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yu-pe'-mni-mni, v. red. of yupemni; to warp,

crook, twist. yu-pe'-mni-yan, adv. crookedly. yu-pi', v. a. to make good,-mdupi, dupi. yu-pi'-ka, v. a. to clothe one up well, to make

look well,-mdupika. yu-pi'-ka, n. one who dresses well ; one who does

things neatly. yu-pins', cont. of yupinza; yupins iyeya. yu-pins'-pin-za, v. red. of yupinza. yu-piņš', cont. of yupinza; yupiņś iyeya. yu-piņš'-pin-ża, v. red. of yupinza. yu-pin'-za, v. a. to make creak,-mdupinza. yu-pin'-ża, v. a. to pull out the coarse hair from

a skin; to pull of all the hair or fur,-mdu

pinza. yu-po', v. a. to make swell, -mdu po. yu-pom', cont. of yupopa : yupom yuza, to catch

or hold with a snap or spring, as a trap, to catch

round the body. yu-pon', cont. of yupota; yupon iyeya. yu-pon'-po-ta, v. red. of yupota. yu-po'-pa, v. a. to cause to snap or burst, to

make a snapping noise,-mdupopa. yu-po'-ta, v. a. to wear out, tear to pieces, as

a garment; to use up, destroy,--mdupota, dupota. yu-pot'-po-ta, v. red. of yupota. yu-po'-wa-ya, v. a. to roughen up, as fur or

nap,-mdupowaya. yu-psag', cont. of yupsaka; yupsag iyeya. yu-psag'-ya, v. a. to cause to break, as a string. yu-psag'-ya, adv. breaking, as a cord. yu-psa'-ka, v. a. to break or pull in two, as a

string,-mdupsaka, unpsakapi. yu-psa'-psa-ka, v. red. of yupsaka. yu-pse', v. yupse hinhda; yupse hiyeya. yu-psi'-ca, v. a. to make jump, to to88,-mdu

psića: hoyupsića, to fish with hook and line. yu-psin', cont. of yupsića; yupsin iyeya. yu-psi'-psi-ća, v. red. of yupsića. yu-psi'-psin, cont. of yupsipsića. yu-pson', v. a. to turn over and spill, as water,

etc.,—mdupson, dupson. yu-pson'-pson, v. red. of yupson ; to turn over

on the belly, as the Dakotas do in skinning an

animal: yupsonpson ehnaka. yu-pson'-pson-na, v. a. to make round, to take

of the corners,—mdupsonpsonna. yu-psun', v. a.

Same as yupson. yu-psun', v. a. to pull out by the roots, to ex

tract, as a tooth; to put out of joint,-mdupsun,

dupbuy, unyupśunpi. yu-psun'-ka, v. a. to double up in a round

bunch: nape hdupšunka, to clench the fist mdupsunka.

yu-psun'-psun, v. red. of yupsun. yu-pta', v. a. to cut out, as a garment; to cut

off, as the border of a buffalo skin, etc.,-mdu

pta, dupta, unyuptapi. yu-pta'-hnag, adv. all together, collectively. yu-ptan'-ptan, v. a. to turn or roll back and

forth with the hand, to rock, ---mduptanptan. yu-ptan'-ptan-yan, v. a. to roll back and

forth, to roll over and over,-mduptanptanyan. yu-ptan'-yan, v. a. to roll over, to turn over,

-mduptanyaŋ, duptanyan. yu-pta'-pta, v. red. of yupta. yu-pta'-ya, adv. together, collectively : yuptaya

ehnaka. yu-pte'-ce-dan, v. a. to shorten,-mdupteće

dan. yu-pten'-ye-daŋ, adv. hastening, shortening;

yuptenyeday ehnaka. yu-ptu'-Ha, v. a. to pick in pieces, -mduptuha. yu-ptu'-ptu-ża, v. red. of yuptuża. yu-ptus', cont. of yuptuża; yuptuś iyeya. yu-ptus'-ki-ya, v. a. to cause to crack or split,

