Imágenes de páginas

a-o'-na-śdo-ka, v. a. to run away from, leave,

aonawaśdoka. a-o'-na-tag, cont. of aonataka: aonatag iyeya. a-o'-na-ta-ka, v. a. to fasten on one; tiyopa

aonataka, to fasten the door on one,-aonawataka. a-o'-na-țins, cont. of aonaținza : aonațins iyeya. a-o'-na-țin-za, v. a. to press down tight in a box

or barrel,-aonawatinza. a-on', v. a. to lay or place on, as wood on the fire,

-awaon, ayaon, unkaonpi. a-on'-pa, v. a. to lay or place wood on the fire.

Same as aos, -awaonpa, ayaonpa, unkaonpapi. a-on-pe-ca, v. to have one's ability tested ; to

back out, not to do as one proposed, —awaon

peća. a-on'-si-ya, adv. more poorly, in a worse condi

tion. a-on'-si-ya-ken, adv. still worse, worse and

a-o'-we-han, v. n. to jest, make fun, be ironical,

make a false statement,-aowewahan. a-o'-we-han-han, v. red. of aowehan ; to jest,

make sport,-aowewahanhan, aoweunhaŋhanpi. a-o'-we-han-han-yan, adv. jestingly, in sport. a-o'-zig-zi-ca, v. a. to stretch up after any thing,

-aowazigzića. a-o'-zig-zin, cont. of aozigzića: aozigzin nazir, to

stand stretching up,-aozigzin nawazin. a-o'-żan-zan, v. n. (a and ozanżan) to be light on

any thing, -aomazanan. a-o-zan-żan-ya, v. a. to cause to be light upon,

-aozanżaywaya. a-o'-zan-zan-yan, adv. in an illuminated man



a-o'-pa, v. (a and opa) to follow with,—9owapa. a-o'-pa-gi, v. (a and opagi) to fill the pipe again,

to fill the pipe after eating-aowapaġi. a-o'-pe-ya, v. a. to add to, cause to follow with. a-o'-pe-ya, adv. with, together with. a-o'-pte-ca, adj. less, little. a-o'-pten, adv. less than. a-o'-pten-ya, v. a. to diminish,--aoptenwaya. a-o'-pten-ya, adv. less. a-o'-pten-ya-ken, adv. less, less than. a-o'-pte-tu, adv. less. a-o'-pte-tu-ya, adv. less, in a less manner. a'-o-tpa-ni, v. n. to be lacking, less than. a'-o-tpa-ni-yan, adv. less than. a-o'-tpas, cont. of aotpaza. a-o'-tpas-ya, v. a. to make dark on,-aotpas

waya; aotpasuŋyanpi, they make it dark on us. a-o'-tpas-ya, adv. darkly, in the dark. a-o'-tpa-za, v. n. (a and otpaza) to be dark on,

aomatpaza. a-o'-tpa-zan, v. a. to push into, as an arrow into

a quiver, or a feather into one's hair,-aowatpa

zan. a-o'-tpa-zan-ki-ton, v. n. to have a sheath or

case upon ; be sheathed or pushed in. a-o'-țins, cont. of aoţinza. a-o'-tiŋs-ya, v. a. to crowd or press about, to

beset,--aoțiîsmayan), aoţiysuŋyanpi. a-o'-tins-ya, adv. crowding, besetting. a-o'-tin-za, v. a. (a and oţinza) to be tight on, as

a garment; to be tight in, as any thing inside of

another,—aomaținza. a-o'-to-hna-ka, v. N. to be foolhardy, to dare,

risk one's life,--aotowahnaka, aoțouŋhnakapi. a-o'-un-yan, v. (a and ouyyan) to be or abide on :

a-pa', n. some, a part, as of a mass of any thing. a-p'a', v. a. to strike or smite a thing in any

way, -awap'a, ayap'a, unkap'api, amap'a, acip'a. a-pa'-be, v.

