Imágenes de páginas

a-zin'-ki-ya, v. a. to give suck to or nurse, as a

mother her child,-azinwakiya. a-zin'-ki-ye, n. a wet-nurse. . a'zi-ya, v. a. (azi and ya) to cause to get

aground, to run a ground, as a boat,—áziwaya. a-zi'-ya, v. a. (a and ziya) to make yellow on any

thing. See aziyahan. a-zi'-ya-han, part. becoming yellow on. a'zi-zi, v. red. of ázi : ázizi unyanpi, we often get

aground as we go. a-zu'-ya, v. a. (a and zuya) to make war on any

one, go to war against a people, -azuwaya; azu

wićunyanpi, we make war on them. a-zi'-zi, v. to whisper about a person or thing,

awazizi, ayaźići. a-żo', v. See ažožo. a-zo'-ki-ya or a-zog-ki-ya, v. to move the

ears, as a horse. a-zo'-zo, v. to whistle about ; to call by whistling,

as a dog,-awazozo. a-zo'-żo-ki-ya, v. a. to cause to whistle for,

ałożowakiya: nakpa azoźokiya, to prick up the

ears, as a horse. a-zu', v. a.

to lay up, as rice for drying ; to pile up,—awazu, unkażupi. a-żu'-ki-ya, v. a. to cause to lay up for drying.

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ba-ha', adj. aged. ba-ha', n. a middle-aged or oldish man. Some

times, but not often, applied to a woman. ba-ha'-i-ye-ya, v. a. to throw down or push

aside. See pahaiyeya. ba-ha'-ka, n. an aged person. ba-hba', v. a. to cut off, as corn from the cob,—

bawahba : wabahba ohaŋ, to boil corn that is cut

off ba-hbe'-za, v. a. (ba and hbeza) to carve, make

rough with a knife,-bawahbeza. ba-hda', v. a. to take off, as tallow from entrails,

with a knife-bawahda. ba-hda'-hda, v. red. of bahda. ba-hda'-ka, v. a. (ba and hdaka) to cut like the

teeth of a coarse comb,— bawahdaka. ba-hna', v. a. (ba and hna) to cut of, as fruit

from a tree, to make fall off by cutting,—bawahna. ba-hna'-skin-yaŋ, v. a. (ba and hnaśkinyan) to

make crazy or frantic by cutting or stabbing. ba-hna'-yan, v. a. (ba and hnayan) to miss in

attempting to strike with a knife,—bawahnayan. ba-hon', v. a. to cut across, in one's flesh, or in

meat of any kind; to gash or cut the flesh, as the Dakotas are accustomed to do for the dead,bawahon, bayahon, baunhonpi; baicihon, to cut

or gash oneself,—bamiţihon. ba-hon'-hon, v. a. red, of bahon; to cut many

gashes,-bawahonhon. ba-hun', v. a. Same as bahon. ba-hu'te, v. a. (ba and hute) to cut off by the

roots; to wear to a stump, as an old knife,-ba

wahute. ba-hu'-te-dan, v. a. dim. of bahute; to wear out,

as a knife,—bawahutedan. ba-hu'-te-dan, part.

worn out, as an old knife. ba-han'-hi, v. See balianhiya. ba-han'-hi-ya, adv. slowly cutting : baħanhiya

se ećon wo, bayalideće kta, cut slowly, or you will

tear it. ba-kći', v. a. (ba and hići) to cut or break out

notches by cutting,—bawalići. ba-Hći'-Hći, v. red. of bakći; to break out notches

in a knife by cutting,bawalićihci. ba-kda', v. a. (ba and kda) to make rattle with a

knife,—bawalida. ba-kda'-gan, (ba and hdağan) to enlarge, as a

hole, by cutting around, -bawakdagan. ba-Kda'-Kda, v. a. (ba and kidalida) to make rattle

by cutting,—bawakdalda. ba-kda'-ya, v. a. to pare off ; ha baldaya, to

peel, i. q. basku,—bawahdaya. ba-Kda'-ye-dan, v. dim. of balidaya. ba-hde'-ća, v. a. to cut or break in pieces with a

knife; to tear or rend in cutting,-bawaldeća.

