Imágenes de páginas

hdo-nin', cont. of hdonića. hdo-nin'-ki-ya, v. a. to cause to hold as one's

own,-hdoninwakiya. hdo-nin'-ya, v. a. Same as hdoninkiya. hdo-u', v. pos. to come bringing one's own,-wa

hdou, unhdoupi. hdo-we'-ya-ya, v. pos. to have taken one's own

along,-wahdowemdamda, yahdowedada, unhdo

weyayapi. hdo-win', v. pos. of in; to put around one his

own blanket or cloak, -wahdowin, yahdowin,

unhdowinpi. hdo-ya', v. pos.

to carry one's own towards a place,—wahdomda and wahdoya, yahdoda,

uyhdoyapi. hdu. Verbs commencing with hdu are formed

from verbs in yu; which change denotes that the action is to or for one's own. The pronouns are

prefixed. hdu-a'-ki-pam, v. pos. of yuakipam; to divide

or separate one's own : hduakipam ewahnaka, I

make a division of my own. hdu-a'-o-pte-tu, v. pos. of yuaoptetu; to make

one's own less, -wahduaoptetu. hdu-bo'-sda-tu, v. pos. of yubosdatu; to place

upright something of one's own,-wahdubosdatu. hdu-ćan', v. pos. of yućan; to shake or sift one's

own, -wahdućan, unhdućanpi. hdu-co', v. pos. of yućo; to perfect, finish one's

own; to arrange one's own, -wahdućo, unhdućopi. hdu-co'-co, v. red. of hdućo; also, pos. of yućoco,

to make soft one's own, -wahdućoco. hdu-coʻ-ka, v. pos. to finish. See hdućo. hdu-ćo'-ka-ka, v. pos. of yućokaka ;

to empty one's own barrel,—wahdućokaka. hdu-e'-će-tu, v. pos. of yuećetu; to make one's

own right or as it was,--wahduećetu. hdu-e'-ći, v.

pos. of yueći; to turn one's own the other side out, as one's own bag,—wahdueći. hdu-ġa', v. pos. of yuġa; to pull off, as the husk

of one's own corn,-wahduġa. hdu-ġan', v. pos. of yugan ; to open out one's own,

as one's blanket or one's door,-wahdugan. hdu-ġa'-ta, v. pos. of yuġata ; to spread out one's

own, as one's hands in prayer,—wahdugata : nape hduğan nazin, to stand with one's hands extended

in a supplicating manner. hdu-ġe', v. pos. of yuġe; to pick or gather up

scraps from one's floor,—wahduse. hdu-ġe'-ġe, v. red. of hduge; to gather up by

handfuls one's own,-wahduġeġe. hdu-ha', v. pos. of yuha; to have or possess one's

own,-wahduha, yahduha, unhduhapi. hdu-he'-ki-ya, v. a. to put one in possession of

his own,-hduhewakiya.

hdu-hmun', v. pos. of yuhmun; to twist one's

own-wahduhmun. hdu-ho'-ho, v. pos. of yuhoho; to shake one's own,

as one's teeth,-wahduhoho. hdu-ho'-mni, v. pos. of yuhomni; to turn one's

own around, -wahduhomni, unhduhomnipi. hdu-hu'-hus, cont. of hduhuhuza. hdu-hu'-hu-za, v. pos. of yuhuhuza; to shake

one's own tree,—wahduhuhuza. hdu-ida', v. pos. of yulda; to ring one's own

bell,-wahdubda. hdu-ida'-gan, v. pos. of yuldagan; to loosen a

little, as one's belt; to leave, as a wife her hus

band, -wahdulidaġan. hdu-ida'-ya, v. pos. of yukdaya; to peel off the

skin of one's own potato,—wahdukdaya. hdu-bde'-ća, v. pos. of yukdeća; to tear one's

own, as one's coat, etc., -wahdukdeća. hdu-kde'-kde-ca, v. red. of hdukdeća. hdu-hden', cont. of hduldeća. hdu-kdog', cont. of hdukdoka. hdu-bdo'-kdo-ka, v. red. of hdukdoka. hdu-Kdo'-ka, v. pos. of yukdoka; to make a hole

in one's own by boring,-wahdukdoka, yahdu

hdoka, unhdukidokapi. hdu-Kem', cont. of hduhepa; hduliem iyeya. hdu-He'-pa, v. pos. of yuhepa ; to dry up, to soak

and wipe out, as water, from one's own canoe, -wahduhepa. hdu-he'-ya-pa, v. pos. of yuleyapa; to remove