Same as apaman. a-pa'-bu, v. a. (a and pabu) to drum or make a

noise on any thing,-awapabu. a-pa'-can-can, v. a. (a and paćanćan) to push

and make tremble on any thing ; to make one

tremble by pushing,-awapaćayćay. a-pa'-co-za, v. a. (a and pacoza) to rub and

make warm on any thing, -awapaćoza. a-pa'-dan, n. dim. of apa; a small part. a-pa'-dan-ka, n. Same as apadan. . a-pa'-gan, v. a. (a and pagan) to spare or give

away for a purpose,-awapagan. a-pa'-go, v. a. (a and pago) to carve or engrave

on any thing, -awapago. a-pa'-ġu-ka, v. a. (a and paguka) to sprain by

rubbing on any thing,-awapaguka. a-pa'-ha, v. a. (a and paha) to raise on or over,

as the hand to strike one: isan) apaha makuwa, he follows me with his knife drawn,

paha. a-pa'-hba, v. a. (a and palba) to shell off, as corn,

on any thing, -awapahba. a-pa'-hi, v. a. (a and pahi) to pick up or gather

on any thing, -awapahi. a-pa'-hin-ta, v. a. (a and pahinta) to brush on

any thing, -awapahinta. a-pa'-hmi-yan-yan, v. a. (a and pahmiyanyan)

to make round as a ball on any thing. a-pa'-hmon, v. a. (a and pahmon) to twist or

roll on any thing,—awapahmon. a-pa'-ho-mni, v. a. (a and pahomni) to push or

shove around on any thing,-awapahomni. a-pa'-hu-hu-za, v. a. (a and pahuhuza) to shake

on any thing, -awapahuluza. a-pa'-Ha-tka, adj. against the grain, rough. a-pa'-ha-tka-ya, adv. roughly, against the



akan ounyai).

a-pa'-Ida-gan, v. a. (a and palidayan) to make large on any thing,

-awapahdağan. a-pa'-hdan-ton, v. a. (apalidate and ton) to

bind or embroider with ribbon,-apabdanwaton. a-pa'-hda-ta, v. a. to embroider. a-pa'-hda-te, n. ribbon, ferret, binding. See

sina apalidate. a-pa'-kde-ća, v. a. (a and palideća) to tear or

rend on any thing; to rend, by shoving with the

hand, as the coat on one's back, -awapalideća. a-pa'-hdo-ka, v. a. (a and palidoka) to pierce or

make a hole in, on any thing,—awapalidoka. a-pa'-hpa, v. a. (a and palipa) to throw down on,

-awapalipa, un kapalipapi. a-pa'-Kpu, v. a. (a and palipu) to pick off on,

awapalipu. a-pa'-hta, v. a. (a and palta) to bind or tie on

any thing, -apawalita, apaunlitapi. a-pa'-ke-za, v. a. (a and pakeza) to make a noise

by filing or rubbing on. a-pa'-kin-ta, v. a. (a and pakinta) to wipe or rub

off on any thing--awapakinta. a-pa'-kpan, v. a. (a and pakpan) to crush or

make fine on,-awapakpan. a-pa'-ksa, v. a. (a and paksa) to break off on,

awapaksa. a-pa'-ksi-za, v. a. (a and pakšiza)

to bend or double up on any thing,-awapakšiza. a-pa'-ku-ka, v. a. (a and pakuka) to rub to pieces

on any thing, -awapakuka. a-pa'-ķe-za, v. a. (a and paķeza) to make smooth

by scraping on,-awapakeza. a-pa'-ķo-za, v. a. (a and paķoza) to rub and

make smooth on-awapaļoza. a'-pa-ma-hde, adj. down hill, descending. a'-pa-ma-hde-ya, adv. down hill, in a descend

