Imágenes de páginas

ki'-él-ca-Ku-sa, v. of kahuga; to fracture for

one, break in, as the skull or a barrel-head, for

one, -wećićahuga. ki'-ci-ca-hu-hu-ga, v. red, of kićićahuga. ki-ći'-ća-i, v, of ai; to take to a place for one,

wećićai, unkićićaipi. ki'-ci-ca-kan, v. of kakan; to her for one,

wećićakaŋ, mićićakan. ki'-ci-ca-kća, v. of kakóa; to comb, as hair, for

one-welićakéa. ki'-ci-ca-ki, v. of aki; to have taken to one's

home for him, --welićaki, unkićićakipi. ki'-éi-ca-kin-óa, v. of kakiŋća; to scrape for

one-welićakinéa. ki'-ći-ca-ksa, v. of kaksa; to cut of, as a stick,

for one,-wećićaksa, mićićaksa, cićićaksa. ki'-ci-sa-ksa-ksa, v. red. of kićićaksa; to cut

up, as fire-wood, for another,-wećicaksaksa. ki'-éi-ca-ku, v. of aku; to be bringing something

home for one, -wećićaku, unkićićakupi. ki'-ci-sa-ku-ka, v. of kakuka; to pound to

pieces for one, -wećićakuka, mićićakuka. ki'-ci-ca-mde-ca, v. of kamdeća; to break up

for one, as dishes, by striking,—wećićamdeća. ki'-ći-ca-sde-ca, v. of kasdeća; to split, as wood,

for one,--welićasdeca. ki'-éi-ca-sde-sde-ca, v. red, of kićićasdeća. ki'-ci-ca-eda, v. of kasda; to cut or make bare

for one, as in mowing --wećićaśda. ki'-él-ca-ska, v. of kaska; to tie or bind for one,

-wećićaśka, unkićićaśkapi. ki'-ci-ca-spa, v. of kaspa; to deliver from, to

relieve or free from one,-webicaspa, unkićića

врарі. ki'-el-ca-sta-ka, v. of kastaka; to smite for one,

-wećićaštaka, unkićićaśtakapi. kid'éi-ca-stan, v. of kastan; to pour out or spill

for one,—wećićaśtan, unkićićaštanpi. k-ol-ea-u, v, of kau; to bring for one,—weeicau,

mićićau. ki'-éi-ca-we-ġa, v. of kawega; to break or

partly break for one,-wećićawega, unkićićawe

gapi. ki-i'-ea-wo-ta, n. one of the same age. ki'-ci-ca-ya, v. of kaya: to take or carry to a

place for one, -wećićamda, yećićada. ki'-ci-ca-zun-ta, v. of kazunta ; to weave for

one,-wećićazunta, militazunta. ki'-ci-ca-zu-zu, v. of każuzu; to pay for any

thing for another ; to erase for one; to forgive

one,—wećićażużu, unkićićażužupi. ki'-ći-ćin, v. of cin; to desire or ask for, for

another, -wećićin, mićićin. ki-éi'-cin-yaŋ, v. to go with, be with, accompany,

as one's friend, -wećiéinyan.

ki-ci-co-pi, v. recip. to call each other,-unkići

copi: kićićo wotapi, a feast in which a general

invitation is given. ki'-ci-cu-te, v. of kute; to shoot any thing for

another, -webićute, mićićute. ki-ći'-cu-te-pi, v. recip. to shoot each other, as

in the waka, walipi,-unkićićutepi. ki'-ći-çiŋ, v. of kin; to carry or pack for one, —

wećiçin. ki-ći'-ge-pi, v, recip. to quarrel with each other,

—unkióigepi, yećiğepi. ki'-ći-han, v, of han; to be or remain for one,

milihan, nićihan: mazaska zaptan milihan, five

dollars are due me. ki'-ci-hde, v. of hde; to place or set for one,

wećihde. ki'-ci-hde-dan, v.

