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to sew on or


a-i'-tpa-tan, v. a. Same as aikpatan. a-i'-tpa-tan-yan, adv. Same as aikpatanyan. a-i'-ya-hde, v. n. to lead to, reach to, as a road ;

to lead to, as a result of conduct. a-i'-ya-hde-ya, v. a. to lead to; to merit, de

serve, bring upon one, -aiyahdewaya ; aiyahdei

çiya, to bring upon oneself,—aiyahdemiçiya. a-i'-ya-hde-ya, adv. leading to, even to, until. a-i'-ya-hpa-ya, v. See iyalipaya. a-i'-ya-kpe-ya, v. a. to hand to ; to put on ; to

throw over, as a rope, in catching a horse ; to communicate to one, as a disease, -aiyalipewaya, aiyahipeunyanpi, aiyalipemayan, aiyalipećiya ; aiyalipeiçiya, to throw oneself on, as on a horse,

-aiyalipemićiya. a-i'-ya-kam, cont. of aiyakapa. a-i'-ya-ka-pa, v. to exceed, surpass. Not much

used. a-i'-ya-ka-ska, v. a. to tie one thing on some

thing else,-aiyawakaśka, aiyayakaśka. a-i'-ya-ka-ske-ya, part. tying on to something

else. a'-i-yog, adv. cont. of aiyoka; out on one side :

aiyog yanka, to be of one side ; aiyog iyeya, to

put aside.

a'-ka-ga-tki-ya, adv. stretched out, as the arms :

akagatkiya un. a-ka'-ġe-ġe, v. a. (a and kasege)

to, to patch on something else,--awakagege. a-ka'-han-yan-ka, n. a distant relative. a-ka'-hu-te, v. to cut off from the little end to a

stump ; to think much of oneself, i. q. iyotaničida,

-awakahute, ayakahute. a-ka'-Ha, v.

to desire



9. sanpa éin,-au kaha. a-ka'-ham, cont. of akahapa. a-ka'-Ha-pa, v. (a and kaliapa) to drive or whip

on, -awakahiapa. a-ka'-hpa, v. a. to cover, throw on or around ; to

cover up, conceal : sina akalipa, to throw a blanket

on,-awakalipa, unkakalipapi, amakalipa. a-ka'-hpe, n.

a covering : owinza akalipe, a quilt, any covering for a bed. a-ka'-bpe-ki-ci-ci-ya, v. to cover up for one ;

to pass by a matter, forgive, cancel,-akalipewe

cićiya. a-ka'- pe-ki-ċi-ton, v. a. to cover for one,

akalipewećiton, akalipemićiton. a-ka'-\pe-ki-ton, v. pos. of akalipetoy; to cover

one's own,-akalipeweton. a-ka'-hpe-ki-ya, v. a. to cause to cover ; to

clothe, put on, -akalipewakiya, akalipemakiya. a-ka'-hpe-ton, v. a.

to cover, throw on covering; to cover up or conceal, as one's real opinions, when used with ia, as akalipeton iwae,

-akalipewaton, ahalipeyaton. a-ka'-bpe-ton, part. covered, concealed. a-ka'-'pe-ton-ton, v. red. of akalipeton : aka

hpetonton ia. a-ka'-Htan, v. n. to soak into and come through

on the other side, as grease through a skin. See

kalitan. a-ka'-htan-yan, v. a. to cause to soak into; to

cut and make rough on,-akahitan waya. a-ka'-kan, v. a. (a and kakan)

to hew on any thing; to counter-hew, hew over again,-awaka

kay, ayakakan, uykakakanpi. a-ka'-kpan, v. a. (a and kakpan) to pound fine

on any thing; to pound in addition to what is

already done,-awakakpan, ayakakpan. a-ka'-kpi, v. a to crack on, as a nut on any

thing,-awakakpi. a-ka'-ksa, v. a. (a and kaksa) to cut off on some

thing; to cut off from ; to cut off in addition to,

---awakaksa, ayakaksa, unkakaksapi. a-ka'-ksa, v. a. to coil up on, as a rope,-awa

kakša. a-ka'-kšan, v. a. to go around, -awakaksan. a-ka'-kšan, adv. around, not in a straight course :

akaksan iyaya, to have gone around.


