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up a mast with a broad leaf sail, and this survivor has not dragged out weary flaunted from its peak a pennon of grass. days with a broken heart; nobody can While the others sailed ships by the mul- be very unhappy who is capable of telling titude, she worked steadfastly at one. their woes in such execrable poetry.” When the sides rose fairly, and the hull They passed on, and the Dame declared was hollowed out for loading, she put on that Bobby must collect choice tinted board the parti-colored autumn leaves, leaves, the Old Woman must get samples ox-eye daisies, yellow Jacob's ladders, of lichens, and she herself would bring tardy blue violets, pale lobelia, purple home spoils of flowers. At noon they sat lion's-heartand frail white asters. down to dine. They had rocks for chairs, When the flower-b at was full, she laid and the rocks were covered with patches it on the water, as an offering to the of lichen. The Old Woman covered sprite of the stream. The silvan divinity one gray patch with her hand. received the gift with favor; the gaudy “Consider,” she said, “that to some flower-boat floated to the Fortunate living creatures this thin crust of vegetaIsles; it made a landing in Mr. Shafto's tion is a great primeval forest. Here cove, and took dispatches from him to are mighty trees, huge rocks, dark defiles, Cathay; it touched where the patroness impenetrable jungles; here fierce, ravenof the red men sat forlorn, and received ous beasts prowl, and weaker ones flee; from her an acorn; then it sailed to mid- here life and death battle, and we terrible stream, and seemed there to drop anchor, mortals are only known by creating a for it lay moored in the sunshine, held night for them with our shadows." by invisible hands. There it lay all the

"Those animals are too small to be bright hours until they left the place, seen," said the Dame. and they took its memory with them, a

“There are some which the eye discreation of singular beauty, held between cerns," said the Old Woman, removing the water and the sun. Perchance the her hand. “Here is a snow-white spider stream was a fairy stream; maybe no like a pin's point.

Here is a green winters lock it with ice, no storms de- spider like a pin's head, another striped scend upon it, no frosts bite its borders, spider like a grain of sand, another, same no winds rave above it, but with musical size, jet black, a gray spider large as a ripples, painted banks and sunny skies, poppy seed, and a dozen atoms of life, it will hold that bright barque on its blood-red, and running about frantically. bosom forever.


are getting too scientific for When another day dawned here at the strollers,” said Bobby Shafto; “let us world's end, it was Dame Crumb's turn hunt up a spring." to choose, and she ordained that the party “Follow this path,” said the Dame: should be three jolly stragglers, come Where the purple dieth, from Nowhere, and going Anywhere. And short dry grass under foot is brown, They therefore took each a staff and a But one green streak at a distance lieth, packet of pepper sauce, and wandered

Green like a ribbon to prank the down." forth. Oddly enough, they brought up The green ribbon showed a spring; and in a grave-yard; the fence was down, they found a hollow like a nest, from the and, like many other people, they were top of which leaped two silver jets of in before they were aware. They faced water, as if glad to be free, and fell into two nice marbles, where an inconsolable a moss lined cup. wife and mother had commemorated her In a few mornings after this, the elfin loss in verse.

Old Woman consulted the birds, and they "It is spelled wrong," said the astute sang about going to Upper Lehigh, which Dame.

was now the top blossom of their world, “The metre is astray," quoth Bobby and was two thousand feet above the Shafto.

highest tide. Therefore they made haste “It is very cheering;" said the Old to get in a queer little car without any Woman. “How pleasant to know that ornamentation, which was to carry them

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nine miles, going steadily up and up all | where you saw the streams run, but could the way. The venturesome car ran about not hear the voice of the water. The cliffs, where it seemed as if only a goat dense woods were in their most spendid could climb; it hung over deep valleys, I autumnal dress; the solid green masses of spruce, pine and fir were set off with white blossoms, and their silken seeds brown and golden beeches, orange-clad filled the air; the dark leaves and red chestnuts, and the lofty spires of scarlet berries of the winter-green wreathed the maples. Where fire-scathed trunks lifted ground; blueberry bushes were plenty, themselves, red mercury waved her ban- while here and there were clusters of pink ners in pride over their ruins; and wild and white blossoms, which had forgotten grapes climbed to the tops of the walouts, to open at the proper season, and would spotted with gold and brown.

now never bring fruit, because of their "The world," said the Dame, "grows procrastination. Up from the path on more beautiful as it is lifted nearer the either hand, ran acres of sassafras like sky.”

tongues of flame; as the mocking-bird * We are on storied ground,” said the apes all notes, the sass:afras steals all hues; historic Old Woman. "

