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266892 MARCH 1930

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To the Legislature of the State of New York:

The Trustees of the Wadsworth Library, in pursuance of the statute, make the following report to the Legislature for the year 1872: The income account of the trustees on the 31st day of

December, 1872, shows an amount received from rents and interest or securities of

$852 31

The expenses

of 1872 have been Leaving on Dec. 31, 1872, a balance on hand of ..

$790 80
61 51

$852 31

All of which, together with the list of the property of the library, is fully set forth in Schedule A, hereto attached.

A statement in regard to the number of the books now in said library will be found in Schedule B, hereto annexed.



Dec. 31. By cash received for interest on securities and

for rents ....

$852 31

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