ing manner : ápamahdeya unyanpi. a-pa'-maŋ, v. a. (a and paman) to file, rub, or

polish on,-awapaman. a-pa'-mda-ska, v. a. (a and pamdaska) to make

flat on any thing,—awapamdaska. a-pa'-mda-ya, v. a. (a and pamdaya) to make

level on any thing, -awapamdaya. a-pa'-mda-za, v. a. (a and pamdaza) to burst

open on, tear open on. a-pa'-mde-ca, v. a. (a and pamdeća) to break or

crush on any thing,-awapamdeéa. a-pa'-mdu, v. a. (a and pamdu) to crush to pow

der on any thing, -awapamdu. a-pa'-mni, v. a. (a and pamni) to divide out on,

-awapamni, ayapamni, unkapamnipi. a-pa'-pa, n. red. of apa. a-p'a'-p'a, v. red. of ap'a. a-pa'-po-pa, v.a. (a and papopa) to make pop or

burst on any thing, -awapapopa.

a-pa'-psa-ka, v. a. (a and papsaka) to break in

two, as a cord, on any thing,-awapapsaka. a-pa'-pson, v. a. (a and papson) to spill on any

thing, as water,--awapapson. a-pa'-pšun, v. a. (a and papéun) to put out of

joint on any thing, as the arm, -awapapsun. a-pa'-ptan, v. a. (a and paptan) to roll over on

any thing, -awapaptay. a-pa'-ptan-ptaŋ, v. red. of apaptan; to roll over

and over on any thing. a-pa'-ptu-ża, v. a (a and paptuża) to make crack

or split on any thing, -awapaptuża. a-pa'-pu-za, v. a. (a and papuza) to wipe dry on

any thing,-awapapuza. a-pa'-sde-ca, v. a. (a and pasdeća) to split by

rubbing on any thing,-awapasdeća. a-pa'-sdo-han, v. a. (a and pasdohan) to shove

or push along on any thing-awapasdohan. a-pa'-snon, v. a. (a and pasnon) to roast on or

over any thing,—awapasnon. a-pa'-spa, v. n. to pass off, as clouds, or as

anger. a-pa'-sto, v. a. (a and pasto) to make smooth or

brush down on any thing,-awapasto. a-pa'-su-ta, v. a. (a and pasuta) to make hard or

stiff by kneading on any thing, -awapasuta. a-pa'-śbog, v. cont. of apaśboka : apaśbog iyaya. a-pa'-sbo-ka, v. n. (a and paśboka) to come up

on or over, as water; to overflow. a-pa'-šbu, v. n. (a and paśbu) to come up on. a-pa'-śdo-ka, v. a. (a and paśdoka) to pull or

shove off on, as one's coat, -awapaśdoka. a-pa'-si-ca, v. a. (a and pasića) to soil or injure

by rubbing on any thing,-awapasića. a-pa'-spa, v. a. (a and paspa) to break off a picce

on any thing -awapaspa. a-pa'-śpu, v. a. (a and paspu) to pull off on any

thing; to pick off or rub off, as one thing stick

ing on another,-awapaśpu. a-pa'-su-ża, v. a. (a and pašuza) to mash or

crush on any thing, -awapaśuża. a-pa'-ta, v. a. (a and pata) to cut up on, as meat

on a block, -awapata. a-pa'-taŋ, v. a. (a and patan) to reserve or take

care of for a purpose,awapatan. a-pa'-tan, v. a. (a and patan) to push againsi,-,

awapatan. a-pa'-ti-ća, v. a. (a and patića) to scrape off from,

as snow from the ground, -awapatića. a-pa'-ti-tan, v. a. (a and patitan) to push or

brace against,--awapatitan. a-pa'-tu-ża, v. a. (a and patuża) to stoop down

on or over,-awapatuża. a-pa'-ta, v. a. (a and pata) to kill by pressing on

any thing,--awapata.

a-pa'-tin-za, v. a. (a and patiŋza) to press tight

on, to make stiff on,-awapatinza. a-pa'-to, v. n. to obstruct, oppose, prevent progress,

