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i'-ya-ka-pe-ya, adv. more than, surpassing. i-ya'-ka-pta, v.a. to climb, as a hill, to reach the

top; to pass over or beyond, --iyawakapta, iyaun

kaptapi and unkiyakaptapi. i-ya'-ka-pte-ya, v. to cause to pass up or over,

-iyakaptewaya. i-ya'-ka-pte-ya, adv, beyond, going over. i-ya'-ka-san-ni, n. one side or half of any thing. i-ya'-ka-san-ni-na, n. one side only. i-ya'-ka-śka, v. a. to tie one thing to or on ano

ther, to bind to,-iyawakaśka, iyaunkaśkapi. i-ya'-ka-tin, v. of akatin; to measure by means

of, as with a yard stick,-iyawakatin. i'-ya-ka-win, v. n. to exceed, go beyond bounds,

overflow, as a river its banks. i'-ya-ka-win, adv. more than : iyakawin iyeya,

to surpass ; iyakawin iyeya ećamon, I have done

more than was needful. i'-ya-ka-win-yan, adv. surpassing. i-ya'-ke, n. the feather end of a quill, the feather



on an arrow.

i-ya'-hda-skin, cont. of iyahıdaskića; iyahdaskin

mayanka, it is pressing on me. i-ya'-hda-skin-ya, v. a. to cause to press upon,

-iyahdaskinwaya. i-ya'-hda-ska, v. pos. of iyakaśka; to tie one's

own to,-iyawahdaska, iyaunhdaskapi. i-ya'-hde, v. n. to go or come to ; to reach to, ex

tend to; to lead to, as a road; to meet, come upon

one,—iyamahde, iyaunhdepi. See iyahdeya. i-ya'-hde-han-pa, n. (iyahde and hanpa) socks. i-ya'-hde-hun-ska, n. (iyahde and hunska) socks,

stockings. i-ya'-hde-ton, v. d. to have on or over, as, iyahde

ton ećon, he does it on something else ; to knit. i-ya'-hde-ton-yan, adv.

over, having something under : iyahıdetonyan kaksa, to cut one

stick off on another. i-ya'-hde-ya, v. a. to cause to reach to; to lead

to, bring one to; to merit, deserve, bring upon one-iyahdewaya, iyahdeunyanpi; iyahdeiệiya,

to bring on oneself,-iyahdemićiya. i-ya'-hde-ya, adv. reaching to, even to. i'-ya-he, n. the ball and heel of the foot. i-ya'-hna, prep. after, behind, following ; with,

together with : iyahna ya, to go with ; anpetu

hanyetu iyahna, both day and night. i-ya'-hna-hna, red. of iyahna. i'-ya-hna-hna-na, adv. gently, carefully. i-ya'-hna-ken, adv. in the manner of following. i-ya' hpa-ya, v. n. to fall upon, to seize, pounce

upon, lay hold of violently,-iyawalipaya and

iyawalpamda, iyayalipada, iyaunlipayapi. i-ya'-hpe-ki-ći-ći-ya, v. a. to put or throw on

for one, as in putting a load on a horse. See

iyalipekiya. i-ya'-hpe-ki-ya, v. a. to give or hand to ; to

carry around to, as the pipe is taken round on great occasions and held for each one to smoke ; to put on or throw over, as in putting on the load

of a horse,-jyalipewakiya, iyalipeunkiyapi. i-ya'-kpe-ya, v. a. to carry around to; hand

to; to throw over or on,-iyahpewaya. See iya

lipekiya. i-ya'-i-hda-ska, v. refler. of iyakaśka; to tie

oneself; to give oneself up to be bound ; i.q. iya

içihdaska,-iyamihdaska, iyanindaska. i'-ya-ka-kpe, n. of akalipa ; a cover or lid for

the mouth of any thing. i'-ya-kam, adv. beyond, surpassing. i'-ya-kam-tu, adv. surpassingly. i'-ya-ka-pa, v. n. to be larger than, to surpass, —

iyamakapa. i'-ya-ka-pe-ya, v. a. to pass, go beyond ; to over

come ; to persuade, succeed in persuading,—iyakapewaya, iyakapeunyanpi, iyakapemayaŋ.

