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a-ki'-yu-ski-ca, v. to tie or fasten together, to

attach one to another,-akimduskića. a-ki'-yu-ti-tan-pi, v. pl. to pull different ways. a-ki'-yu-za-pi, v. pl. said when two or more

seize and hold any thing together ; held by two

or more.

a'-ki-zan, cont. of ákizata. a'-ki-zan-ya, v. n. to fork, as a stream. a'-ki-zan-ya, adv. in a forked manner. a'-ki-za-ta, adj. forked, as a stream. a-ko', adv. beyond, on the other side of. a-ko'-i-to-he-ya, adv. towards, with the face the

other way, turned with the face from one; akoi

toheya nazin, to stand with the face from one. a'-ko-kam, adv. across, by a near way; ákokam

ya, to go across ; akokain mda, I go by a near

way. a'-ko-ka-pa, adv. by a nearer way. Not much

used. a'-kos, adv. See akosay. a'-ko-san, adv. whilst, in the mean time. a-ko'-tan-han, adv. from beyond. a-ko'-ta-tan-han, adv. from beyond. a-ko'-wam, adv. See akowapa. a-ko'-wa-pa, adv. further on, beyond. a-ko'-wa-pa-tan-han, adv. from beyond. a-ko'-za, v. a. to make a motion at, attempt to

strike,-awakoza, ayakoza, amakoza. a-ko'-żan, adv. cont. of akożata ; straddling;

akoćan naziŋ, to stand over a thing, stand with

a thing between one's feet. a-ko'-żan-ya, adv. astride. a-ko'-za-ta. Obsolete. See akožan. a-kpa'-gaŋ, v. a. pos. of paġan; to give away

one's own for some purpose, –awakpagay. a-kpa'-ġan-yan, adv. giving away for. a-kpas', cont. of akpaza. a-kpa'-spa, v. to suffer patiently, to endure until

it has passed off,—awakpaspa, ayakpaspa. a-kpa'-spe-ca, v. to suffer patiently until one's

anger goes off,--awakpaspeća. a-kpas'-ya, v. a. to cause darkness on, darken,

akpaswaya. a-kpas'-ya, adv. benightedly. a-kpa'-tan, v. pos. of patay; to reserve one's own

for a purpose,-awakpatay. a-kpa'-tan-yan, adv. reserving for a purpose. a-kpa'-ya. See akpayeća. a-kpa'-ye-ca, v. n. to be lighter than its proper

color, as a child which will yet darken ; to be

yellow, as a mulatto,--amakpayeća. a-kpa'-ye-ća, n. one who is neglected ; i. q. aktapi

śni. a-kpa'-za, v. n. (a and kpaza) to come night on

one, be benighted, -amakpaza, anikpaza.

a-kpa'-zo, v. pos. of pazo; to point at one's own,

awakpazo. a-kśa', adv. more, in addition to. This word sig

nifies that it is already well, but intimates a desire for more; it is usually followed by unkays:

akša mayaķu unkans, if you had given me more. a-kśa'-ken, adv. See akša; wanna maste aksa

ken magażu unkanś waste kta, it is now warm,

if it would rain it would be good. a-ksi'-ża, v. a. to double up on, as the hand on

any thing; to retain any thing not one's own;

i.g. anića,--awakšiza, ayaksiza. a-kta', prep. of, about, concerning. a-kta', adv. again, over again; akta eya, to

repeat, say again. a-kta', v. a. to have respect for, to regard, keep in

mind, give heed to; to receive,-awakta, ayakta, unkaktapi. From this are formed akikta, akići

kta, ihakta, wakta, etc. a-kta'-kta, adv. red. of akta; again and again,

repeatedly. a-kta'-kta-ya, adv. repeatedly. a-kta'-śni, v. of akta; to reject, despise,--awa

ktaśni. a-kta'-śni, adv. not well : aktaśni ećon, to do a

thing badly. a-kta'-sni-yan, adv. badly, wrong, not right.