b, the second letter of the Dakota alphabet. It has

the same sound as in English. ba, a prefix to a class of verbs, signifying that the

action is done by a sawing motion, as in cutting with a knife or saw. The place of the pronoun

is immediately after the prefix. ba, v. a. to blame, -waba, yaba, unbapi; maba,

niba; éiba, I blame thee; wićawaba, I blame

them ; içiba, he blames himself,-miçiba. ba-éi'-ķa-dan, v. a. (ba and cikadan) to shave

small,-bawaćiķaday. ba-ci'-stin-na, v. a. (ba and ćistinna) to make

small by cutting,-bawacistinna. ba-gam', cont. of bagapa; baġam iyeya, to take off,

as the hide of an animal,-baġam iyewaya. ba-gan', cont. of baġata ; bagan iyeya. ba-gan'-ga-ta, v. red. of bagata; to make marks,

such as cuts or saws, in any thing; to haggle,

-bawagangata. ba-ġa'-pa, v. a. (ba and gapa) to take off, as the

skin of an animal, with a knife, to flay,-bawaġapa. ba-ġa'-ta, v. a. (ba and gata) to mark or cut

with a knife, to carve, hack,-bawagata. ba-go', v. a. to make marks or gashes in the flesh;

to mark, carve, or engrave, with a knife, in wood, bawago, bayago, baungopi.

ba-hde'-hde-ca, v. red. of bakdeća. ba-kden', cont. of bakdeća: bakden iyeya. ba-kdog', cont. of bahdoka: balidog iyeya. ba-kdo'-ka, v. a. (ba and lidoka) to cut a hole in

any thing with a knife,-bawalidoka. ba-Kdo'-kdo-ka, v. red. of bakdoka. ba-Kpa', v. a. to cut off any thing and let it fall,

-bawalipa. ba-Kpu', v. a. to cut off in small pieces

bawahpu. ba-kpu'-bpu, v. red. of bahipu. ba-ku', v. a. to cut the hull or rind off, to peel,

as an orange, with a knife,—bawaħu, bayaliu. ba-Ku'-ku, v. red. of bahu. ba-i'-ệi-hon, v. reflex. of bahon; to cut or gash

oneself,—bami(ihon. ba-ka', v. a. to cut or strip, as the feather from a

quill; to cut off, as the ribs of an animal,

bawaka. ba-ka'-han, part. split, as the feather end of a

quill. ba-ka'-tin, v. a. (ba and katin) to straighten

with a knife, cut straight; to cut strings from,

bawakatin. ba-kća', v. a. to cut straight; to remove tangles

with a knife,-bawakća. ba-kes', cont. of bakeza. ba-kes'-ke-za, v, red. of bakeza. ba-kes'-ya, part. scraping, striking and grating,

as a knife that strikes the bone. ba-ke'-za, v. to strike a bone, cut or grate on a

bone, as in cutting meat,-bawakeza. ba-ki'-ci-go, v. of bago; to cut or carve for one,

- bawećigo, baunkićiġopi, bamićigo, bacićigo. ba-ki'-éi-hon, v. of bahon; to cut or gash for

one,-bawećihon. ba-ki'-ći-hon-hon, v. red. of bakicihon. ba-ki'-ći-ku, v. of bahu; to cut the rind or hull

off for another, -bawećiku. ba-ki'-ći-kpan, v. of bakpan ; to cut up fine, as

tobacco, for one,-bawećikpan. ba-ki'-ći-ksa, v. of baksa; to cut off for one,

bawećiksa, bayećiksa, baunkiciksapi, bamićiksa,

baniliksa, babiciksa. ba-ki'-ći-ksa-ksa, v. red. of bakićiksa. ba-ki'-ći-mda-za, v. of bamdaza; to cut open

or cut lengthwise for one,-bawećimdaza. ba-ki'-ći-pta, v. of bapta; to cut off or trim for

one,-bawecipta. ba-ki'-éi-sde-ca, v. a. of basdeća; to split with a

knife or rip with a saw for one,—bawećisdeća. ba-ki'-ći-sku, v. of basku; to peel or pare for one,

bawecisku. ba-ki'-ci-śda, v. of baéda; to cut or shave off

with a knife for one,-bawećiśda.