-amapato. a-pa'-to-ya, v. a. to obstruct, stop, hinder,-apa

towaya, apațomayan. a-pa'-to-ya, adv. in an obstructing manner. a-pa'-wan-ka, v. a. (a and pawanka) to push

down on any thing -awapawanka. a-pa'-we-ġa, v. a. (a and pawega) to break

partly, as a stick, on any thing, -awapawega. a-pa'-wen, cont, of apawega: apaweli iyeya. a-pa'-win-ga, v. n. to go round in circles on or



See wapaye.

a-pa'-wiņi, cont. of apawinga: apawinli iyaya. a-pa'-wiŋs, cont. of apawinża: apawiņš iyeya. a-pa'-win-ta, v. a. (a and pawinta) to rub on,

awapawinta. a-pa'-win-ża, v. a. (a and pawinza) to bend or

press down, as grass, on any thing,-awapa

wiŋza. a'-pa-ye, n. easoning, any thing like meat or

grease boiled with corn. a'-pa-ye-ya, v. a. to use a thing for seasoning,

apayewaya. a-pa'-zo, v. a. (a and pazo) to show or point to

on any thing; to point at: nape amapazo, he

points his finger at me, –awapazo. a-pa'-zun-ta, v. a. (a and pazunta) to stitch or

run up in sewing on any thing,-awapazunta. a-pa'-za-ża, v. a. (a and paźaza) to wash by

rubbing on any thing,-awapažaża. a-pa'-zi-pa, v. a. (a and pažipa) to prick or pinch

on any thing, -awapaźipa. a-pa'-zu-zu, v. a. (a and pazuzu) to rub out on

any thing, -awapaźuzu. a-pće'-ya, v. a. (a and pćeya) to cut and dry, as

meat, on any thing, -awapéeya. a-pe', v. a. to wait for, wait on; to hope for, ex

pect : u ape, to wait for one to come ; ye ape, to wait for one to go, or desire one to go along,

awape, ayape, unkapepi. a-pe', n. a leaf of a tree, leaves ; a blade of corn

or grass ; a fin of a fish, as in hoape. a-p'e', 1. Same as ap'a.

. a-pe'-han, v. a. (a and pehan) to fold on any

thing, -awapehan. a-pe'-hin, n. the mane of a horse. a-pe'-sa, n. the red-fin, a species of fish. a-pe'-sa-sa, n.

Same as apesa. a-pe'-ya, adv. waiting for, hoping for. a-pe'-za-ta, n. the forked-fin, a species of fish. a-pis', cont. of apiza. a-pis'-pi-ża, v. red. of apiza; to be wrinkled on. a-pis'-ya, alv. in a wrinkled manner.

a-pi'-ża, v. n. to be wrinkled on any thing,-ama

piza. a'-po, v. pl. imperat. of a. a-po', v. n. (a and po) to swell on, —amapo. a-po'-mna-mna, v. a. (a and pomnamna) to

shake or way the head about,-apowamnamna. a-po'-ptan-ptan, v. a. (a and poptanptan) to

shake the head about, dissent from, -apowaptan

ptan. a-po'-tpo-ta, v. n. to be worn out or ragged on. a-po'-tpo-ta-han, part. worn out on, ragged. a-pša', v. a. (a and pša) to sneeze on any thing,

awapša. a-psa'-psa, adj. thick, close together, as grass, etc. a-psa'-psa-ya, adj. thickly set, in a close

state. a-ptan'-ptan, v. n. (a and ptanptan) to roll about

on,-amaptaŋptan. a-ptan'-yan, v. n. to roll over on, fall on ; to

fall from, -amaptanyaŋ, aniptanyan. a-ptu'-za-han, part. cracked or split on. a-pus', cont. of apuza. a-pus'-pu-za, v. red. of apuza. a-pus'-ya, v. a. (a and pusya) to cause to dry on,