See ektaśniyan. a-kton', adv. more than ; wikćemna akton, more

than ten. Pl., aktonpi. a-kton'-ktons, cont. of aktonktonza; aktonktons

ya; aktonktonímayan, it has made me forgetful. a-kton'-kton-ża, adj. red.; waćin maktonktonža, my memory is treacherous.

See kto ktoyża. a-ktons', cont, of aktonza. a-kton'-ża, v. to forget. See akiktonża. a-kton'-ża, adj. forgetful. a-ku', v.a. to bring, to come bringing home,-awaku. a-ku', v. col. pl. of ku; they are coming home. a-ku'-i-to-he-ya. See akoitoheya, the more cor

rect form. a-ku'-ka, v. n.

to become old or rotten on one, as clothing, -amakuka, anikuka, unkakukapi. a-ku'-ta, v. to watch for, look for, look out for

one's coming : akuta kuwa, -akuta wakuwa. a-şa', v. (a and ka) to dig on : maka aka,-awa

ķa, ayaķa, un kaķapi. a-şin', n. (a and kin) something to pack on, a

pack-saddle ; a riding-saddle ; a harness-saddle :

śuktanka aķin. a-ko'. See oķo. am, v. imperat. pl. of a; hark. a'-ma-ga-ga, v. This is said to be from ákagaga,

to fall on in drops, trickle on. The ma is the pronoun.

a-ma'-ga-ya, v. See amaliya a'-ma-ġa-żu, v. n. (a and magażu) to rain on,

-amamagażu, animagażu, unkamagażupi. a'-ma-ga-zu-ki-ya, v. a. to cause to rain on,

ámagażuwakiya. a'-ma-ga-zu-ya, v. a. to cause to rain on,-ama

gazuwaya. a-ma'-hpi-ya, v. n.

to cloud over. a-ma'-hpi-ya, adj. cloudy, clouded over. a-mak'-ya, v. a. to plant at a place, make a field

at ; to be attached to,—amahwaya. a-mah'-ye-ca, v. Same as amalya,-amaliwa

yeća. a-ma'-ni, v. (a and mani) to walk on,-amawani,

amayani, amaunnipi ; can amanipi, a ladder. a-man', v. (a and man) to sit on and hatch, as

fowls; to hatch on,-amanpi. a-ma'-ste, v. n. (a and maste) to be warm on,

amamaste, amaniste, amaunstepi. a-ma'-ste-na-pta-pta, n. the glimmering of

vapor in the sun heat ; the burning appearance on

the prairie on a hot day, mirage. a-ma'-ste-ya, adv. exposed to the heat, in the


a-ma'-ste-ya-ken, adv. hotly. a-mda'-ke-dan, adj. calm, still, without wind. a-mda'-ke-dan, n. a calm : amdakedan iću. a-mda'-ke-na, adj. (Ihank.) Same as amda

kedan. a-mda'-ke-tan, adj. (Mdewa.) Same as amda

kedan. a-mda'-ya, adj. level on. a-mde'-ca. See amdećahan. a-mde'-ca-han, part. scattered, fallen of, as from

a pile or rock, etc. a-mdes', cont. of amdeza: amdes iyaya, to become

clear, become sober; amdes aya,-amdes ama

yan. a-mdes'-ya, v. a. to make clear or sober,—amdes

waya. a-mdes'-ya, adv. clearly, conspicuously, soberly :

amdesya wanmdaka, I see clearly. a-mdes'-ya-ken, adv. clearly. Not much used. a-mde'-za, v. a. of mdeza; to see clearly,--awa

mdeza, ayamdeza. a-mde'-za, v. n. to be clear, perspicuous ; to be

sober,--amamdeza, un kamdezapi. a-mdo', n. the shoulder, the scapula. a-mdo'-hu, n. the shoulder bone or blade, sca

pula. a-mdo'-i-yo-ki-zu, n. the part between the

shoulders. a-mdo'-o-ki-ta-he-day, n. between the shoulders. a-mdo'-sa and amdošasa, n. the red-winged

black-bird. See waindoś.