ba-ki'-ći-śdo-ka, v. of baśdoka; to cut out, cut

a hole for one,— baweciśdoka. ba-ki'-ći-spa, v. of baśpa; to cut off a piece for

one-bawećiśpa. ba-ki'-ći-śpu, v. of baśpu: to cut off something

that was stuck on, for another,-bawećiśpu. ba-ki'-go, v. pos. of bago; to cut or carve one's

own,—bawakigo. ba-ki'-hon, v. pos. of bahon; to cut or gash one's

own, -bawakihon. ba-ki'-hon-hon, v. red. of bakihon. ba-ki'-ksa, v. pos. of baksa; to cut off one's own

with a knife or saw,-bawakiksa and baweksa. ba-ki'-ksa-ksa, v. red. of bakiksa. ba-ki'-mde-ca, v. pos. of bamdeća; to break

one's own, by attempting to cut, with a knife,

bawakimdeća. ba-kins', cont. of bakinza : bakins iyeya. ba-kins'-kin-za, v. red. of bakinza. ba-kin'-za, v. a. (ba and kinza) to make a scrap

ing, squeaking noise, with a knife or saw,—bawa

kinza. ba-ki'-pta, v. pos. of bapta; to pare, cut off, or

trim one's own,-bawakipta. ba-ki'-pu-ski-ća, v. (ba and kipuskića) to clap

together and make fit or adhere by shaving,

bawakipuskića. ba-ki'-pu-skin, cont. of bakipuskića : bakipuskin

iyeya. ba-ki'-sde-ća, v. pos. of basdeća; to split or rip,

as a board or stick, with a knife or saw,-bawa

kisdeća. ba-ki'-sde-sde-ća, v. red. of bakisdeća. ba-ki'-sku, v. pos. of basku; to pare one's own,

as an apple or potato,-bawakisku. ba-ki'-śda, v. pos. of baśda; to cut off and make

bare, as in cutting one's own grass, with a knife,

-bawakiśda. ba-ki'-śda-sda, v. red. of bakiśda. ba-ki'-ski-ta, v. pos. of baskita ; to cut across on

one's own, bawakiśkita. ba-ki'-spa, v. pos. of baśpa ; to cut off a piece

from one's own,-bawakiśpa. ba-ki'-spa-spa, v. red. of bakiśpa. ba-ki'-śpu, v. pos. of baśpu ; to cut up one's own

in pieces,bawakiśpu. ba-ki'-śpu-śpu, v. red. of bakiśpu. ba-kon'-ta, v. a. (ba and konta) to dig out with

a knife, to hollow or groove, -bawakonta. ba-kon'tkon-ta, v. red. of bakonta; to make in

grooves or ridges,-bawakontkonta : éan bakon

tkonta, a wash-board. ba-kpa', v. a. to cut off round the edge ; to cut

out or cut into,-bawakpa : ista bakpa, to cut out the eye, make blind.

ba-kpan', v. a. (ba and kpan) to cut up fine

with a knife, as tobacco,-bawakpan, bayakpan,

baunkpanpi. ba-kpan'-kpan, v. red. of bakpan. ba-kpi', v. a. to cut open, as a nut, with a knife ;

to crack with a knife, as a louse, -bawakpi. ba-kpi'-kpi, v. red. of bakpi. ba-ksa', v. a. (ba and ksa) to cut off, as a stick,

with a knife or saw ; to separate any thing by

cutting crosswise,—bawaksa, bayaksa, bauyksapi. ba-ksa'-ksa, v. red. of baksa ; to cut off in seve

