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Some obscurities, 398. His Charge on the Punsters at the Uni-

Shakespear faulty, 312. But not to be censur'd,

313, 300
Sheers Sir Harry, joyns Softness and Nonsense very prettily 370, 415
Shore Jane, Verses on her

Similes in Pasion condemn'd, 297. By Dion. Halicarn. 301. By

the Tatler, 304. The Errors of English Poets in it, 298. Helps

for them, ibid. Out of the Tatier, 304. Treated of 302
Simplicity agrees with the Sublime

123, 146, 150
Sinking, the Art of it, by P----e, ard S----t,
Siligambis, a fine Observation on her Death

Softning in Discourses necessary, 226. In Pliny, 265. In Dry-

den, 270, 389. In a French Poet, 280. Directed by Lon-

Spanish Authors bombaft, 228, 229. Obscure, 381. And very

Spectator cenfur'd as a Critick

295, 296
Spencer compar'd with Tallo, 82. His Stanza condemnd, 85. A
beautiful Thought of his

Spinola F. bis Eulogy on Lewis XIV.

Sprat Dr. Bißop of Rochester, bis Panegyrick on Cromwel, 112.

Errors in bis Poetry, 301, 302. / Again, 308. Imitates Af-
fe&tation, 309. Verses on Cowley, 17. On a River where
his Mistress was drowned

Stanza Rhime condemn'd

Stepney Mr. bis Verses on King William's Queen Mary, 96. On

Queen Ann
Strada the Historian, scandalously faulty
Scuarts Reigns, their Character

Sublime in Scripture, 122, 123. Agrees with simplicity, 123.
How it becomes Bombaft, 225. Requires Care, 240. Examples

260, 262
Subtlety of Thought defin'd, [231] Condemn'd, 316. An English
History full of it, 320. What it is, 321. To what compard

Sulpitius's Letter to Cicero on bis Daughter's Death
Suza, Countess of, Verses under her Pi&ture

182, 183
Swan the Punfter challenges Purcel
S----t clubs with P----e to the Art of sinking, 416. His Lilliput,
Profundity, Tale of a Tub and Buffoonry

417, 418

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176, 334


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Acitus, his Saying of Othu's Death, 123. Pliny's Advice

to bim, 137. Chara&ter of his History, 175, 176. His
Speech for Galgacus, 235. Subtlety bis great fault, 321. What
Hopes we may have of the new Translation, ibid. His fubtili-

ring, 322, 348. The Cause of his Obscurity 400, 402
Taking Poets and Plays, their great Merit


Tamerlane, good Passages in that Tragedy

167, 270
Tallo's Description of Argantes, 81. Compar'd with Spencer, 82.

ill turn'd by Fairfax, 83. Fine Thought of Rinaldo, 85. of
Godfrey, ibid. of Soldans Ambassadors and Godfrey, 86.
Borrows from Quintus Curtius, ibid. A Theft of his, 87, 88,
400, 401. Refines on Virgil, 9o. Fine Thoughts, 92. Com-
pard with Milcon, ibid. A noble Thought, 243. Injur'd by
Fairfax, 280. Affe&ted, 285. Full of Points, 300. Cenfur’d,
307, 336. By Dryden

Taste defin'd

397 to 399
Taylor the Water-Poet's Diftich on a Poet and a King 215
Temple of Praise, Mr. Weedon's Proje&t for erecting it
Tertullian's Nonsense in bis Treatise De Carne Christi 403
Testi on Lopez de Vega, 138. A good Allegory of his spoilt, 287

340, 342
Theodorus, a Panegyrick on bim

165, 166
Theology of the Poets

Theophile, a vicious Allegory of his

Thoughts True and False, the Difference betwixt them, s, &c.
Subtle and Ingenious defin'd

12, 407
Thoughts antient and modern alike

87, 88, 314
Thoughts, the Sameness of them in several Authors 139, 314
Thoughts noble, 104. & feq. 110, 111, ibid. Defin'd, 129.
Wben vicious

125, 243
Thoughts frong, 123, 124, 125, 126, 259, 260. Concise and
mysterious, 178, 179. Natural,

208, &c. 325
Thoughts ambiguous, 402. Main'd, 403. Sublime, Dr. Bura

net above the Antients, 92. Fine, 97. Low to be banißed,
122. Sublime

Thoughts fine and agreeable, 129, & feq. What Cicero says of

them, 129. Defin'd, 130, 132. In Milton, 135. Pretty,
130. What makes them agreeable, 141. Pretty, 137, 285.
Made falfe by Dryden, 281. By Dr. Sprat Bipop of Rochester,
308. Agreeable, how affected, 225. Delicate, how subtle,
225. How vicious, 314. The Nicety of them, ibid. Great
and agreeable in Dryden, 270. Flat and Bombafi, 271. Af-
fe&ted, lively inftances of it

284, 285
Thoughts false by being too agreeable, 276. And over-ftraind, ib.

277. & feq. When most vicious, 297. Pointed most unnatural,
299. False, 328. A great Occasion of false Thoughts, 343.

Ought to be plain, clear, and intelligible
Thucydides, bis greatest Fault in Stile

Tigris River, Verses on it by a French Poet
Tombs, Juvenal and Aufonius upon them

Trajan, Pliny's Panegyrick on bim, 157, 158, 159, 160, 173

Trivulci and the Earl of Northumberland comparid


357, &c.