a-mi'-çi-ći-ya, v. 1st pers. sing. of aičićiya (per

haps from aya); token owakihi amiçiliya, I act

as I am able. a-mi-ni'-he-ca, v. n. (a and miniheća) to be

industrious in regard to,-amaminiheća, animini

heća. See amniheca and its derivatives. a-mi-ni'-hen-i-ci-ya, v. reflex. to make oneself

industrious about any thing, -aminihemićiya. a-mi-ni'-hen-ya, v. a.

to cause to be industrious about

any thing. a-mi-ni'-hen-ya, adv. industriously, stirringly. a-mi-ni'tan, v. n. (a mini and tanka) to over

flow. See amnitan. a-mi-ni'-tan-ya, v. a. to cause to overflow. See

amnitanya. a-mna'-i-çi-ya, v. refler. of mnayan; to gather

for oneself, to be selfish,-amnamićiya. am'-na-ka-ha. See anpetu nakaha. a-mna'-yan, v. a. (a and mnayan) to collect,

gather together to, add to,-amnawaya, amna

yaya. a-mni', v. (a and mni) to spread out to dry on

any thing,-awamni, ayamni, un kamnipi. a-mni'-ći-ya, v. (a and mnićiya) to assemble to,

make an assembly ; to assemble on account of,

amnimićiya, amninićiya, amniunkićiyapi. a-mni'-ći-ya-ken, adv. in the manner of assem

bling. a-mni'-mni, v. a. to sprinkle on any thing,

sprinkle with water, etc.,--awamnimni, ayamni

mni, un kamnimnipi : alimnimni, I sprinkle you. a-mni'-tan, v. n. to flood, overflow. a-mni'-tan-ya, v. a. to cause to overflow, to flood,

-amnitan waya. a-mni'-tan-yan, adv. in an overflowing manner. a'-mo-mo-na, n. a babe ; a doll. a-na'-go-ptan, v. a. to listen to, hearken to ; to

obey,--anawagoptaŋ, anayagoptan, anaungoptanpi, anamaġoptan ; anaćigoptan, I obey you ;

anaunniġoptanpi, we hearken to you. a-na'-ġo-ptan-ya, v. a. to cause to listen to,-

anagoptan waya, anagoptanmayan. a-na'-go-ptan-yan, adv. obediently, attentively. a-na'-ha, v. a. to kick out of the way,—ana

waha. a-na'-hdo-hdo, v. n. to bubble up, as in boiling. a-na'-hdu-ste, v. n. to be lame in the leg, limp ;

to break down, as one's leg does sometimes : ana

hduste iyaya. a-na'-Ha, adj. rough, roughened up. a-na'-Kbe, v. See analima. a-na'-hbe-ya, adv. secretly, slyly, covertly. a-na'-Übe-ya-han, adv. secretly. a-na'-hda-ta, v. a. to crawl up carefully on any

thing, --anawalidata.

a-na-Ido-ka, v. a. (a and nahdoka) to wear a

hole in, as in a moccasin, on something,--anawa

lidoka. a-na'-ħma, v. a. to hide, conceal,--anawalibe,

anayalibe, anaunlimanpi. From this comes woa

nalibe. a-na'-hman-pi, n. a concealing, concealment. a-na'-hpa, v. a. (a and nalipa) to kick down on

any thing, -anawalipa. a-na'-hta-ka, v. a. (a and nalitaka) to kick one

on something else,--anawalitaka, anamalitaka. a-na'-i-ċi-pson, v. refler. of anapson ; to spill on

oneself,—anami ipsoy. a-na'-ke-ya, adv. turned partly on one side. a-na'-ki-ći-ġo-ptan, v. of anaġoptan; to hearken