i-ya'-ke-non-pa, adj. the twelfth. See iake

nonpa. The ordinal numbers from this to eighteen will be found under .iake,' and need not be repeated here, though by some they are all writ

ten with a y inserted. i'-ya-ki-ćuy-ni, v. n. to become tired and leave

off, to cease from, give up pursuit,-iyawećunni,

iyayećunni, iyaunkićunnipi. i'-ya-ki-eun-ni-ya, v. a. to cause to leave off or

cease from,-iyakiću,niwaya. i'-ya-ki-cun-ni-yan, adv. leaving off i-ya'-ki-çu, v. n. to be much, to increase. i-ya'-ki-cu, adv. much, more than one needs :

iyakiču wahnaka, I have put away a great deal. i-ya'-ki-eun-eun-ka, n. one who does more than

is usual ; one who keeps on begging. i-ya'-ki-cu-ya, v. a. to have more than one needs,

-iyakiệuwaya. i-ya'-ki-cu-ya, adv. much, a good deal, plenti

fully, in abundance : iyakićuya mduha, I have a

great deal.

i'-ya-ki-de-ce-ca, alv. like, alike. i'-ya-ki-de-cen, adv. like. i'-ya-ki-de-han-ke-ca, adv. of the same length

with. i'-ya-ki-de-han-yan, adv. of equal distance. i'-ya-ki-de-na-ke-ća, adv. of equal number. i'-ya-ki-de-na-na, adv. as few as. i-ya'-ki-hde, v. n. to surpass, overlap, reach be

yond the time, as old corn lasting until the new


i-ya'-ki-hde, adv.

like to, as : wetu iyakihde maste, it is as warm as spring. i-ya'-ki-hde-ga, v. to go on and overtake.

See apaspa.

i-ya'-ki-hden, cont. of iyakihdeġa; iyakihdeh

okihaŋ, to keep following after but not overtake,

-iyakihdeli owakihan. i-ya'-ki-hde-ya, v. a. to cause to reach round to;

to make surpass,-iyakihdewaya. i-ya'-ki-hde-ya, adv. surpassing. i'-ya-ki-he-ce-ća, adv. like to that, . i-ya'-ki-he-han-ke-ca, adv. as long as. i'-ya-ki-he-na-ke-ća, adv.

as many as. i'-ya-ki-he-na-na, adv. as few as. i-ya'-ki-hna, adv. in layers, one on another ;

i. q. akihna. i'-ya-ki-ni-sko-ke-ća, adv. of the same size. i'-ya-ki-pa-pa, v. See íakipapa. i-ya'-ki-pe, v. a. to wait for, wish to have go

with one; to wait for, hope for ; to befall, happen

to,-iyawakipe, iyau kipepi, iyamak pe. i-ya'-ki-pe-ya, adv. waiting for. i'-ya-ki-ta, v. a. of akita; to have an eye to, keep

a watch on, lest one commit some depredation ;

to hunt for charges against one,-iyawakita. i'-ya-ki-te-dan, adv. together, familiarly, among

themselves : iyakitedan hekićiyapi, they say this

among themselves. i'-ya-ko, adv. beyond any thing. See ako. i'-ya-kos, adv. See iyakosan. i'-ya-ko-san, adv. in addition, as an additional

reason : he iyakosan dećen ećamoy, I have done

this in addition to that. i'-ya-ko-tan-han, adv. beyond, from beyond. i-ya'-kta, v. Used only with śni. See iyaktaśni. i-ya'-kta-śni, v. a. of aktaśni; to disregard,

iyawaktaśni, iyaunktapiśni. i-yam', cont. of iyapa; striking against : tiyopa

iyam imdamde, I struck against the door. i-ya'-mni, adj. the third. i-ya'-mni-mni, alj. red. every third one. i-ya'-mni-na, adj. only the third one. i-yam'-ya, adv. butting or striking against. i-ya'-na-ka, intj. of surprise on meeting a friend. i-ya'-na-pta, v. a. of anapta; to detain, to go before and prevent from proceeding,-iyanawapta,

iyanamapta. i'-ya-ni-ca, v. n. of anića; to be prevented, de

tained, or hindered by : magażu kiŋ he iyamanića, I am prevented by the rain,-iyamanića, iya

unnićapi. i-ya' nun-ġa, v. n. to become hard, callous, unfeeling, as a scarred place,-iyamanuņģa, iyani

nunga. i-ya'-nunk, cont. of iyanunga; iyanuyli iyeya. i-ya'-nunh-ya, v. a. to cause to become callous,

