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in size, and covering the mantle within rather more than a quarter For example, with a cream-coloured taffetas, a waistcoat of white of a yard of the bottom. This space left, is ornamented with kerseymere; or, with a chocolate dress trimmed with violet a ovals of Chantilly lace, made expressly for the purpose, and violet waistcoat. With Havana-brown, groseille or ponceau forms edged with a wide insertion composed half of lace, and half of a pleasing contrast. We advise, however, when the waistcoat is passementerie.

coloured, that it be not too bright, as it would produce decidedly The Talma and casaque, trimmed with guipure or lace, and a vulgar effect. passementerie will be worn. Talias, camails, and paletôts to Wide ribbon-sashes are still much patronized ; but are no lonmatch the dresses, slightly wadded and lined with silk, will be ger seen with such a great amount of trimming as formerly was useful for some little time to come.

fashionable. For instance, it is not carried up so high as the The Louis XV. veste, cut after the model of the ancient hunt- waist, but merely round the ends, and to about six or eight inches ing-dresses-a sort of habit body with a round basque-is in up the sides. Some of the ribbons made for this purpose are such favour at the present time, that it is more than probable truly splendid It must, however, be confessed that it is a very many of the warm dresses for the coming season will be made in expensive fashion, as it necessitates a sash to match each dress, the same form. In velvet, lined with satin, it will have a very unless a lady is economical enough to content herself with a black charming effect; but, of course, only admissible as an “at-home" one, trimmed with lace or passementerie, which is in very good dress.

taste, and looks well with any dress. The ceinture postillon is Bodies are still made with points or postillon basques.

made in black velvet with a plastron of white moire antique, on Passementerie, as we last month prophesied, will be the trim- which is placed silver buttons. This produces a very stylish ming par excellence. The Figaro épaulette of passementerie, ter- effect. minating in a fringe, is very graceful and becoming, and just now Dresses when looped up for out-of-doors wear, have fewer fesmuch adopted.

toons than formerly-four being the fashionable number. One The body à reste, or with a waistcoat, is more than ever in in front, another at the back, and one on each side. favour. The waistcoat is frequently made of white cloth, or silk Coloured stockings will be worn this winter. Grey will be the cloth; and will be much worn, both in white and in colours. ! favourite colour. Different shades of grey and drab will also be

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Is a delightfully fragrant and transparent preparation for the Hair, and, as an invigorator and beautifier, beyond all precedent. It bestows a permanent gloss, with a silky softness, and a strong tendency to carl, and is the only known specific capable of effectually sustaining the Hair in decorative attractiveness, during the exercise of dancing, or the relaxing effects of crowded rooms.Price 35. 6d., 7., 10s. Cd. (equal to four small), and, double that size, 21s. per bottle.


FOR THE SKIN AND COMPLEXION, A balmy, odoriferous, creamy liquid, as equally celebrated for safety in application as unequalled for its rare and inestimable qualities. The radiant bloom it imparts to the cheek; the softness and delicacy which it induces of the hands, arms, and neck; its capability of soothing irritation, and removing freckles, tan, pimples, spots, redness, and other cutaneous defects, render it indispensable to every toilet.-Price 4s. Ēd. and 83. 68. per Bottle.

BOWL AND SO ODONTO, OR PEARL DENTIFRICE, a white powder, compounded of the choicest and most recherché ingredients of the Oriental herbal, and of inestimable value in preserving and imparting a pearl-like whiteness to the Teeth, eradicating tartar and spots of incipient decay, strengthening the Gums, and in giving a delicate fragrance to the Breath.-Price 28. 9d. per Box.

Sold by A. ROWLAND & SONS, 20, Hatton Garden, and by Chemists and Perfumers.

Ask for “ROWLANDS'" Articles.


in good taste, but no striking colour such as scarlet or mauve. The latter would look intrinsically vulgar, though it is not improbable that cherry colour will be worn during the season.

Among the following toilettes will be found some suitable for travelling or country wear, as well as for visiting and for balls:

One was a dress of brown taffetas, trimmed with two rows of black guipure rosettes, placed at equal distances, but the rosettes of the second placed so as to alternate with those above. The body was made with a waistcoat, and merely one row of rosettes.

Another was made in a sky-blue silk, with two pinked flounces, headed with a chicorée ruche of the same material. The body was a postillon basque, with a frill round it, edged with a chicorée. It was open in front, over a waistcoat of white taffetas, with but tons formed of small imitation pearls.

A third was a dress of drab takou, trimmed round the bottom with lozenges of blue taffetas, edged with black guipure, and similar trimming on the body.

A robe of white takon, with three rows of black velvet, edged with guipure, placed at every half-breadth, and reaching part of the way up the skirt. Corsage postillon, trimmed to match, completes an elegant costume.

We also noticed a dress of taffetas in Mexican blue, trimmed round the bottom of the skirt with three narrow flounces, edged with very narrow black lace; and, upon each seam, a wide lace

insertion, reaching down to the top flounce, upon which it is finished off by a kind of round rosette. The body, which is high, has a Swiss sash, edged with a narrow lace, and a row of lace placed up each side of the front. The sleeves à coude, open, square at the bottom, trimmed with narrow frills, and an insertion up the seam.

A robe of green poult de soie antique. The skirt trimmed round the bottom with Spanish point passementerie. This trimming, between eleven and twelve inches wide, is composed of trelliswork, with bows and agraffes of beads, and forms a tablier up the front of the dress-body as well as up the skirt. The sleeves quite plain, with a passementerie épaulette.