-yuptuŚwakiya. yu-ptus'-ya, v. a. to cause to split or crack,

yuptuŚwaya. yu-ptu'-ża, v. a. to make crack or split, as a

board, by boring,—mduptuża. yus, cont. of yuza ; yus naziŋ. yu-sa', adv. prickly, knobby, sharp; i. q. owasin

pepeya bosdan yanka. yu-sa'-kim, adv. both together. yu-sa'-kim-tu, adv. both together. yu-san', v. a. to make brownish or whitish, to

make fade,-mdusan. yu-sa'-pa, v. a. to blacken,-mdusapa. yu-sba', v. a. to ravel out; to pick to pieces, as

wool, --mdusba, dusba. yu-sba'-sba, v. red. of yusba. yu-sbu', v. a. to make a rattling or rustling

noise, as in taking hold of shelled corn,-mdusba. yu-sbu'-pi-se, adv. with a noise ; said of one

diving. yu-sbu'-sbu, v. red. of yusbu. yu-sde'-ca, v. a. to split,-mdusdeća, unyusde

capi. yu-sden', cont. of yusdeća; yusden iyeya. yu-sden'-ki-ya, v. a. to cause to split,-yusden

wakiya. yu-sden'-ya, v. a. to cause to split,-yusden

waya. yu-sde'-sde-ća, v. red. of yusdeća. yu-sdi', v. a. to press out, as fat with the hand,

to make ooze out,-mdusdi. yu-sdi'-tka, v. a. to make taper ; to make small

by pinching,-mdusditka.

yu-sdo'-han, v.a. to draw or drag along, to draw,

as a horse does a load ; to lead a horse,-mdu

sdohan. yu-sdo'-han-han, v. red. of yusdohan. yu-sdo'-han-yan, adv. dragging along. yu-sdo'-he-ki-ya, v. a. to cause to draw along,

-yusdohewakiya. yu-sdo'-sdo, v.a. to make soft by pressing with

the hand, as an apple,-mdusdosdo. yu-sdun', cont. of yusduta ; yusdun iću and yu

sdun iyeya. yu-sdu'-ta, v. a. to pull out, to draw out from

under,-mdusduta, dusduta. yu-sem', cont. of yusepa; yusem iyeya. yu-se'-pa, v. a. to rub off, as paint, to deface; to

wear off, as the skin from the hand,-mdusepa. yu-ska', v. a. to whiten, cleanse ; to clean up; to

gather with the fingers,-mduska, duska. yu-ska'-ki-ya, v. a. to cause to bleach,-yuska

wakiya. yu-ska'-pi-dan-se, adv. in a compact body. yu-ska'-pi-se, adv. close together. yu-skem', cont. of yuskepa; yuskem iyeya. yu-ske'-pa, v. a. to cause to escape, make eva

porate ; to drain off, -mduskepa. yu-ski'-ća, v.a. to press, make tight,-mduskića. yu-skin', cont. of yuskića and yuskita; yuskin

iyeya. yu-ski'-ski-ća, v. red. of yuskića. yu-ski'-skin, cont. of yuskiskića and yuskiskita. yu-ski'-ski-ta, v. red. of yuskita; to wrap round

and round, as in fastening a child on a board, —

mduskiskita. yu-ski'-ta, v.a. to bind, bandage; to hoop, as a

barrel,-mduskita. yus-ki'-ya, v. a. to cause to hold, -yuswakiya. yu-sku', v.a. to peel off the skin with the hand ;

to pare ; to shave or cut off short, as hair,-mdu

sku. yu-sku'-sku, v. red. of yusku; to shave or cut

off short, as the hair. yu-sku'-ya, v. a. to make sweet or sour, etc., to

flavor,-mduskuya. yu-smag', cont. of yusmaka; yusmag iyeya. yu-smag'-sma-ka, v. red. of yusmaka. yu-sma'-ka, v. a. to make a hollow place, indent,