ral places, cut in pieces, with a knife or saw,

bawaksaksa. ba-kšiš', cont. of bakšiza : bakśiś iyeya. ba-ksi'-ża, v. a. (ba and kšiza) to shut up, as a

knife-blade, when in the act of cutting,—bawa

kšića. ba-ktan', v. a. (ba and ktan) to make crooked by

shaving,-bawaktan. ba-ktan'-ktaŋ, v. red. of baktan. ba-kun'-ta, v. a. Same as bakoyta. ba-ķes'-ya, part. cutting off : baķesya aya, to

strip off clean, as meat from bones,-baķesya

amda. ba-ķe'-za, v. (ba and ķeza) to smooth over by

shaving,—bawaķeza. ba-mda', v. a. to cut in slices, as bread, -bawa

mda, bayamda, bauŋmdapi. ba-mda'-mda, v. red. of bamda. ba-mda'-mda-za, v. red. of bamdaza. ba-mdas', cont. of bamdaza; bamdas iyeya, to rip

open,bamdas iyewaya. ba-mda'-ska, v. a. (ba and mdaska)

to make dull or flat on the edge, as a knife, by shaving,

bawamdaska. ba-mdas'-mda-za, v. red. of bamdaza. ba-mda'-ya, v. a. (ba and mdaya) to make flat

with a knife, to shave off lumps, etc., -bawa

mdaya. ba-mda'-za, v. a. (ba and mdaza) to rip open,

cut open lengthwise, as in butchering an animal,

-bawamdaza. ba-mde'-ća, v. a. to break, as brittle


with knife,-bawamdeća. ba-mde'-mde-ca, v. red. of bamdeća. ba-mden', cont. of bamdeća: bamden iyeya. ba-mna', v. a. to rip, as a seam, with a knife,

bawamna, baunmnapi. ba-mna'-mna, v. red. of bamna. ba-ni', v. a. to shake in cutting ; to cut off, as

the fastenings of a skin stretched up; to rip,

bawani. ba-ni'-ni, v. red. of bani. ba-o'-po, v. a. to push in with a knife, make a

hole in,-bawaopo.

ba-o'-ze-ze, v. a. to cut nearly off with a knife

and let swing, -bawaozeze. ba-o'-ze-ze-ya, v. a. to cause to cut in strips or

dangles,-baozezewaya. ba-pa'-ko, v. a. (ba and pako) to cut or saw

crooked,—bawapako. ba-pe', v. a. (ba and pe) to sharpen with a knife,

-bawape. ba-pe'-mni, v. a. (ba and pemni) to make

crooked or twisted by shaving,-bawapemni. ba-pe'-mni-yan, part. shaved twisting. ba-pe'-sto, v. a. (ba and pesto) to shave to a

point,-bawapesto. ba-pon', cont. of bapota ; bapon iyeya, to rip up

or destroy with a knife. ba-po'-ta, v. a. to destroy by cutting ; to cut to

pieces, as in cutting up a tent,-bawapota, baun

potapi. ba-po'-tpo-ta, v. red. of bapota. ba-psag', cont. of bapsaka; bapsag iyeya, to cut

off suddenly with a knife, as a string. ba-psa'-ka, v. a. to cut off, as a string or cord,

with a knife.-bawapsaka, baunpsakapi. ba-psa'-psa-ka, v. red. of bapsaka. ba-psun', v. a. (ba and pšun) to cut round a

joint, to joint with a knife,-bawapsun. ba-pšun'-psun, v. red. of bapéuŋ. ba-pta', v. a. to cut off a piece, trim off the edge

of any thing; to cut out, as a garment; to cut through, — bawapta, baunptapi : baptapi se, as it were cut off or trimmed ; bapta iyeya, to trim of

with a stroke. ba-pta'-pta, v. red. of bapta. ba-pte'-ce-dan, v. a. (ba and ptećedan) to cut

short, cut too short,-bawaptecedan. ba-ptem', n. baptism. This form was intro

duced from the French. ba-ptem'-ku, v. a. to give baptism, baptize,

baptem waķu : baptem cicu, I baptize you. ba-pti'-zo, v. to baptize, introduced from the

Greek. According to analogy, the pronoun should be inserted after the ba; but the Messrs.