to for one,-anawećigoptan). Pl., anakićigoptanpi, they hearken to each other,--anaunkići

goptanpi. a-na'-ki-éi-go-ptan-yan, adv. keurkening to

each other. a-na'-ki-ći-pta-pi, v. pl. recip. of anapta; they

stop or hinder each other,-anaunkićiptapi. 2-na'-ki-go-ptaŋ, v. pos. of anajoptan ; to

hearken to, to obey, as one's father,-anawakigo

ptan. a-na'-ki-go-ptan-yan, adv. obediently. a-na'-ki-kbe, v. See anakilima. a-na'-ki-übe-ya, v. a. to cause to conceal,--ana

kih bewaya. a-na'-ki-be-ya, adv. covertly, secretly. a-na'-ki-be-ya-han, adu stealthily, privately. a-na'-ki-hma, v. a. to hide, conceal, refuse to

tell; to deny, affirm that it is not s0,-anawa

kilibe, anayakikbe, anaunkilimanpi. a-na-ki-man-pi, n. denying, concealing. Part.,

concealed. a-na'-ki-ksin, v, a. to stand over and defend

one; to interpose for one, when in danger; to expose oneself for another ; to work for one, and give him an opportunity to rest,--anaweksin,

anayekšin, anacićiksin or analiksin, anamiksin. a-na'-ksa, v. (a and naksa) to break of a thing

on something with the foot,-anawaksa, anaun

ksapi. a-na'-kśiś, cont. of anakšiza: anakśiś iveya. a-na'-ksi-ża, v. (a and naksiža) to bend down on

with the foot, as grass on the prairie,-anawa

kšiza. a-na'-ktaş, v. (a and naktan) to bind an or over. a-na-ke-za, v. to make smooth by treading on.

See onaặcza, which is more correct. a-na'-mda-ga, v. n. (a and namdaga) to open or

spread out on. a-na'-mdas, cont. of anamdaza : anamdas iyeya, to anake burst by kicking.

a-na'-mda-za, v. a. (a and namdaza) to tear

open with the foot, to burst open on,-anawa

mdaza. a-na'-mde-ća, v. a. (a and namdeća) to scatter

or break in pieces on any thing with the foot,

anawamdeéa, anayamdeća. a-na'-mde-ca, v. n. to spread out on, as grain

when poured on any thing. a-na'-mden, cont. of anamdeéa : anamden eli peya,

to scatter by pouring down. a-na'-mdu, v. a. (a and namdu) to kick dust on,

-anawamdu ; anamamdu, he kicks dust on me. a-na'-mna, v, a. (a and namna) to rip on any

thing with the foot; hanpa inyan anamna, to rip

one's moccasin on a stone,-anawamna. a-na'-mni, v. n. to give way under the foot, as

snow when there is water under it: anamni iye

waya. a-na'-pa, v. a. (a and napa) to run to for refuge,

-anawapa, anayapa, anaunpapi. a-na'-pća, v. (a and napéa) to swallow on or

after something else, -anawapea, anaunpéapi. a-na'-po-pa, v. n. (a and napopa) to burst on

any thing, ---anamapopa. a-na'-po-ta, v. a. (a and napota) to wear out on,

as one's moccasins on any thing, -anawapota. a-na'-psa-ka, v. a. (a and napsaka) to break a

string with the foot on something, -anawapsaka. a-na'-pson, and a-na-psun, v. a. (a and napson)

to kick over and spill on any thing, -anawapson,

anamapson), anaunpsonpi. a-na'-pson, v. n. to boil over on any thing. a-na'-psa, v. n. anapša hinhda, to bubble up, as

foul water when disturbed ; to come up, as bub

bles on water. a-na'-psa-psa, v. n. red. of anapsa; to boil up,

come up, as bubbles on water. a-na'-psun, '. a. (a and napsun) to dislocate, put

out of joint on any thing, -anawapsun. a-na'-pta, v. a. to stop, hinder, cause to cease, to