or take away one's own,-wahdukeyapa. hdu-ki'-ca, v. pos. of yulića; to wake up one's

own, -wahdulića. hdu-ipa', v. pos. of yukipa; to take down one's

own, as something hung up,-wahdulipa. hdu-kpa'-Kpa, v. red. of hdułpa. hdu-kpan'-kpan, v. pos. to make soft one's own,

as one's moccasins by putting them into water,

wahdulpanhpan. hdu-Kpu', v. pos. of yukpu; to pull off one's own,

as one's seal, or any thing sticking fast,-wahdu

hpu. hdu-Hpu'-hpu, v. red. of hdulipu. hdu-Ku', v. pos. of yuku; to pull off one's own,

as bark with one's hand,—wahduliu. hdu-kan', v. pos. of yukan ; to shake off one's

own fruit-wahdukan. hdu-ka'-wa, v. pos. of yukawa; to open one's

own, as one's mouth : i wahdukawa, I open my

mouth. hdu-kća', v. pos. of yukća; to untie one's own,

wahdukća. hdu-kćan', v. pos. of yukćan ; to comprehend

one's own ; to understand what belongs to oneself, -wahdukćan, yahdukćaŋ, unhdukéanpi.


hdu-ke'-za, v. pos. of yukeza ; to scrape, rub,

make smooth one's own, —wahdukeza. hdu-ki'-nu-kan or hdukinnukan, v. pos. of

yukinukan; to divide one's own; hence, to dis

tract, John xiv. 1. hdu-kin'-ća, v. pos. of yukinéa ; to scrape off, as

dirt, from one's own clothes, with the hand, -wa

hdukinća, unhdukindapi. hdu-kpan', v. pos. of yukpan ; to grind one's

own corn, etc., -wahdukpan, unhdukpanpi. hdu-ksa', v. pos. of yuksa; to break off one's own,

as a stick with the hands,—wahduksa, yahduksa. hdu-ktan', v. pos. of yuktan; to bend one's own,

-wahduktan. hdu-ku'-ka, v. pos. of yukuka; to wear out or

make old one's own, -wahdukuka. hdu-ķe'-ġa, v. pos. of yuķeġa; to scratch one's

own, -wahduķega. hdu-ķes'-ke-za, v. red. of hduķeza; to shave

off one's own close, as the hair of one's heaid, one's

dog, etc., -wahduķesķeza. hdu-ķe'-za, v. pos. of yuķeza; to rub and make smooth one's own,

as one's arrows,—wahduķeza. hdu-man', v. pos. of yuman; to grind and make

sharp one's own, as one's axe or knife, -wahdube,

unhdumaŋpi. hdu-mda'-ya, v. pos. of yumdaya; to spread out

one's own, as one's blanket,-wahdumdaya. hdu-mde'-ca, v. pos. of yumdeća; to open out,

take in pieces one's own,—wahdumdeća. hdu-mden', cont. of hdumdeća. hdu-mdu', v. pos. of yumdu; to plough or make

mellow by ploughing one's own field, -wahdumdu,

yahdumdu, unhdumdupi. hdu-mna', v. pos. of yumna; to rip one's own,

-wahdumna. hdun, cont. of hduta; hdun waun, I am eating

my own food. hdu-na'-zin, v. pos. of yunazin; to make one's

own stand up,-wahdunazin. hdu-o'-kda-gan, v. pos. of yuokdağan ; to loosen

one's own a little, as one's girdle. hdu-o'-Kdah, cont. of hduokdagan; hduokidah

iću, to loosen a little or untie a knot. hdu-o'-ki-ni-han, v. pos. of yuokinihan ; to make

one's own honorable,—wahduokinihan. hdu-o'-kon-wan-zi-dan, v. pos. of yuokonwayŽidan; to place all one's own together,

make one of them. hdu-o'-mde-ca, v. pos. of yuomdeća; to scatter

out one's own,-wahduomdeća. hdu-o'-mden, cont. of hduomdeća. hdu-o'-ni-han, v. pos. of yuonihan ; to honor

one's own,-wahduonihan.