On a drab-grey moire dress was a flounce of guipure, about five inches deep, headed by a narrow passementerie, placed straight round the bottom. Above this was another flounce, exactly like the former, put on in festoons, and carried up the side in a spiral form. High body, with guipure, imitating a Fugaro veste ; and, upon the sleeve, which was plain, a similar guipure formed a jockey.

Nearly all the ball-dresses are of tarlatane, with under-skirts also of the same. There is rather a rage just now for white and black. For instance, the following pretty dress was lately worn by a young lady. It was composed of a skirt of white tarlatane, trimmed with narrow flounces, put on waved, at the bottom of the skirt, and separated by insertions of black lace. The body had





Puffed Horse-hair Jupon (Registered), 21s., The Sansflectum Jupon, 10s. 6d., 155. 6d., Ondina, or Waved Jupon, 15s. 6d., 18s. Ed.,
25s., 30s., and 338., in Grey.
18s. 6d., and 21s. Muslin Covers, 3s. 6d.;

and 21s.
White, 58. extra.
Llama or Alpaca, 5s. 11d.

Coloured Llama, 258. 6d.
GREAT FEATURE in the SANSFLECTUM SKIRT is, that it may at all times be kept perfectly clean by simply

using a wet sponge.”—Court Journal.




THE PATENT ONDINA, or WAVED JUPON, does away with the unsightly results of the ordinary Hoops ; and, so

perfect are the wave-like bands, that a lady may ascend a steep stair, lean against a table, throw herself into an arm-chair, pass to her stall at the opera, or occupy a fourth seat in a carriage, without inconvenience to herself or others, or provoking the rude remarks of the observers—thus modifying, in an important degree, all those peculiarities tending to destroy the modesty of Englishwomen; and, lastly, it allows the Dress to fall into graceful folds."--Lady's Nerospaper.


E. PHILPOTT, Family Draper and Jupon Manufacturer,


a small fichu of tarlatane and black lace, and was finished off with a scarf of black lace, tied behind. On the front and shoulders, were bouquets of natural roses; and the hair was dressed to match.

White tarlatane dresses, with a colour underneath, or with ruches or pinked flounces, are very becoming for young ladies. Many are made as described, or with wreaths of flowers. For instance, one dress of white tarlatane, with a narrow gauffered tulle flounce round the bottom, and, above it, two wreaths of myosotis and small roses.

Another dress of gray tulle, over grey satin ; the two skirts looped up with a cluster of acacia roses. The coiffure also formed of acacia roses and grass.

Our readers will, we are sure, be pleased with the announcement that, in all the best houses, the bonnets are being made lower in front and narrow, and backward at the sides-so much more graceful and becoming a style. Satin is being also employed both for capotes and plain bonnets, and, as the season advances, will, no doubt, be very

fashionable. A very charming bonnet in this material had the front of pink satin, in deep folds, and the crown of black velvet. A row of flat bows of black lace, lined with pink satin, placed at the joining of the crown and front, reached to the curtain, which was of black velvet lined with pink satin. Strings of pink satin, edged with black velvet.

Another satin bonnet, gazelle colour, was trimmed at the edge with narrow quillings of satin and tulle. Two rows of this trimming were placed round the bonnet, so that the tulle and satin came alternately. These were crossed with very fine wreaths of leaves and balls of a soft green tint, which ended inside the bonnet, among bouillonnés of green and white tulle. Curtain of satin, covered with white blonde. Strings to match the bonnet.

A capote of imperial blue silk. The edge of the front and inside, trimmed with small bouquets of heath formed with brown feathers. A bouillon of blue tulle is carried round the front, and inside the bonnet; curtain of taffetas edged with tulle; strings of blue ribbon.

The newest capotes are principally trimmed with ruches of tulle or crape, and small bunches of grass with dewdrops on them ; but no flowers.

Crape bonnets are still worn, but they are mostly mixed with silk. A very pretty one was made of white crape and tulle bouillonné, with a ruche of silk and tulle round the edge; a bunch of white camelias, placed at the left side. White silk curtain, trimmed with rich blonde ; cap composed of tulle and blonde, with a bouquet of camelias.

Velvet bonnets are beginning to make their appearance ; but at present they are much too heary, unless composed of velvet and crape, on tulle and blonde, which has a good effect, and will be much worn.

DESCRIPTION OF THE ENGRAVINGS. PLATE I.—Groupe. Robe of white tulle, over a skirt of white silk. The bottom of the skirt trimmed with two rows of bouillonné, and a wide ruche ; on which are placed, at equal distances, bunches

; of flowers, surrounded with black lace. The second skirt is trimmed exactly to match ; and the third, of tulle, and looped up at each side, is trimmed with the ruche and bouquets only. Over this is a skirt of Chantilly lace, which, like the upper tulle skirt, is made shorter at each side. Pointed body of white silk, trimmed with tulle to match the skirt. Head-dress : a small wreath of flowers, with a long branch, falling over the shoulders.

Dress of glacé silk; the upper half of the body made of a different coloured silk, and trimmed with insertion, either black or


Compton House, Frith Street and Compton Street, Soho.

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SEWELL & CO., COMPTON HOUSE, 44, 45, 46, Old Compton St.; 46, 47, Frith St., Soho.

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pleny r. de Naran, 66.


Boulevart S' Martin.69.
Helende l'amille. Viepes américaines de thonson rur de Mulhouse_onclude
Sosselin. 2. Pomisle bromel.1--veenduits et l'imprimas de Gjuerlain la Simio. tic. Vouchers de Chapron

11.v. de la Pais ála Sublime Porte. Heurs de Chagot mini' ou de bichelieu - 3.
For Court-trains. Silks, Robes, and Mantles, Grant and Gash.58 to 62.Oxford Street and West Street, London w

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