Along this


it is red like the maple, and yellow like hastened the troops from Paoli, bearing the chestnut, and russet like the beech, succor to the lovely and unhappy valley and purple like the rubus. of the Susquehanna. Around this circle The road was the wisest and most of hills lay the war-path where the mer- wonderful of roads, for it led them on ciless warriors of old swept down on fair pleasantly and tranquilly, without any and fated Wyoming. These were famous boasting, and suddenly darting out from hunting grounds of elder days; and as an archway of trees, ended in a great the Indian saw these peaks one by one overhanging table of rock, with a broad rise nearer heaven and melt into the sky, valley steeped in sunshine hundreds of he dreamed of happy hunting grounds feet below, and range after range of viowhere deer, and bears, and alas! plenty of let hills melting into the distant sky. scalp-locks were the brave's reward!" "This is Paradise!" cried Dame

"We walk," said Mr. Shafto, when Crumb. they reached Upper Lehigh, “on ground “You are right, Dame," said the Old that is being undermined by coal diggers. Woman ; "this must indeed be the long Will you go down a mine ?”

lost garden of Delight; the perfection of “By no means," replied the Old beauty, lying in a jewelled cup of hills.” Woman. “ Let us cherish romance. If From under the table of rock grew tall we do not go down we can dream of pines and firs, of which the tops waved wonderful chambers and vaulted corri- like little shrubs below Bobby's feet. dors, and gnomes and genii of the hills The thick forests, descending the hill, at work to light and warm our homes. wandered into the valley, the trees seemWe can imagine elfin laughter and fan- ing to grow smaller and paler as they tastic guise, and tricksy sprites busy by strayed farther and farther away. Down the light of blazing diamonds for the in the vale ran a small bright stream: good of men. If we went down, the

" Tirkle, tinkle, it sweetly sung to us, gnomes and benevolence and diamonds

Light was our talk as of fairy bellsmight suffer change; we should see men Fairy wedding bells faintly rung to us, with smutty faces and smoking lamps,

Down in their fortunate parallels. moiling for so many shillings a day!" A dappled sky, a world of meadows,

“Here all the stones are white and Circling above us the black rooks fly sparkling," said the Dame, admiring the

Forward, backward; lo, their dark sha.

dows smooth glittering road.

Flit on the blossoming tapestry." "By this conglomerate,” remarked Mr. Shafto, “the earth tells where her There was no need to go further. black diamonds are hidden.”

Here the world had bloomed for them, The road lay through barrens, where distilling all its beauty into one bright fires had raged a year or two before. flower, for that rare day at least creation's Wherever the flames had passed, vegeta- crown. Here was their Aiden and pastion had sprung up rapidly to repair toral time, and they entered into the newdamages. Fire-weed held out its crowded | found joys with unvexed spirits.

grow dim.

Let us go

" It is a pity," said the Dame, when the nine miles of mountain side. Daythe sun was setting, “that such days as light had faded, and they came into a this must have an end. Suppose that this wilderness of tunnels and car tracks, and day should stretch on and on, and we there they delayed, and rolled a few rods should come back to common life no forward, and a few rods backward, in the more.

most tantalizing fashion. "Ah," said Bobby, sedately, "your *0, dear me, this is dreadfully tedipenny, Dame, would not last forever; the ous!" cried Little Dame Crumb. Old Woman's many babies and their "Have patience," said the mellow guardians would become clamorous; even young man, “have patience. Job had my silver buckles might tarnish and it, and his train went. I have it also."

“But not so much as Job ?" suggested They returned to the little car; it stood the Dame. forlorn and belpless on the track; there "O, more, more," said the young man, were no mooring ropes cast off; a man confidently. "Job never taught such simply turned something, and the little country schools as I have." car set out on its own responsibility. There was a sudden jar.

“What do you call this ?" asked Bobby “Our engine has come to run us into Shafto.

town," said Bobby Shafto. "This is gravity," said the conductor. “Don't talk of engines," said the Old “And how fast will gravity go?" Woman," who was a little out of humor,

“A mile in two minutes if permitted, in a severe tone, which nearly annihilated but we curb its speed; better to creep Bobby. Engines belong to that dreary around these short curves, than go region of the practical from which we flying off from the cliff into space. have cut loose. This is our little sister

Very true,” said Bobby, “and what who has but one eye, she climbs the is the heaviest grade to a mile?" mountains high, high, high; she wades the