a'-i-yo-pe-ya, adv. down hill ; i. q. apamahde. a'-l-yo-ka, adv. at one side ; off from, in another

place from ; near to. al-i-yo-ka, n. a neighbor, one near to. a'-i-yo-ki-pi, adj. pleasant, agreeable ; i.q.oiyokipi. a'-i-yo-ki-pi-ya, adv. agreeably. a-i'-yo-pte-ca, adv. less than. a-i'-yo-pten, adv. cont. less : aiyoptenya, dimi

nishing. a-i'-yo-pte-tu, adv. less. a-i'-yo-pte-tu-ya, adv. less, in a less manner :

aiyoptetuyaken. a'-i-yo-tan, adv. more than, greater than, beyond :

aiyotan iyekiya, to have dificulty on account of. a-i'-zi-ta, v. n. (a and izita) to smoke or burn, as

incense, for any purpose. a-ka'-éins, cont. of akacinza : akaćinswaćin, to

desire a great deal,-akaćinswaćanmi. a-ka'-éin-za, v. See akaćins. a-ka'-da, v. a. (a and kada) to pour out on, said

of grain, not of liquids,--awakada, ayakada, un

kakadapi. a-ka'-da-da, v. red, of akada : akadada iyeya, to

pour out on any thing. a-ia'-ga, v. a. (a and kaga)

to make on any thing ; to make for a purpose; to make in addition, add to; to make or fabricate on one, tell a

lie about ; to blaspheme, speak evil of,-awakaga. a-ka'-ga-pi, n.

something made in addition ; falsehood.


a-ka'-ksan-yan, adv. around. a-ka'-kśiś, cont. of akaksiža : akakśiś iyeya. a-ka'-ksi-za, v. a. to bend into or around, as a

piece of iron,-awakakśiza, ayakaksiza. a-ka'-ktan, v, a. to bend on to, bend around,

awakaktan. a-ka'-ku-ka, v. a. to pound to pieces on,-awa

kakuka. a-kam', adv. out by one's self, out from, on the

outside : akam han, to stand on the outside, as the one on the outside of a nest of tubs or

kettles. a-kam', prep. over, upon, beyond : akam iyeya,

to throw beyond. a-ka'-mda, v. a. (a and kamda) to cut into thin

slices or strips on any thing; to slice in addition

to,-awakamda. a-ka'-mda, n. fringe : hunska akamda, fringe

on leggins. a-ka'-mdas, cont. of akamdaza : akamdas iyaya. a-ka'-mdas, cont. of akamdaza; astride ; aka

mdaś inaziŋ, to stand astride of any thing. a-ka'-mda-ya, v. a. to make level on,-awaka

mdaya. a-ka'-mda-za, v. n. to tear open on, as a bag on

a horse. a-ka'-mda-ża, v. a. to straddle, spread the legs

apart,-awakamdaža. a-ka'-mde-ca, v. a. (a and kamdeéa) to break,

as an instrument, by striking it on any thing; to break one thing lying on another by striking,

awakamdeéa. a-ka'-mden, cont. of akamdeća : akamden iyeya,

to break in pieces on : akamden elpeya,-aka

mden eli pewaya. a-kam'-han, standing on the outside, as the one

on the outside of a nest of tubs or kettles. a-ka'-mna, v. a. (a and kamna) to acquire in

addition to ; to tear open on, as a seam, -awa

kamna. a'-ka-mni: ákamni iyaya, v. n.

to separate with a splash, as snow with water underneath when

one steps on it. a-kan', prep. on, upon. a-kan'-mna, v. n. (kata and omna) to smell like

something burning. a-kan'-ta, adv. above; used with tanhaŋ. a-kan'-tan-han, adv. above, overhead. a-kan'-ta-tan-han, adv. from above. a-kan'-tkan, prep. red. of akan. a-kan'tu, adv. above. a-kan'-tu, adj. wićasta akantu, living men, in dis

tinction from dead men and spirits, common men ;

men in authority. a-kan'-tu, n. the top one.

