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yu-za'-han, v. a. to make a noise, as by tearing

cloth,-mduzahan. yu-za'-mni, v. a. to open, uncover ; to open

out, as a door,-mduzamni : yuzamni ehde, to

yu-zun', v. a. to pull out by the roots, as a tooth

or quill; to pull up, as any thing growing,

mduzun. yu-zu'-zu, v. a. to tear down, destroy, deface; to

pull in pieces, undo, open, as a bundle; to make void, as an agreement, etc., -mduzuzu, unyuzužupi and unzužupi.

set open.


yu-za'-mni-han, adv. standing open : yuzamni

han ehde. yu-za'-mni-mni, v. red. of yuzamni. yu-zan', v. a. to part or separate, as high grass ;

to push aside or raise up, as a curtain,-mduzan. yu-za'-pa-pi-se, adv. with a rush, impetuously :

yuzapapise napeunyanpi. yu-ze', v. a. to dip, lade out, as food from a

kettle; to skim,—mduze, duze, unzepi. yu-zi'-ca, v. a. to stretch, as a skin,-mduzića. yu-zig'-zi-ca, v. red. of yuzića ; to stretch,

make pliable,-mduzigzića. yu-zin', cont. of yuzića; stretching : en yuzin

amaupi, they stretch it to me, they charge all

upon me : yuzin iću, to stretch. yu-zog', cont. of yuzoka; yuzog iću. yu-zo'-ka, v. a. to stretch out from one,-mdu

zoka. yu-zun'-ya, adv. connectedly. yu-zun'-ca, v. a. to connect. See yuzunta. yu-zun'-ca-ya, adv. connectedly. yu-zun'-ta, v. a. to connect, -mduzunta. yu-za', v. a. to mash; to stir up, as mush, to

make mush,-mduża, unyuzapi. yu-zag', cont. of yużaka; yuzag iyeya. yu-za'-han, v. a. to make a jarring noise,

mdužahan. yu-za'-han, adj. sounding. yu-za'-he-ya, adv. sounding, harshly. yu-za'-ka, v. a. to pull open, strain open, as the

eyes,-mduzaka. yu-za'-pi, part. mixed up, as mush ; i. q. wo

zapi. yu-za'-ża, v. a. to wash, as clothes, etc.,—mdu

zaža, dużaża, unżażapi and unyuzaźapi. yu-zim', or yuzib, cont. of yuzipa ; yužim

iyeya. yu-zim'-na-na, adv. pinching a little : yuzim

nana mduza. yu-zim'-zi-pa, v. red. of yuzipa. yu-zin', v. a. to stretch out, as a skin on a board

or stick,—mdužin. yu-zin'-ća, v. a. to pull or blow, as the nose, -

mduziŋća: poġe yužinća. yu-zi'-pa, v. a. to pinch,—mdužipa, mayužipa. yu-zip'-zi-pa. See yužimžipa. yu-zo', v. a. to scratch, -mdużo. yu-żo'-haŋ, n. a scratch. yu-zo'-zo, v. red. of yużo; to scratch or make

rough, as cats, by clawing,-mdużožo.

z, the twenty-eighth letter of the Dakota alphabet,

with the same sound as in English. za. See yuza. za-han', adj. See zazahan. Za'-ke, n. p. the Sac or Sauk Indians. za'-mni. See yuzamni. za'-mni-han, part. uncovered. za'-mni-wa-han, part. uncovered. za-ni', adj. well, not sick,-mazani, unzanipi :

also said of a part of the country from which the

game has not been hunted, unmolested. za-ni'-ka, adj. healthy, sound, well,-mazanika. za-ni'-ken, adv. in health. za-ni'-yan, adv. well, in health ; zaniyan waun. za-ni'-yan-ken, adv. in health. zan-zan', adv. separate, standing far apart, as stalks of

grass. zan-zan'-na', adv. scattered, standing far apart. za'-ptan, num. adj. five. za'-ptan-ki-ya, adv. in five ways, in five