-iyanuyli waya. i-yan'-pa, v. a. to push out, as an otter does his

nose to breathe.

i-ya'-on-pa, v. a. of aonpa; to lay on, place on ;

to accuse of, blame with,-iyawaonpa, iyaunkon

papi, iyamaonpa. i-ya'-on-pa-pi, n. an accusation. i-ya'-on-pe-pi-ca-śni, adj. blameless. i-ya'-on-pe-pi-ca-śni-yan, adv. blamelessly. i-ya'-on-pe-ya, adv. in a blaming or accusing

way. i-ya'-o-pta, v. See iyayupta. i-ya'-pa, v. a. of apa; to beat, strike against ; to

beat, as the heart or pulse, as, ćante iyamapa, my heart beats ; to strike or knock against, as the foot,-iyamapa, iyaunpapi ; iyaiệipa, to strike

oneself,—iyamiệipa. i'-ya-pa, v. n. to strike against, as the wind

against a hill. i-ya'-pa, v. n. to be injured or wounded in one's

feelings by word or action. See iyapaka. i-ya'-pa-ka, v. n. to be injured or hurt in one's

feelings by something said, -iyamapaka. i-ya'-pa-spa, v. n. to be obscured, as the sun or

moon by clouds. i'-ya-pa-stag, cont. of iyapastaka. i'-ya-pa-stag-ya, v. a. to creep up and fall

upon before one is aware, to take by surprise,

iyapaśtagwaya, iyapastagniyanpi, John xii. 35. i'-ya-pa-sta-ka, v. n. to be taken by surprise,

iyamapaštaka, iyanipastaka. i'-ya-pa-to, v. n. to butt against, be struck by ;

to press on or be cramped by, as by a short moc

casin,-iyamapato, iyaunpatopi. i'-ya-pa-to-ya, v.a. to run against, press against ;

to hinder, prevent by,-iyapatowaya. i'-ya-pa-to-ya-ken, adv. in the manner of press

ing against. i'-ya-pa-wo-han-pi, n. a certain sacred dance

and feast. i-ya'-pa-ya, v. a. to injure or hurt one's feelings

by what one says,-iyapawaya. i-ya'-pe, v. a. of ape; to wait for ; to lie in wait

for, lie in ambush,-iyawape, iyaunpepi, iyamape. i-ya'-pe-han, v. a. of pehan; to fold up with ;

to wind on, as thread on a spool : halonta iyape

hanpi, spool-thread,-iyawapehan, iyaunpehanpi. i-ya'-pe-han-yan, adv. folding up. i-ya'-pe-mni, v. a. lo wrap around, wind up in,

-iyawapemni, iyaunpemnipi ; wrapped up in, as, woalitani iyapemni unyakonpi, we are enveloped

in sin. i-ya'-pe-mni-yan, adv. wrapped up in. i-ya'-pe-ya, v. a. to cause to lie in wait for,

iyapewaya. i-ya'-pe-ya, adv. lying in wait for. i-ya'-pu-spa, v. a. to glue, stick on with glue or

paste,-iyawapuspa, iyaunpuspapi.

i-ya'-pu-spa, v. N. to stick to, as wet clothes; to

be glued up, as sore eyes,-iyamapuspa. i-ya'-pu-spe-ya, v. a. to cause to glue on,-iya

puspewaya. i-ya'-pu-spe-ya, adv. in a ylued or sticking


i-ya'-sag, cont. of iyasaka. i-ya'-sa-ka, v. n. to be dried hard on, as skin

garments on one,-iyamasaka, iyaunsakapi. i'-ya-se, n. of iya; a glutton. i-ya'-skam, cont. of iyaskapa; iyaskam wanka,

it lies sticking on. i-ya'-skam-ya, adv. sticking to. i-ya'-ska-pa, v. n. to stick to, stick on, adhere to,