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Truth, the first Quality in Thinking, 5, &c. The same thom
mix'd with Falfhood

Turner, Sir Edward, a Remark on his Speech to the King 370

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228, 294


Alerius Maximus, bis Saying of Artemisa

Vandyke, Waller's Verses on bina

Vega, Lopez de, Bombaft
Velleius Paterculus, What he says on the Death of a General,
81. Another Saying, 99. On Pompey's Death

Virgil, What Horace says of him, 129. Mangled by Dryden

23, 153, 154,211, 383, 394, 395
Vitalis, Janius, a Plagiary
Voiture, His way of softening Hyperboles, 24. His Letter to

Madam Saintot, ibid. To Cardinal de la Vallette on an En.
tertainment, 24, 25. Pretty Thoughts of his, 130. Finer
than Martial, ibid. His Letter to the Count d'Avaux, 132.
Copies Catullus, 140. His Lefron about Health and Gayety,
130, 131. Rallies Balzac, 245. Commended, 247. Censures
Pliny, 316. Every Thing bury'd with him, 327. Taken
from Martial, 328. Censur'd by Boileau, 327. Prais’d by
him, ibid. His Father & Vintner as well as Prior's Uncle,
194, 195. But he was no Bottleman, ibid. Verses on the
Talk of his Marriage with a Purveyor's Daughter 194
Voiture's Letters to the Duke of Enguien, 161, 196, 198. To

the Count d'Avaux, 198, 199. "To the Dutchess of Longue-
ville on the Death of her Father

Urban VIII. Pope, Allegorical Verses on him, 286. Greek Ver-
ses on one translated out of Greek


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Aller, Mr. bis Description of a Whale, 24. His Panegy-

rick on Oliver, ill, 112, 201. Misplac'd on the Hearse
of Charles II. 201. Noble Thoughts, ibid. On K. William,
113. His Excuse for praising Cromwel, 144. His Verses on
Henrietta Maria, and to King James II's Queen, 183. A
qicious Allegory of bis, 310. Verses upon Eyes, 340, 341.
Censur’d for Subtlety and Refinement, ibid. Verses to his Mi.

[226, 228]
Wals, Mr. Wbat be says of Egotisms, 127. Pretty Thoughts of

his, 133. Fine Raillery, ibid. Verses to his Mistress [2261
Warren, Mr. bis Saying of Dr. Burnet's Theory censur'd 374,

Weedon, Mr. bis Project for a Temple of Praise in Lincoln's-inn

William, King, Mr. Prior's Verses on him, 83, 97, 164, 190.
Mr. Rowe's, 169. Mr. Addison's, 101, 113, 155, 190,




293. Lee's, 113 Waller's, ibid.

Mr. Prior's again,
114. And again, 230. A very fine Saying of bis, 125,
Mr. Congreve's Verses on bim, 255. Compar'd with Lewis
XIV. 294. His Speeches commended

Wit of the English, Italians, and French compar'd 164
Women, French, not bandlom

Wreck, Verses on one translated out of Greek



Alden's Verses on Watson's Ephemeris, 25. On the Globe

411, 412



Zoilus turn'd into Zachary Grey

ERRAT A in the Life and Writings, &c.
P for read it
AGE 30. Line 11. for Xiver, read Xavier. Line 26.

. .
Page 31. 1. 2. for hisą read this,

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BOOKS publisk'd by the Reverend Mr. Ifaac

Watts; and fold by John Clarke and Richard Hett, at the Bible and Crown in the Poultry, near

near Cheapside ; and Richard Ford, at the Angel in the Poultry, near

Stocks-Market. I. I TOra Lyrice : Poems chiefly of the Lyric Kind. In 3 "HOME

Books. With the Author's Effigies. The sth Edi- ? lion, corrected.

II. Hymns and Spiritual Songs. In three Books. The Joth Edition.

III, A Guide to Prayer : Or a free and rational Account of the Gift, Grace, and Spirit of Prayer, &c. The Fourth Edition.

iv. Divine Songs, attempted in eafy Language for the Use of Children. The Ninth Edition.

V. The Psalms of David, imitated in the Languages of the New Testament, and apply'd to the Christian State and Worfhip. The Third Edition with Notes, and the Sixth without them.

VI. Sermons on various Subje&ts. In 3 Vol. Together with a Sacred Hymn annexed to each.

VII. The Art of Reading and Writing English. The Third Edition,

VIII. The Chriftian Do&trine of the Trinity: Or, the Father, Son, and Spirit, three Persons, and one God, asserted and proved, &c.

IX. Death and Heaven; Or, the last Enemy conquered, and separate Spirits made perfe&t. The 2d Edition.

X. Seven Differtations relating to the Christian Do&trine of the Trinity. In Two Parts.

XI. Logick; Or, the right Use of Reason in the Enquiry after Truth. The 2d Edition.

XII. The Knowledge of the Heavens and the Earth made casy. The Second Edition, corre&ed.

XIII. A Defence against the Temptations to Self-Murder.

XIV. Prayers compos'd for the Use and Imitation of Children. The Second Edition.

XV. An Essay towards the Encouragement of Charity Schools, particularly those which are supported by Proteftant Diflenters, for teaching the Children of the Poor to read and work: Together with fome Apology for those Schools which instruct them to write a plain Hand, and fit them for Service,

for the meaner Trades and Labours of Life. To which is prefix'd, An Address to the Supporters of these Schools.



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