 49 - The Undertakers may let for Hire any Meter for ascertaining the Quantity of Gas consumed or supplied, and any Fittings for the Gas, for such Remuneration in Money as shall be agreed upon between the Undertakers and any Person to whom the same may be so let, and such Remuneration shall be recoverable in the same Manner as the Rents or Sums due to the Undertakers for Gas, and such Meters and Fittings shall not be subject to Distress or to the Landlord's Hypothec for Rent of the Premises where the...
Página 37 - That from and after the passing of this act, so much of the said recited act as is above set forth shall be and the same is hereby repealed...
Página 65 - ... oxygen, a simple light of intense power might be obtained. The system was shown to be a great simplification of the ordinary system of gas-lighting, as no retorts, refrigerators, purifiers or meters were required, and the products of combustion were as pure as those from the finest wax. It...
Página 65 - ... the temperature could be made self-regulating, so as never to rise above or fall below a proper degree. The cooling due to the evaporation would of course be inversely proportionate to the quantity of liquid in the reservoir. If atmospheric air was used as the vehicle for the vapour, the jet-holes in the burner, from which it escaped for combustion, must be slightly larger than those for coal gas.
Página 299 - Your hearts and minds to mutiny and rage, 1 should do Brutus wrong, and Cassius wrong, Who, you all know, are honourable men. I will not do them wrong, I rather choose To wrong the dead, to wrong myself, and you, Than I will wrong such honourable men.
Página 65 - ... by them, be made to evolve so white and pure a light as that from benzole vapour. In conclusion, some data were given on which a calculation of price was founded. It was stated, that a gallon of benzole, of the degree of purity requisite for the purpose, would cost about two shillings and sixpence ; to this, the expense of the air current and the interest of the original outlay on apparatus was to be added.

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