-mdusmaka. yu-sma'-ka, n. a hollow place. See osmaka. yu-sma'-sma-ka, v. red. of yusmaka. yu-sma'-sma-ka, n. hollow places. yu-smin', v.a. to pick off, as meat from a bone,

-mdusmin. yu-smin'-smin, v. red. of yusmin. yu-smin'-yan-yan, v. a. to make smooth or

bare ; to wear off smooth, -mdusminyanyan.

yu-smi'-smi, v. red. of yusmi; to shave off short,

as hair,-mdusmismi. yu-sna', v. a. to ring or tinkle, as little bells ; to

ravel out, as a stocking; to shake off, as leaves or

fruit from a tree,-mdusna, dusna. yu-sna'-sna, v. red. of yusna. yu-sni', v. a. to put out, extinguish, as a fire; to

make cold,-mdusni. yu-sni'-sni, v. red. of yusni. yus-o', v. n. to swim, as a duck or muskrat. yus-o'-dan-ka, v. n. to be slow, to loiter : ećen

mdusodanka. yus-o'-ki-ya, v. a. to cause to swim, in the man

ner of a duck,-yusowakiya. yu-son', cont. of yusota ; yuson iyeya. yu-son'-ki-ya, v. a. to cause to use up, -yuson

wakiya. yu-son'-ya, v. a. to cause to use up,-yuson

waya. yus-os'-o, v. red. of yuso. yu-so'-ta, v. a. to use up, make an end of, ex

pend,-mdusota, dusota, unsotapi. yu-spa'-i-cu-se-ma-ni, v. to limp. yu-stan'-ka, v. a. to moisten,-mdustanka. yu-sto', v. a. to smooth down, as the hair, to

make smooth : pa yusto, to oil and smooth the

head,-mdusto. yu-sto'-ki-ya, v. a. to cause to make smooth,

yustowakiya. yu-sto'-sto, v. red. of yusto. yu-sto'-ya, v. a. to cause to make smooth,

yustowaya. yu-su', v. a. to make right,-mdusu. yu-su'ta, v. a. to make firm,-mdusuta, unyu

sutapi. yu-su'-ya, v. a. to cause to make well,-yusu

waya. yu-sa', v. a. to make red by touching,-mdusa. yu-s'ag', cont. of yus'aka. yu-s'ag'-ya, v. a. to overburden, overload, -yu

s'agwaya. yu-ś’a'-ka, v. n. to be heavily laden, have as

much as one can carry,—mduś’aka, dus'aka. yu-sam', cont. of yuśapa ; yušam iyeya. yu-sam'-ya, v. a. to cause to soil, -yuśamwaya. yu-sa'-pa, v. a. to soil, blacken, or defile any

thing,—mdusapa, unyusapapi. yu-sbe', v. a. to make deep,-mduśbe. yu-śbe'-ya, adv. deeply; yuśbeya wanka. yu-sda', v. a. to make bare or bald ; to cut off, as

hair; to shear, as sheep; to pull out, as grass or weeds, to weed ; to reap; to pick off, as the fea

thers of ducks, etc.,-mduśda, dusda, un dapi. yu-śda'-ki-ya, v. a. to cause to pull, pluck, or

shear off, -yuśdawakiya.

yu-śda'-śda, v. red. of yuśda. yu-śda'-ya, v. a. to uncover ; to pull off,—mdu

śdaya. yu-śda'-ye-hna, adv. plainly, manifestly, openly:

yusdayehna yuza. yu-śdi', v.a. to press or squeeze with the hand,

-mdusdi. yu-édi'-ya, adv. pressing : yuśdiya iyakaśka, to

squeeze up and tie tight, yu-śdog', cont. of yusdoka; yuśdog iyeya. yu-śdog'-ya, v. a. to cause to pull of or out,

yuśdogwaya. yu-śdo'-ka, v. a. to pull of, as a garment; to

pull out, as a cork from a bottle,-mduśdoka,

unsdokapi and unyusdokapi. yu-śdo'-śdo-ka, v. red. of yuśdoka. yu-śdun', cont. of yusduta; yuśdun iyeya. yu-śdu'-sdu-ta, v. red. of yuśduta ; to make

smooth or slippery,—mduśdusduta. yu-śdu'-ta, v. a. to slip out, to let slip from one,

