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had preferred a petition to succeed as I dare say he will take nothing, or at tenant to his dying relation. The Min- any rate nothing but a cup of milk." ister was received with the same sort “He is a holy man, is he not ?" said of respect which a Greek might have Madame Martianne, in an awe-struck shown to Apollo, had the god conde- whisper. scended to pay him a visit in person. “They say,” said Lucile, “ that when

Laurent waited outside. The place he prays he is lifted up in the air and was full of sad memories for him, for he can fly over the trees like St. Francis. had often been there when it had been Do you think he would do it if we asked occupied by the connections of Arnaud's him? I should like to see him fly.' wife. Where were they all now? Wan- “Lucile,” said the little boy—a seridering as exiles, dependent on the charity ous, considerate kind of child“I don't of strangers; some of them, perhaps, still much believe that story; and if the lingering in prison, or perhaps among the Father can fly, what does he want of a unhappy number of those who had con- mule? Did you ever see him fly, Monformed at Turin and Lucerna, and had sieur?" found by hard experience the nature of “Never," said Laurent, promptly. “I those tender mercies exercised by the should be well satisfied if I could see wicked.

him able to walk." A little boy and girl came out of the Father Francis came out of the sick house and looked very hard at Laurent, room just in time to hear little Carlino's and the handsome trappings of the mule. question and Laurent's answer.

Laurent, who had not seen a child to “My little son," he said, putting his speak to in so long a time, coaxed the hand on the boy's head, “Who has told little ones to come to him, and they were you such foolish stories ?" presently chatting away to him with per- "Reverend Father," said Carlino, fect freedom, almost making him forget why should you not fly, if St. Francis the sad associations of the place and time did? I am sure you are as holy as he?" in the unwonted pleasure of their society. Now this story of the saint, and others

The minister was detained for some much more remarkable, and time in hearing the confession of the authorized by the infallible Church, and sick man.

The poor mother of the Father Francis had either to leave family went about mechanically, setting Carlino his belief in the saint's aerial out the best the house afforded for the excursions, or say that the authorized refreshment of her honored guest. legend was an old woman's story. It

“Can you tell me anything the holy was rather an embarrassing dilemma beman would like that this poor house can fore a Protestant, and the minister wisely furnish?" she said, respectfully to Lau perhaps avoided the subject. rent. I do not know your young rever- He made no reply to the little boy, ence's name."

being saved from the trouble of doing so Why, mother," said the little girl, a by Madame Martianne, who with the bright child of seven, “he is not a monk, utmost reverence besought him to take Monsieur.”

something such as she could offer, apolo“How do you know that, Mam’selle ?" gizing for everything, as is the custom of asked Laurent.

good housewives all the world over. Because you

up your

head and Father Francis was too truly courteous look at one when you speak; and beside, to mortify her by entire refusal, after all you never asked for anything, and they her pains. He took a cup of milk and a are all beggars.

bit of bread, and as he did so, remarked: “Hush, Lucile," said the mother, " Your husband is not so ill as you alarmed. "Pardon, your reverence.” think, my daughter. The fever has

"Nay, Madame, Lucile is right; I am only the Reverend Father's attendant.

*"St. Francis and the Franciscans," page You put yourself to needless trouble, for 258. Sometimes he went quite out of sight.



the young

taken a turn, and if you are careful of "My prayers most assuredly you shall him he will recover."

have, my daughter, and I would ask for "Ah, your Reverence, do you really yours in return, but they are not to be think so ?" said Madame Martianne. bought," said Father Francis, with a

"I do, indeed; but he must be careful look that boded no good to poor Brother of a relapse."

Boniface. Madame Martianne threw herself on No?" said simple Madame Martianne. her knees at the priest's feet.