places. za'-ptan-na, adv. only five. za'-ptan-ptan, adv. by fives, five apiece. za-za'-han, adj. ragged, ze, adj. disturbed. See canze. ze'-ka, adj. disturbed. See canzeka. ze'-ya, v. a. to make angry,-zewaya, zemayan. ze-ze'-ya, adv. swinging : zezeya ehnaka. zi, adj. yellow. zib-zi'-pe-dan, adj. thin, fine, as silk or fine

cloth. zi'-ća. See yuzića. zi-ca', n. the reddish grey squirrel, common in

the Dakota country. zi'-ca, n. the partridge or pheasant. zi-ća'-Ho-ta, n. the common grey squirrel, the

grey ground-squirrel. zi'-ća-tan-ka, n. the turkey. zi'-ca-ti-hda-bu-dan, n. the drumming par

tridge. zig-zi'-ća, adj. flimsy, not firm ; elastic. zin-ya', v. a. to smoke, fumigate,-zinwaya. zi'-pe-dan, adj. thin, fine. See zibzipeday. zip-zi'-pe-dan, adj. See zibzipedaŋ. zi'-ta, v. n.

to smoke. See izita.

zi-tka', n. a bird, birds of all kinds. zi-tka'-can-hpan-na, n.

a small bird with a large bill. zi-tka'-daŋ, n. the generic name for small birds. zi-tka'-sdi-dan, n. a kind of bird. zi-tka'-tan-ka, n.

the common blackbird. zi-tka'-wa-kan-tan-han, n. the magpie, i. q.

unkćekiha. zi-ya', v. a. to dye or paint yellow,-ziwaya. zi-ya', adj. yellowish. zi-zi', adj. red. of zi; yellow. zi-zi'-pe-dan, adj. fine, thin. See zibzipedan. zu-han', adj. striped. zu-han'-han, adj. red. striped. zu-he'-ya, adv. in a striped manner. zun-ya', adv. well, correctly ; joined : zunya eća

mon. zun-ya'-ken, adv. well, correctly. zun'-ća, adj. joined together, connected ; braided,


zun'-ca-ya, adv. connectedly. zun'-ta, adj. connected, braided, woven together. zun'-te-sni, adj. incorrect, disjoined, as lan

guage. zun-zin'-ća, n. the yellow-hammer, a kind of

bird. zu-ya', v. n. to go on a war party, to make war;

to lead out a war party, -zuwaya, zuyaya, zuun

yanpi. zu-ye'-ćin, n. the maker or leader of a war

party. zu-zu'-han, adj. striped. zu-zu'-he-ća-dan, n. the common striped ground


żan-żan', n. a vial, a bottle, a glass of any kind,

window-glass : sina zanzan), a red blanket, so

called by the Missouri Indians. żan-zan'-hde-pi, n. a window. See ożanzan

hdepi. ża'-ta, adj. forked, as a stick, stream, etc.; dou

ble or forked, lying or false, as the tongue : ćeži zata, to lie, speak falsely. Henok says this use of the word has been introduced by white

people. źa-za'. See yuzaza. źa-za'-ya, adj. exposed ; i. q. sdayehna. zi, adj.

thin and bristly, as the hair on the hands and arms, also like a young duck: pteži

cada, ha kiŋ he • zi.? ži'-ća, adj. rich,-mažića. See ižića and wi

žića. zi-ća'-ka, adj. rich,-mažičaka. zi'-dan, adj. thin and bristly, as hair. zin-ya', v.a. to make rich,-inwaya. See wi