to revenge, punish, -wećihdedan, mićihdedan. ki-ci'-hde-ya, adv. one by one : kićihdeya au,

they come one at a time or one after another. ki'-ċi-hdo-hi, v. of hdohi; to bring one's own to

him, return it, wećihdohi. di'-ći-hdo-i, v. of hdoi ; to take own to him,

-wećihdoi. ki'-ci-hdo-ya, v. of hdoya; to take one's own to

him, -wećihdoya. ki'-oi-hna-ka, v. of hnaka; to lay away or lay

up for one,-wećihnaka, unkićihnakapi. ki-ći'-hna-na, adv. alone with any one or any

thing. ki'-ci-ka, v. of ha; to bury for one,-wećika. ki'-ci-Han-yan, v. of hanyan; to fail or become

worse for one, as one's sick child,-mićikanyan. ki-ei'-mun-ga-pi, v. recip. to bewitch each

other,-unkićihmungapi. ki'-ói-ksu-ya, v. of kiksuya; to recollect for one,

-weóiksuya, mićiksuya. ki-ći'-kte-pi, v. recip. 10 kill each other,-un

kićiktepi. ki-ćin', v. of cin; to desire one's own ; to desire

for one; to desire of one. See okicin. ki-ćin'-in, v. pos. of kinin; to throw, as stones,

at one's own, -webinin, unkilininpi. ki'-ći-pa, v. a. to assist one, as with something

to carry on a game in gambling; to espouse, reserve, as a girl with the intention of marrying

her,—wećipa. ki'-ći-pa-be, v. of paman; 10 file for one,-we

cipabe. ki'-ći-pa-jan, v. of pagan ; to part with for

one,wedipagan. ki-ci'-pa-gan-pi, v. recip. to part with each other,

as a man and his wife, —-unkilipağanpi. ki'-ći-pa-go, v. of paĝo; to carve for one, -we


ki'-ci-pa-hi, v. of pahi; to pick or gather up for

one,- wećipahi, unkićipahipi, miéipahi. ki'-ći-pa-hmun, v. of pahmun ; to twist, as a

string, for one,-wećipalıınun. ki'-ċi-pa-kća, v. of pakéa; to comb out straight

for one,- wećipakéa. ki'-ći-pa-kin-ta, v. of pakinta ; to wipe for one,

--wećipakinta, unkićipakintapi. ki'-ċi-pa-mde-ća, v. of pamdeća; to break for

one-wecipamdeéa. ki'-ci-pa-mni, v. of pampi; to divide for one,

wećipamni, unkićipamnipi. ki-éi'-pa-mni-pi, v. recip. to divide among them

selves,—unkiéipamớipi, yećipamnipi. ki'-ċi-pan, v. of pan ; to call to one for another,

---wećipan, unkićipanpi. ki'-ċi-pa-pson, v, of papson ; to spill or pour out

for one, as water,—wecipapson. ki'-ći-pa-snun, v. of pasnun ; to roast, as meat,

for one, -wecipasnun. ki'-ći-pa-su-ta, v. of pasuta; to knead or make

stiff, as bread, for one, -webipasuta. ki'-ći-pa-ta, v. of pata ; to cut up or carve for

one, --wećipata. ki'-ći-pa-tan, v. of patan ;

to take care of for one-wećipatan, unkićipatanpi, milipatan. ki'-ći-pa-zo, v. of pazo; to point to for one,

wećipazo, unkiệipazopi. ki'-ċi-pa-za-za, v. of paźaża ; to wash out for

one, as a gun,—wecipazaza. ki-ći'-pa-zin-pi, v. recip. of kipažin; they op

pose each other,—unkiéipažinpi. ki'-ći-pa-zu-zu, v. of paźuzu; to erase for one,

-wećipazuzu. ki'-ći-pe-han, v. of pehan; to fold up for one,

-wećipehan, unkilipehanpi. ki'-ći-pe-mni, v. n. of pemni; to become crooked

or twisted for one, -mićipemni. ki-cis', cont, of kićiza; kiéis waćinpi, they want

to fight. ki'-ci-son, v. of son ; to braid for one, -weći

son. ki'-ći-su-ta, v. n. of suta : to become hard or

firm for one,-mićisuta, unkićisutapi. ki'-ći-si-ca, v. n. of sića; to become bad to or for

one,-mićiśića. ki-ći'-śna-na, pron. with him, her, or it alone,

-wećiśnana, yećiśnana. ki-ci'-ti-dan, v. to side with one, to be of the

same opinion, be on the same side of a question,

-kiciwatidan. ki'-ći-ton, v. of ton; to have or acquire for one.;

to bear or have a child to or for one,-wećiton,

miciton: kiçitonpi, born to one. ki'-ci-tu-ka, v. to beg for one, -wećituka.

