The Life of the Reverend Mr. James Hervey: ... To which is Added a Collection of His Letters

R. Taylor, 1772 - 238 páginas

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Página 175 - Yea, like as a father pitieth his own children, even so is the Lord merciful unto them that fear Him.
Página 107 - God had enriched him with great gifts, and with great graces, and had made him humble : for he was humbled by the power of grace. He had been a very vain proud young man ; but the grace of God emptied him of pride and self, and clothed him with humility. Having put on. Christ, he had put on with him the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit ; which appeared in his great patience and resignation to the will of God.
Página 79 - not to let his left hand know what his right hand did," and a hope that others would follow his example.
Página 69 - ... holy and comfortable word ; for mine eyes have seen thy precious salvation ! Here, Doctor, is my cordial ! What are all the cordials given to support the dying, in comparison of that which arises from the promises of salvation by Christ ? — This, this supports me." About three o'clock, he said, " The great conflict is over. — Now all is done.
Página 70 - When his body was conveyed to church, it was covered, by his express desire, with the poor's pall, and he was buried under the middle of the communion-table in the chancel of Weston-Favel church, on Friday, Dec.
Página 84 - For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts...
Página 163 - GOD shall come, and shall not keep silence : there shall go before him a consuming fire, and a mighty tempest shall be stirred up round about him. 4 He shall call the heaven from above : and the earth, that he may judge his people.
Página 109 - After which, as the Doctor was taking his final leave of him, Mr Hervey expressed great gratitude for his visits, though it had been long out of the power of medicine to cure him. He then paused a little, and with great serenity and sweetness in his countenance, though the pangs of death were then on him, repeated...
Página 58 - ... this society being to promote real holiness of heart and life: It is absolutely necessary that the persons who enter into it, do seriously resolve, by the grace of God, to apply themselves to all means proper to accomplish these blessed ends. Trusting in the divine power and gracious conduct of the Holy Spirit, through our Lord Jesus Christ, to excite, advance, and perfect all good in us.
Página 71 - ... (rarely into more, and never exceeding three), he would speak briefly, and, at the conclusion of each head, enforce what he had said by a pertinent text of Scripture, desiring his congregation (which was generally very numerous) to turn to their Bibles, and double down that text.

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