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the other lights, on each side. The east window differs from the others; the upper and lower divisions are separated, by large mullions, into three compartments; and these are again subdivided by smaller ones, into three lights, occupied by one subject. These six subjects are all derived from the New Testament; and represent, in colours of almost inconceivable beauty, the Sufferings and Crucifixion of our Lord.

We have subjoined an explanation of the paintings in each window. The account must be considered as merely a list of the subjects: their full description would require much more space than can here be given. In the greater part of them, the energy and variety of character; the judgment evinced in the grouping of the figures; the boldness and freedom of the pencilling; the richness and brilliancy of the colouring; and the flowing of the draperies, have rarely been exceeded.

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cision performed by Abraham. ing presents to King Solo

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rification of Women.-Levit. of Esau, is sent to Haran.

Jacob, to avoid the fury


Gen. xxvii. 43.

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* This possesses peculiar beauty, and is nature and life in

all its delicacy.

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Judas betraying Christ- Christ bound and blindPeter smiting the High- folded.-Luke xxii. 64. Priest's servant.-Matt. xxvi.

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