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“ Do not speak of it, dear Father," " True, but I trust he is fast coming said Laurent, gently. “Do not think of to a better mind." it. Monsieur, the Chevalier, was most “Indeed I think he is truly desirous kind, and I was so glad to hear of the to serve Christ,” said the poor Minister, two charitable Fathers who were good to trying hard to tell the truth and a fib at our poor unfortunates."

the same time. “But now you shall say “Ah, they are Christian men; indeed some holy office for me, since this infirthey are, Laurent. There, now, go and mity has to-day kept me away from all admit Brother Augustine. I hear his the services." step."

Brother Augustine, who had what is Brother Augustine was a good, stu- called "a particular devotion” for his pid sort of man; rather better than patron, chose for edification a certain old worse than the average monk. He had litany of St. Francis, which has in its the most unbounded reverence for the Latin a sort of sing song, greatly tending Minister, and commended Laurent for toward sleepiness: his devotion to the holy man. ." You are almost as privileged,” he "Sancte Francisce leprosorum mundator,

Sancte Francisce infirmorum consolator, said, “as Brother Leo, the Pecorella di

Ora pro nobis." Dio, (the little sheep of God,)* who was so long the companion of our blessed Under its influence the invalid did, in founder. I hope you will not long delay spite of himself

, go to sleep, and woke to follow his example, and consecrate next morning no worse than he had been yourself to Francis as his son."

for weeks, and ready to play his part. “He has indeed been a dutiful son to me," said the Minister, " and now, Laurent, go and rest, and leave me with

CHAPTER XII. Brother Augustine."

Laurent, who had not the least ambition to imitate either St. Francis, or the It began to occur to Laurent that, in Pecorella, went away somewhat startled a quiet way, Father Francis constantly by Brother Augustine's words.

managed to prevent any intercourse be“Can they think I am coming round?” tween his attendant and the brotherhood. he thought. “Indeed they will find He remembered that it was long since themselves mistaken if they do." any one had said a word to him on the

"You have worked a miracle with that subject of religion, that for weeks he had youth, Reverend Father,” said Brother hardly spoken to a soul except his two Augustine. “Never was such an obsti- friends. He began to fancy that the pate heretic. Why, if you will believe change in the manner of the brotherhood me, he said once that he thought St. was owing to an idea that he had conClare, being such a young woman, would formed, or was about to conform. have been more like a saint if she had The fact was that the Provincial and stayed at home and minded her mother, Father Paul had come to a quiet underinstead of running away to St. Francis' standing without a word spoken, and the convent at midnight," and Brother Au- two priests constantly played into each gustine lowered his voice to a whisper as other's hands with a skill unattainable he repeated this profane remark in such by laymen, being determined, if possible, a holy presence.

to save the boy in spite of himself. "You must make allowance for his Each knew that Laurent was no nearer education, my brother,” said the Minis- being a Catholic than ever before, and ter, who in the bottom of his heart the Provincial felt that in all probability agreed with Laurent.

he never would be. Both Laurent's

friends felt much like a man carrying * This was the rame given by St. Francis a candle through a powder magazine. to a favorite brother.

Any moment might show, not only


that the barbet was a barbet still, but should remain at liberty, even such as that while retaining his heresy he had he at present enjoyed. So for Laurent's continued to be the favored attendant, own sake, though it was like tearing the almost the friend of so orthodox a person heart out of his bosom, the priest resolved as Father Francis. The Father Provin- to send the boy away from him.

He cial was not without his enemies. He arranged in his own mind a plan by which had not been particularly austere in the Laurent was to be placed under a very exercise of those powers entrusted to him different guardianship from that of the by his order, nor had he expected any convent, and from which he might be one to imitate his own severe example; transferred to Switzerland. but in more than one instance he had If the boy were once free, poor Father rebuked and repressed sin with a some- Francis felt that he should care but very what strong hand, and there were those little for his own safety, which he had who would fain have done him an ill turn, compromised already by what would if they could, with his superiors. If it be called toleration and protection of were once whispered that he had pro- heresy. tected or encouraged heresy, suspicion It happened that two or three days would be almost sure to grow into cer- after the Chevalier's visit, Father Bertainty, and no one knew better than the nard came to consult his Superior about Provincial that he might with more im- the renting of certain lands belonging punity have behaved like Friar Tuck to the Convent, and which lay two or himself, than exercised toleration toward three miles down the valley toward La the Waldensian tenets or their holders. Tour.