-mduśduta. yu-se'-ca, v. a. to deaden, to make dry,-mdu

seća. yu-se'-køe-ća, v. red. of yuśeća. yu-sen', cont. of yuśeća; yuśen iyeya, to cause to

wither. yu-si'-ca, v. a. to make bad ; to injure, spoil,

-mdusića. yu-si'-hda, v. a. to make angry,-mduśihda. yu-si'-Han, v. a. to make act badly,-mduśihan. yu-si'-han-yaŋ, adv. causing to do badly. yu-si'-Ktin, v.a. to enfeeble,-mdušiltin, mayu

siltin. yu-si'-Ktin-pi, n. feebleness. yu-si'-Ktin-yan, adv. feebly : yusikitinyan ećon

pi. yu-sim', cont. of yusipa ; yuśim iyeya. yu-šim'-si-pa, v. red. of yusipa. yu-sin', v. n. to wrinkle. yu-sin'-pi, n. wrinkles. . yu-sin'-sin, v. red. of yusin ; to wrinkle. yu-sin'-sin, v. a. to tickle,-mdusinsin. yu-sin'-ya-ya, v. n. to be afraid ; to be fright

ened,-mayusinyaya, niyušinyaya, unyusinyayapi.

. yu-sin'-ye-ya, v. a. to frighten, terrify,-yusin

yewaya, yušinyeunyanpi. yu-si'.pa, v. a. to break off close, as the limbs

of a tree, the teeth of a comb, or projecting pins,

—mduśipa. yu-ska', v. a. to loosen, untie,-mduśka, duśka,

unyuśkapi. yu-skan'-skan, v. a. to cause to move about,

mduśkanskan. yu-śke'-han, v. a. to make wild,-mduśkehan.

yu-ske'-han-han, v. red. of yuskehan; to make

prance about,-mduśkehanhan. yu-ski', v. a. to plait, to gather,-mduśki, un

yuśkipi. yu-ski'-ca, v. a. to press, squeeze, wring, as

clothes; to milk, as a cow,-mduśkića. yu-skin', cont. of yuśkića; pte yuśkin mda, I

go to milk the cow. yu-ski'-pi, part. plaited, gathered in folds. yu-ski'-ska, v. a. to make rough, difficult, or

complicated,-mduśkiśka. yu-ski'-ske-ya, v. a. to cause to make difficult,

-yuśkiśkewaya. yu-ski'-ski-ća, v. red. of yuśkića. yu-śko'-kpa, v. a. to hollow out, as a trough,

mduskokpa. yu-skom', cont. of yuśkopa; yuśkom iyeya. yu-sko'-pa, v. a. to bend, to make crooked or

twisting,-mduśkopa. yu-sko'-sko-pa, v. red. of yuśkopa. yu-sko'-tpa, v. a. to hollow,-mduskotpa. yu-sku', v. a. to shell off, as corn with the hands,

--mdusku. yu-sku'-sku, v. red. of yuśku. yu-sna', v. a. to drop any thing, to let slip, to

make a mistake,-mdusna, dusna, un napi. yu-śna'-kon-za, v. to pretend to make a mistake,

-yuśnawakonza. yu-sna'-pi, n. a mistake. yu-sna'-śna, v. red. of yuśna ; to try to catch

and fail often, to miss,-mdusnaśna. yu-śni'-śni-za, v. red. of yuśniza. yu-śni'-ża, v. a. to cause to wither,-mduśniza. yu-so'-sa, v. a. to make muddy, to roil up,

mdusosa. yu-spa', v.a. to break off, to separate from, to de

tach ; to break loose from, break away, escape ; to free from ; to break open,—mduspa, unyuśpa

pi: ihduspa, to free oneself from. yu-spa'-spa, v. red. of yuśpa; to break in pieces,