a-kan'-tu-ya, alv. above, high up; on the out

side, without. a-kan'-tu-ya-ken, adv. above. Not much used. a-kan'-tu-ye-dan, adv. outside, on the surface;

almost on the top ; above, high up. a-kan', v. n. to become old on or with,-amakan,

anikan, unkakanpi ; kići amakay, I have become old with; yuha amakan, having it, I have be

come old. a'-kan-tan-ka, n. the large tendon of the arm. a'-ka-pa, n. the outside. a'-ka-pa-ta, adv. on the outside, on the top, from

above. a'-ka-pa-tan-han, adv. on the outside, from

above, from another place. a'-ka-pe-ca, adv. round about ; with kiŋ, used

as a noun, as, ákapećakin, those round about,

spectators ; those without. a'-ka-pe-ya, v. a. to throw beyond the bounds, as

in playing ball,—ákapewaya, akapeyaya. a-ka'-pe-ya, v. n. to exceed, go beyond. a'-ka-pon, cont. of akapota; afloat. a'-ka-pon-ya, v. a. to cause to float,-ákapon

waya. a'-ka-po-ta, v. n. to float on, as a buoy. a-ka'-po-ta, v. a. (a and kapota) to beat in pieces

on any thing, -awakapota, ayakapota. a'-ka-pot-pon, cont. of ákapotpota. a'-ka-pot-po-ta, v. red. of ákapota ; to float

along in little waves. a-ka'-pta, v. a. (a and kapta) to cut off on, as a

part of a stick; to lade out on,-awakapta. a-ka'-pte-ce-dan, v. a. to make shorter, cut off

a piece from a stick-awakaptećedan. a-ka'-pte-ya, v. a. to provoke beyond endurance,

-akaptewaya. a-ka'-pte-ya, part. cut off on ; provoked. a-ka'-sam, adv. cont. of akasanpa ;

over the river from. a-ka'-san-pa, adv. opposite, across, on the other

side, as of a river or lake; itato akasanpa, on this

side. a-ka'-san-pa-tan-han, adv. on the other side,

from beyond, from the other side. a-ka'-ska, v. a. (a and kaska) to eat up, to de

vour greedily, to eat after one is full,-awakaska,

ayakaska : akaska yanka, to continue, eating. a-ka'-ski-ća, v. n. to be pressing down ; to press

down : akaskin wanka. a-ka'-sni, v. a. (a and kasni) to extinguish on, as

fire,-awakasni. a-ka'-so, v. a. (a and kaso) to chop off a piece

from, -awakaso. a-ka'-stag, cont. of akastaka : akastag eh pewaya. a-ka'-stag-ya, adv. sticking on or in.

a-ka'-stag-ya-ken, adv. sticking on. a-ka'-sta-ka, v. a. to throw on or daub with

mud, make stick ; to plaster, -awakastaka, unka

kastakapi. a-ka'-sto, v. a. (a and kasto) to smooth down on,

as hair on the head, -awakasto, ayakasto, unka

kastopi. a-ka'-spa, v. a. (a and kaspa) to cut or break off

on,-awakaspa. a-ka'-spa, v. n. to be provoked beyond endurance,

-amakaspa, anićaspa. a-ka'-śpe-ya, v. n. to remain longer than one

can well endure ; to be provoked,-amakaśpeya. a-ka'-spe-ya, v. a. to provoke,-akaśpewaya,

akaśpeyaya, akaśpemayan. a-ka'-sta-ka, v. a. (a and kastaka) to beat one

on another,-awakastaka, ayakastaka. a-ka'-stan, v. a. (a and kastan) to pour out on;

to spill on, as water; to baptize, mini akastan,awakastan, ayakastan, unkakastanpi, amakastan :

acićaštan, I pour out on you. a-ka'-ta, v. n. (a and kata) to be hot on,—ama

kata, anikata. a-ka'-ta, v. a. to hoe, dig about with a hoe, hill

up, as corn ; to cover with dirt,—awakata, aya

kata, unkakatapi : wamnaheza akata, to hoe corn. a-ka'-te-ya, v. a. to cause to hoe,-akatewaya. a'-ka-tin, v. a. to straighten on, as the arms; to · measure with the arms stretched out on ; to fathom,