hdu-o'-ta, v. pos. of yuota ; to multiply one's

own, -wahduota, yahduota, unhduotapi. hdu-o'-tan-in, n. pos. of yuotanin; to manifest

one's own, --wahduotanin. hdu-o'-tkon-za, v. pos. of yuotkonza; to make

equal one's own; to do like, -wahduotkonza. hdu-o'-wan-ca-ya, v. pos. of yuowanćaya; to

cause to spread all over ; to make one's own go

all over,-wahduowanćaya. hdu-pon', cont. of hdupota. hdu-po'-ta, v. pos. of yupota ; to wear out one's

own,-wahdupota, unhdupotapi. hdu-pot'-po-ta, v. red. of hdupota. hdu-psag', cont. of hdupsaka. hdu-psa'-ka, v. pos. of yupsaka; to break one's

own with the hands, as a string, -wahdupsaka, hdu-psa'-psa-ka, v. red. of hdupsaka. hdu-psi'-ća, v. pos. of yupsića; to make one's

own jump, as one's horse; to pull up with a hook

and line one's own fish,-wahdupsića. hdu-psin', cont. of hdupsića. hdu-psi'-psi-ća, v. red. of hdupsića. hdu-psun', v. pos. of yupsun; to pull out or ex

tract one's own, as one's teeth,—wahdupśun. hdu-ptan', v. See hduptanyan. hdu-ptan'-yan, v. pos. of yuptanyan ; to turn

over one's own,—wahduptanyan. hdu-pte'-ce-dan, v. pos. of yuptećedan; to

shorten one's own,-wahduptećedan. hdu-ptu'-ptu-ża, v. red. of hduptuża. hdu-ptus', cont, of hduptuža. hdu-ptu'-ża, v. pos. of yuptuża; to crack or

split any thing of one's own, by boring, etc.,

wahduptuża. hdus, cont. of hduza; hdus nažin, to stand holding

one's own. hdu-ske'-pa, v. pos. of yuskepa; to absorb one's

own ; to cause one's own to leak out or evaporate,

-wahduskepa. hdu-skin', cont. of hduskita. hdu-ski'-ski-ta, v. red, of hduskita ;


one's own, as a Dakota woman does her baby,-wahduskiskita. hdu-ski'ta, v. pos. of yuskita; to wrap or tie

up one's own, -wahduskita. hdu-sku', v. pos. of yusku; to cut close one's own,

as the hair of one's child ; to pare off, as the

skin of one's own potato or apple, -wahdusku. hdu-sku'-sku, v. red. of hdusku. hdu-son', cont. of hdusota ; hduson iyeya. hdu-son'-so-ta, v. red. of hdusota. hdu-so'ta, v. pos. of yusota ; to use all one's own

up,-wahdusota, unhdusotapi. hdu-sto', v. pos. of yusto; to smooth down, as

one's own hair : pa hdusto, to smooth one's hair.

to wrap

or tie

to press with

hdu-sto'-sto, v. red, of hdusto. hdu-su'-ksu-ta, v. red. of hdusuta. hdu-su'-ta, v. pos. of yusuta; to make firm or

establish one's own,-wahdusuta. hdu-sa'-ka, v. pos. of yušaka; to be burdened with

one's own,-wahdusaka. hdu-sam', cont. of hdusapa. hdu-sam'-sa-pa, v. red. of hdusapa. hdu-sa'-pa, v. pos. of yuśapa ; to defile one's

own,-wahduśapa, yahdušapa, uyhdušapapi. hdu-sdog', cont. of hdusdoka; hdusdog iyeya. hdu-śdo'-ka, v. pos. of yuśdoka; to pull off, as

one's own clothes; to pull out,-wahdusdoka. hdu-sdo'-śdo-ka, v. red. of hdusdoka. hdu-si'-ća, v. pos. of yušića; to make bad or in

jure one's own, --wahdusića. hdu-si'-htin, v. pos. of yušiltin ; to weaken,

enfeeble one's own, as one's horse, -wahdusiltin. hdu-si'-ksi-ca, v. red, of hduśića. hdu-śka', v. pos. of yuśka; to untie or let go one's

own, -wahduska, unhduskapi. hdu-śkan'-skan, v. pos. of yuśkanskan ; to

make one's own move about,-wahduśkanśkan. hdu-śki', v. pos. of yuśki; to pucker, gather, plait

one's own, -wahduśki. hdu-ski'-ca, v. pos. of yuśkića;

one's hands ; to milk one's own cow. hdu-śkin', cont. of hduśkića. hdu-ski'-ski-ća, v. red. of hduskića. hdu-śna', v. pos. of yuśna; to miss in regard to

one's own, --wahduśna, unhduśnapi. hdu-śna'-śna, v. red. of hdusna. hdu-śpu'-ya, v. pos. of yuspuya; to scratch one's

own flesh, -wahduspuya. hdu-śpu'-śpu-ya, v. red. of hduspuya. hdu-stan', v. pos. of yuśtan ; to finish one's own,

