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a-tpa'-taŋ, v. a. (a and tpatan) to spare or keep

one's own for a purpose. a-tpa'-za, v. n. (a and tpaza) to become dark on,

-amatpaza, anitpaza, unkatpazapi. a-tu'-kta, adv. well, fortunately : atukta ećamon kin, I did well to do it; atukta de ćinhan, if you

it will be well. a-tiŋs', cont. of aținza. a-țins'-ya, adv. tightly, in a squeezing manner. a-țin'-za, v. n. (a and ţinza) to press on, be

tight on,-amaținza. a-to'-ża, v. n. (a and toza) to become blunt or


dull on.

a-tung'-ya, v. a. to suspect one, have an inkling

of,-atungwaya. See tungya. a-tun'-ka, v. n. See atunkeća. a-tun'-ke-ća, v. n. (a and tunkeća) to be sus

pected of,-amatuŋkeća. a-u', v. a. (a and u) to carry or bring any thing. a-u', v. col. pl. they come. a-u', v. n. (a and u) to come out on ; to ooze out

or run, as sap: mini au.“ a-un', v. n. (a and un) to be on, -awauŋ. a-un'-yan, v. n. to be on or over : aunya, iyaya,

to pass over, as a fence; auŋyan kute, to shoot on

the wing, or as it flies over. a-wa', v. a. (a and wa) to snow upon ; to be snow

on any thing,—amawa. a-wa'-ći, v. n. (a and waći)

to dance on any thing, -awawaći, awauncipi. a-wa'-éin, v. a. (a and waćin) to think on or of,

meditate upon; to trust, believe in,-awaćanmi,

awaćanni, awaunéinpi and unkawaćinpi. a-wa'-ein-pi, n. a thinking upon, trusting in,

faith. a-wa'-éin-yan, adv. thinking upon. a-wa'-cin-yan-ken, adv. in the manner of think

ing on. a-wa'-pa-ni-ca, v. n. (a and walipanića) to be

come poor on account of or by means of,-amawa

kipanića. a-wa'-hpa-ni-ya, v. a. to make poor by means

of-awalipaniwaya. a-wa'-Hpa-ni-yaŋ, adv. poorly off. a-wa'-Kte-ka, v. n. (a and wahteka) to be bad

or worthless. a-wa'-Kte-śni, v. n. (a and waliteśni)

worthless on some account. a-wa'-Kte-śni-yan, adv. worthlessly, vilely. a-wa'-kan, v. n. (a and wakan) to be sacred or

incomprehensible on some account. a-wa'-kan-ka, v. n. Same as awakan. a-wa'-kan-ka, n. a supernatural being. a-wa'-kan-yan, adv. mysteriously, supernaturally.

a-wa'-ki-ćin, v. a. pos. of awaćin. a-wa'-ni-ca, v. n. (a and wanića) to be or be

come nothing for some reason. a-wa'-nin, cont. of awanića; used adverbially,

in a destroying manner : awanin iyeya. a-wa'-ni-ye-tu, v. n. (a and waniyetu) to come

winter on one,-amawaniyetu. a-wang', cont. of awanka : awang mda. a-wang'-ya, v. to cause to lie on or for,-awang

waya. See awanka. a-wan'-hdag, cont. of awanhdaka. a-wan'-hda-ka, v. pos. of awanyaka; to oversee

or take care of one's own,-awaŋwahdaka. a-wan'-ka, v. n. (a and wanka) to be or lie on ;

to lie in wait or spend the night out for, as for the purpose of killing deer: talinća awang mda,