A word spoken at midnight, the word A consultation with Father Bernard of such a man as Gerome, or even in was a mere form. He simply stated the such a case, that of one like the Curé of case, and left the burden of decision Prali, might ruin the popular minister, upon Father Francis. and bury him alive in the prisons of the “The man that has held the place is Inquisition.

dying, and his brother wishes to hold it Father Francis, in common with many after him; is that the question ?" asked other priests, even the Pope himself, the Minister. was becoming disgusted with the arro- “I believe so. Brother Augustine gance and tyranny of Louis Fourteenth. knows," said Father Bernard, calmly. The ravages in the Palatinate, the de- “But I think he has some doubts about struction of churches and convents, the the matter." insolence of the King toward the Pope, “Why?” (for in spite of his devotion to the Church Really I can't remember now, RevLouis had not scrupled to set Innocent erend Father,” said the Superior, turning at defiance in his own capital,) had alien- upon the Minister his large brown eyes, ated from the king of France the feelings which in character and expression much of many of his former supporters. Father resembled those of an ox. Francis knew the signs of the times, and “Go, Laurent," said the minister, well thought it not impossible that in the knowing how hopeless a matter it would coming changes he might be able to use be to lecture Father Bernard on his lazihis influence in softening the severity ness. “ Ask Brother Augustine to be so hitherto shown to the Vaudois. But to good as to come to us for a few moments. do this he must keep himself free from He is in the chapel with the novices, but all suspicion of heresy, and he well knew I think the hour is nearly out." that to keep Laurent with him, and con- The sub-prior had gathered the novices tinue to carry the idea that he was about in the chapel

, and was lecturing them on to forsake his father's faith, was impossi- the use of the rosary, a means of devoble, and that it was equally impossible tion with which it would have seemed that, as a heretic, the son of Pastor Leidet they ought to have been pretty well and the nephew of Henri Arnaud, he acquainted. But as the proper manage ment of the beads is by no means so ever, he was presently summoned to the simple a matter as it would appear to the minister's apartments. uninitiated eyes, Brother Augustine pro- The Superior, who was quite of the bably thought that it was well to impress Lotus Eater's opinion, that there is no line upon line, and precept upon precept. joy but calm," had gone to the placid He had not quite concluded his lecture, retreat of his own quarters, but Brother and Laurent, not wishing to interrupt, Augustine was still with Father Francis. waited a moment, and so received the "I have determined to go down the benefit of the sub-prior's pious admoni- valley and see this place myself,” said tions. “My brethren,” went on Augus- the Minister to Laurent, speaking with tine, in a soft, sing-song, prosy manner, the sort of distantly kind manner which which characterized the good man's ad- he always used before others. “Do you dress—“My brethren, the most holy think I could get to it, my son ?" rosary, as I have said, first came into "I do not know where the place is, extensive use by the influence of the Reverend Father, nor whether the mule blessed St. Dominic. Now as there are could reach it." exactly a hundred and fifty beads, so "I can show you on the map," said there are exactly a hundred and fifty Brother Aagustine, spreading out on the psalms; and this, my brethren, is a great table a chart of the valleys, which Laurent mystery. You must not, my dear breth- recognized 'in a moment as from Leger's ren, say the Holy Mary before the Hail history. Brother Augustine had been Mary. To every Hail Mary an indulgence at the pains to cut out the Vaudois deis attached, said on the rosary, not off. vice in the corner; the candlestick with It is better for you—that is, better for its seven stars, and its motto, but the your souls, to say one Hail Mary, than if blank spoke more loudly than the emblem you were to be reading your manual from itself. morning till night; for to every Hail “That is an unusually good 'carta, Mary is an indulgence. If you say the remarked Father Francis, who, as it hapHail Mary on beads which are not blessed, pened, had never seen the map," and you will get no indulgence and no good very correct, I should say." to your souls; neither will if


Yes, Reverend Father. It is out of say it on a string of beads which has the book of that pestilent old heretic, Jean been broken, or having been broken and Leger.* He contrived to escape every. mended, has not been blessed over again.* thing, and died in his bed at last; but the Now go, my brethren, and peace be with devil helps his own." you. Ah! Laurent, what is it?" said Laurent could not help thinking that Augustine, who had recently made the Father Francis was not much better discovery that "the barbet" had a pleased than himself with these remarks, name.

but he said nothing, and Augustine conLaurent gave his message.

tinued: “The book belonged to that fire"It is a pity to trouble the blessed brand, the pastor at La Tour, and came man about such temporal matters," said into my hands in '86. I burnt the volBrother Augustine, " and take his mind ume, of course, but I thought the map from those spiritual exercises which can- might be useful. Ah, they had better not but bring a blessing down upon this have caught that Arnaud than all the house. I am sure I could have attended rest. I do not believe that so long as he to the affair,” he concluded, speaking lives there will be any peace really for more to himself than to Laurent—"but the Church in these valleys—and yet I I come.”

Laurent, who naturally supposed that * Leger's "history” is rather a compilahe was not wanted at the conference, tion. He has been accused, perhaps justly, went to his own cell, from which, how-riences, we think with Mr. Froude, that

of “intolerance,” but considering his expe

"intolerance of one who seeks to murder * I did not invent this discourse. you is pardonable."

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must say,” said Augustine, “that I am confession, when down they came like a under some obligations to Arnaud myself. storm, and first I knew, a tall fellow called There were dreadful things done, Rev- out, “down with the monk.” His sword erend Father—there were indeed—most was over my head, and I gave myself up unnecessary cruelty, especially where the for lost; but Arnaud-I knew it was he, women were concerned, and at La Tour, for I had often seen him—struck up the where I happened to be that day, I did weapon. "Let the good Father alone, try to save some of the poor creatures says he. "He helped to raise the devils, from the French soldiers, but they were to be sure, but he saved poor Marie du as if possessed, and would not listen to Bourg from their clutches, and no one me. I did buy off one poor girl with shall touch a hair of his head, and then a little silver cross I had. I hope, they were gone." Reverend Father, you do not think it "It was well done, both for him and wrong to have used the holy sign to save for yourself, my brother," said Father a heretic?"