žinya. zin-ya', adv. richly. zin-ye'-ca, v.a. to make rich, -zinwayeća. ziŋ, v. n. to stand erect, stiffen up,-mazin. zin-ca', v. n. to snuff up; to hiss,---waziņća, un

ziņéapi. See yužinća. zi'-pa. See kažipa. Źi-pa'-hay, part. See źipaheća. zi-pa'-he-ća, part. becoming smooth or hollowed

out of itself, i. q. l'apeća. zi'-ya, adv. thin and standing up, as hair ; thin,

scattered, and sparkling in the sunbeams. zi-zi', v. to whisper,—wazizi, yazizi, unzizipi. zi-zi'-do-wan, v. to sing in a low, whispering,

drawling manner, as the Dakota women do when lulling their infants to sleep,-Źiziwadowan, zizi

undowanpi. zi-zi'-ya, adv. red. of ziya; standing up, as the

hair on one's hand. zi-zi'-ya-han, adv. whispering. żo, v. to whistle, as a man does,-wało, yażo, un

zopi. Źo-żo', v. red, of żo; to whistle, whistle for, as

for young ducks,-ważožo, unżoźopi. See ki

dodo. Źo-zo'-do-wan, v. to whistle a tune,-zozowa

dowan. Źo-żo'-ka, n. a fish-hawk. żu, v. a. to put, place, lay up,-ważu, yażu, un

župi. żun. See yuzun. zu'-żu. See każużu, etc. zu-zu'-han, part. See zuzuwahan. zu-zu'-wa-haŋ, part. broken, fallen to pieces,

demolished, as a house; become loose, etc.


ź, the twenty-ninth letter of the Dakota alphabet,

having nearly the sound of the French ; or

English zh. ża. See yuza. żag, cont. of zata. żag-żan'-ya, adv. red. of źanya; forkedly. żag-za'-ta, adj. red. of zata; forked, brushy,

rough. źa-han', adj. rough, harsh, making a loud noise,

as an animal ; ho zahan. źa-han'-han, adj. rough, unpleasant, grating :

ho zahayhan. źa-he'-ya, adv. roughly, harshly, not melodious,

as the voice : żaheya ia. za'-ka, adj. rolling or straining, as the eyes.

See yużaka. żan, cont. of zata. zan-ya', adv. forkedly: żanya han.


(When Mr. R. CRAIGHEAD's printing-office was burnt on the 22d of January of the present year, between twentyfive and thirty pages of the manuscript of Part I. were consumed. With the assistance of the Rev. S. W. Pond of the Dakota Mission, who was then in Connecticut, this loss was repaired better than, at the time, we dared to hope for. The lost words extended from ‘apa' nearly to the end of the letter ' a.' The printing was immediately recommenced; and as soon as this portion was completed, the sheets were sent to Dr. T. S. WILLIAMSON, at Kaposia, Minnesota, with the request that they might be compared with the Dictionaries there, and that, as soon as practicable, he would forward a list of the words omitted. A few days before the concluding sheets of this part of the work went to press, this list was received, and it is here inserted as an Appendix.

S. R. R.]

[blocks in formation]


a-pa'-ha-dan-ka, adv. hill-like, convexly. a-pa'-hdu-ste, v. n. to be lame, to limp. a-pa'-kpi, v. a. to crack on any thing, as a louse. a-pa'-si, v. of pasi; to follow after, to do after

another. a-pa'-si-sa, v. of pasisa; to sew on, to patch. a-pa'-spe-ya, adv. passing off, as clouds. a-pa'-sdi, v. a. to squeeze out on. a-pa'-sdi-ya, adv. squeezing out on. a-pa'-si-pa, v. of pasipa; to break off close on. a-pa'-tpi, v. Same as apakpi. a-pa'-tuś, cont. of apatuza; stooping down on. a-pa'tus-ya, adv. in a stooping manner. a-pe'-co-ka-dan, and apećokanhedan, n.