I am going to lie in wait for deer. a-wan'-kam, adv. above, overhead. a-wan'-ki-ći-ya-ka, v. of awanyaka; to watch

or oversee for one,-awaywećiyaka. a-wan'-yag, cont. of awanyaka : awanyag waun. a-wan'-yag-ki-ya, v. a. to cause to attend to or

oversee, -awanyagwakiya. a-wan'-ya-ka, v. a. (a and wanyaka) to look

upon ; to see to, have the oversight of,—awan

mdaka, awandaka, awanuŋyakapi. a-wa'-pa, v. n. (a and wapa) to snow on. a-wa'-sa-ka, adj. cheap, easily purchased. a-wa'-sa-ka-dan, adj. cheap, as goods. a-wa'-ste, v. n. (a and waste) to be good on or

for; to become better than,-amawaste. a-wa'-ste-ya, adv. well, better than. a-wa'-ste-ya-ken, adv. better, in a better man

ner : awasteyaken amayan, I am becoming better. a-wa'-tan-in-śni, adj. dark, obscure, as in the

dusk of the evening. a-wa'-te-ca, adv. See wawateća. a-wa'-ya-pi-ka, v. n. (a and wayapika)

to be eloquent about any thing,--awamdapika. a-wa'-yu-pi-ka, v. n. (a and wayupika) to be

skilful about,--awamdupika. a-wa'-yu-pi-ya, adv. skilfully, well. a-we', v. n. (a and we) to become lean, as cattle

do in the spring of the year. a-we'-tu, v. n. (a and wetu) to become spring on

one, –amawetu. a'-wi-ca-ke-han, adv. truly, of a truth. a'-wi-ca-ke-ya-han, adv. truly. a-win'-ta, v. n. (a and winta) to creep on any

thing, as a child,-awawinta. a-wi'-ya-kpa, v. n. (a and wiyakpa) to glisten

on any thing. a-wi'-ye-ya, adv. (a and wiyeya) ready for any

thing. See wiyeya. a'-ya, v. a. to take or carry any thing along.

to be

a'-ya, v. col. pl. of ya; they go together. a' ya, v. n.

to become, to be, to be in or on : maste aya, it is becoming warm ; asniyanken amayan, I am recovering from sickness; waniyetu teća un

kayapi, we are in the new year. a-ya'-ba-ġa, v. a. (a and yabaga) to twist or

turn with the mouth on any thing,-amdabaga. a-ya'-bu, v. a. (a and yabu)

(a and yabu) to growl about,amdabu. a-ya'-ce-ya, v. a. (a and yaćeya) to make cry

by talking to,-amdaćeya. a-ya'-co, v. a. (a and yaco) to condemn on; to

condemn for or on account of,-amdaćo. a-ya'-ga, v. a. (a and yaga) to peel off with the

teeth on any thing, -amdaġa. a-ya'-go-pa, v. a. (a and yagopa) to suck up on,

-amdagopa. a-ya'-hba, v. a. (a and yahba) to shell or bite of

on,-amdahba. a-ya'-hbe-za, v. a. (a and yahbeza) to bite and

make rough on any thing. a-ya'-hin-ta, v. a. (a and yahinta) to brush off

with the mouth, -amdahinta. a-ya'-hna-yan, v. a. (a and yahnayan) to deceive

with the mouth, tell a falsehood about. a-ya'-Kda-ya, v. a. (a and yahdaya) to bite or

peel off with the teeth on any thing,—amdakidaya. a-ya'-Kde-ća, v. a. (a and yahdeća) to tear with

the teeth on,-amdakdeća. a-ya'-Kdo-ka, v. a. (a and yakdoka) to bite a

hole in on any thing,-amdalidoka. a-ya'-Ke-pa, v. a. (a and yalepa) to drink up

on,-amdahepa. a-ya'-Kpa, v. a. (a and yahpa) to throw down

with the mouth on any thing,-amdalipa. a-ya'-Kpu, v. a. (a and yakpu) to bite off on. a-ya'-Kta-ka, v. a. (a and yaħtaka) to bite one

thing on another,-amdalitaka. a-ya'-Ku, v. a. (a and yahu) to peel off on. a-ya'-kća, v. a. (a and yakća) to untie with the