"A hundred and forty feet,” said the valleys deep, deep, deep; don't call her conductor, but here he saw his fire was an engine, Bobby. ”

getting low, and he suddenly stopped the. Just here the little sister came rush

little car, took a scuttle and gathered up ing up, and it being difficult for her to some fuel from the road side. Presently turn in so narrow a place, she resolved the car stopped again, and the conductor to lay hold of them, and run them into asked a passenger if he wanted to get town backward. Doing this, her one off. This directed general attention to eye glared indignation and terror upon a mellow and rubicund young man, who the doomed Bobby all the way to the remarked that "it was all the same to depot. him if he went to White Haven," where- No Mother Goose people would be upon the accommodating car proceeded willing to miss seeing the enchanting on its travels. This mellow young man valley of Wyoming. An afternoon which was eating filberts. He laid the nuts promised well was chosen, and a noisy one by one in the back of his mouth, car began to carry Bobby and his party between two of his most reliable molars, up the mountain. Railroads are usually and immediately a loud crack announced foes of the romantic and picturesque, but the destruction of the shells.

it is not possible for man to mar the He did not offer Dame Crumb any fil- glorious prospect from this range

of hills. berts, but he beamed at her cheerfully. The broad fertile vale threaded by a She thought he winked at her; she would bright river, and thickly set with villages have been terribly angry if she had been and homes, comes into view again and sure about it; but she was not sure, so again, as the road follows the curves of she let it pass. (N. B.-—It is very good the cliffs. One moment and you think excursion philosophy, never to be certain it has passed entirely out of sight; anon, of things which ought to enrage you.) another turn has been made, and the

The car, thanks to gravity, ran down beautiful landscape lies once more in


fullest view. Near you gorgeous wood- centre, where these beings have their lands and fringes of flowers fitly set the kingdom. picture; while beyond the valley, hills “What have you found ?” asked Dame rise again in green and violet and purple Crumb, coming near, and seeing that the and blue ranges, until the last swelling Old Woman had got into Wonder Land. outling melts into an opal sky. The “The Genii,” replied the Old Woman. scene is the very fulness of rest and con- “Come with me, I have found Untent; the clustered houses give it the dine,” said the Dame, and she led the home touch which appeals at once to Old Woman to a window, opposite which the heart. Orchards press about the a fountain played. The delicious water dwellings, white spires point solemn fairy was there indeed, on the very top of fingers toward heaven; acres of wheat the fountain. It was a little Undine and corn proclaim the abundance of the who had not yet found a soul, and mersummer blessing. One might imagine ry and mad were her antics. She danced, that these guardian hills kept want, and and curtsied, and leaped; now she wrapWar, and pestilence forever at bay. ped her soft spray cloak all about her,

As they passed along looking on this and bowed low; then she tore it apart prospect from their airy height, each and sprung high into the air; then she wove their own

The Dame kissed her hand, and spun round and mused of early times, of Gertrude and round and round. She was such a pretty her day. Bobby Shafto dwelt rather on little Undine, that they watched her until the people of the present, idealizing them Bobby Shafto said it was time to go and their homes. The Old Woman had home. Bobby says he did not get lost a wider range of vision; for she beheld in Wilkesbarre; he scorns that imputanot only things tangible, but multitudes tion; but the Old Woman knows very of ethereal and so-called fabulous beings, well that the idiosyncrasies of his course who dwelt between the earth and clouds. to the depot were such, that it took the She saw them poised on the flower set united wisdom of two men and a boy to sod, and going up in shining circles to get him to his destination. ward the blue dome of the skies-skies Once on the cars they were glad it had fair as the face of Helen, and as false, stormed, for the mountain lay in a bright for despite their guileful promises, they sunshine; it rained, and was black in the hid the sun, and when Bobby, and the right hand valley; and the valley on the Old Woman, and Little Dame Crumb left lay between dark and shine. The reached Wilkesbarre, it was raining! earth became a celestial map, the image

Mother Goose people never carry um- of every cloud was painted on wood and brellas nor water-proofs; they are given field, with broad reaches of light between; to gazing on the bright side of things, while on the far off hills the clouds and do not expect storms. They went trailed low and rainily, and tall trees had through several streets, all of which light wreaths of vapor clinging to their looked crooked. They forded rivers of tops, like fragments of torn veils. black mud. They found a public square, “Wilkesbarre," said the Old Woman, which had a great many angles, and was when they were at length out of sight of set sadly askew; after this Bobby piloted the valley, “ Wilkesbarre is a place where them to a hotel.

it rains." There was a bright fire of coals in a “Not all the time, perhaps,” suggested low grate, and before it sat down the Old Bobby. Woman. Her comrades, the elves, the “I have no evidence that it does not fire sprites, at once espied her, and nodded rain all the time; I went there to see it, cheerfully from behind great red coals. and I found it raining," continued the They held out their wee hands full of Old Woman. bright gems, diamonds, and carbuncles, “ For all that,” said the Dame, “it may and rubies, and amethysts, which shine shine there sometimes.” by the million, down in the hot earth "That is of no consequence," replied

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