-apuswaya. a-pus'-ya, adv. in the manner of drying on. a-pu'tag, cont. of aputaka. a-pu'-tag-ya, v. a. to cause to touch. a-pu'tag-ya, adv. in the manner of touching. a-pu'ta-ka, v. a. (a and putaka) to touch, lay on,

as the hand, etc.: nape amaputaka, he placed his

hand upon me. a-pu'-za, v. n. (a and puza) to dry on, become

dry on one, as clothes, -amapuza. a-po', v. n. (a and po) there is fog on a thing. a-sa'-ka, v. n. (a and saka) to become dry or hard

upon,-amasaka. a-san', v. n. (a and san) to become whitish or

greyish : asan eyaku, to take a greyish stain. a'-san, adv. Same as osan. a-san'-pi, n. (aze and hanpi) milk of any kind,

breast milk ; pte asanpi, cow's milk. a-san'-pi-i-hdi, n. the oil of milk, i. e. cream,

butter. a-san'-pi-ni-ni, n. thick milk. a-san'-pi-su-ta, n. hard milk, i. e. cheese. a-san'-pi-ta-sa-ka, n. hardened or frozen milk,

i. e. cheese. a-sa'-pa, v. a. (a and sapa) to become black on :

asapa eyaku, to take a black stain. a-sas'-ya, adv. of asaza; slowly, gently, stilly. a-sas'-ye-dan, a.v. gently, slowly. a-sa'-za, adj. gentle. Not much used. a-sba'-han, part. ravelling on. See sbahan). a-sbu'-han, part. crumbling on. See sbuhai).

a-sda', v. n. (a and sda) to be greasy on any

thing a-sdi'-pa, v. a. (a and sdipa) to lick off, lick

from, as a dog does. a-sdo'-han, v. n. (a and sdohan) to crawl along

on any thing, -awasdohan. a-si'-cu-ton, v. a. to sole, put on a sole, as on a

moccasin, shoe, etc., -asićuwaton. a-s'in', v. n. to sponge, loaf, hang about a place to

get something to eat, -awas’in. a-s'in'-s'iŋ, v. red. of as’in. a-ska', v. n. (a and ska) to become white on. a'-skam, cont. of áskapa. a-skam'-ton, v. a. to make stick on, to seal,

askamwaton. a'-skam-ya, v. a.

to make stick on, to seal,áskamwaya. a-skan', v. n. (a and skan) to melt or thaw on;

to disappear from, as snow. as'-kan, n. (aze and kay) the cords and veins of

the breast. a'-ska-pa, v. n. to stick to or on, adhere to,

amaskapa. a-ske'-pa, v. n. (a and skepa) to leak out on. a-smag'-ya, adv. (a and smaka) in an indented

manner : asmagya wanka. a-sna'-sna, (a and snasna) to ring or rattle on. a-sni', v. n. to recover or get well from sickness;

to recover from anger, etc., -amasni, anisni,

unkasnipi. a-sni'-ki-ya, v. a. to heal, cause to get well,

asniwakiya. a-sni'yan, v.a. to cause to get well, to cure,

asniwaya, asniu,yanpi. a-sni'-yan-ken, adv. in the way of recovering. a-son', v. a. (a and son) to plait or braid on any

thing,-awason. a-so'-so, v. a. (a and soso) to cut into strings on

any place,—awasoso. a-span', v. n. (a and span) to become soft or melt

on, as snow on any thing. a-spa'-ya, v. n. (a and spaya) to become wet on ;

to sink in water, as in drowning, -amaspaya. a'-spe-ya, v. a. to cause to sink down, as an

anchor in water; to buoy up; to weigh,—áspewaya : maza aspeyapi, an anchor; on aspeyapi,