"Well now the brotherhood said that "It is a miracle," she exclaimed, while you were with them, your good really believing what she said, for Father works would go to the convent; and Francis had little idea of the amount of they would recommend no one to you capital the monks had contrived to make who did not make some offering.” out of his merits. “I will give a wax “The mischief is in the people to-day," candle as tallas my Carlino to the thought Laurent. “Cannot any one chapel. Ah, what am I, that such a open their mouth but out must come saint should come under my roof?" and something to trouble him! To think of she kissed his feet.

their making money out of the dear “My daughter! my daughter!" said soul's goodness!" Father Francis, distressed at being made “You have been deceived, my daughan idol of, and knowing well how much ter," said Father Francis, with dignity. trouble the report of a miracle would "I will see that it does not happen again. make for him. “I had nothing to do My son, the day is passing ; let us go. with the matter. The fever has left him, And my daughter, I command you to that is all. Pray go to him, and I say nothing about any miraculous cure." entreat you not to say there ha bed But even as he spoke, he knew how anything out of the common way in the useless the command would be. Laurent, case, or that I had anything to do with anxious to shorten a scene which he felt it.”

was distressing to his protector, brought “Ah, we know your blessed humility, up the mule to the door, and with Madame your reverence,” continued Madame Mar- Martianne's blessings and praises soundtianne. “The monks say there was a ing after them, the two were soon on their barbet at the convent; a most violent, way down the steep path. frightful blasphemer; so possessed with "Have you known anything about this the devil that he had to be chained up, matter, Laurent ?" said the Provincial at and that your reverence only laid your last. hand on his head, and that he was con- "No, Father; only that they have said verted, and became like a lamb on the you could work miracles. You must instant."

know they all call you a saint." Laurent hardly knew whether to laugh "I!" said Father Francis, half impaor be angry at this remarkable version of tient, half weary. “But I will put a his own story.

stop to this folly, and worse than folly. “And who told you that ?” said Father It shall go no further." Francis, coloring slightly, and insisting “There!" thought Laurent, vexed. that his worshipper should stand up.

“Now there is another trouble; and just “ All the Fathers say so, your rever- as sure as he tries to make them do any. ence," said Madam Martianne, confidently. thing like rational beings, or to put a stop " Brother Boniface told my good man he to their lies and extortions, they will all saw it himself, and promised to ask your turn against him, unless it may be Brother reverence's prayers for him if he would Augustine.” give him a flask of our wine for the holy Laurent," asked the Provincial," did service. Did he never do it?" asked you tell the good woman or the children the good woman, beginning to suspect that you were not a Catholic?" that they had not received the worth of No, Father, they did not ask me! 0 their offering

me!” said Laurent, speaking on the im

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pulse of the moment,“ how I do wish—” be safe enough, and we shall find some and he paused.

pleasant place to sit. Lean on me, and What, my son ?"

take the staff; see I brought it with me; “How I wish I could carry you away it is the only earthly thing I can call my somewhere where you might be quiet, own. Thanks to you and the Chevalier and not be perplexed and troubled with for it. I fear you have undertaken too all these matters."

much, and that I have pained you by my “Every man must bear his own bur- talk, but you would make me speak. den, my boy,” said Father Francis, sadly, Sometimes I almost wish I could conform, "but I feel sometimes as if mine were just to please you and Father Paul." beyond my strength. The idea of being “I wish you could, Laurent," said the made merchandise of in this way," said Minister, “but after all, that would be but the priest, who was absolutely sick at a poor reason for leaving your father's heart with the irresistible and growing faith.” feeling that the whole system of his order Laurent could not but think this a was a mistake.

very odd remark, but as he went on care“But, dear Father, it is not my affair fully assisting his companion over the to speak.”

rough way, Father Francis suddenly · For heaven's sake, Laurent, speak asked: "You had some little conversaout,” said the minister, who was unusually tion with the Chevalier the day he was moved. “O, if you knew the comfort it here, had you not?” is to hear one human being speak and act Yes, Reverend Father, I went on an without disguise, and to feel that you errand into the parlor for Father Paul have one heart near you that you can just as the Chevalier was going.” trust!"

“And what did he say to you?” asked “I was only thinking, dear Father, the priest, with anxiety. that this sort of thing is only what the " He said he knew about my father, monks have always done, and why is it and that he was a brave man, though a any worse to receive offerings for the heretic, and persisted in our faith to the prayers of living saints than for dead last,” said Laurent proudly. ones, or than it is to sell masses?"