—áwakatin, ayakatin. a'-ka-tin-pi, n. an ell; the length or distance

between the ends of the fingers when the arms are

stretched out. a-ka'-țins, cont. of akaținza. a-ka'-țins-ya, v. a. to press down on any thing

by means of weights,--akatiyswaya. a-ka'-tin-za, v. n. (a and kaținza) to press any

thing down tight, as a weight does. a-ka'-un-yan, adv. lying across, as a boy on a

horse. a-ka'-wang, cont. of akawanka : akawang

elipeya. a-ka'-wan-ka, v. a. (a and kawanka) to cut

down, as a tree, on any thing; to make fall on by

cutting-awakawanka. a-ka'-we-ġa, v. a. (a and kawega) to break or

fracture by striking on any thing,--awakawega. a-ka'-web, cont. of akaweġa: akaweh eli peya. a-ka'-win, v. a. to exaggerate, tell lies, try to

exceed in telling lies ; to exceed in length ; to do

more than : akawin econ,-awakawin. a-ka'-win-ga, v. n. to go round and round, as

an eagle; make gyrations. a-ka'-wiŋk, cont. of akawinga ; round and

round : akawink iyeya.

a-ka'-wins, cont. of akawinża : akawiyś iyeya. a-ka'-win-yan, adv. hyperbolically; exceeding

in falsehood. a-ka'-win-ża, v. a. to bend down on, as grass

on any thing,--awakawinza. a'-ka-za-mni, v.a.(a and kazamni) to open upon

one; to throw open, as one's blanket,-áwakazamni, áyakazamni ; ákazamni elipeya, to set open ;

ákazamni han, to stand open. a'-ka-za-mni-yan, part. opened on. a-ke', adv. again, repeated, a second time. a-ke'-nom, cont, of akenonpa. a-ke'-non-pa, num. adj. twelve. a-kes', adv. again, i. q. ake. a-ke'-sa-hdo-gaŋ, num. adj. eighteen. a-ke'-sa-ko-win, num. adj. seventeen. a-ke-sa-kpe, num. adj. sixteen. a-ke'-tom, cont. of aketopa. a-ke-to-pa, num. adj. fourteen. a-ke'-wan-zi, num. adj. eleven. a-ke'-wan-zi-dan, num. adj. eleven. a-ke'-wan-żi-na, num, adj. (Thank.) eleven. . a-ke'-ya, v. a.

to place on, make a roof on ; to place on the roof; to make one roof on another,

akewaya, akeyaya. a-ke'-ya-mni, num. adj. thirteen. a-ke-za-ptan, num. adj. fifteen. a-ki', v. a. to carry or bear home, or to one's own

residence ; distinguished from ahda by the idea

of arriving at,-awaki, ayaki, unkakipi. a-ki', v. col. pl. of ki; they reach home. a'-ki-be-ya, adv. around. a-ki'-ća-ga, v. a. to make on, add to; to be unrea

sonable, go too far,-awećaja, ayećaja, amićağa. a'-ki-ca-ġa, v. n.

to grow on, grow in addition to. a-ki'-ca-ġe-ca, v. a. to overreach, cheat, want

more than is right, be unreasonable,-awećaġeća. a-ki'-cah, cont. of akićaya; akićahya, unreasonably.