scales, a steelyard. a-spe'ye-ton, v. a. to weigh any thing ; to

balance, -aspeyewaton. a'-sto-ya, v. a. (a and stoya) to smooth down

upon. a-su'-ta, v. n. (a and suta) to become hard or

strong upon,-amasuta. a-su'-ton, v. n. (a and suton) to become ripe on or

a-sa', v. n. (a and sa) to become reddish; aša

eyaku, to take a red stain. a-ś'a', v. a. (a and s’a) to shout at or on account

of,—awas’a. a-s'a'-ka, v. n. to be coated or furred, as the

tongue in sickness ; to be dirty, as a gun that

needs cleaning out. a-s'a'-ko-win-na, adv. mightily, strongly; as’a

kowinna econ. a-sam', cont. of aśapa. a-sam'-ya, v. a. to defile, make dirty,—asam

waya. a-sam'-ya, adv. dirtily, in a defiled manner. a-sa'-pa, v. n. (a and sapa) to become black or

dirty on any thing,-amasapa. a-śbe', v. n. Same as aśma. a-śbe'-ya, adv. deeply, in a deep manner. a-sbu', v. n. (a and śbu) to drop, as water, on

any thing a-śbu'-ya, v. a. to cause to drop on, as water,

aśbuwaya. a-śda', v. n. (a and śda) to be bare on any thing. a-śdo', v. n. (a and sdo to fuse or melt, as metals,

on any thing. a-śdo'-ya, v. a. to cause to melt on,-aśdowaya. a-śdun'-ya, v.a. (a and śdunya) to make slip on. a-śdu'-śdu-ta, v. n. (a and śduśduta) to be slip

pery on. a-se'-ća, v. n. (a and seća) to become dry or

seasoned on any thing. a-si'-ća, v. n. (a and šića) to become bad or un

pleasant on or for. a-si'-ća-hdo, v. a. to growl about, complain of,

ašićawaldo. a-si'-ca-ya, adv. badly, unpleasantly. a-si'-ca-ya-ken, adv. unpleasantly. a-si'-ce-ca-ke, adj. unpleasant, as the weather or

country. See osićećake. a-sin' ya, adv. badly, sadly. a-sin'-ya-ken, adv. badly, unpleasantly. a-ska'-daŋ, adv. soon, presently ; near, close by. a-ska'-dan-hin, adv. very near ; very soon. a-śka'-ka, adv. soon, near. a-śka'-na, adv. (Ihank.) Same as askadan. a-skan'-skaŋ, v. n. (a and śkanśkan) to move

about on any thing: a-śkan'-śkan-yan, adv. moving about on. a-ska'-ta, v. n. (a and skata) to play on any

place,-awaśkata. a-ska'-tu-dan, adv. lately, not long since. a-ska'-tu-ya, adv. not long ago. a-śka'-tu-ye-dan, adv. lately, but a short time

ago. a-ska'-ye-dan, adv. for a little while, not endur.


upon, as seed.

a-ske', n. the tuft or bunch of hair which some

Dakotas wear on the top of their heads : aśke

yuwipi, the bunch of hair tied up. a-ske'-han, v. n. (a and skehan) to frisk or

jump about on. a-skom'-ya, adv. crookedly, in an arched man


to thaw on any

a-śko'-pa, v. n. (a and śkopa) to be crooked on

or arched. a-sma', v. n. (a and śma) to be deep, as water, on

any place. a-śni'-ża, v. n. (a and śniza) to be wilted or

withered on or for. a-so'-ka, v. n. (a and śoka) to be thick, as a board,

on any thing a-so'ta, v. n. (a and sota) to be smoky on or at. a-span', v. n. (a and span) to be cooked or burnt

on or by any thing. a-stun'-ya, v. a. to cause to thaw on,-astun

waya. a-stu'-ta, v. n. (a and stuta)

thing. a-sun'-pa, v. n. (a and sunpa) to shed on, as the

quills of geese. a-su'ta, v. a. (a and suta) to miss, fail of,

asuwata. a'-ta, suffix. prop. to, at, on. When suffixed to

nouns ending in a, it becomes ta alone, as mága, a field, magata, at the field ; in other cases, a y is introduced for euphony, as ti, a house, tiyata,