obstruct, forbid, -anawapta, anayapta, anaunptapi, anamapta ; anaicipta, to stop for oneself,

to cease from oneself,—anamićipta. a-na'-pta, v, n. to cease, stop. a-na'-pta-pi, part. stopped, ceased : on anaptari,

that which produces a stoppage, the name given

to paregoric. a-na'-pte-ca, v. n. to hinder, obstruct,--anama

pteća. a-na'-pte-ca, adr. in an obstructed manner ;

less. a-na'-pten, adv. less, less than. a-na'-pten-ya, adv. in a less manner. a-na'-pten-ya-ken, adv. less, in a lessened



a-na'-pte-ton, v. a. to prohibit, lay a hindrance,

lay an embargo,-anaptewaton. a-na'-pte-ton, n. a prohibition, obstruction, hin

drance. a-na'-ptu-ża, v. a. (a and naptuża) to crack or

split with the foot on any thing-anawaptu

za. a-na'-po, v. N.

to come all over one, as ashes or steam,wanamapo, ananipo. a-na'-sa, v. a. (a and nasa) to hunt or go after, as buffalo,-anawasa.

Nasa and wanasa more generally used. a-na'-sa, v. n. rise up on, as a hog's bristles on

his back; to bristle up. a-na'-sda-ta, v. a. (a and nasdata) to creep up to

carefully, as a hunter to game,-anawasdata,

anauŋsdatapi. a-na'-sda-ta-pi, n. a creeping up to game. a-na'-sdoka, v. to kick off, as one's moccasins ;

to come in haste to,-anawaśdoka. a-na'-ta, v. to bury with the foot, scrape dirt on

with the foot,—anawata. a-na'tan, v. a. (a and natan) to rush on any

person or thing, make an attack on,-anawatan),

anayatan, anauntanpi, anamatan, anawićatan. a-na'-tan-pi, part. attacked. a-na'-ti-ca, v. a. (a and natića) to scrape snow

on any thing with the foot, anawatića. a-na'ti-tan, v. (a and natitan) to push on with

the foot; to pull back on account of,—anawati

tan. a-na'-tpi, v. a. (a and natpi) to crack, as a louse,

with the foot, on something, -anawatpi. a-na'-tu-ka, v. a. (a and natuka) to wear off with the foot, as the hair from a buffalo-skin moccasin,

-anawatuka. a-na'-ța, v. a. (a and nața) to kill with the foot on something,

-anawata, anayaţa. a-na'-țins, cont. of anaținza. a-na'-țins-ya, adv. firmly trodden. a-na'-țin-za, v. a. (a and naținza) to tramp down

hard and tight,-anawațizza, anaunținzapi. a-na'-wang, cont, of anawanka." a-na'-wang-ki-ya, v. a. to cause to gallop on. a-na'-wan-ka, v. a. (a and nawanka) to kick

down on any thing,—anawawanka. a-na'-wan-ka, v. n. (a and nawanka) to gallop,

as a horse, on any thing. a-na'-we-ġa, v. (a and nawega) to break on any

thing with the foot, but not to break off,—anawa

weġa, anayaweġa. a-na'-weh, cont. of anaweġa : anawek iyeya. a-na'-win, v. (a and nawii)) to fly around over ;

to tell round about ; to tell what is not true, to lie ; to conceal,-anawawin.

a-na'-wins, cont. of anawinza: anawins iyeya. a-na'-win-yan, adv. concealing by circumlocu

tion; parabolically, John X. 16. a-na'-win-ża, v. a. (a and nawiŋza) to bend

down on with the foot,-anawawinża. a-ni', v. n. (a and ni) to live on or for,-awani. a-ni'-ca, v. a. to withhold, keep back from, retain

something claimed by another; to lay claim to; to forbid, oppose,-awanića, ayanića, uŋkanićapi.