species of fish. a-pe'-ki-ya, v. a. to cause to wait for,-apewa

kiya. a-po'-pa, v. n. to burst on any thing. a-po'-pa-han, part. bursting. a-po'-zaŋ, v. to blow out on. a-pu'-ski-ća, v. a. to press down tight on. a-pu'-skin, cont, of apuskića. a-pu'-skem-ya, adv. in a filtering manner. a-pu'-ske-pa, v. to filter on any thing. a-pu'-spa, v. a. to stick on,-awapuspa. a-pu'-spe-ya, adv. sticking on. a-pu'-țins, cont. of apuţinza. a-pu'-țiŋs-tins, cont. of apuținsţinza. a-pu'-țins-țins-ya, adv. firmly. a-pu'-țins-tin-za, of apuținza. a-pu'-țins-ya, adv. firmly. a-pu'-tin-za, v.a. to press down hard upon. a-sa'-ze-śni, adj. inconstant; unchaste. a-sda'-ya, v.a. to grease over any thing. a-s'ag', cont. of as’aka; aś’ag yanka. a-si-ca-ho-wa-ya, v.

to bemoan,-awaśićahowamda.

a-si'-htin, v. n. to be miserable on account of.
a-si'-htin-ya, adv. poorly, miserably.
a-śni'-yan-yan, v.n.

to crawl, creep. a-ta'-ku-ni-sni, v. n. to come to nothing,-ama

takuniśni. a-ta'-om, cont. of ataonpa. a-ta'-om-ya, adv. leaning. a-ta'-on-pa, v. n. to lean, as the sun does in the

afternoon. a-ta'-to-han, and atatoheya, adv. to the wind

ward. a-ti'-hna-ka, and atihnagya, adv. near to. a-tin', and atinka, adv. tolerably well. a-to'-ke-ća, v. n. to be different from : atokeća

śni, there is no difference, a-un'-ye-ya, v. a. of aunyan; to cause to be on. a-un'-ye-ya, v. n. to approach from the wind

ward. a-un'-ye-ya-pi, n. a species of berry, which if

approached from the windward is said to be bit

ter, but if from the opposite direction, sweet. a-wa'-cin-ken, adv. thinking of, intent upon. a-wa'-hin-he, v.

to snow upon. a-wa'-hin-he-ya, v. a. to cause to snow on. a-wa'-hin-he-ya, adv. snowing upon. a-wa'-Hpa-ni, v. n.

to become poor.

See awalipanića. a-wa'-ke-ya, v. a. to cover over, to curtain,-

awakewaya. a-wa'-ke-ya-pi, n.

curtains. a-wa'-ste-ka, v. n. to be good, to be fit. a-wi'-ca-s'a, n. shouting. a-wi'-ca-ya-śpu-ya, n. the itch. a-wi'-hnu-ni, v. n. to come to naught. a-wi'-hnu-ni-yan, v. a. to use up, destroy,

awihnuniwaya. a'-wi-tu-ka-dan, adv. exceedingly ; familiarly.

a-yan'-pa, v. n. to become light on; to endure

until morning, -amayanpa. a-ya'-ta-ya, and ayatayaken, adv. by guess. a-ya'-te-ya, v. a. to cause to foretell. a-yu'-ġin, v. n. to slumber,-amduġin. a-yu'-hmu-za, v. to shut, as the hand, on any

thing. a-yu'-ha, v. n. to become attached to. A-yu'-kba, or Iyukba, n. p. (sleepy ones) the

Iowa Indians. a-yu'-kan, v. to go around, leave unmolested. a-yu'-kan-yan, adv. going around. a-yu'-ki-pam, adv. separately, divided. a-yu'-ki-pa-tu-ża, v. a. to cause to stoop or bow

down on.

a-yu'-smiŋ, v. a. to make all bare,—amdusmin. a-yus'-o, v. of yuso; to wade after. a-yu'-ta, v. a. to cover up with earth. See akata. a-yu'-t'an, v. a. to touch, -amdut'an. a-yu'-to-kan, v. a. to put aside a little. a-yu'-wa-kan, v, a. to make waka, with or

for. a-yu'-wan-kan, v. a. to exalt. a-yu'-wi-ća-ka, v. a. to assure one. a-zan', adv. See azanzanka. a-zan'-zan-ka, or azazaka, adv. thinly, stand

ing at a distance from each other. a-zi'-ta, v. N. to smoke or burn as incense. See







gone out.

econ; yu

maya liinca.

en unpi śni.

a, art. indef. way.