ki'-ći-wa-ste, v. n. of waste; to be good or be

come good for one ---mićiwaste. ki-ći'-ya-co-pi, v. recip. to judge or condemn

each other,—unkićiyaćopi. ki'-ći-ya-kde-ća, v. of yalideća; to tear in

pieces with the mouth for one,-wećiyakdeća. ki'-ci-ya-Kde-ide-ća, v. red. of kićiyalideća. ki'-ci-ya-ke-pa, v, of vahepa; to drink up for

one, -wećiyaliepa. ki'-ci-ya-hta-ka, v. of valitaka; to bite for one,

-wećiyalitaka. ki'-ći-ya-mna, v. of yamna; to acquire for one

by talking, -webiyamna. ki'-ći-yan-ka, v. n. of yanka; to be or exist for

one,-mićiyanka. ki'-ći-ya-o-ni-han, v.of yaonihan; to praise for

one,—wećiyaonihan. ki'-ći-ya-o-tan-in, v. of yaotanin ; to make

manifest for one,-wećiyaotaniŋ. ki'-ći-ya-pa, v. of yapa; to hold in the mouth for one; to suck for one, as in conjuring, -wećiyapa.

. See kiyapa. The Dakotas, in their powwowing or conjuring, shake their gourd-shell and other rattles over the sick person, singing with all their might as an accompaniment. When this ceases, they apply their mouths to that part of the body which seems to be more especially affected by the disease, and draw out, as they say, that which is the cause of the sickness, whether that be matter or spirit. Undoubtedly this process does often answer as good a purpose as cup

ping or leeching. ki'-ći-ya-po-ta, v. of yapota ; to tear up with

the mouth for one, -webiyapota, miéiyapota. ki'-ći-ya-psa-ka, v. of yapsaka; to bite off, as a

string, for one, -wećiyapsaka. ki'-ci-ya-spa, v. of yaspa; to bite of for one,

wećiyaśpa, mićiyaśpa. ki'-éi-ya-tan, v. of yatay; to praise for one,

wećiyatan, mićiyatan. ki'-ći-ya-tan-in, v. of yatanin ; to make mani

fest or declare for one,-wećiyatanin. ki'-ći-ya-wa, v. of yawa ; to count for one ; to

account to one, -wećiyawa, unkićiyawapi. ki'-ći-yu-ćan, v. of yućan; to sift for one,

wećiyućan, mićiyućan. ki'-ći-yu-jan, v. of yugan ; to husk, as corn, for

one, -weciyugan. ki'-ei-yu-ga-ta, v. of yugata ; to open out, as

the hand, for one, -wećiyugata. ki'-ći-yu-ha, v. of yuha; to have for one, keep

for one, -wećiyuha, uykićiyuhapi. ki'-éi-yu-hmuŋ, v. of yuhmun; to twist for one. ki'-éi-yu-ho-mni, v. of yuhomni; to turn round

for one, --wećiyuhomni, mićiyuhomni.

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ki'-ći-yu-hu-hu-za, v. of yuhuhuza; to shake

for one, -wećiyuhuhuza. ki'-ci-yu-kde-ća, v. of yulideća; to tear for

one, -wećiyuhdeća. ki'-éi-yu-hdo-ka, v. of vulidoka ; to open or

make a hole for one, -wećiyukdoka. ki'-ci-yu-kéan, v. of yukéan; to form an

opinion about any thing for another,—wećiyu

kéan. ki'-ći-yu-kpan, v. of yukpan ; to grind, as

grain, for one,-wećiyukpan, mićiyukpan. ki'-ći-yu-ksa, v. of yuksa; to break off" for one,