to the house ; can, wood, canyata, at the woods. a-ta'-ġo-sa, v. a. (a and tagośa) to spit on any

thing,—ataġowasa. a-ta'-kin-yan, adv. leaning on, not perpendi

cular : wi atakiŋyan yayka, the sun is declining. a-ta'-kpe, v. a. (a and takpe) to make an attack

on,-atawakpe. a-tan', v. a. to care for, have respect for,-awa

tay; ataŋśni, to disregard, throw away. a-tan'-in, v. n. (a and tayin) to appear on, be

manifest. a-tan'-in-in, v. red. of atanin. a-tan'-in-śni-yan, adv. in a lost manner. a-tan'-in-yan, adv. appearing, manifestly. a-tan'-ka, v. n. (a and tanka) to be large on or

in addition to; to be larger. a-tan'-ka-dan, dim. of atanka. a-tan'-ka-ya, adv. widely, extensively. a-tan'-se, adv. silently, stilly : atanse yanka. a-ta'-pa, v. n. (a and tapa) to follow after on any

thing a-ta'-sa-ka, v. n. (a and tasaka) to become stiff

or hard on, as clothes,-amatasaka. a-tas'-ta-ża, v. n. red. of ataza; to be rough or

in waves on one, as water.

a-ta'-te-yan-pa, v. n. (a and tateyaypa) to blow

upon any thing, as the wind does. a-ta'-tpe, v. Same as atakpe. a-ta'-ya, v. a. to go directly to any thing; to be

fortunate in reference to,-atawaya. a'-ta-ye-dan, adv. directly, without a medium :

atayedan ećamon, I did it myself or personally ;

atayedan maķu, he gave it directly to me. a-ta'-ża, v. n. (a and taza) to be rough or in

waves on one,-amataza. a-te', n. father, my father; niyate, thy father ;

atkuku, his or her father. a-te', v. n. (a and te) to become blue ; ate eyaku,

to take a blue stain. Same as ato. a-te'-ća, v. n. (a and teca) become new on. a-tem'-ya, v. a. (a and temya) to eat up or

devour on,-atemwaya. a-te'-pa-han, part. worn of short on. a-te'-ya, v. a. to have for a father ; to sustain

the relation of child to a man,-atewaya, ateyaya, ateunyanpi. Among the Dakotas one's father's

brothers are also called ate. a'-te-ye-dan, adv. Same as átayedan. a-ti', v. n. (a and ti) to build a house or put up a

tent at or on ; to pitch a tent or encamp at for a

certain purpose : psiŋ ati, to camp at the rice. a-ti'-pa-han, part. crisped or drawn up on. a-tkin', v. n. (a and tkin) to be damp on. a-tku'-ku, n. his or her father. a-to', v. n. (a and to) to become blue or green on :

ato eyaku, to take a blue or green stain. a'-to-kan, adv. in another place, to another place. a-to'-kšu, 1. a. (a and toksu) to carry or draw

any thing on,-atowakšu. a-ton'-wan, v. a. (a and toŋwan) to look to or

at,-awatonway, unkatoŋwanpi. a-ton'-wan-yan, v. a. to cause to look at ; to

make a village at or on a place, probably because by making a village people are caused to look to

or at a place,-atonwayunyanpi. a-tpa'-gan, v. a. (a and tpagan)

to part with one's own for a purpose, –awatpağan. a-tpa'-hi, v. a. (a and tpahi) to gather up one's

own on something a-tpa'-mde-ća, v. a. (a and tpamdeća) to brcak

in pieces one's own on something. a-tpas', cont, of atpaza. a-tpa'-spa, v. n. (a and tpaspa) to disappear, go

out of sight, fade away, as clouds, or as the sun

disappears at night. a-tpas'-ya, v. a. to darken, overshadow,-atpas

waya. a-tpas'-ya, adv. darkly, obscurely. a-tpa'-ta, v. a. (a and tpata) to cut up or carve

one's own on any thing.

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