Pond in using it have prefixed the pronouns. ba-ptu'-ptu-ża, v. red. of baptuża. ba-ptus', cont. of baptuża ; baptuś iyeya, to cause

to crack suddenly with a knife,baptuś iyewaya. ba-ptu'-ża, v. a. to crack or partly split with a

knife,-bawaptuża. ba-sde'-ća, v. a. to saw, to slit or rip up, by saw

ing,-bawasdeća, baunsdecapi. ba-sden', cont. of basdeća; basden iyeya, to split

with a knife or saw. ba-sde'-sde-ca, v. red. of basdeća; to saw up, as

a log, into boards,-bawasdesdeća, baunsdesdecapi.


ba-sde'-sden, cont. of basdesdeća. ba-sdi', v. a.

to press out with a knife or by cutting,-bawasdi. ba-sdi'-sdi, v. red. of basdi. ba-sdi'tka, v. a. to cut to a point, make taper,

-bawasditka. ba-ski'-ća, v. a. to press out with a knife,-ba

waskića. ba-skin', cont. of baskića and baskita. ba-ski'ta, v. a.

to press upon with a knife, bawaskita. ba-sku', v. a. to pare or shave off, as the skin of

a potato or apple, and as flesh from a hide, -ba

wasku, baunskupi. ba-sku'-sku, v. red. of basku. ba-sma'-ka, v. a. (ba and smaka) to indent or

make a hollow place by cutting with a knife,

bawasmaka. ba-smin', v. a. to cut or shave off clean, as meat

from a bone, -bawasmin, bauŋsminpi. ba-smin'-na, v. dim. of basmin. ba-smin'-smin, v. red. of basmin; to pare the

meat off clean and smooth from the bones,-ba

wasmiysmin. ba-smin'-yan, part. cutting off smoothly. ba-śda', v. a. (ba and śda) to make bare by cut

ting with a knife ; to shave or scrape off, as the

hair from a hide, -bawasda, baunsdapi. ba-sda'-sda, v. red. of baśda. ba-sdog', cont. of baśdoka; baśdog iyeya. ba-śdo'-ka, v. a. (ba and śdoka) to cut a hole in,

cut out, as an eye, etc.,—bawaśdoka. ba-śdo'-śdo-ka, v. red. of baśdoka. ba-si'-ća, v. a. (ba and sića) to spoil by cutting,

-bawasića. ba-si'-ća-ho-wa-ya, v. a. (ba and šićahowaya) to

cause to cry out by cutting,—bawaśićahowaya. ba-si'-Ktin, v. a. (ba and śiktin) to enfeeble by

cutting,—bawaśiftin. ba-si'-kśi-ca, v. red. of basića. ba-sim', cont. of basipa ; basim iyeya. ba-sim'-si-pa, v. red, of basipa. ba-si'-pa, v. a.

to cut off, as a branch from a tree, to prune ; to cut off, as a pin, with a knife,-ba

wasipa. ba-ski'-ća, v. a. to squeeze by cutting ; to press

out, as water from a cloth, with a knife; to scrape

out,-bawaśkića. ba-śkin', cont. of baskića and baśkita ; baśkin

iyeya. ba-ski'-ski-ća, v. red. of baśkića. ba-ski'-ski-ta, v. red. of baśkita; to cut much,

gash,bawaśkiśkita. ba-ski'-ta, v. a. to cut across, gash; i. q. bahon, -bawaskita:

ba-sku', v. a. to cut off, as corn from the cob, —

bawaśku, baunákupi : wabaśku ohe, to boil corn

that is cut off. ba-sku'-sku, v. red. of baśku. ba-spa', v. a. (ba and spa) to cut off a piece, cut

up,-bawaspa, baunspapi : baśpa iyeya. ba-spa'-spa, v. red. of baśpa; to cut into many