teeth on any thing,-amdakća a-ya'-ko-ka, v. a. (a and yakoka) to clatter or

gnash the teeth on any thing,--amdakoka. a-ya'-kon-pi, v. n. pl. of ayanka; they are in

such a condition. a-ya'-kpa, v. a. (a and yakpa) to bite out on,

amdakpa. a-ya'-kpan, v. a. (a and yakpan) to chew fine on,

-amdakpan. a-ya'-kpi, v. a. (a and yakpi) to crack with the

teeth on any thing. a-ya'-ksa, v. a. (a and yaksa) to bite off on,

amdaksa. a-ya'-kšan, v. a. (a and yaksan) to bend with

the mouth on,-amdakšan.

a-ya'-kšis, cont. of ayakśiza. a-ya'-ksi-za, v. a. (a and yaksiza) to double up

with the teeth on any thing. a-ya'-ktan, v. a. (a and yaktan) to bend with the

mouth on,-amdaktan. a-ya'-ku-ka, v. a. (a and yakuka) to bite or tear

in pieces with the teeth on any thing, -amda

kuka. a-ya'-ke-ġa, v. a. (a and yakega) to gnaw on

any thing. a-ya'-ķe-za, v.a. (a and yaşeza) to make smooth

with the teeth on any thing. a-ya'-ķo-ga, v.a. (a and yaķoga) to bite or gnaw

off on. a-ya'-ko-za, v. a. (a and yaşoza) to bite off

smooth, as a horse eating grass. a-ya'-ma, v. a. (a and yama) to gnaw on. a-ya'-mda-ska, v. a. (a and yamdaska) to make

flat with the mouth on any thing. a-ya'-mda-ya, v. a. (a and yamdaya) to make

level with the teeth. a-ya'-mda-za, v. a. (a and yamdaza) to tear

open with the teeth. a-ya'-mde-ća, v. a. (a and yamdeća) to crush on

any thing with the teeth. a-ya'-mdu, v. a. (a and yamdu) to chew fine on. a-ya'-mna, v. a. (a and yamna) to gain on or

for by speaking. a-yan'-ka, v. n. (a and yanka) to be on or for,

to be in such a condition. a-ya'-o-ni-han, v. a. (a and yaonihan) to praise

on or for. a-ya'-o-tan-in, v. a. (a and yaotanin) to make

manifest on or for,-amdaotanin. a-ya'-pe-han, v. a. (a and yapehan) to fold up

with the mouth on any thing. a-ya'-pe-mni, v. a. (a and yapemni) to twist

with the mouth on any thing. a-ya'-po-ta, v. a. (a and yapota) to bite in pieces

on any thing, -amdapota. a-ya'-psa-ka, v. a. (a and yapsaka) to bite off, as

a string, on any thing,-amdapsaka. a-ya'-pson, v. a. (a and yapson) to spill with the

mouth on any thing,--amdapson. a-ya'-psun, v. a. (a and yapsun) to pull out by

the roots with the mouth on any thing,—amda

psun. a-ya'-ptan-yan, v. a. (a and yaptanyan) to turn

over on any thing with the mouth. a-ya'-ptu-ża, v. a. (a and yaptuża) to crack or

split with the mouth on any thing. a-ya'-sba, v. a. (a and yasba) to pick to pieces

with the teeth on any thing. a-ya'-sde-ca, v. a. (a and yasdeća) to split with

the teeth on any thing.

a-ya'-sku, v.a. (a and yasku) to pull off on with

the teeth : mdo ha owanka amdasku, I bite off

potato-skins on the floor. a-ya'-smin, v. a. (a and yasmin) to pick off with

the teeth on, make bare with the teeth. a-ya'-sna, v. a. (a and yasna) to make, ring as a

little bell, with the mouth on or over any thing. a-ya'-so-ta, v. a. (a and yasota) to eat all up on,