Francis," calmly. “Blessed are the merci“God forbid, my brother," said Father ful, for they shall obtain mercy.' Laurent, Francis. “ You acted as became a reli- we will try to reach this place. The dying gious and a Christian."

man may need our help. Go my son, Laurent turned away, trying hard to and have the mule ready." control the emotion that swept over Laurent disappeared, glad to be rehim.

leased. “When the soldiers chased the rebels "My brother," said Father Francis, up into Bobio I was with them. I hoped I when they were alone, “it is not well to might perhaps prevent unnecessary cru- recall that unhappy time to the boy's elty; and beside, there was the interest of mind. May I ask you to be a little the Church to be looked to in the matter of more careful in the future?" the confiscated property,” added Brother “I am very sorry, Reverend Father," Augustine, wishing to show that he had said the contrite Augustine. "It is my not been entirely ruled by the weakness besetting sin-want of government of the of humanity. They, the rebels, were tongue. It was ill-judged, indeed. The surrounded entirely on the 13th of May, saints grant I have not injured your holy but instead of surrendering, they made a work. Any penance you think right, Í desperate assault, and cut their way am sure I will thankfully perform.' through, and made good their retreat to “No, my good Brother, I will not inthe mountains. I was thinking of noth- terfere with your confessor, only speak ing less than danger, for no one had no more of such matters in future, they thought they could escape; and I was are better forgotten. Peace be with busy in the rear, hearing a dying man's you;” and Brother Augustine departed.


BELIEVE nothing against another but WHEN once infidelity can persuade on good authority; nor report what may men that they shall die like beasts, they hurt another, unless it be a greater hurt will soon be brought to live like beasts to another to conceal it. — W. Penn. also.-South.

The finest composition of human na- TRUE religion shows its influence in ture, as well as the finest china, may have every part of our conduct; it is like the flaws in it, though the pattern may be of sap of a living tree, which penetrates the the highest value.

most distant boughs.



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And when Death woos me to his cold
N the evening of May the 11th,
1872, a soul passed gently

caress, through the celestial gates; and even

My hovering soul shall watch her course

supreme. while weeping friends gathered around the dying bed, watching that peaceful

But thanks to the Divine will, all that countenance, yet trembling for the last was mortal of this gifted poet and painter painful struggle, softly the angels led i rests within the beautiful groves of Laurel him to that fairer world,

Hill, in bis own native State; while the

immortal, bursting from the precious “To begin the great Life that no Death

clay, shall still weave those sweet songs can o'ertake."

which charmed the world, and, soaring There was a sound of lamentation higher and higher in its ethereal home, throughout the land when it was known join at length with the songs of angels that T. Buchanan Read, the Poet-Artist around the throne of God! of America, had but reached his native Mr. Read was born March 12, 1822, shores to die! and when the sad tidings in the county of Chester, Pennsylvania. flashed across the Atlantic that this There he passed his childhood, uncongifted man had passed from earth, Eng. sciously acquiring that deep love of Naland renewed that tribute to the dead ture which is so sweetly embodied in the which she ever awarded him while liv- “ New Pastoral,” and in many other ing; and Rome, the adopted city of his minor poems. The thoughtful child heart, mourned that the remains of one caught inspiration from the pleasant so esteemed for his many virtues and scenes of rural life by which he was surdeeds of kindness, so admired for his rounded in that quiet valley-home, and genius, could not rest with the kindred which, as he grew older, burst forth in dust of England's illustrious poets, Shel- songs, set to the “unwritten music” of ley and Keats, in that peaceful spot woods and streams. Said he: set apart for the Protestant dead in that old, old city, whose very dust is but the

“Here my young Muse first learned to love

and dream; disintegrated mould of dead empires; and To love the simplest blossom by the roadwhere, amid the cypress and the elms, To dream such dreams as will not come and under the covering of violets and


And for one hour of that unlettered timenetting myrtle, so many of America's

One hour of that wild music in the heart, loved ones are sleeping.

When Fancy, like the swallow's aimless The poet himself thus sang, and the wing lines were inscribed upon the walls of Flitted eccentric through all woods of his studio in Rome:


I would exchange, thrice told, this weary "It matters little where our dust is laid;

day." But if there be a choice beneath the

The death of his father caused a breakdome Of Heaven's high temple-lay me in the ing up of the family; and Thomas, then shade

a mere lad, accompanied a favorite marOf cypress boughs which guard the dead ried sister to the then far West—where in Rome.

the life of the child foreshadowed the " And yet I love my country none the less man, in untiring energy and indomitable My faith fulfils her prophet's grandest perseverance to conquer the difficulties in dream,

his path. At the early age of fifteen,

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