From this is formed akinića. a-nin', cont. of anića. a-ni-ni, n. any thing that collects on, as soot,

thick scum, etc.: anini se hiyeya, said of soot

that hangs loosely. a-ni'-ya, v. a. (a and niya) to breathe on,-awa

niya, ayaniya, unkaniyapi. a-nog', adv. cont. of anoka; on both sides ; anog

ope, sharp on both sides, two-edged. a-nog'-pa-ska, n. the white-headed eagle : from

anokatanhan pa ska. a-nob'-ke-ći-ya, v. to lend an ear to, listen to ;

anoh kećiya mayka, I am listening to it. a-noh'-ki-ci-ya, v. Same as anolikećiya. Both

are said to be correct. a-no'-ka, adv. on both sides. Used only in ano

katayhan. a-no'-ka-tan-han, adv. on both sides, from both

sides. an'-pa, n. day, light of day, daylight. Opposed

to otpaza. an'-pa-ka-mde-za, n. day-breaking, day-break. an'-pa-o, v. n. to dawn as the morning. Possi

bly the o is the verb o, to shoot, to hit, the refer

ence being to the shooting up of light. an'-pa-o, n. the dawn of morning, daylight: an

pao hinapa, dawn appears ; anpao duta, the red

ness of the dawn ; anpao wanka, during dawn. an'-pa-o-ho-ton-na, n. (anpa and hoton) domes

tic fowls, so called from their crowing in the

morning an-pe', n. day; space. an-pe'-éin-han, adv. in a day, to-day. an-pe'-co-ka-ya, n. midday, noon. an-pe'-éu-sa, adv. during the day. The idea is

that of having a whole day before one-no need

of haste. See the next word. an-pe'-cu-sa-ken, adv. Same as anpecusa : han

lianna anpecusaken unyanpi kta, in the morning,

with the day before us, we will go. an-pe'-de-han, adv. this day, to-day, now. an-pe'-han, adv. to-day. an-pe'-he-pi-ya, n. the space between the earth.

and heavens. an-pen', adv. (anpa and en) by day: anpen mi

stiŋbe, by day I slept,

an-pe'-tu, n. a day, either a natural day, the

time between the rising and setting of the sun, or

a civil day, the whole twenty-four hours. an-pe'-tu-wa-kan, n. sacred day, the Sabbath.

Also, anpetu okilipapi. an-pe'-tu-wi, n. the sun, lit. day-sun; thus

distinguished from hanyetuwi, the night-sun or

moon. an-po'-skan, adv. (anpa and oskan) by day. an-po'-skan-tu, adv. by day, in the day-time. an-po'-skan-tu-ya, adv. by day. an-po'-skan-tu-ya-ken, adv. by day, in the

day-time. an-pta'-ni-ya, n. the breath of day, i. e. the very

first glimmerings of morn ; vapors raised by the

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a-o'-ćin, v. of oćin; to desire some of a thing:

aowaćin kta tuka tonana, I would desire some,

but there is only a little. a-o'-co-ka, adv. in the midst. See ahoćoka,

which is the correct form. a-o'-co-ka-ya, adv. surrounded by. a-o'-de, v. (a and ode) to seek for something in

addition to,-aowade, aoyade. a-oʻ-han-zi, v. n. (a and chanzi) to shade, to

overshadow,—aomahanzi. a-o'-han-zi, adv. in the shade, shade upon. a-o'-han-zi-ya, v. a. to cause shade upon, to

overshadow,—aohanziwaya, aohanzimayan. a-o'-han-zi-ya, adv. shadowy, in the shade. a-o'-hdu-ta, v. n. to close up, fill up, as a hole or

wound, to heal over,-aomahduta. a-o'-hdu-te, v. n. Same as aohduta. Part.