-wahdustan, yahdustan, unhdustanpi. hdu-stan'-stan, v. red. of hdustan. hdu-ste', adj. numb, as one's foot when it sleeps :

siha mahduste, my foot is asleep; nape nihduste,

thy hand is numb. hdu'-ta, v. pos. of yuta ;

to eat one's own corn, etc., -wahduta, yahduta, unhdutapi. hdu-tan', v. pos. of yutan; to praise one's own ;

to touch one's own, -wahdutan. hdu-tan'-in, v. pos. of yutayin ; to make mani

fest one's own, -wahdutanin. hdu-tan'-ka, v. pos. of yutanka; to make large,

enlarge one's own, --wahdutanka. hdu-t'a'-t'a, v. pos. of yut'at'a; to shake one's

own, as one's clothes. Not much used. hdu-te'-ća, v. pos. of yutela; to make new one's

own-wahduteća. hdu-te'-han, v. pos. of yutеhan ; to make a long

time, put of, defer,-wahdutehan,

hdu-te'-pa, v. pos. of yutеpa ;

to make blunt, wear off one's own,-wahdutepa. hdu-ti'-ca, v. pos. of yutića; to scrape off the

snow from one's own place,-wahdutića. hdu-ti'-tan, v. pos. of yutitan; to pull at one's

own, -wahdutitan. hdu-toʻ-kan, v. pos. of yutokan; to remove one's

own to another place, -wahdutokan. hdu-to'-ke-ća, v. pos. of yutokeća; . to make one's

own different, —-wahdutokeća. hdu-tpan', v. pos. of yutpan; to grind one's own

corn, etc., -wahdutpan. hdu-ța', v. pos. of yuța ;

to kill one's own by hanging, etc.,—wahduța. hdu-wa'-kan, v. pos. of yuwakan; to make one's

own sacred, -wahduwakan. hdu-wan'-kan, v. pos. of yuwankan; to lift or

raise up one's own,-wahduwankan. hdu-wa'-sa-ka, v. pos. of yuwasaka ;

to make strong one's own,-wahduwasaka. hdu-wa'-ste, v. pos. of yuwaste; to make good

one's own, -wahduwaste. hdu-we', v. pos. of huwe; used always with ya,

hi, etc., as hduwe ya, to go for one's own,-hduwe

mda, hduwe unyanpi. hdu-we'-ġa, v. pos. of yuweġa ;

to break or fracture one's own,-wahduweġa. hdu-wek', cont. of hduweġa. hdu-wek'-we-ġa, v. red. of hduweġa. hdu-wi', v. pos. of yuwi; to wrap up one's own,

as with a string or thong,-wahduwi, unhduwipi. hdu-wi'-ća-ka, v. pos. of yuwićaka; to make

true or prove one's own,-wahduwićaka. hdu-win'-ta, v. pos. of yuwinta; to stretch out

the hand to, implore, worship; to stroke one's own,

-wahduwinta. hdu-wins', cont. of hduwina. hdu-wins'-win-ża, v. red. of hduwinza. hdu-win'-ża, v. pos. of yuwinza; to bend down

one's own grass, etc.,—wahduwinza. hdu-wi'-tan, v. pos. of yuwitan; to make proud

or glorify one's own, —-wahduwitan. hdu-wo'-hdu-ze, v. pos. of yuwohduze; to con

secrate one's own,—wahduwohduze. hdu'-za, v. pos. of yuza ;

to take or hold one's own ; to take again, take back again : tawiću hduza, to take again or take firmly one's own

wife,-wahduza, unhduzapi. hdu-ze', v. pos. of yuze; to dip or lade out, as

victuals from one's own kettle,-wahduze. hdu-ża', v. pos. of yuża ;

to stir one's own, to make one's own mush, etc.,—wahduża. hdu-zag'-za-ka, v. red, of hdużaka. hdu-za'-ka, v. pos. of yuzaka; to pull open one's

own, as one's eyes,—wahdużaka.