—mduśpaspa. yu-śpi', v.a. to pick or gather, as berries; to pull

off,—mduśpi, unšpipi. yu-spi'-spi, v. red. of yuśpi. yu-spu', v. a. to pick off with the hand any thing

that adheres, to pull off,—mduśpu. yu-spu'-śpu, v. red. of yuspu. yu-śpu'-śpu-pi, n. pieces broken off ; slugs. yu-śpu'-śpu-ya, v. red. of yuśpuya. yu-śpu'-ya, v. a. to scratch, as the skin when

it itches,-mduśpuya, unyuśpuyapi. yu-stan', v.a. to finish any thing; to perfect,

mdustan, dustan, unstanpi and unyuśtanpi. yu-sta'-sta, v. to soak a skin preparatory to

dressing it,-mduśtaśta.

yu-sus', cont. of yuśuża; yusuś iyeya. yu-su'-su-ża, v. red. of yusuza. yu-su'-ża, v. a. to crush, as bones,-mdusuza. yu'ta, v. a. to eat any thing, -wata, yata, un

tapi : taku yutapi, something to eat, food. yu-ta'-kiŋ, v. a. to cause to lean, -mdutakin. yu-ta'-kin-yan, adv. leaning. yu-ta'-ku-ni-śni, v. a. to destroy,—mdutakuni

śni. yu-ta'-ku-ni-śni-yan, adv. destroying. yu-ta'-ku-śni, v. a. to bring to naught; to

frustrate,-mdutakuśni. yu-tan', v. a. to honor, glorify,—mdutan. yu-t'an', v. a. to touch, to feel,-mdut'an. yu-tan'-co-day, v. a. to make naked,-mdutan

codan. yu-tan'-in, v. a. to make manifest, to expose,

mdutanin. yu-tan'-in-yan, adv. manifestly. yu-tan'-ka, v. a. to make great or large, to en

large,-mdutanka. yu-tan'-ka-ya, adv. largely, greatly. yu-tan'-ni, v. a. to make old, to wear out,

mdutanni. yu-tan'-ni-ka, v. a. to wear out, as clothes ; to

make old,-mdutaŋnika. yu-t'an'-t'aŋ, v. red. of yut'an. yu-tan'-ton, v. a. to make last well, to make

substantial,-mdutanton. yu-tan'-toy-śni, v. a. to use up, expend,

mdutanto śni. yu-tan'-ton-śni-yan, adv. erpending. yu-tan'-yan, adv. praising. yu-ta'-om, adv. leaning : yutaom ehde, to place

leaning. yu-ta'-on-pa, v. n. to lean. See yutaom. yu-ta'ta, v. a. to shake of, as dust from a gar

ment; to scrape or brush off with the hand,

mdutata. yu-te'-ca, v. a. to make new, renew—mduteća,

duteca, unyutecapi. yu-te'-han, v.a. to put off, prolong; to make

slow, retard,-mdutehan. yu-te'-hi-ka, v.a. to make difficult, make hard

to be endured, -mdutelika. yu-tem', cont. of yutеpa; yutem iyeya. yu-tem'-te-pa, v. red. of yutepa. yu-te'-pa, v.a. to wear of short,—mdutepa. yu-ti'-ća, v. a. to scrape away, as snow, with the

hand ; to paw, as a horse does,—mdutića. yu-tim', cont. of yutipa ; yutim iyeya. yu-tim'-ti-pa, v. red. of yutipa. yu-tin', cont. of yutića; yutin iyeya. yu-tin'-ta, v.a. to pull out long hairs, to strip off long hairs,—mdutinta.

yu-ti'-pa, v.a.

