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The present Intricate State of the Medical Reform Question, 1—The Proceedings of the Pharmaceutical Society in Reference to the Medical Bill, 9. Transactions of the Pharmaceutical Society: Abstract of a Lecture on some recent Discoveries in Organic Chemistry. George Fownes, F.R.S., 18—Pharmaceutical Meeting, 19—Distribution of the Prizes in the Classes of Materia Medica, Chemistry, and Pharmacy, 19—Argemona Mexicana, Hura Crepitans, Jatropha Curcus, and Multifida. W. Hamilton, M.D., 23—The Genus Jatropha, Janipha Manihot, and Loeflingii. W. Hamilton, M.D., 27—Medical Properties of the Fevillea Cordifolia. W. Hamilton, M.D., 33—Antidote to Prussic Acid. Messrs. T. and H. Smith, 35—Potato Sugar. Mr. John A. Spencer, 39. Original and Extracted Articles: Analysis of the Ashes of Conium and Digitalis. Mr. F. C. Wrightson, 40—Yeast, with Reference to the Phenomenon of Fermentation. Dr. T. Schlossberger, 42—Vegetable Mucilage and Bassorin. D. C. Schmidt, 44–Scammony Biscuits. Dr. J. Baader, 46—Vegetables having the Odour of Musk, 46—Gum Arabic, 47– Extract from the Medical Bill about to be passed in Quebec, 47.

Correspondents, 48.
No. II.

The New Medical Bill, 49—The Scientific Committee of the Pharmaceutical
Society, 51—The Duties of Customs, 52—Excise Trickery, 52–English
Prescriptions (Mr. Muntz's Act), 53.
Transactions of the Pharmaceutical Society: Lecture on the Nature and
Physical History of Glass. E. W. Brayley, Jun., F.G.S., 54—Phar-
maceutical Meeting, 58–Oil of Ben Tree. W. Hamilton, M.B.,
58–Rhus Metopium, &c. W. Hamilton, M.D., 60—Compound
Infusion of Horseradish. Mr. T. Greenish, 62—Palm Sugar. Mr. J.
Stevens, 64—Samovy Isinglass. Dr. Pereira, F.R.S., 66—The Cir-
cular Polarization of several Terebinthinate Substances. Dr. Pereira,
F.R.S., 67 Some Mineral and Vegetable Productions of New
Zealand. Dr. Pereira, F.R.S., 72.
Original and Extracted Articles: Test for Adulterations in Disulphate of
Quinine. J. B. Nevins, M.B., 75—Oil of Mustard. Wild, 76—Tamarinds.
Landerer, 77—A new Method of preparing Medicated Tinctures. Henry
Burton, M.D., 78–Cannabis Sativa, or Indian Hemp. Adolph Steeze, 83
—Senna. Landerer, 84—The Yellow Colour acquired by {}. Potassii
Iodidi, 84. Review: Pharmaceutical Correspondence-Sheet for the South
of Germany, 85. An Act to amend certain Duties of Customs, with

Proposed Alterations, 87. Correspondents, 95.

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