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-Valuable Books for the Use of Schools, published by the Proprietors of this Work, and sold by all Booksellers.

1. EXERCISES IN ELOCUTION; selected from the best authors, and disposed under proper heads, with a view to facilitate the improvement of youth in reading and speaking, as well as to lead young persons into some acquaintance with the most valuable writers, and impress upon their minds the sentiments of honour and virtue.-Intended as a sequel to THE SPEAKER. By W. ENFIELD, LL. D. 4s. bound.

2. A TREATISE ON ALGEBRA; in Practice and Theory, with Notes and Illustrations; containing a variety of particulars relating to the Discoveries and Improvements that have been made in this branch of Analysis. By the late JOHN BONNYCASTLE, Professor of Mathematics in the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. Second edition, corrected by himself. 2 vols. 8vo. 25s. boards.

3. THE SCHOLAR'S GUIDE TO ARITHMETIC; or a complete Exercise Book for the Use of Schools; with Notes, containing the reason of every rule, deduced from the most simple and evident principles. By the same. Twelfth edition, 3s. 6d. bound.

4. A KEY to the above. 4s. 6d. bound.

5. AN INTRODUCTION TO ARITHMETIC; or, a complete Exercise Book, for the Use both of Teachers and Students; being the first part of a general course of Mathematics. By the same. 8s. boards.


6. AN INTRODUCTION TO MENSURATION AND PRACTICAL GEOMETRY; with Notes, containing the reason of every Rule. By the same. Thirteenth edition, corrected and improved by his Son. 4s. 6d. boards.

7. A KEY to the above, by the same, a new edition, corrected by his Son. 4s, bound.

8. AN INTRODUCTION TO ALGEBRA; with Notes and Observations, designed for the use of Schools, and other places of public Education, By the same. Twelfth edition, 4s. bound.

9. A KEY to the above.

4s. 6d. bound.

10. A TREATISE ON PLAIN AND SPHERICAL TRIGONOMETRY, with their most useful and practical applications. By the same. 8vo. 12s. boards.

11. ELEMENTS OF GEOMETRY; containing the principal propositions in the first six, and the eleventh and twelfth books of Euclid, with Critical Notes, and an Appendix containing various particulars relating to the higher parts of the Science. Sixth edition. same. 10s. 6d. boards.

By the

12. AN INTRODUCTION TO ASTRONOMY; in a series of Letters from a Preceptor to his Pupil, in which the most useful and Interesting parts of the Science are clearly and familiarly explained. Illustrated with Copper Plates. By the same. Eighth edition, 8vo. 12s. boards.

New Editions of the following Works, written by the late Mr. Walker, many years Teacher of Elocution in London.

1. A CRITICAL PRONOUNCING DICTIONARY, and Expositor of the English Language; in which the meaning of every word is explained, the Sound of every Syllable is clearly shown, and, where words are subject to different Pronunciations, the Authorities of our best Pronouncing Dictionaries are fully exhibited, the Reasons for which are at large displayed, and the preferable Pronunciation is pointed out. To which are prefixed, Principles of English Pronunciation: The whole interspersed with Observations, Etymological, Critical, and Grammatical. Twenty-first GENUINE STEREOTYPE edition, with considerable additions. 8vo. 9s. boards.

2. A RHYMING DICTIONARY, answering at the same time the purposes of Spelling and Pronouncing the English Language; on a Plan not hitherto attempted. To which is prefixed a Copious Introduction to the various uses of the work, with Critical and Practical Observations on Orthography, Syllabication, Pronunciation, and Rhyme; and for the purposes of Poetry is added an Index of allowable Rhymes, with Authorities for their Usage, from our best Authors. Third edition, 12s. boards.

3. OUTLINES OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR, calculated for the use of both sexes at school; in which the Practical Rules of the Language are clearly and distinctly laid down, and speculative difficulties as much as possible avoided. 3s. bound.

4. THE ACADEMIC SPEAKER; or, a Selection of Parliamentary Debates, Orations, Odes, Scenes, and Speeches, from the best Writers, proper to be read and recited by Youth at School. Explained and illustrated by plates, describing the different Positions and Action of the Speaker. Eighth edition with considerable additions. 4s. bound.

5. ENGLISH THEMES AND ESSAYS; or, the Teacher's Assistant in English Composition; consisting of Plain and Easy Rules for writing Themes and composing Exercises on subjects proper for the improvement of youth of both sexes at schools. To which are added, Hints for Correcting and Improving Juvenile Composition. In one volume 12mo. Fifth edition. 4s. bound.

6. A RHETORICAL GRAMMAR: in which the common Improprieties in Reading and Speaking are detected, and the true sources of Elegant Pronunciation pointed out. Fifth edition, with very considerable alterations and additions. 7s. boards.

7. A KEY TO THE CLASSICAL PRONUNCIATION OF GREEK, LATIN, AND SCRIPTURE PROPER NAMES; in which the words are accented and divided into Syllables exactly as they ought to be pronounced, according to Rules_drawn from analogy and the best usage. To which are added, Terminational Vocabularies of Hebrew, Greek, and Latin proper Names. Sixth edition. 7s. boards.



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