—wećiyuksa, mićiyuksa. ki'-ći-yu-man, . of yuman); to grind, as an

axe, for one,--wećiyuman. ki'-ci-yu-mda-ya, v. of yumdaya; to spread out

for one,-wećiyumdaya. ki'-ći-yu-mdu, v. of yumdu; to plough or break

up for one,—wećiyumdu, miéiyumdu. ki'-éi-yu-o-ta, v. of yuota; to multiply for one,

—wećiyuota, unkićiyuotapi. ki'-ći-yu-o-wo-tan, v. of yuowotan ; to straighten

for one,—wećiyuowotan. ki'-ći-yu-po-ta, v. of yupota ; to wear out or

destroy for one,-wećiyupota. ki'-ći-yu-psa-ka, v. of yupsaka ; to break, as a

cord, for another, -wećiyupsaka. ki'-éi-yu-psun, v. of yupsun; to pull out or

extract for one, as a tooth,--wećiyupsun, mićiyu

psun. ki'-ci-yu-ski-ski-ta, v. red. of kićiyuskita. ki'-ci-yu-ski-ta, v. of yuskita; to bind or wrap

up for one-wećiyuskita. ki'-ci-yu-so-ta, v. of yusota ; to use up for one,

-wećiyusota, miéiyusota. ki'-éi-yu-sto, v. of yusto; to make smooth for

one ---wećiyusto, mibiyusto. ki-ći'-yu-su-ta, v. of yusuta; to make firm for

one,-wećiyusuta. ki'-ći-yu-sa-pa, v. of yusapa; to defile for one,

-wećiyusapa. ki'-ci-yu-śdo-ka, v. of yuśdoka; to pull off for

one, as clothes, -wećiyuśdoka. ki'-ći-yu-si-ca, v. of yusića; to make bad or

spoil for one, -wećiyušića. ki'-ći-yu-si-Ktin, v. of yuśiktin ; to enfeeble for

one, -wećiyusiktin. ki'-ći-yu-ska, v. of yuśka; to loosen for one,

wećiyuśka. ki'-ci-yu-sna, v. of yusna; to make a mistake

for one,—wećiyuśna. ki'-ći-yu-śpi, v. of yuśpi; to gather or pick off,

as berries, for one,—wediyuśpi. ki'-ci-yu-staŋ, v. of yuśtan; to finish or perfect

for one,----wećiyuśtan.

ki'-ci-yu-ta, v. of yuta; to eat any thing for one,

-wećiyuta, mićiyuta. ki-ci'-yu-ta, . to eat with one,-kiliwata. ki'-ći-yu-ta-pi, v. recip. to eat one another. ki'-ći-yu-ta-ku-ni-śni, r. of yutakuniśni; to

destroy for another, -webiyutakuniśni. ki'-ći-yu-tan, r. of yutan; to touch for one,

wećiyutan, mićiyutan. ki'ci-yu-tan-iŋ, v.of yutanin; to make manifest

for one,—wećiyutanin. ki'-ći-yu-tan-ka, v. of yutanka; to enlarge for

another, -wećiyutanka. ki'-ci-yu-te-ca, v. of yutela; to make new for

one, --wećiyuteća. ki'-ći-yu-te-han, v. of yutеhan ; to make a de

lay for one, -wećiyutehan. ki'-ci-yu-to-kan, v. of yutokan; to put in ano

ther pluce or remove for one,--wećiyutokan. ki'-ci-yu-to-ke-ća, v. of yutokeća; to make dif

ferent for one,-wećiyutokeća. ki'-éi-yu-tpan, v. of yutpan. Same as kiéiyu

kpan. ki'-ći-yu-wa-ś’a-ka, v. of yuwasaka; to make

strong for one, -wećiyuwasaka. ki'-ći-yu-wa-śte, v. of yuwaste; to make good

for one,-wećiyuwaste, miéiyuwaste. ki'-éi-yu-we-ġa, v. of yuwega; to partly break

for one, as a stick,-wećiyuweġa. ki'-ći-yu-za, r'. of yuza; to hold for one. ki'-ći-yu-za-mni, v. of yuzamni; to open out or