"Anything more?" Father Francis made no answer; and Poor Laurent was sorely tempted to Laurent glancing up, was startled to see indulge in a mental reservation himself

. the look of weariness and faintness, the "He was very kind, Father, but it was trouble and anxiety that rested on his only a few minutes that we were together. friend's face.

Ah, here is a nice place for you to rest,” “Dearest Father," he said, “ do not let he said, pausing where a huge pile of us talk of it any more. All you have moss-covered rocks rose above a little do now is to get well. Let us turn aside space of grass. “Here is a place where somewhere and rest, can we not ? O, I you can sit as in a cushioned chair, and wish I could take every stone out of your this great block will shade you from the way.”

Where is it that it speaks of the “No one can do that, my son, no one,” shadow of a great

rock in a weary

land?' said the minister. “I must walk my "I think perhaps you cvuld tell better way alone, and I know too well what its than I," said the Minister. “My son, end will be. But we will rest for a little why will you not let me know what the while, for indeed I am very tired. Let Chevalier said to you u?" us turn aside into this glen, we shall be " He said the Curé of Prali was an shaded from the sun."

animal,” said Laurent, throwing himself “There is no track for the mule, dear on the grass at Father Francis' feet. Father. This is the Liozza Torrente,

"And was that all?" and a wild place it is that ravine-but No, Reverend Father; but indeed I if you can walk, I will fasten the mule knew it was a mistake, and I did not here behind this pile of stones. She will believe it."


“Did not believe what, Laurent ?" “ Is not this a sweet place, dear Father?

" He said you had preached the perse I remember it well now, though I did cution, and that you had sided with the not think where we were coming when I French Minister, and that if you knew brought you here. This great stone here whose son I was, you would not be so is over my grandfather's grave. He died kind, but indeed I know better," said before I was born, but I came here once Laurent, troubled.

with my father.” "And if that were so, would


hate “ Buried here!" said the Provincial, me?" said the monk, without looking at much moved, as it seemed. his companion.

“Yes, Father, he died suddenly, I "Why, Father, of course not; I should have heard my father say when he was be the most ungrateful creature living if at Villar once. You know we Vaudois I did not love you."

are not allowed to bury our dead in en“My son," said the Provincial, very closed ground, or to put anything over quietly, " the Chevalier told you no more their graves, and they laid him here bethan the truth; not so much as the cause it was such a quiet place; and they truth, probably. I do not say that I thought this great pile of rocks would be brought about the ruin and destruction a sort of memorial. Here it is, this of all you hold dear, for it would have little hollow in the ground.” been done without me, and my influence " When did he die?" asked the Prcis much overrated. But I did use such vincial, shading his face with his hand. power as I had toward the publishing “In 1667, Reverend Father. He was and execution of the edict. I thought at never the same man, they said, after his the time I did my duty; I fear now I younger son was stolen away and died in was serving my own ambition; but Lau- the hospital at Pignerol. Why, if there rent, the thought of what I have done, is not the mule got loose! Wait one or helped to do, is killing me.”

moment, Father; she will start off home, "But

you did not know how cruel and and then what should we do ?" wicked they were, I am sure," said Lau- Laurent darted down the hillside after rent, whose first impulse was to excuse the mule. It cost him some trouble beand comfort.

fore he could catch the animal and fasten “And you can forgive me--you whom her up again, but he finally succeeded, I helped to make an orphan, and that in and out of breath, came slowly toward a manner so cruel! Ah, Laurent, can the pile of rocks. you think of your mother and father, “She cost me a pretty chase,” he said, and yet forgive the man who used such but stopped in amazement at the sight gifts as God had given him to help on before him. this accursed work?”