. a-ki'-ca-śka, v. a. of kaska; to bind to or on ;

to bind together,-akiwakaśka, akiyakaśka. a-ki'-ce-pa, v. n. of depa; to become fleshy for

or again,---amakićepa. a-ki'-ce-ya, v. pos. of aćeya; to cry for one's

own ; to mourn for, weep over one's own, as a dead relative,-awakićeya, ayakićeya, unkakiće

yapi. a-ki'-ci-ca-ta, v. of akata; to hoe for one, —

awećicata, amiciéata. a-ki'-ći-ći-pa-pi, v. pl. of akipa; they meet each

other. a-ki' ¢i-ci-ta, v. of akita; to hunt a thing for

another,--awećicita, amiéicita. a-ki'-ći-eun-eun-ka, v. to do a thing often for

one,-awećiệunçunka, amićiệungunka.

a-ki'-ci-kći-ta, v. pos. of akita ; to hunt one's

own,-awećikeita. a-ki'-ći-kta, v. of akta; to receive or accept from

one; to have respect unto,-awećikta, amićikta. a-ki'-ći-kta-śni, v. of aktaśni; to refuse, reject

when offered by one,-awećiktaśni, amiciktaśni. a-ki'-ci-pa, v. of apa; to strike for one,-aweći

pa, ayećipa, un kakićipapi. a-ki'-ći-pa-pi, v. pl. of akipa; they meet each

other. a-ki'-ći-pe, v. of ape; to wait for one; to hope for,

-awecipe, ayećipe, unkakićipepi. a-ki'-ći-ta, v. of akita ; to hunt for another,

awećita : heya aćićita, I hunt lice for you. a-ki'-ci-ta, n. a head warrior, one a chief;

a warrior or soldier,-amakićita, anikiéita : aki

cita hemaća, I am a warrior. a-ki'-ći-ta-kte, v. (akićita and kte) to punish

officially, punish for the violation of a law; this is done by those who have attained to the place of brave, and consists in killing a horse or dog, cutting up tents and blankets, breaking guns, etc.,

-akicitawakte, akiéitamakte. a-ki'-ći-ta-na-zin, v. n. to stand as a warrior

or soldier, stand guard,-akićitanawazin. a-ki'-ci-ta-tan-ćan, n. an officer, a chief warrior. a-ki'-ći-ton-wan, v. of atoŋwan; to look at for

one, to have the oversight of for one,-awećiton

wan, amicitonwan. a-ki'-çun-çun, v. to do a thing repeatedly; to

glory in,-aweệunçun, ayeệunçun. a-ki'-çun-çun-ka, v. to do a thing repeatedly ;

to be proud of, glory in,-aweệunçunka. a-ki'-eu-ya, adv. much : akiçuya maķu, give me

much. See iyakićuya. a'-ki-de-ce-ca, adj. like to, equal to,-ákidema

ćeća, ákideniéeća, ákideuyéećapi. a'-ki-de-cen, adv. like to, equal to. a'-ki-de-cen-ya, adv. equally. a'-ki-de-han-han-ke-ća, adj. red. of ákidehan

keća. a'-ki-de-han-han-yan, adv. red. of ákidehanyan. a'-ki-de-han-ke-ća, adj. of the same length,

used with kići : kiới ákidemahankeća, I am of

the same length as some one else. a'-ki-de-han-ska, adj. of the same length or

height. a'-ki-de-han-yan, adv. alike far, equally far. a'-ki-de-nag-na-ke-ca, adj. red. of ákidenakeća. a'-ki-de-na-ke-ća, adj. alike many, of equal

number,-akideunnakecapi. a'-ki-de-na-na, adj. alike feu. a-ki'-ge, v. a. (a and kige) to scold about any

thing,-awakige, ayakiġe. a-ki'-han, v. n. of ahan; to grow on again.