uncover for one,-wećiyuzamni, miciyuzamni. ki-éi'-yu-za-pi, v. recip. to hold each other, to

take each other, as man and wife: wakan kićiyu

zapi, marriage. ki'-ći-yu-ża, v. of yuza; to make mush for one,

-wećiyuza, mićiyuża. ki'-ći-yu-za-za, v. of yuzaza; to wash for one. ki'-ći-yu-zun, v. of yuzun; to pull out by the

roots for one,--wećiyuzun. ki'-ći-yu-zu-zu, v. of yuzużu ; to tear down or

tear to pieces for one,-wećiyužużu. ki-éi'-za, v. kići kićiza, to quarrel or fight with

one,-kici wećiza. ki-ci'-za-pi, n. a fighting, fight. ki-co', v. a. to call to a feast, invite ; to call to

any assembly or for any purpose,—wećo, yećo,

unkićopi, mićo, nico, cićo. ki-con'-za, v. See kićunza. ki'-ću, v. of ķu; to restore to one, give to one

what belongs to him, -weću, yeću, unkićupi, miću, nicu, čiću. According to analogy this

should be kiću, but it is not. ki-ćun'-ni, v. to leave off, abstain from what one

was about to do; to give over, be discouraged ; to excuse, not press any further,-mećunni.


ki-cun'-ni-yan, adv. carelessly, not luartily :

kićuyniyan epa, I said it but did not wish it. ki-cun'-ske, adv. half full. ki-cun'-ske-haŋ, adv. half full, as a vessel. ki-eun'-za, v. to determine in regard to,-we

éunza. ki-cu'-wa, n.

a friend, i.g. koda. Used chiefly by the Sisitoŋways and Indians of the Missouri. ki-cu'-wa, v. pos. of kuwa ; to follow up,

pursue, as in giving medicine to one's child,

wećuwa. ki'-çin, v. pos. of ķin ; to carry or pack one's

own, as one's own child, or one's own corn, etc.,

-Weçin, unkiçinpi. ki-çon', v. Same as kiçuy. ki-çun', v. a. to put on or wear as clothes ; to use,

-wecun, ye¢un, unki@unpi : tawacin kiçun, to have one's own way, be stubborn ; oie kićun, to

use language. ki-eun'-ki-ci-ci-ya, v. a. to put on for one, help

one to put on, as clothes,-kiçunwećićiya. ki-çun'-ki-ya, v. a. to cause to put on,-kiçun

wakiya. ki-eun'-ya, v. a. to cause to put on,-kiçuŋwaya. ki-da', v. of da, to ask; to ask or beg of one,

wakida, yakida, unkidapi, makida. ki-da', v. pos. of da, to think, esteem. See waste

kida. ki-da'-ka, v. Same as kida. See wastekidaka. ki-de'-de, adv. just as it happens : kidede wo

hdaka, he talks at random ; kidede omawani, I walk without any purpose. This appears to be used when one has no determination to do or not

to do a thing ki-do'-wan, v. of dowan; to sing to, as to a

child, -wakidowan. ki'-ge, v. a. to scold, vex, quarrel with, -wakiġe,

yakiġe, unkigepi, makiġe, cićiġe. ki-hbe', v.

to resemble. Same as kihma. ki-hda' or kin-hda, v. n. to have gone home. It

generally refers to past time, though it may be used in the future. In all the persons except the third, 'ya' is inserted, as if from kiyahda, --wa

kiyahda, yakiyahda, unkiyahdapi. ki-hda'-pa, v.

to dress or paint, as the face and body,-wehdapa, unkihdapapi. ki-hde', v. Same as kihda. ki-hde', v. of hde ; to place for, make ready for

one; to place or lay up one's own,—wehde, unki

hdepi. ki-hde'-ġa, v. a.

to overtake one, -wehdeġa, yehdeġa, unkihdegapi, mihdeġa. ki-hde'-ya, v. a. to send off home, -kihdewaya. ki-hdu'-spa, v. pos. to break in two one's own,

kiwahduspa, kiuzhduspapi.