-amdasota. a-ya'-spa-ya, v. a. (a and yaspaya) to wet with

the mouth on any thing. a-ya'-stan-ka, v. a. (a and yastanka) to moisten

on any thing with the mouth. a.ya'-sto, v. a. (a and yasto) to lick smooth on. a-ya'-su-ta, v. a. (a and yasuta) to make firm or

establish with the mouth. a-ya'-sa-pa, v. a. (a and yaśapa) to blacken or

defile with the mouth. a-ya'sdu-ta, v. a. (a and yaśduta) to have the

teeth slip on any thing. a-ya'-ško-pa, v. a. (a and yaśkopa) to make

crooked or twisted by biting on. a-ya'-śna, v. a. (a and yaśna) to miss with the

mouth, let fall on from the mouth,—amdaśna. a-ya'-spa, v. a. (a and yaspa) to bite a piece off

on any thing, -amdaspa. a-ya'-śpu, v. a. (a and yaspu) to bite off on, as

one thing that adheres to another. a-ya'-stan, v. a. (a and yastan) to cease from

speaking or eating,-amdastan, unkayastanpi. a-ya'-su-ża, v. a. (a and yaśuza) to bite or mash

up on with the teeth. a-ya'-ta, v. n. to guess, predict, foretell, divine,

800thsay,-amdata, adata, unkayatapi. a-ya'-ta-ku-ni-śni, v. a. (a and yatakuniśni) to

destroy with the mouth on any thing. a-ya'-tan, . a. (a and yatan) to praise for. a-ya'-tan-in, v. a. (a and yatanin) to make mani

fest upon or for by speaking. a-ya'-ta-pi, n. guessing, prophecy, divination. a-ya'te, n. a soothsayer, prophet, diviner. a-ya'-ti-tan, v. a. (a and yatitan) to pull with

the teeth on any thing. a-ya'-tkan, v. a. (a and yatkan) to drink, as

water, on or after eating, etc.,-amdatkan. a-ya'-tkan-yan, adv. drinking on or after. a-ya'-tpan, v. a. Same as ayakpan. a-ya'-wan-ka, v. a. (a and yawanka) to throw

down with the mouth on any thing. a-ya'-wa-ste, v. a. (a and yawaste) to bless upon,

-amdawaste. a-ya'-we-ga, v. a. (a and yawega) to fracture

by biting on. a-ya'-za-mni, v. a. (a and yazamni) to open or

uncover with the mouth or by speaking.

a-ya'-zaŋ, v. n. (a and yazan) to be sick on,

amayazan. a-ya'-zo-ka, v. a. (a and yazoka) to suck out on, . a-ya'-zun-ta, v. a. (a and yazunta) to connect

or weave together, as in talking. a'-ye, v. Same as aya. a-ye'-ġa, v. n. (a and yega) to glisten or shine on. a-yek'-ya, adv. in a glistening manner. a-yu'-ba-ga, v. a. (a and yubaga)

to twist or turn on. a-yu'-be, v. Same as ayuman. a-yu'-bu, v. a. (a and yubu) to make a drum

ming noise on any thing. a-yu'-éan, v. a. (a and yućan) to sift or shake

on or over,-amdućan. a-yu'-can-caŋ, v. a. (a and yućanéan) to cause

to shake or tremble on. a-yu'-ce-ka, v. a. (a and yućeka) to make stag

ger on any place. a-yu'-ee-ya, v.a. (a and yućeya) to make cry on. a-yu'-co, adv. well, excellently : ayućo kaga. a-yu'-co-ya, adv. well. a-yu'-co-za, v. a. (a and yućoza) to make warm

on any place. a-yu'-e-ce-tu, v. a. (a and yuećetu) to fulfil or

accomplish on. a-yu'-e-ci, v. a. (a and yueći)

to turn wrong side out on any thing. a-yu'-ga, v. a. (a and yuga) to husk on, as corn,