-iyamaskapa. i-ya'-ski-ća, v'. a. to press or suck one thing on

another, as corn on the cob,—imdaskića. i-ya'-skin, cont. of iyaskića. i-ya'-skin-ya, adv. pressing or sucking on. i-ya'-ski-ska, v. n. to be smoothed down, as the

hair of an animal by swimming in water, -iya

maskiska. i'-ya-sna-na, adv. gently. i'-ya-sna-sna-na, adv. carefully, gently. i-ya'-sni, v. n. of asni; to become still, as a noise

ceasing : ećen iyasni, so it became still. i-ya'-sni-ya, v. a. to give to one unexpectedly ;

to make quiet,-iyasniwaya. i'-ya-s'a, v. of aś’a; to shout at, shout against,

-iyawaś’a, iyauns’api. i-ya'-ta, v. n. to promise to give, betroth to one,

as a girl to a man,-imdata, idata. i-ya'-ta-hde, v. n. to go beyond, surpass ; to go

beyond ordinary bounds, be excessive. i-ya'-ta-hde, adv. full, running over. i-ya'-ta-hde-ya, v. a. to go beyond, surpass; to

do more than is right, exact too much ; to cause to go beyond ; to be intemperate --iyatahdewaya, iyatahdeunyanpi ; iyatahdeiệiya, he is intempe

rate, i-ya'-ta-hde-ya, adv. too much. i-ya'-ta-ku-ni-śni, v. n. to come to nothing, come

to naught. i'-ya-tam, adv. soon, soon again. See itam. i-ya'-tan, v. n. to touch with the mouth ; to

light, as a pipe, which is done by drawing a few times when put to the fire,-imdatan, idatan ;

ikićiyatan, to light a pipe for one. i-ya'-ta-sag, cont. of iyatasaka. i-ya'-ta-sag-ya, adv. stiffy. i-ya'-ta-sa-ka, v. n. of tasaka; to become hard

or stiff on one, as skin that has been wet and dried;

stiff or frozen on,-iyamatasaka, iyauntasakapi. i-ya'-wa, v. a. to count by or according to, count

together, --imdawa, idawa.

i-ya'-ya, v. n. to have gone, -imdamde, idade,

unkiyayapi : to have gone down, as, wi iyaya, the sun has gone down ; to be more than, go over ; to be more than enough, be a surplus, as, onge iyaya, there is some over ; ikićiyaya, to remain for or stand to one's credit. i-ya'-ye-ya, v. a. to cause to go or have gone, to

send,-iyayewaya. i-ya'-yu-pta, v. n. to pass by without stopping,

-iyamdupta, iyadupta, iyaunyuptapi. i-ya'-yu-pte-ya, adv. passing by. i-ya'-yus, cont. of iyayuza; iyayus yuza, to hold

any thing close to another. i-ya'-yu-sta-ka, v. iyayustag heyun, to tie up

one thing on another,-iyayustag hemun. i-ya'-yu-za, v. a. to hold to or at,-iyamduza. i-ya'-yu-za, n. a holder, as a cloth to hold a hot

iron with. i-ya'za, adv. one after another : iyaza kața, to

kill one after another; ti iyaza waun, I go from

house to house. i-ya'-zan, v, n. to be sick on account of or by

means of; to be affected by sympathy with

imayazan, iniyazan. i-ya'zin, cont. of iyazita. i-ya'-zin-ya, v. a. to burn, as sweet leaves, to

burn incense,-iyazinwaya. i-ya'-zi-ta, v. n. to burn, as cedar leaves, to smoke

and make a pleasant smell. i-ya'-żu, n. of ażu; something used to spread

out and dry on : caŋsasa iyażu, a stick split partly, with others woven across, on which smok

ing-bark is placed to dry. i'-ye, pers. pron. he, she, it. Pl., iyepi, they. i-ye-ce-ca, adv. like, like as, like to, such as, the

same as.