to cramp, as muscles; to make crisp or draw up, as burnt leather. yu-ti'-taŋ, v. a. to pull,-mdutitan), dutitan. yu-ti-tan-yan, v. a to cause to pull at,-yu

titan waya. yu-tke'-ya, adv. deeply; said of a bluff shore

where the water is deep, i. q. yukseya. yu-tki'-tka, v. yutkitkа yuza, to take hold of a

bunch of any thing. yu-tku'-ga, v. a. to break of square,-mdutku

ġa. yu-tkuk', cont. of yutkuģa; yutkuli iyeya. yu-tkuns', cont. of yutkunza; yutkuns iyeya. yu-tkun'-tkun-ta, v. See yukuntkunta. yu-tkun'-za, v.a. to cut off even, as with shears,

-mdutkunza. yu-tku'tku-ga, v. red. of yutkuģa; to break or

divide in several pieces. yu-tog'-ye, v. a. to make different. See yuto

keca. yu-to'-kan, v.a. to put in another place, remove;

to reject,-mdutokan. yu-to'-kan-kan, v. red. of yutokan; yutokan

kay iyeya, to scatter abroad. yu-to'-kan-yay, adv. in another place, removed :

yutokanyan iyeya. yu-to'-ke-ća, v. a. to make different, to alter,

mdutokeća. yu-to'-na-na, v.a. to diminish,-mdutonana. yu-to'-to, v. a. to clear off, as a field,-mdutoto. yu-to'-tom-ya, v. a. to soak and make soft,

yutotomwaya. yu-to'-to-pa, v. n. to become soft, as leather, by

soaking. yu-tpa', v. a. noġe yutpa, to make deaf; ista

yutpa, to make blind : yutpapi se hay and yutpa

pi se iyeya. yu-tpan', v.a. to mash or grind fine, as corn,

mdutpan. yu-tpan'-tpan, v. red. of yutpay. yu-tpa'-tpa, v. red. of yutpa. yu-tpi', v. a. to crack with the fingers,-mdutpi. yu-tpi'tpi, v. red. of yutpi. yu-tpu'tpa, v. a. to crumble and throw about ;

to mix up together,-mdutputpa. yu-tug'-tu-ka, v. red. of yutuka; to pick to

pieces, as furs. yu-tu'-ka, v. a. to pull off or destroy, as fur; to

spoil, -mdutuka : yutukahay, to be pulling off, as

hair, etc. yu-tu'-ka-ka, v. red. of yutuka ;

to bend up, to hurt, as in a trap; to destroy,--mdutukaka. yu-tu'-ta, v. a. to make smart,-mdututa. yu-tu'-tka, v. a. to break in small pieces,-mdu


to make cross,

yu-tu'-tu-ka, v. red. of yutuka. yu-tu'-tu-pa, v. a. to make slimy or slippery,

mdututupa. yu-ta', v. a. to kill; poskin yuţa, to choke to

death, kill by hanging,—mduța. yu-țins', cont. of yuţinza ; yuțins iyeya. yu-țins'-tin-za, v. red. of yuținza. yu-țin'-za, v. a. to draw tight, to tighten, -mdu

țizza. yu-wa'-ćin-hin-yan-za, v. a.

-mduwaćinhinyanza. yu-wa'-cin-ksa-pa, v. a. to make wise,-mdu

waćinksapa. yu-wa'-cin-tan-ka, v.a. to make magnanimous ;

to make obstinate,-mduwaćintanka. yu-wa'-ćin-ton, v.a. to make intelligent,-mdu

waćinton. yu-wa'-Kba-day, v. a. to make gentle,-mdu

waħbadan. yu-wa'-hba-ka, v. a. to make mild or gentle,

mduwalbaka. yu-wa'-hpa-ni-ca, v. a. to make poor,-mdu

walipanića, mayuwalipanića. yu-wa'-Kte-śni, v. a. to make bad, do badly,

-mduwaliteśni. yu-wa'-kaŋ, v. a. to set apart, consecrate,

mduwakan. yu-wa'-kan-yan, adv. consecrating. yu-wang', cont. of yuwanka; yuwang iyeya. yu-wan'-ka, v. a. to throw down, to make lie

down ; to demolish,-mduwanka. yu-wan'-ka-dan, v. a. to make soft or tender,

mduwankadan. yu-wan'-kan, v. yuwankan iću, to lift or raise

up; yuwankan iyeya. yu-wan'-kan-tu-ya, adv. upwards, above. yu-wan'-kan-yan, adv. up. yu-wa'-s'ag, cont. of yuwasaka; yuwas'ag iyeya. yu-wa'-s'ag-ya, v. a. to cause to make strong,