about', prep. oksan; ihduksan. accept', v. a. iću. abaft', adv. wahektapatayhan. above', prep. iwankam. accept'able, adj. oiyokipi. aban'don, v. a. elipeya. above', adv. wankan ; wankan accept'ably, adv. iyokipiya. aban'doned, part. elipeyapi. tu; akan; akantu.

accessory, adj. ókiya. abase', v. a. yuhukuya. abreast', adv. ocimdagehan ; accident, n. wanun ećonpi. abas'ed, part. yuhukun iyeyapi. ipatkuģa.

accidentally, adv. wanuŋ. abash', v. a. ištenya.

abridge', v.a. yuptećedan. acclama'tion, n. as'api. abash'ed, part. wisteća; isten- abroad', adv. manin; wiciśni-accliv'ity, n. hunnaptan. yapi. .

yan; ti tokay iyaya, he has gone accom'pany, v.a. kići ya ; om abate', v. a. yuoptetu ; as wa to another house; tankan iyaya, ya; opa. alic.

accom'plish, v. a. abat'ing, part. iwastedan aya. ab'rogate, v. a. yuzuzu. śtan; yuećetu ; ećetuya. abbre'viate, v. a. yuptećedan. abrupt', adj. as a steep place, accord', v. n. otkonza. abdo'men, n. tezi; nige ; ikpi.

accord'ing to, prep. ećiyatanabed', adv. makan wanka. abscond', v. n. nažića; nalima han ; hećen; iyećen. abet', v. a. ićiya.

na iyaya.

accost', v. a. okiya. abhor', v. a. sićedaka; walite-ab'sence, n.

account', v. a. yawa; wayawa; daśni.

ab'sent, adj. en yayke śni; en iyawa. abhor'red, part. waltedapiśni. un śni; toki iyaya.

accu'mulate, v. a.

mnayan ; abide', v. n. ouŋyan) ; en yanka; ab'solutely, adv. itanćankiya. kamna. mdog yanka.

absolve', v. a. ećetuśni


ki- | accu'mulate, v. n. ićağa. abil'ity, n. wiệokihi.

éiyawa śni.

accu'mulated, part. kamnanab'ject, adj. onsika; siltin. absorb', v. a. kalitan; yuliepa. pi. a'ble, adj. wawokihi ; to be absorb'ent, n. okalitanye. ac'curate, adj. owotanna. able, okihi.

abste'mious, adj. iyatahdeiệiye ac'curately, adv. hecetu. a'bly, adv. wawokihiya; iyoki śni.

accusa'tion, n. wiyaonpapi; hiya.

abstruse', adj. okalnih teliika. waaiapi. abode', n. tipi ; oyanke. abun'dance, n. ota ; utkayna. accuse', v.a. iyaonpa; en aya. abol'ish, v.a. yutakuniśni; yu- abun'dant, adj. wižića; wase accus'er, n. wiyaonpe ciŋ. żuzu; yuećetuśni.

ća; ićewin.

accus'tomed, part. accustomed abom'inable, adj. waliteśni; abun'dantly, adv. iyakiệuya. to, ećewakta; akilio. sića.

abuse', v.a. sićaya kuwa; tehi ache, v. n. yazan. abom'inate, v. a. walitedaśni.

achieve', v. a. econ; yuśtan. aborig'ines, n. ikéewićaśta. abu'sively, adv. ićanksiya. achieve'ment, n. woecon. abort', v. a. okaśkan ton. abyss', n. osmaka temahentuya. a'cid, adj. skuya. abor'tion, n. okaśkan tonpi ; accede', v. n. wićada.

a'cid, n. wiskuye. oitkotpa.

accel'erate, v.a. duskiya ; ina- acid'ify, v. a. skuyeya. abor'tive, adj. itkotpa; una

acknowl'edge, v.a. ohdaka. vailing, okitpani.

accel'erating, part. yuinalini- acknowl'edgment, n. abound', v. n. ota ton.



ya kuwu.

lini ya.


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