i-ye'-ce-ca, v. n. to be like to,-iyemaéeća, iyeni

éeća, iyeunčecapi ; it is fitting, proper : hećamon kta iyećeća, it is proper that I should do

that. i-ye'-ce-ce-hin, adv. just like. i-ye'-ce-kće-ća, adv, red. of iyećeća. i-ye'-ce-kćen-ya, adv. red. of iyećenya. i-ye'-ćen, adv. like, in like manner. i-ye'-cen-ya, adv. like; a little less, not much :

iyećenya se maķu, he gave me about so much. i-ye'-ce-tu, v. n. to be so, become so, to be as was

expected ; to come to pass, take place. i-ye'-ce-tu, adv. 80, thus, right. . i-ye'-ce-tu-ya, v. a. to make so, fulfil, accom

plish,-iyećetuwaya. i-ye'-ce-tu-ya, adv. 80. i-ye'-ce-tu-ya-ken, adv. in this manner. i'-ye-cin, adv. voluntarily, of one's own accord,

of oneself

i'-ye-cin-ka, adv. of oneself, of one's own accord, i-ye'-pe-ya, v. a. to make one tree lodge on

without advice : miyećinka ećamon, I did it of another,-iyepewaya, iyepeunyanpi.

i-ye'-pe-ya, adv. lodging on.
i'-ye-cin-ka-han, adv. voluntarily.

i'-yeś, pron. See iyeeś.
i'-ye-es, pron. he, she, it.

i-ye'-śni, intj. you don't say so! it cannot be !--
i-ye'-ga, v. n. to shine, sparkle, twinkle, as the iyepiśni.

i-ye'-śni-ća, intj. Same as iyeśni.
i-ye'-han, adv. at or to the place; at the time i-ye'-ya, v. a. to find any thing; to put, place,

or thrust into : ohna iyeya, to thrust into,-
i-ye'-han-han-tu, adv. red. of iyehantu ; at the iyewaya, iyeunyanpi.
times or places referred to.

i-ye'-ya, v. aux. It is appended to verbs commenc-
i-ye'-han-tu, adv. at the time, now, at the same ing with ba, bo, ka, pa, ya, etc., and also to some

time; it is now the time; there, thus far, so far. adverbs; and generally gives emphasis, and ex-
i-ye'-han-tu-dan, adv. just at the time.

presses quickness or suddenness of action,-iye-
i-ye'-han-tu-dan-bin, adv. exactly at the time. waya, iyeyaya, iyeunyanpi.
i-ye'-han-tu-sni, adv. not time yet.

i-ye'-ya, or iyeye, v. n. to be, exist : wiệasta
i-ye'-han-tu-ya, adv. at the time.

iyeye éin, all men. See also hiyeye.
i-ye'-han-wa-pa, adv. towards the time.

i-ye'-za-ka, adv. See iyeźakaken.
i-ye'-han-han-ke-ća, adv. red. of iyehankeća. i-ye'-za-ka-ken, adv. unable, failing by a little ;
i-ye'-han-han-yan, adv, red. of iyehanyan.

said when one fails of doing what he has been
i-ye'-han-ke-ca, adv. so long, of the same length. accustomed to do: iyeżakaken temye śni, he was
i-ye'-han-yan, adv. 80 far; at the proper time. unable to eat it up.
i-yer', cont. of iyeġa.

i-yo', prep. in comp. compounded of i and 0, with y
i-yeh'-ya, v. a. to cause to shine,-iyeliwaya. introduced for euphony; to, in, into.
i-yek'-ye-ga, v. red. of iyega; to twinkle. i-yo'-ca-hda, adv. rattling ; said of a noise made
i-yeh'-yeh-ya, v. a. to cause to twinkle,

in the mouth : iyoćahda se iyaya, to go down
i-ye'-i-ei-ya, v. reflex, of iyeya; to find oneself ; rattling, as a bullet when put into a gun.

to put or thrust oneself : ohna iyeiciya, to push i-yo'-co-ka-ya, adv. in the midst of; all put
or crowd oneself in.

into the mouth ; all swallowed up in ; widonte
i'-ye-i-tkom, adv. See iyeitkopatanhan.

kiŋ he woohiye kiŋ e ocowasiŋ iyoćokaya, death
i'-ye-i-tko-pa-tan-han, adv. returning the com-

is swallowed up in victory.
pliment ; as when one says to another what was i-yo'-co-tka, n. the two large lobes of the
fit should be said to himself.