hdu-za'-ža, v. pos. of yuzaźa ; to wash one's

own : nape hdużaża, he washes his hands,—wa

hdużaża. hdu-zim', cont. of hdužipa. hdu-żin'-ća, v. pos. of yužinća; to pull or blow

one's own nose,-wahdužinća. hdu-zi'-pa, v. pos. of yuzipa; to pinch one's own,

-wahdužipa. hdu- un', v. pos. of yuzun; to pull one's own out

by the roots, as one's own tree,—wahduzun. hdu-zu'-żu, v. pos. of yuzuzu; to pull down or

destroy one's own, wahdużuzu. he, interrog. particle; wićayada he, dost thou be

lieve? hena mayaķu kta he, wilt thou give me

those ? he, dem. pron. that ; pl. hena, those. he, n. a horn, the horns of animals: he katin and

he katintiŋ, straight horns. he-ća', n. the buzzard, Falco buteo. he'-ća, adj. such, such like, belonging to such a

class or description,-hemaća, henića, heuncapi. he'-ca-e-sta, adv. although it is such, notwith

standing. he'-ca-ki-con, v. a. of hecon; to do thus to one,

-hećawećon, hećaunkiconpi. he-can'-kin, v. a. to think so of one, form such

an opinion of one-hećaŋwakiŋ, hecanyakin, hećaŋunkinpi ; hećanćićin, I have such an

opinion of thee. he'-ce-ća, adj. like, such as, like that,-hema

ćeća. he'-ce-ća, adv. so, always so. he'-ce-ca-e-sta, adv. notwithstanding. he-ce'-ca-ka, n.

such a one ;

a mean fellow; i. q. tuwe kinihanpi śni. he'-ce-dan, adv. (he and ećedan) that alone,

only that. he'-ce-dan-ki-ya, adv.

only that


that alone. he'-ce-dan-ya, v. a. to regard that alone,-hece

danwaya. he-će'-e-dan, adv. that alone. he-ce'-e-dan-ke, adv. only that. he-će'-e-dan-ki-ya, v. to have only that,--hele

edaŋwakiya. he'-ce-hna, adv. thus, so; only ; immediately. he'-ce-hna-han, adv. all, entirely; immediately

he'-ce-kéen, adv. red. of hećen; in this manner,

80, thus, just as. he'-ce-kée-tu, adv. red, of hebetu; 80, in this

manner. he'-ce-kće-tu-ya, adv. after this manner. he'-cen, adv. thus, so, in this way; hence, there

fore: helen olanke, to do in this manner

usually, be accustomed so to do. he-ce'-ni-ce, n. a yearling colt. he'-cen-ya, adv. so, thus, in that manner. he'-ce-tu, adv. as, so, thus ; right, well. he'-će-tu-ke, adv. as is common, as is usual. he'-ce-tu-wan-zi-ca, adj. always the same. he'-će-tu-ya, adv. So, well. he'-ce-tu-ya, v. a. to make so, cause to be so or

right,-hebetuwaya, hećetuunyanpi. he'-ći, adv. in or at that place, there. he-ćin', v. (he and ećin) to think this, think that,

-heéanmi, hećanni, heunkećinpi. he'-cin-a-haŋ, adv. if, if it is so. he'-ćin-han, adv. if, if it is so. he-ći'-ya, v. of heya; to say this to one: hewa

kiya, I said this to him ; heyakiya, thou saidst this to him; heunkiyapi, we say to him, or he says to us ; hemakiya, he says to me; hecićiya,

I say to thee; hekićiyapi, they say to each other. he'-ći-ya, adv. at that place, there. he'-ći-ya-tan, adv. from that place, thence. he'-ći-ya-tan-haŋ, adv. from that place ; there

fore. he-ći'-yo-tan, adv. in that direction. he-ci'-yo-tan-han, adv. in that direction. Not

much used. he'-con, v. (he and econ) to do that,-heca

mon, hecanon, heconkupi and heconkonpi. he'-e, that is it; it is he. This with dee includes

the substantive verb and demonstrative pronoun. he'-e-han, adv. at that time, referring to the

past. he-e'-ki-ya, v. a. to call or count that the

person or thing; to substitute, put one in the place of

another,—heewakiya, heeunkiyapi. he-han', adv. at that time, then : hehan ećamon

kta, at that time I will do it. he-han', adv. at or to that place, there, that far :

hehan wai kta, that far I will go. he-han'-han, adv. red, of hehan. he-han'-han-ke-ća, adv. red, of hehankeca;

so long, each so long. he-han'-han-na, adv. red. of hehanna. he-han'-han-yan, adv. red. of hehanyan. he-han'-ke-ca, adv. so long. he-han'-na, adv. so far and no further; just

then. he-han'-na-kin, adv. just so far.