Father Francis had thrown himself on “I do, indeed, dear Father, if you care the ground beside the grave; his head for my forgiveness, and I am sure they was bowed on the great gray stone, and would, too,” said Laurent, kissing his he was shaken with convulsive sobs from hand. “Beside, what have you not done head to foot. He seemed in an agony for me? Was I not sick and in prison, of grief, upon which Laurent hesitated and did you not come to me, and have to intrude. His emotion, however, was you not been a father to me really ?” so extreme, he seemed so utterly misera

“My own boy!" said the poor priest. ble, that the boy's heart ached for him, "Ah! if you knew how I have dreaded and he came gently forward and knelt to have you find out the truth, lest you beside him. should turn away from me; and you do "Dearest Father," he said, distressed not know it all yet.”.

at his protectur's trouble, “what is it? O "Do not let us talk of it more," said that I could comfort you! Dear Father," Laurent, who hoped that now that his and he ventured to put his arm about his protector had spoken the cause of his friend and draw him toward himself, “ you trouble, his mind would be more at ease. will make yourself worse if you cry so.'



his father's grave.

The priest suffered his head to drop on and converts. “But Father, did you Laurent's shoulder, and without reject- know who I was when you came to me?” ing the boy's caress, gave himself up, as “Yes, Laurent. It was by an accident it seemed, to the very abandonment of I learned you were at Villar. I came

Such intense emotion in one there only in time to save you, and I did usually so self-restrained, moved Laurent not mean you should ever know who I himself almost to tears.

was; but I am weak, and this place, and “Dear Father," he said distressed, " it the memories it called up, were too is past, it is over,

did what


much for me. There, I will be myself thought right. Do not weep so bit-again-Philip Leidet is dead, my dear," terly.'

he said with a long sigh.

" There is no “Nay, Laurent, let me be," said Father one here but the Franciscan." Francis, as as he could speak. “And, dear uncle, I have learned to “Even such a one as I may weep over love him so well, that I almost feel as

if-what shall I say?—that I could not Laurent was silent a moment in utter give him up even for my dear father's amazement. The monk's unguarded brother; but it all seems so strange." words at once explained many things “And you will not turn away from which had seemed mysterious. The me?" priest's strong attachment to himself, his “No, dearest Father; who on earth fear lest his affection should be noticed; should I turn to? And if you thought looks and tones which had perplexed it right to change your religion,-0 him with vague resemblances, came back Father, why would you make me say to his memory, as family traits which he what I did ?” said Laurent, who was had noted in his father, and uncon- more anxious at that moment to comfort sciously practiced himself.

his uncle than he was for truth in the " Reverend Father," he said at last, abstract. “I wish I could help you." “can it be possible that you are my

“And you have no word of reproach uncle, Philip Leidet ?”

for me-for me,


friends “Alas! alas !” he said, “I am indeed would rank with Judas? And do you that most wretched man! And now, remember that I gave my voice and inyou, the sole one of my blood left on fluence for the edict by which those of earth—my own brother's own son- -you my own blood and name have been bandespise me as an apostate.".

ished, and imprisoned, and murdered in It was with a strange mixture of feel the field and on the scaffold ?" ing that Laurent heard his uncle speak. The Provincial wrung his hands in an He felt for a moment as if his beloved agony of remorse, and his look and tone Father Francis had been suddenly taken were such that Laurent almost feared be away from him, and that a stranger had was losing his mind. come in his place. Then there was a “Dearest Father," he said, gently rethrill of delight at finding himself not straining him, “ do you think your kinswholly alone in the world, and curiously man would add one feather's weight to enough, a certain sense of pride in the your burden? O how you have suffered, distinction which his uncle had achieved and there was no one to help you. But by his talents and personal character. why did you not tell me?" “But they said that Philip Leidet "I dared not, my darling, lest you

should died,” he said, still supporting his friend betray yourself. You do not know your in a close embrace.

own danger. My precious ove, my poor “No, my Laurent. Would to God Laurent's own boy,” said the monk, that he had !”

giving free course for once to the feelings “Dearest Father, for I can call you of his nature. “You do not know how nothing else, O how sorry I am that I every hour and day has knit you closer said what I did," said Laurent, remem- to my heart, nor how I dreaded to have bering his own words about persecutors you know the truth, lest you should hate

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