-amduģa. a-yu'-gan, v. a. (a and yugan) to open, as a door,

on any thing. a-yu'-ga-pa, v. a. (a and yugapa) to strip or

pull off on, as the skin of an animal. a-yu'-ga-ta, v. a. (a and yugata) to open out, as

the hand, on any thing. a-yu'-ge, v. a. (a and yuge) to dip out on. a-yu'-ġe-ġe, v. a. (a and yuġeġe) to take up by

handfuls on any thing. a-yu'-ġo, v. a. (a and yugo) to make marks on. a-yu'-gu-ka, v. a. (a and yuguka) to sprain on. a-yu'-ha, v. a. (a and yuba) to have or possess

on ; to hold or lift on; to have for,-amduha. a-yu'-hba, v. a. (a and yuhba) to shell, as corn,


a-yu'-hbe-za, v. a. (a and yuhbeza) to make

rough on. a-yu'-hbu, v. a. (a and yuhbu) to make rattle on,

as in taking hold of shelled corn. a-yu'-hda, v. a. (a and yuhda) to uncoil or un

twist on. a-yu'-hin-ta, v. a. (a and yuhinta) to sweep or

rake off on. a-yu'-hmi-hma, v. a, (a and yuhmihina) to roll


[blocks in formation]

a-yu'-hna-yan, v. a. (a and yuhnayan) to miss

in trying to catch hold of. a-yu'-hnu-ni, v. a. (a and yuhnuni) to make

wander on any place. a-yu'-ho-ho, v. a. (a and yuhoho) to shake on,

as any thing loose. a-yu'-ho-mni, v. a. (a and yuhomni) to turn

around on, as in bringing a gun round and pointing

it at one,-amduhomni, amayuhomni. a-yu'-hu-hu-za, v. a. (a and yuhuhuza) to shake

on or over, as a tree. a-yu'-Kda, v. a. (a and yuhda) to ring or rattle

a-yu'-kin-ca, v.a. (a and yukinća) to scrape off on. a-yu'-kpan, v. a. (a and yukpan) to grind or

make fine on,-amdukpan. a-yu'-ksa, v. a. (a and yuksa) to break off on, as

limbs or sticks, with one's hand, -amduksa. a-yu'-kša, v. a. (a and yuksa) to bend, fold, or

double up on. a-yu'-ksi-za, v. a. (a and yuksiza) to bend or

double up on; to pull, as the trigger of a gun, on

one,-amduksiza. . a-yu'-ktan, v. a. (a and yuktan) to bend around



a-yu'-Kda-gan, v. a. (a and yuldagan) to make

large upon ; to leave, forsake. a-yu'-nda-ta, v. a. (a and yuldata) to scratch


a-yu'-kda-ya, v. a. (a and yulidaya) to peel off

on, as the skin of a potato. a-yu'-ide-ca, v. a. (a and yulideća) to rend or

tear on one, as a garment, —amdulideća. a-yu'-Kdo-ka, v. a. (a and yukdoka) to make a

hole on ; to open on,-amdukdoka. a-yu'-Ke-pa, v. a. (a and yulepa) to absorb on. a-yu'-Ke-ya-ta, v. a. (a and yuleyata) to push

back on, push on one side. a-yu'-bi-ca, v. a. (a and yubića) to waken one

upon,-amdulica. a-yu'-ümin, v. a. (a and yulimin) to sling or

throw on one side, as a stone, on any thing. a-yu’-ümin-yan, adv. crookedly. a-yu'-Kmun, v. a. (a and yulimun) to make buzz

a-yu'-ku-ka, v. a. (a and yukuka) to make rot

ten on. a-yu'-ķe-ga, v, a. (a and yuķega) to scratch or

scrape on any thing. a-yu'-ke-za, v. a. (a and yuķeza) to make hard

and smooth on. a-yu'-ko-ġa, v. a. (a and yuķoga)