a-ki'-han, v. col. pl. they have all reached there. a-ki'-hdag, cont. of akihdaka. a-ki'-hdag-ki-ći-ton, v. to patch for one,-aki

hdagwećiton. a-ki'-hdag-ki-ton, v. pos. of akihdagton ; to

patch one's own,-akihdagweton. a-ki'-hdag-ton, v. to put on a patch, to patch ;

patched, having a patch on,-akihdagwaton. a-ki'-hdag-ya, v. a. to patch, put on a patch ;

to use for a patch, -akihdagwaya. a-ki'-hda-ka, v. to patch, sew on a patch. a-ki'-hda-ka, n. a patch. See wakihdaka. a-ki'-hda-ski-ca, adj. face downwards, prone. a-ki'-hda-skin, cont. of akihdaskića : akihdaskin

eh peiệiya, to throw oneself on one's face. a-ki'-hda-skin-ya, adv. lying on the face, prone. a-ki'-hde, adv. again, more than once, once again ;

times : used with the numerals, nonpa akihde,

twice, yamni akihde, thrice, etc. a-ki'-hde-hde, adv. red. of akihde. a-ki'-hde-ya, adv. repeatedly. a-ki'-he-ca, adj. withered, nearly dead, as a tree. a-ki'-he-ce-ca, v. n. to become so on returning

home, i. e. to get sick or to get well on one's

reaching home,-akihemaćeća. a-ki'-hen-he-éa, adj. red. of akiheća. a'-ki-hin-sko-ke-ća, adj. of equal size with. a'-ki-hin-sko-ya, adv. of equal distance around. a-ki'-hna, adv. one on or over another, in layers ;

through : akihna iyaya, to pass through one into

another. a-ki'-hna, v. to have a care for, as for offspring;

take care of. a-ki'-hnag, cont. of akihnaka. a-ki'-hnag-ya, adv. placed on. a-ki'-hna-hna, adv. red. of akihna. a-ki'-hna-ka, v. pos. of ahnaka ; to place one's

own on,-awehnaka, ayehnaka. a-ki'-hna-ya, v. a. to cause to take care of,

akihnawaya. a-ki'-han, v. n.

to be without food, hungry ; to starve, ---amakilian, anićihan, unkakihanpi. a-ki'-Han-pi, n. a starving, famine, -wilaakilian. a-ki'-kan-si-ca, v. n. (kihansića) to be bad wea

ther on, to storm on,-amakihansića. a-ki'-han-ta, v. to starve to death, die of hunger,

-akilianmata. a-ki'-han-te-ya, v. a. to cuuse to die of hunger,

-akilianţewaya. a-ki'-han-yan, v. a. to cause to starve : akihan

içiya, to cause oneself to fast, ---akihanmićiva. a-ki'-han-yan, alv. in a fasting way. a-ki'-ho, v. n. to be skilful, dexterous, to have ac

quired skill by practice,-awakiko, ayakilp, unkakilopi.

9. ota

a-ki'-ho-ka, n. one who is skilful.
a-ki'-ho-pi, n. dexterity, skill.
a-ki'-ho-ya, adv. skilfully, dexterously.
a-ki'-hta-ta, adv.

many, very much ; i. hinéa. a-ki'-i-a, v. pos. of aia; to talk about something that concerns

oneself; to

consider ;

to talk against, -awakiia, ayakiia, unkakiiapi. a-ki'-ksi-za, v. pos. of aksiza ; to bend down as

the hand on : to retain any thing, -awekśiza. a-ki'-kta, v. pos. of akta; to give heed to,-awa

kikta : akiktasni, to disregard. a'-ki-kta, v. n. to do any thing with great determi

nation,--awakikta, áyakikta. a'-ki-kta-dan, adv. with much determination. a-ki'-ktons, cont. of akiktonża. a-ki'-ktons-ya, v. a. to cause to forget,-aki

kton waya. a-ki'-ktons-ya, adv. in a forgetful manner. a-ki-kton-ża, or a-ki-ktuŋ-ża, to forget, not

to remember,-awektonža, ayektonża, unkaki

ktonzapi, aciktonza, amiktonza, aniktonza. a-ki'-mna-yan, v. a.

