Annual of the Boston Society of Natural History, Volumen1

The Society, 1868 - 127 páginas
Contains act of incorporation, constitution, sketch of the history of the society, list of members, list of publications, etc., etc.

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Página 122 - History for the best memoirs written in the English language on subjects proposed by a committee appointed by the Council. For the best memoir presented a prize of sixty dollars may be awarded...
Página 21 - The officers and committees of this Association shall be entitled to have paid, from the funds of the Association, their actual expenses incurred in the performance of their respective duties.
Página 23 - If any book shall be lost or injured, the person to whom it stands charged shall replace it by a new volume or set, if it belongs to a set...
Página 28 - England author, which presumed to grasp at the geological structure of any portion of our territory of greater extent than a county. There was not in existence a bare catalogue, to say nothing of a general history, of the animals of Massachusetts, of any class. There was not within our borders a single Museum of Natural History, founded according to the requirements, and based upon the systems of modern science, nor a single journal advocating exclusively its interests.
Página 7 - ... of the said corporation. Provided, that such real estate shall never exceed the yearly value of ten thousand dollars, nor be applied to any other purposes than those for which this incorporation is formed.
Página 6 - President and all other necessary officers ; to make rules and by-laws for the election and government of its members, for the management of its property, for collecting annual contributions from its members, for regulating the times and places of meeting, for expelling such members as refuse to comply with the by-laws or regulations, and for the managing of the affairs of the Society, provided such rules and by-laws be not repugnant to the Constitution and Laws of this Commonwealth, or of the United...
Página 6 - Pennsylvania, and may make and adopt all necessary rules and regulations and by-laws not inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of this Commonwealth, or of the United States, and shall have power to locate and maintain an office...
Página 16 - ART. 5. — Members may be expelled from the Society by a vote of three-fourths of the members present at a meeting specially called for that purpose, by a notice given at least one month previous. SECTION II. — Of Officers and their Duties.
Página 10 - Within sixty days after the passage of this act the governor with the advice and consent of the council shall appoint a finance commission to consist of five persons, inhabitants of and qualified voters in the city of Boston, who shall have been such for at least three years prior to the date of their appointment, one for the term of five years, one for four years, one for three years...
Página 8 - ... 3. One certain square of state land on the Back Bay, namely, the second square westwardly from the public garden, between Newbury and Boylston Streets, according to the plan reported by the commissioners on the Back Bay, February...

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