(a and yuķoga) to scratch up, make rough. a-yu'-ko-za, v. a. (a and yukoza) to make hard

and smooth on. a-yu'-man, v. a. (a and yaman) to grind or file

off on ; to sharpen by grinding. a-yu'-mda-ska, v. a. (a and yumdaska) to make

flat on. a-yu'-mda-ya, v. a. (a and yumdaya) to spread

out on, unroll on. a-yu'-mda-za, v. a. (a and yumdaza) to burst

open on, make an incision on. a-yu'-mde-ca, v. a. (a and yumdeća) to break

or crush on,—amdumdeéa. a-yu'-mdu, v. a. (a and yumdu) to plough on,

make mellow on,-amdumdu. a-yu'-na-ziņ, v. a. (a and yunazin) to cause to

stand on. a-yu'-pan-ġa, v. a. (a and yupanga) to tie up

loosely on. a-yu'-pe-han, v. a. (a and yupehan) to fold up on. a-yu'-pe-mni, v. a. (a and yupemni) to twist or

turn to one side on. a-yu'-po-ta, v. a. (a and yupota) to wear out on ;

to tear to pieces or destroy on,-amdupota. a-yu'-psa-ka, v. a. (a and yupsaka) to break or

pull in two on any thing, as a string. a-yu'-pson, v. a. (a and yupson) to pour out or

spill on, as water. a-yu'-psun, v. a. (a and yupsun) to pull out by

the roots or extract, as teeth, on any thing. a-yu'-pta, v. d. (a and yupta) to cut off on or

pare, as a garment,-amdupta. a-yu'-pta, v. a. to answer, speak in return or

opposition ; to give or grant a thing when asked, -amdupta, adupta, unkayuptapi; aciyupta, I answer thee ; amayadupta, thou answerest me..


a-yu'-kpa, v. a. (a and yukpa) to throw down

on,-amdulipa. a-yu'-Hpu, v. a. (a and yulipu) to make crumble


a-yu'-Ktu-ta, v. a. (a and yuhtuta) to mash or

break on, as one's skin ; to make rough on. a-yu'-hu, v. a. (a and yułu) to peel off on, as

bark. a-yu'-Ku-ġa, v. a. (a and yukuga) to break a

hole in, upon any thing. a-yu'-Kun-ta, v. a. (a and yukunta) to make

soft on by rubbing a-yu'-ka-tiŋ, v. a. (a and yukatin) to straighten

out on with the hand. a-yu'-ka-wa, v. a. (a and yukawa) to cause to

open on.

a-yu'-kća, (a and yukća) to untie on, disentan

gle on.

a-yu'-ptan-ptan, v. a. (a and yuptanptan) to

turn or roll back and forth on. a-yu'-ptan-yan, v. d. (a and yuptanyan) to

turn or roll over on,-amduptanyan. a-yu'-ptu-ża, v. a. (a and yuptuża) to crack or

split on any thing. a-yu'-sba, v. a. (a and yusba) to ravel out or

pick in pieces on. a-yu'-sbu, v. a. (a and yusbu) to make a rustling

or rattling noise on or over. a-yu'-sde-ca, v. a. (a and yusdeća) to split on. a-yu'-sdo-han, v. a. (a and yusdohan) to drag

or draw along on,-amdusdohan. a-yu'-sdu-ta, v. a. (a and yusduta) to pull out

a-yu'-śpu-ya, v. a. (a and yuspuya) to scratch

on, when an itchy sensation is felt. a-yu'-stan, v. a. (a and yuśtan) to stop or cease from, leave off what one is doing; to let go or let alone,-amdustan, adustan, un kayuśtanpi ; ama

yaduśtan, thou hast left me. a-yu'ta-ku-ni-sni, v. a. (a and yutakuniśni) to

destroy or bring to naught on. a-yu'-tan-in, v. a. (a and yutanin) to make ma

nifest upon. a-yu'-te-ca, v. a. (a and yuteća) to renew upon. a-yu'-te-pa, v. a. (a and yutеpa) to wear off on. a-yu'-ti-ća, v. a. (a and yutića) to scrape or paw