-yuwas'agwaya. yu-wa'-s'a-ka, v. a. to make strong, strengthen,

—mduwaś’aka, unyuwaś’akapi. yu-wa'-sa-ka-daŋ, v. a.

to make cheap or easy, -mduwasakadan. yu-wa'-s'a-ke-śni, v. a. to make weak, enfeeble,

—mduwas'akeśni. yu-wa'-ste, v. a. to make good, to bless,—mdu

waste, unyuwastepi. yu-we'-ci, v. See yueći. yu-we'-ga, v. a. to break, as a stick, with the

hands, but not entirely off; to break, as a bone,

-mduweġa, unyuweġapi. yu-wek', cont. of yuwega; yuweli iyeya. yu-wek'-we-ga, v. red. of yuwega. yu-wek'-weh, cont. of yuweli wega.

yu-weh'-ya, v. a. to cause to break, etc., -yu

wehwaya. yu-wi', v. a. to wrap around, bind 'up, bandage,

—mduwi, unyuwipi. yu-wi'-ca-ka, v. a. to make true ; to prove,

convince ; show that a cause is true, to esta

blish it,-mduwićaka. yu-wi'-ca-sta, v. a. to make manly: yuwićasta

se uŋ, one who is bad but always wishes to be

thought good. yu-wi'-ca-sta-śni, v. a. to seduce, corrupt,

mduwićastaśni. yu-wi'-hnu-ni, v. a. to cause to perish, to de

stroy,-mduwihnuni. yu-wi'-hnu-ni-yan, v. a. to cause to destroy,

yuwihnuniwaya. yu-wi'-no-kin-ća, v. a. to make a woman of, to

render effeminate,-mduwinolinća. yu-win'-ga, v. a. to turn around, turn back,

mduwinga. yu-wink', cont. of yuwinga; yuwiyli iyeya. yu-wink'-win-ga, v. red. of yuwinga. yu-wink'-ya, adv. coming round : yuwinhya, ,

hdiću. yu-wins', cont. of yuwinza; yuwins iyeya. yu-wins'-win-ża, v. red. of yuwiyża. yu-wins'-ya, v. a. to cause to bend down,-yu

wiyśwaya. yu-win'-ta, v. a. to spread out the hands, to

worship; to salute. The ceremony of salutation, among the Dakotas, consists in extending the hand towards the person saluted. It is, however,

I believe, confined to their feasts. yu-win'-ża, v. a. to bend or break down,-mdu

wiņża. yu-wi'tan, v. a. to honor one, to glorify-mdu

witan. yu-wi'-ta-ya, v. a. to collect together, assemble,

-mduwitaya. yu-wi'-ta-ya, adv. all together, assembled. yu-wi'-tko, v. a. to make drunk,—mduwitko. yu-wi'-tko-tko, v. a. to make foolish,-mdu

witkotko. yu-wi'-tko-tko-ka, v. a. to make foolish,

mduwitkotkoka. yu-wi'-ya-ya, v. a.

to make ready, prepare. See yuwiyeya. yu-wi'-ye-ya, v. a.

to make ready, prepare,— mduwiyeya. yu-wo'-hdu-ze, v. a. to make wohduze,

-mduwohduze. yu-wo'-hdu-ze-ton, v. a. to consecrate, dedi

cate,-yuwohduzewaton. yu'-za, v. a. to take hold of, catch, hold ; to take

a wife,-mduza, duza, unzapi.

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