ki-hi', v, n. to be fledged, as young birds; to be

come large enough to provide for oneself. ki-hi'-ya, v. a. to raise, as a child, train up to

manhood,-kihiwaya, kihiunyanpi. ki-hi'-ye-ya, v, a. to shoot an arrow as far as

one can,-kihiyewaya, kihiyeuyyaŋpi. ki-hi'-ye-ya-pi, n. a bow-shot. ki-hma', v. n. to look like, resemble, i. q. kinma,

- wehma and wakihma, yelıma. ki-hna', v. a.

to caress, fondle, as a child; to comfort,—wehna, yehna, unkih napi. ki-hnag', cont. of kihnaka; kihnag wabi, I came

to lay away. ki-hnag'-ya, v. a. to cause to lay up one's own,

kihnagwaya. ki-hna'-hna, v. red. of kihna. ki-hna'-ka, v. a. to lay up for, keep for one; lo

lay up one's own; to put off, stop proceedings,

wehnaka, yehnaka, unkihnakapi. ki-hnug', cont. of kihnuka; kihnug iyaya, to

go under water, diven-kihnug imdamde. ki-hnug'-ki-ya, v. a. to cause to dive, --kihnug

wakiya. ki-hnu'-ka, v. to dive,- wehnuka, yehnuka. ki-hnu'-ni, v. n. to be bewildered, not able to

remember how to do a thing,—wakihnuni. ki-hnu'-ni-ya, v. a. to bewilder, cause to make a

mistake, -kihnuniwaya, kihnunimayan. ki-hun'-ni, v. n. to get through, reach home,

wakihunni, unkihunnipi. ki'-hu-we, v. of huwe; kihuwe ya, to go to bring

something for another,-kihuwe mda. ki-kan', v. of han; to do to one, to treat one in

any way,—wakiliaŋ, makihan. ki-Han'-na, v. dim. of kihan; kihanna hinća, to

do only a little for one. ki-Kan'-si-ca, v. n. to be bad or stormy weather,

to rain or snow. ki-kan'-si-ksu-ya, v. to know by one's feelings

that unpleasant weather is coming,-kihansiwa

ksuya. ki-Han'-yaŋ, v. of hanyay; to be likely to die lo

or for one, as one's child, -makihanyan, nicihan

yan. ki-Kdo', v. pos. of kido; to growl over one's own,

as a dog over his bone. ki-Ko', v. See akiho. ki-i'-hda-ksa, v. reflex. of kićaksa ; to injure

oneself,—-kimihdaksa, kinihdaksa. ki-i'-hdu-spa, v. reflex. to free oneself, to wrestle.

Perhaps this is only used in the plural; as, kijhduspapi, they wrestle at arms' length,-kiunki

hduspapi. ki-in'-yan-ka, v. n. to run with one; to run

with some object in view.

ki-in'-yan-ka-pi, n. a running, a ruce. ki-kan'-he-ża, v. n. pos. of kanheza: to be sick

for or to one, as one's child,-makikayheza. ki-ka'-tan-ka, n. a species of duck, about as

large as the mallard, with a sharp bill. ki-ki'-hda, or kikinhda, v. n.

to go home and leave one, as one's dog or horse,-makikihda, ni

ćićihda, unkikihdapi. ki-ki'-ta, adj. tough, elustic. ki-ksam', cont. of kiksapa. ki-ksa'-pa, v. n.

to become wise ; to consult,wakiksapa. ki-ksu'-ya, v. a. to remember, recollect, -weksu

ya, yeksuya, unkiksuyapi, miksuya, niksuya, éi

ksuya. ki-ksu'-ye-ki-ya, v. a. to cause to remember,

kiksuyewakiya. ki-ksu'-ye-ya, v. a.

to cause to remember,-kiksuyewaya. ki-ksan', v. a. to violate, commit a rape on ; to

take without leave,---wakikšan, unkikšanpi. ki-ksan'-pi, n. rape. See wikikšanpi. ki-kta', v. n. to awake from sleep; to be awake,