pieces, as meat,-bawaspaspa. ba-śpi', v. a. to cut off, as fruit from a tree,

bawaspi. ba-śpi'-śpi, v. red. of baśpi. ba-spu', v. a. to cut up, cut into pieces ; to rip,

as a seam, to rip up, cut, as in ripping,-bawaspu. ba-śpu'-spu, v. red. of baśpu ; to cut up into

pieces, -bawaśpuśpu. ba-ta'-ku-ni-śni, v. a. (ba and takuniśni) to cut

to pieces, destroy by cutting,-bawatakuniśni. ba-tan'-ka, v. a. (ba and tanka) to cut large,

bawatanka. ba-tan'-ka-ya, adv. cut large. ba-tem', cont. of batepa ; batem iyeya. ba-tem'-ya, adv. cut short. ba-te'-pa, v. a. to shorten by cutting off at the end

with a knife, to cut short, -bawatepa. ba-tkon'-ta, v. See bakonta, which is the proper

form. ba-tpa', v. a. Same as bakpa. ba-tpan', v. a. Same as bakpan. ba-tpan'-tpan, v. red. of batpan. ba-tpi', v. Same as bakpi. . ba-tpu', v. a. to cut a very little off, cut fine,

bawatpu. ba-tpu'tpu, v. red. of batpu ; to cut up fine,

bawatputpu. ba-tu'-ka, v. a. to cut off, as fur or hair ; to de

stroy, as furs, by cutting,—bawatuka. ba-tu'-ka-ka, v. red. of batuka. ba-tu'tka, v. a. (ba and tutka) to cut up into

crumbs-bawatutka. ba-ta', v. a. (ba and ta) to kill with a knife,

bawaţa. ba-wi'-ci-śni-yan, v. bawićiśniyan iyeya, to run

the knife out of the right course in cutting. ba-za'. See yubaza. ba-zam', cont. of bazapa ; bazam iyeya. ba-za'-pa, v. a. to skin, cut of"; to cut, as meat

for drying,—bawazapa. ba-za'-za, adv. in dangles ; i. q. kasbupi. ba-żag'-za-ta, v. red. of bażata. ba-zan', cont. of bazata. ba-zan'-ya, v. a. to cause to cut forked, make

forked,--bażanwaya. ba-zan'-za-ta, v. red. of bazata. ba-za'-ta, v. a. (ba and zata) to cut into a fork,

make forked-bawazata.


ba-żu'-Źu, v. a. (ba and Źuzu) to cut to pieces,

cut up, as an animal,-bawazuzu. bdo-ke'-tu, n.

See mdoketu, which is the more common pronunciation. be, v. n. to hatch, as fowls.

Same as man. bes, intj., signifying strong affirmation, and surprise

that it should be doubted. John vi. 42. be-éde'-ke, n. p. the Fox Indians. be-yan'-ke-ća, v. n. (be and yankeća) to remain

at home and keep house, as an old man does,

bemankeca, benankeća. bo, a prefix to verbs, signifying that the action is

done by shooting, punching, pounding with the end of a stick, or by blowing. It is also used when the action of rain is expressed. The pro

noun's place is after the prefix. bo-a'-kan-hi-yu-ya, v. a. to cause to rise to the

top, as scum or froth, by shooting in, as in water,

-boakanhiyuwaya. bo-a'-sda-ya, v. a. (bo and aśdaya) to make bare,

lay open, or exposé by shooting in : boaśdaya

iyeya. bo-can'-can, v. a. (bo and canćan) to make

tremble by shooting,—bowaćanćan. bo-ćeg', cont. of boćeka; boćeg iyeya. bo-ćeg'-ya, adv. staggeringly. bo-ce'-ka, v. a. to make stagger by shooting or

punching,—bowaćeka. bo-ce'-kće-ka, v. red. of boćeka. bo-coʻ-ka, v. a. (bo and ćoka) to empty by shoot