i'-ye-ka-es, pron. even he.

i-yog', cont. of iyoka; iyog iyeya, to put on one
i-yeo-ki-eihan-tu, v. m. to be suitable for one, be side, to drive out,-iyog iyewaya, iyog iyeunyanpi.
befitting or belong to one; to be the time or oppor i-yog'-ya, adv. aside, awayj

tunity for one,-iyemićihantu, iyeunkićihantupi. i-yo'-ha-kam, adv. after in time, subsequent to.
i-ye'-ki-ya, v. a. pos. of iyeya; to find one's own ; i-yo'-ha-kam-tu, adv. afterwards.

to recognise any person or thing; to experience, i-yo'-ha-kam-tu-ya, adv. afterwards.
as, iyotanhan iyekiya, to find it hard, have diffi i-yo'-ha-kam-tu-ya-ken, adv. a little after.
culty ; to put or push one's own in, as, ohna i-yo'-ha-ka-pa, adv. subsequent to.

iyekiya,-iyewakiya, iyeunkiyapi, iyemakiya. i-yo'-ha-ka-pa-tan-han, adv. afterwards.
i'-ye-ķe, pron. he himself, even he, she herself, i-yo'-han, v. a. of ohan ;

i-yo'-han, v. a. of ohan; to boil one thing with

another,-iyowahe, iyouzhanpi. i'-ye-ķes, pron. Same as iyeķe.

i-yo'-hda-hda, adv. rattling ; iyohdahda se i-ye'-na, adv. 80 many, as many as.

iyaya, to make a noise, as a bullet put into a gun,
i-ye'-na-ka, adv. as many as.

to go down with a rattling noise.
i-ye'-na-ke-ća, adv. so many, as many as, as i-yo'-hda-mna, adv. circuitously, round all the
much as,-iyemanakeća, iyeuhnakecapi.

crooks and turns.
i-ye'-nang-na-ke-ća, adv. red. of iyenakeća. i-yo'-hda-mna-yan, adv. circuitously, particu-
i-ye'-pe, v. n. to lodge on, as one tree on ano larly: iyohdamnayan wohdaka, to relate parti-
ther in falling.

i-ye'-pe-pe-ya, adv. unsettled, without an abid i-yo'-hda-mni-yan, adv. round about, circui-

ing place, going from house to house : iyepepeya tously.
waun, I am unsettled.

i-yoo-hdi, . a razor-strop; a hone, whet-stone.


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i-yo'-hdi-ya, v. a. to rub back and forth, as in i-yo'-ka-du-za, n. air in motion, a breeze.

whetting or stropping a razor,-iyohdiwaya. i-yo'-ka-du-za, adj. airy, cool. i'-yo-he, n. something wrapped uround the feet, i'-yo-ka-ġa, adv. down stream, south of, below. socks, stockings.

i'-yo-ka-ja-tan-han, adv. from down stream, i-yo'-hi, adj. each, every one ; i. q. otoiyohi.

south of i-yo'-hi, v. a. to reach, get to, arrive at, a place, i'-yo-kah, cont. of iyokaga.

-iyowahi: to be sufficient for, reach to one, as in i'-yo-kah-ki-ya, adv. down stream, south of. a division of articles; to be large enough for, as i'-yo-kah-wa-pa, adj. down stream, in a southa garment,-iyomahi, iyounhipi, iyowićahi.

erly direction. i-yo'-hi-ki-ya, v. a. to cause to reach or arrive i-yo'-kan, cont. of iyokata.

at; to give to each one, make go round, as in i-yo'-kan-ya, v. a. to warm, make hot in,-iyodividing articles; to pay one's debts entirely up, kanwaya, iyokanmayan ; to heat with, as a room -iyohiwakiya, iyohiunkiyapi.

by means of a stove. i-yo'-hi-śni, v. not to reach to. See iyohi. i-yo'-ka-pa, v. to surpass,-iyowakapa. Not i-yo'-hi-śni-yan, v. a. to cause not to reach to. much used. See iyohiya.