closed up, healed over. a-o'-hdu-te-ya, v. a. to close up, to cause to heal

over ; to press around, surround, throng, overwhelm,-aohdutewaya, aohdutemayan, aohdute

unyanpi. a-o'-hdu-te-ya, part. surrounding : maka ao

hduteya, around the earth. a-o'-hdu-te-ya, adv. throngingly. a-o'-han-han-han, adv. very skilfully. a-o'-han-han-han-ken, adv. very skilfully. a-o'-ka-ġa, v. a. to add to, as in building, make

something in addition to; to exaggerate,--aowa

kaga, aounkayapi, aomakaga. a-o'-ka-ga, v. n. to drift down stream,

kaga. a-o'-ka-ge-ca, v. a. to add to, do or say more

than is fitting, to be unreasonable,-aoyakageća. a-o'-kah, cont. of aokaga. a-o'-ka-hbog, cont, of aokaliboka ; drifting or

floating on,--aokalibog iyaya; aokalibog unyanpi. a-o'-ka-hbo-ka, v. n. to drift on, float down


a-o'-kak-ya, adv. extravagantly, as in talking. a-o'-kah-ya-ken, adv. exaggeratingly. a-o'-ka-kin, v.a. to peep into,—aowakakin, aoya

kakin. a-o'-ka-kin-yan, adv. peeping into. a-o'-ka-pon, cont. of aokapota; floating on a

stream : aokapon iyaya. a-o'-ka-po-ta, v. n.

to rise to the top, as any thing in water; to float on, as on water. a-o'-ka-siŋ, v. a. to look into, peep into,--aowa

kasiŋ, aoyakasin, aoun kasinpi. a-o'-ka-sin-yan, adv. peeping in upon. a-o'-ka-ta, v. n. to be warm on,-aomakata. a-o'-ka-ta, v. a. to cover with earth,-aowakata. a-o'-ka-tan, v. a. (a and okatan) to nail one

thing on another,-aowakatan, aoyakatan, aoun

katanpi. a-o'-ka-ti-ca, v.a. to draw or scrape snow on any

thing, -aowakatića. a-o'-ka-tins, cont. of aokaținza. a-o'-ka-țiŋs-ya, adv. pressed in or on tight. a-o'-ka-tin-za, v. a. (a and okaținza) to press or

pound in tight, as in packing flour; to hammer

on tight, as a hoop,--aowakatiŋza. a-o'-ki-be, v. a. to encircle, go around ; to clasp,

encircle with the arms,-aowakibe. a-o'-ki-be-ya, v. n. to go round, as the sun. a-o'-ki-be-ya, adr. encircling. a-o'-ki-ći-pa-ġi, v. of opaġi; to fill a pipe for

one in addition to,—aowećipaġi. a'-o-ki-han-na, n. something worn over or with

another garment, a vest. a'-o-ki-hna, n. a vest. See áokihanna. a-o'-ki-hna-ka, v. a. (a and okihnaka) to put

some in in addition to, to help one to food a second

time,-aowehnaka. a-o'-ki-ya, v. (a and ókiya) to follow, come

after ; to help in regard to; to band together for

a purpose, –aowakiya. a-o'-kpa-gi, v. pos. of aopagi; to fill one's pipe

again,-aowakpaġi. a'-o-kpa-ni, v. n. to be wanting, not sufficient. a'-o-kpa-ni-yan, adv. insufficiently, less than. a-o'-kpas, cont. of aokpaza. a-o'-kpas-ya, v. a. to darken, make dark upon,

-aokpaswaya, aokpasmayan. a-o'-kpas-ya, adv. obscurely, darkened. a-o'-kpa-za, v. n. to be dark on any place or

thing, -aomakpaza. a-o'-ķo, v. n. (a and oķo) to be a fuss made

about. a-o'-ko-ya, v, a. to buzz about, to make a noise or

fuss about,-aoķowaya, aoķomayan. a-o'-na-ki-ta-ka, v. pos. of aonataka; to fusten,

as a door, on one,-aonawakitaka.


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