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This grand window, as we before observed, is divided into nine lights below, and nine above; each subject being contained in three lights; the whole window consisting of six subjects.

The centre of the lower division represents Pilate washing his hands, and deelaring himself innocent of the death of Jesus. Below the judgment-seat, is Christ bound with a crown of thorns on his head, and surrounded by several figures, who are strongly characterized. In the lower division on the right, is Christ delivered to be crucified. The left side represents Christ bearing the Cross. Pilate appears on horseback, accompanied by a high-priest and many attendants. Jesus nearly fainting with fatigue, is receiving a handkerchief from a female,* whom he surveys with grateful benignity; preceding Christ is a soldier holding the cords of the cross, with features expressive of the most ferocious brutality. Near him is a man bearing a hammer, with malignant

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exultation painted in his countenance. In the distance is Mount Calvary.

In the centre of the upper division is the Crucifixion. Jesus is represented on the cross between two thieves. The countenance of the penitent thief expresses the most extreme sorrow, accompanied with tears; that of his hardened companion is as strongly marked with derision and mockery. Below the Saviour is Mary Magdalene embracing the cross; and in the foreground three Soldiers, casting lots for his garment. On the left are St. John and the Virgin.

In the upper division, on the right, is Christ nailed to the cross. Pilate's countenance here, as throughout the history, expresses remorse.-Jesus is extended on the cross: his body appears drawn up, and lying hollow, from the violence of the pain inflicted by driving the nails through his hands. On the left side is Christ taken from the cross. Every muscle of the sacred body appears relaxed by death. On the left is the Virgin and St. John: the former fainting, and a female supporting her.

Having endeavoured to give an outline of the principal objects in this celebrated window,* proceed to the remaining twelve windows on the


* A fine drawing of this Window was executed by the late Mr. J. K. Baldrey, who published a beautiful coloured, print from it.



Upper Division.

Left side.
The lamentation of Mary
Magdalene and others, for the
death of Christ. — John xix.


Right side.

The lamentation of Naomi and her daughters for the death of their husbands.Ruth i.

[The lower part of this Window is not illuminated.]

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Christ laid in his grave by The passage of Christ into Joseph of Arimathea.-John the region of departed souls. xix. 38.

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ledging and renouncing his and brethren in Egypt. —

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ing a lame man to the use of scourging of St. Peter and his feet, at the beautiful gate St. John.-Acts v.

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