to collect one thing to another,-akimnawaya. a-kin', cont. of akita : akin iyaya, he is gone to

hunt something a-ki'-na-tan, v. pos. of anatan ; to rush for one's

own ; to reach or arrive at the goal,--akinawatan: kići akinawatan, I arrived at the same time

with him. a-ki'-ni-ca, v. a. to dispute, debate about ; to

dispute with,-awakinića, ayakinića, unkakini

capi. a-ki'-ni-ca-pi, n. a debating, disputation ; also pl.

of akinića. a-ki'-nin, cont. of akinića. a-ki'-nin-ki-ya, v. to cause to debate,-akinin

wakiya. a-ki'-nin-ya, adv. disputatiously. a-ki'-nin-ya, n. a.

to cause to dispute or debate about,-akininwaya. a'-ki-ni-sko-ke-ća, adj. of equal size with :

kići ákinimaskokeća, I am of the same size with

him. a'-ki-ni-sko-ya, adv. equally far around. a-kin'-yan, v. n. (a and kinyan) to fly over or

a'-ki-pam, adv. divided, partaken of equally;

ákipam ehnaka, to divide, separate : ákipam

iyeya, to separate, divide. a-ki'-pe, v. Same as akipa. . a-ki' pe, v. a. to wait for one; to wait for, erpect,

hope for,—awakipe, ayakipe, urj kakipepi. a-ki'-psa-psa, adv. close together, standing thick,

as grain or grass ; jammed together, as men or animals; full of, as a lake of fish,-akip apsa

hiyeva. a-ki'-psa-psa-ya, adv. thickly, close together. a-ki'-psa-ya, adv. close together. a-ki'-ptan, adv. together, joining forces : akiptan

unyanpi: akiptan ećompi. a-ki'-sni, v. pos. of asni; to get well, recover from

sickness ; to recover from anger, etc.-amakisni,

aniéisni, un kakisnipi. a-ki'-sni-yan, v. a. to cause to get well, akisni

waya, akisnimayan. a-ki'-sni-yan, adv. getting well. a-ki'-s'ag, cont. of akisaka. a-ki'-s'ag-ya, adv. strewed thickly over. a-ki'-s'a-ka, adj. thick as leaves on the ground. a-ki'-ta, v. a. to seek for, hunt for, as something

lost; to make effort to get,--awakita, ayakita,

unkakitapi, aciéita, amakita : akitapi, sought for. a-kita-ku-ni-śni, v. n. of atakuniśni; to be

come nothing, be nothing,--amakitakuniśni. a-ki'to, v. pos. of ato; to tattoo, make blue marks

on the body ; this is generally done by pricking

in powder,-aweto, ayeto, unkakitopi. a-ki'-to-pi, n.

the marks made by tattooing. Part., marked, tattooed. a-ki'-ta, v. n. to die after getting home, as a

wounded man who is carried home,-akimata. Also said when grass or corn is so thick that a

part dies.

a-ki'-ya, v. a. to practise, give the mind to,-awa

kiya. a-ki'-ya-hda, v. a. (aki and ahda) to carry or

take off home,-awakiyahda, ayakiyahda, unkakiyahdapi ; elipeya makiyahda, to have gone off home and left me ; elipeya makakiyahda, to take

off home from me. a-ki'-ya-ka, v. n. to be a practitioner,--awaki

yaka. a'-ki-ye-ce-ca, adv. like, like to. a-ki'-ye-dan, adv. near. See ikiyedan. a-ki'-yu-can-pi, v. pl. to shake any thing when

several do it together. a-ki'-yu-ha-pi, v. pl. to bear, carry, when seve

ral do it together : akiyuha ayapi,-amakiyu

hapi. a-ki'-yu-hpa, v. (aki and yuhpa) to carry home

and throw down,-akimdulipa, akidulipa.


a-ki'-on, v. a. of aon ; to place on, as wood on

one's own fire; to place on for one,-awakion,

ayakion. a-ki' on-pa, v. pos. of aonpa; to put on one's

own, as wood on the fire,-awakionpa. a-ki'-pa, v.

to meet, as any one travelling, come against ; to come upon one, happen to or befall one,-awakipa, ayakipa, unkakipapi.

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