ing in any thing, to make a great hole in,-bowa

coka. bo-co'-ka-ka, v. red. of bocoka. bo-co'-za, v. a. (bo and coza) to make warm by

punching. bo-co', v. a. to churn, -bowaço, bouncopi. bo-co'-co, v. red, of boco. bo-ġa', adv. spreading out, spraddling : boġa se

nazinpi. bo-ġa'-ġa, v. n. to shoot out in different directions,

as rays of light or the branches of a tree. bo-ġa'-ġa-ya, adv. spraddled, as a tree-top when

cut down; shooting out from a centre. bo-ġa'-ya, adv. shooting out from a point. bo-ha', v. boha iyeya, to shoot or punch over. bo-ha'-ha-ye-dan, v. to make totter by shooting

or punching. bo-hba', v. a. to shell off by shooting or punching,

-bowahba. bo-hda', v. a. to uncoil or make roll out, as in

blowing entrails-bowahda. bo-hda'-kin-yan, (bo and hdakinyan) bohda

kinyan iyeya, to cause to glance, as a bullet. bo hin', cont. of bohinta; bohin iyeya, to sweep

all off, as men in a battle-field ; to blow away.

bo-hin'-ta, v.a. to sweep off by shooting, as men

in a battle-field ; to blow away,-bowahinta. bo-hna', v. a. to shoot off, as fruit from a tree,

bowahna. bo-hna'-skin-yaŋ, v. a. (bo and hnaśkinyan) to

make crazy or furious, as an animal, by shooting

it,—bowahnaśkinyan. bo-hna'yan, (bo and hnayan) to miss in shoot

ing or striking with the end of a stick, -bowa

hnayan). bo-ho'-ho, v. a. to shake or loosen by shooting,

bowahoho. bo-ho'-ta, adj. short and thick, chubby ; i. q.

taku ptećedan tanka: bohota se. bo-ho'-tan-in, v. a. (bo and hotanin) to make

cry out by punching,-bowahotanin. bo-ho'-ton, v. a. (bo and hoton) to make bawl by

shooting or punching,—bowahotoŋ. bo-hu'-hus, cont. of bohuhuza; bohuhus iyeya. bo-hu'-hus-ya, part.

shaken by shooting or punching. bo-hu'-hu-za, v. a. (bo and huhuza) to shake, as

a tree, by shooting it,—bowahuhuza. bo-ha', v. a. to strike and cut or scrape along, as

a flint on a pan that is too soft; to miss fire,

bowaba; boha iyewaya. bo-Han'-hi-ya, part. bohanhiya iyeya, to let off

a gun when it hangs fire or “makes longći', v. a. to break out a piece by punching, as

from the edge of a chisel,—bowalići. bo-kći'-Hći, v. red. of bolići. bo-Kéi'-Hći, n. a string of beads. bo-Kói'-Kći-ya, adv. in dangles, dangling : bo

klikćiya hiyeya. bo-Hći'-ya, adv. in dangles, dangling : hiyete

bokićiya, an epaulette. bo-kda', v. a. to make rattle by shooting, -bowa

hda. bo-kda'-gan, v.a. (bo and bdagan) to enlarge by

shooting,-bowaldagan. bo-kda'-hda, v. red, of bokda. bo-kda'-ya, v. a. to peel off by shooting, as the

bark of a tree,-bowaħdaya. bo-kde'-ća, v. a. to break in, as one's skull, by

shooting or punching,—bowalideća. bo-Kde'-Kde-ća, v. red. of bolideća. bo-kden', cont. of bolideća: boliden iyeya. bo-kdog', cont. of boldoka : boldog iyeya. bo-hdo'-do-ka, v. red. of bolidoka. bo-hdo'-ka, v. a. (bo and hdoka) to shoot or

punch a hole in,-bowalidoka. Malpiya-bolidoka,

Hole-in-the-day, a celebrated Ojibwa chief. bo-hmin', v. a. (bo and limin) to make a gun

crooked by shooting,—bowalmin. bo-kmin'-yan, part. crooked by shooting.

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