-wekta, yekta, unkiktapi. ki-kta'-han, part. awake : kiktahan un, to keep

awake. ki-kte', v. a. of kte; to kill one's own; to kill

for one, -wekte, yekte, unkiktepi, mikte. ki-kto', v. a. to take a boat to, bring over the

river, -wakikto, makikto. ki-kto'-ya, v. a. to cause to come over, ferry over,

-kiktowaya : kiktoiciya, to ferry oneself over. ki-ku'-se, v. pos. of kuse; to leak out for one,

makikuse, nilikuse, unkikusepi. ki-ku'-te, v. of kute; to shoot any thing for

another, as ducks,-wakikute, unkikutepi, maki

kute. ki-ma'-ka, v.

to be renewed, as an old field that has become good again. ki'-ma-ma, n.

the butterfly. ki'-ma-ma-na, n.

Same as kimama. ki-mde'-za, v. n. to become clear-headed again, to

recover from a drunken fit,—wakimdeza and

wemdeza. ki-mna'-han, v. n. to fall off, to rip off for one,

-makimnahan. ki-mni', v. of mni; to spread out one's own to

dry in the sun,-wemni, yemni, unkimnipi. ki-na-han', conj. if, when. See kinhan. ki-na'-ksa, v. a. to break in two with the foot,

to break in the middle,kinawaksa, kinauyksapi. ki-na'-pa, v.

to come or go forth out of; to have passed through in going home, -wakinapa. ki-na'-psa-ka, v. to break in two in the middle with the foot, as a string,-kinawapsaka.

ki-na'-ptu-ża, v. to split or crack in the middle

with the foot or by frost,-kinawaptuża. ki-na'-spa, v. to break off about half with the

foot,—kinawaśpa. ki-na'-zin, v. (ki and nazin) to reach home and

stand ; to stand again in one's place, recover one's

position, -wakinawazin, yakinayazin. ki-nbe', v. See kinma. ki-ni', v. n. to live again, to return to life, as one

dead; to revive, recover from fainting, etc., -wa

kini, uykinipi. ki'-ni-han, v. a. to honor, respect, reverence, have

confidence in, -wakinihay, unkinihanpi. ki'-ni-han-pi, part. honored, respected. ki'-ni-han-sni-yan, adv. dishonorably. ki'-ni-han-yan, adv. honorably, respectfully. ki-ni'-ki-ya, 1. a. to cause to live again,-kini

wakiya. ki-ni'-wan, v. n. of niwan ; to swim home, swim

back again,--wakiniwan. ki-nma', v. a. to be like, to resemble in any re

spect; to look like in features or form ; to be like in character, as a child resembles its parents,wakinbe, unkinmanpi, makinbe, nićinbe: atkuku

kinma, he resembles his father. ki-nu'-kan, or kinnukan, adv. separately, be

tween two, divided, each having a part : kinukan

ehnaka, to divide, place in two piles. ki-nu'-kan-ki-ya, adv. separately. ki-nu'-kan-yan, adv. separately. ki-nun'-ka, v. n. to grow, flourish. kiŋ, def. art. the. When 'a' or' an' changed to

e' precedes, kin becomes cin. kin'-ća, adj. scraping. See yukinća. kin-ca'-han, part. bare ; fallen off, as hair from

a dead animal, or as scales. kin-ca'-wa-han, part. Same as kincahan. kin-han', conj. if, when. After 'a' or 'an'

changed to e,' it becomes ó éiŋhan.' kin-hans', adv. and yet, if. kin'-hda, v. See kihda. kin-in', v. a. to throw at: iŋyan on kinin, to

pelt with stones, to stone, -wakinin, makinin,

nicinin. kiŋs, cont. of kinza. kiŋs-kin'-za, v. red. of kinza; to grate or gnash,

as the teeth. kin'-sko-ke-ca, adv. so large. kin'-sko-sko-ke-ca, adv. red. of kiŋskokeca. kin'-sko-sko-ya, adv. red. of kiŋskoya. kin'-sko-ya, adv. thus far around. kin-ska', n. (Ihank.) a horn spoon ; a large kind

of tortoise. kin-yan', v. n. to fly, as birds do : kinyan iyaya,

it has flown.

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