i-yo'-ka-pas, cont. of iyokapaza. i-yo'-hi-ya, v. a. to cause to reach a place; to i-yo'-ka-pas-ya, v. a. to exert un evil influence

extend the hand to; to make reach to all ; to pay upon, as on a sick person by one's presence, to up one's debts,-iyohiwaya, iyohiunyaypi.

make worse, -iyokapaswaya, iyokapasmayan. i'-yo-hmus, cont. of iyohmuza; iyohmus yanka. i-yo'-ka-pas-ye-ca, v. a. Same as iyokapasya. i'-yo-hmus-ya, v. a. to cause to shut the mouth. i-yo'-ka-pa-tan-han, adv. behind, after ; younger i'-yo-hmu-za, v. n. to have the mouth shut, lay than,-miyokapatayhan. Same as iyohakapathe hand on the mouth,-iyowahmuza.

taihay. i-yo'-hnag, cont. of iyohnaka ; iyohnag iyeya. i-yo'-ka-pa-za, v. n. to be pungent, make smart, i-yo'-hnag-ki-ya, v. a. to put into the mouth of as pepper or mustard-seed in the mouth,-iyoma

another; to give to eat, cause to eat,-iyohnagwa kapaza. . kiya.

i-yo'-ka-pte, n. of kapte; something to dip with, i-yo'-hnag-ya, v. a. to cause to put into the a dipper, ladle. mouth, give food to,-iyohnagwaya.

i-yo'-ka-ske, n. of kaska; something that coni-yo'-hna-ka, v. a. to put into the mouth, as nects, something to bind with. food,—iyowahnaka, iyounhnakapi.

i-yo'-ka-ta, v. n. of okata ; to be warm in, warm i-yo'-hna-ka, n. a mouthful.

by reason of. i-yo'-ka, n. the lower part of the fuce, the side of i-yo'-ka-tan, v, a. of okatan ;

. to drive in, as a the face ; the jowl, lower jaw of animals.

nail, on something-iyowakatay, iyounkataŋpi. i-yo'-Ha-can-du-hu-pa, n. the common short i-yo'-ka-tku-ġe, n. a nail, screw : tiyopa iyokastemmed pipe.

tkuģe, nails; maza iyokatkuge, nails. i-yo'-ha-hin, n. whiskers : iyolabinsma and i-yo'-ka-zi-ca-hde, adv. stretching up, on tip-toe : iyolinéma, heavy whiskers.

iyokazilahde wanyaka, to see by stretching up. i-yo'-Kda-te-ya, adv. of olidateya; underneath. . i-yo'-ki, v. a. to permit, encourage. Not used exi-yo'-kpa. See iyulipa.

cept with 'śni,' or in a negative form. See iyokii-yo'-Hpa-ya, v. a. to go in, fall into, alight in, śni and iyokika.

as ducks in a pond; to join, become partakers of, i-yo'-ki-ća-sde-ca, v. a. of kasdeća; to split in

as in joining a church or society,-iyowalipamda. two in the middle,-iyokiwakasdeća. i-yo'-kpe-ki-ya, v. a. Same as iyolipeya. i-yo'-ki-ca-śka, v. a. of kaśka; to tie together, i-yo'-hpe-ya, v. a. to throw or cast into ; to as two strings,-iyokiwakaśka.

cause to fall into, to plant, as corn or other grain, i-yo'-ki-ca-śke-ya, adv. tied together, connected -iyolipewaya : iyolipeiệiya, to cast oneself into, or following each other, as the seasons, without -iyolipemićiya.

any intervening time. i-yo'-ka, adj. another, as, wićasta iyoka, another i-yo'-ki-ca-śpa, v. a, of kaspa; to divide in the man; in another place, elsewhere.

middle-iyokiwakaspa. i-yo'-ka-da, v. a. of okada; to empty or pour i'-yo-ki-he, v. n. to be nert to, be second,-iyointo, as grain,-iyowakada.

wakihe. i-yo'-ka-da, n. something into which any thing is i'-yo-ki-he, adj. second, next to.

poured to measure withal : mazakay iyokada, a i-yo'-ki-he, n. a joint: hu iyokihe, the leg-joint. gun-charger.

See ókihe.

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