[blocks in formation]

he-na'-na-ki-ya, adv. only in so many ways or

places. he-na'-nan-pi-day, adv. pl. of henana. he-nang-na-ke-ća, adv. red. of henakeća; 80

many each. See henagnakeća. he-nang'-nang, cont. otoiyohi henangnang yu

hapi kta, each one will have so many. he'-na-os, pron. See henaoza. he'-na-o-za, pron.

those two: henios, heniyos, and heniyoza are also used. he-na'-o-za-ki-ya, adv. those two, those two

times. he-na'-pe-ton-na, n. (heya nape and ton)

louse partly grown, a louse that has feet. he'-on, adv. for that, on that account, therefore. he'-on-e-tan-han, adv. therefore. he-pan', n. the name of the second child, if a



he-han'-tan-han, adv. from that time ; there

fore. he-han'-tu, adv. at that time, then. he-han'-tu-dars, adv. then. he-han'-tu-dan-bin, adv. just then. he-han'-yan, adv. 80 far, referring to place; 80

long, referring to time. he-han'-yan-yan, adv. red. of hehanyan. he'-he, intj. alas ! hehe mața nun seća, alas !

it seems as if I should die. he'-he-he, intj. alas ! he-ha'-ka, n. (he and haka) the male elk, Cervus alces.

So called from his branching horns. The female is called upan. he-ha'-ka-can-te-ya-śni-śni-za, N. (hehaka

cante and yasniza) the cricket. he-ha'-ka-ta-pe-zi-hu-ta, n. (hehaka ta and

pežihuta) elk-medicine, a kind of mint, perhaps

catnip. he-Ka'-ka-ta-wo-te, n. (hehaka and tawote)

elk-food, perhaps the same as the preceding

word. he-hak'-ta-pe-zi-hu-ta, n. Same as hehakata

pezihuta. he-ki'-ci-na-ke-ća, v. n. to be all used up to or

for one: hemićinakeća, I have no more. he'-kin-śka, n. he'-kta, n. that behind, what is past, applied to both space

and time. he'-kta, adv. behind : hekta u, he comes behind ;

hekta hda, he goes back home; hekta waćin

uye śni, he does not turn his thoughts back. he'-ktam, adv. behind, after. he'-kta-pa, adv. behind, after. he'-kta-pa-ta, adv. behind : wahektapata, the

stern of a boat. he'-kta-pa-tan-han, adv. from behind. he'-kta-tan-han, adv. behind. he'-ķe, pron. that itself. He-le'-nes, n. p. introduced; the Greeks. he-mni'-sa-ka-dan, n. an unhatched louse, a

nit. hen, adv. (he and en) in that place, there. he'-na, pron. pl. of he; those. he-nag'-na-ke-ća, adv. red. of henakeca ;

a horn spoon.

he-pan'-na, n. Same as hepan. he-pća', v. 1st pers. sing. I think that, I thought

that. This is the only form used. See epća and

kepća. he-pi', n. the name of the third child, if a son. he-pi'-dan, n. dim. of hepi. he-pi'-na, n. (Sisit.) Same as hepidan. he-pin', v. 1st pers. sing. (Ihank. and Sisit.) Same

as hepa. See heya. he-pi'-ya, adv. in the meantime ; before, wani

yetu hepiya, before winter; during, in the course

of, anpetu hepiya, during the day. hes, intj. expressing impatience, unbelief, pride. he-sda'tka-dan, n.

a young male elk. he-ski'-zu-pi, n. See hinśkizupi. he-tan', cont. of hetanhan. he-tan'-han, adv. from that place : hematanhan,

I am from that place; from that time; therefore,

on that account. he-tan'-han-to-ke-ća, adv. what difference is it?

hetanhan itokeća śni, it is none of his business ;

hetanhan iwatokiyaka, what does it concern him ? he-tka'-dan, n. the common striped ground squir

rel, a species of Sciurus. he'-tu, adv. at that place, there. he'-tu-dan, adv. there, then. he'-tu-dan-hin, adv. just at that place or time. he' ya, n.

a louse, lice. he-ya', v. (he and eya) to say that or this,

hepa, heha, heun keyapi. he-ya'-ke, n. clothes, wearing apparel of any

kind. he-ya'-ke-cin-hay, n. tomorrow; heyakećinhay

sanpa and heyakećinhan ićima, the day after

to-morrow. he-ya'-ya, v. red. of heya ; to say much, keep

saying,--hepapa, hehaha, unkeyayapi.


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