a-yu'-ske-pa, v. a. (a and yuskepa) to make eva

porate on or from. a-yu'-ski-ca, v. a. (a and yuskića) to press down

tight on. a-yu'-ski-ta, v. a. (a and yuskita) to bind or

bandage on. a-yu'-sku, v. a. (a and yusku) to peel or pare

off on. a-yu'-sma-ka, v. a. (a and yusmaka) to indent


a-yu'-sna, v. a. (a and yusna) to ring on or over. a-yu'-so-ta, v. a. (a and yusota) to use up or ex

pend on. a-yu'-sto, v. a. (a and yusto) to smooth down on,

make smooth, as hair, on the head. a-yu'-su-ta, v. a. (a and yusuta) to make firm

upon. a-yu'-sa-pa, v. a. (a and yusapa) to blacken or

defile on any thing. a-yu'-áda, v. a. (a and yuśda) to shave off on ; to

cut, as grass, to cover one with,-amduśda; ami

hduśda, I cut on or for myself. a-yu'-śdo-ka, v. a. (a and yuśdoka) to pull out

a-yu'-ti-pa, v. a. (a and yutipa) to make cramp

or draw up on. a-yu'-ti-tan, v. a. (a and yutitan) to pull on. a-yu'-tpan, v. a. Same as ayukpan. a-yu'-wan-ka, v. a. (a and yuwanka) to make

fall or lie down on. a-yu'-wa-śte, v. a. (a and yuwaste) to make

good on or for. a-yu'-we-ġa, v. a. (a and yuweġa) to break down

on or fracture. a-yu'-wi, v. a. (a and yuwi) to wrap on. a-yu'-win-ża, v. a. (a and yuwinza)

to bend down on. a-yu'-za-mni, v. a. (a and yuzamni) to open on,

set open on, as a door; to unroll on. a-yu'-ze, v. a. (a and yuze) to dip or skim out on. a-yu'-zi-ća, v. a. (a and yuzića) to draw or

stretch on. a-yu'-zun-ta, v. a. (a and yuzunta) to connect or

link together on. a-yu'-za-ża, v. a. (a and yużaża) to wash on. a-yu'-zi-pa, v. a. (a and yužipa) to pinch upon. a-yu'-żun, v. a. (a and yuzun) to pull out by the

roots on any thing. a-yu'-zu-zu, v. a. (a and yużużu) to destroy or

take to pieces on. a-ze', n. the breasts of a female; the udder of a


a-yu'-śdu-ta, v. a. (a and yuśduta) to draw or

slip out on any thing. a-yu'-si-ća, v. a. (a and yusića) to spoil or make

bad on,-amdusića. a-yu'-ski-ća, v. a. (a and yuśkića) to press out

COW, etc.

[blocks in formation]

a-ze'-pin-kpa, n. (aze pa and inkpa) the nipple

of the breast; the teat or dug of a cow, etc. a-ze'-pin-tpa, n. Same as azepinkpa. a'zi, v. n. to get aground or stick fast, as a boat.

. a-zin'-ki-ya, v. a. to burn incense, make a good

smell by burning, as cedar-leaves when one is sick,

and in their religious ceremonies,-azinwakiya. a-zin'-ton, v. a. to make a pleasant smell by

burning leaves,—azinwaton. a-zin', v. a. to suck, as a child its mother or the

young of mammals,-awazin : azin eli peya, to leave off sucking; aziŋ ayustankiya, to cause to leave off sucking, to wean.

a-yu'-spa, v. a. (a and yuspa) to break off a

piece on. a-yu'-śpi, v. a. (a and yuśpi) to pick, as fruit, on

a place. a-yu'-śpu, v. a. (a and yuśpu) to pick or pull

off on.

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