Autobiography of T. Jefferson Coolidge: Drawn in Great Part from His Diary and Brought Down to the Year MDCCCC.

Priv. printed at the Merrymount Press, 1901 - 410 páginas

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Página 141 - An agreement upon and recommendation for adoption to their respective Governments of a definite plan of arbitration of all questions, disputes, and differences, that may now or hereafter exist between them, to the end that all difficulties and disputes between such nations may be peaceably settled and wars prevented.
Página 151 - First. That the principle of conquest shall not, during the continuance of the treaty of arbitration, be recognized as admissible under American public law. Second. That all cessions of territory made during the continuance of the treaty of arbitration shall be void if made under threats of war or in the presence of an armed force.
Página 145 - ... inspection of the work, the legislation affecting it, the neutrality of the road, and the free passage of merchandise in transit, should be (in the event contemplated by article eighth) the subject of special agreement between all the nations interested. Sixteenth. That as soon as the Government of the United States shall receive notice of the acceptance of these recommendations by the other Governments, it shall invite them to appoint the commission of engineers referred to in the second article,...
Página 325 - The adoption of a common silver coin, to be issued by each government, the same to be legal tender in all commercial transactions between the citizens of all the American States.
Página 140 - The establishment of a uniform system of customs regulations in each of the independent American States to govern the mode of importation and exportation of merchandise and port dues and charges, a uniform method of determining the...
Página 102 - I found the work not only fatiguing but unprofitable, because as director and president I felt that my duty to my cestuis que trust, the shareholders, prevented me from taking advantage of any facts not known to all, and cut me off from speculations which might have been advantageous.
Página 326 - ... grams, diameter 17 millimetres. The different states will receive all the above coins when not worn to one-half per cent., or the devices effaced.
Página 151 - If in the spirit of peace the American conference agrees upon a rule of arbitration which shall make war in this hemisphere well-nigh impossible, its sessions will prove one of the most important events in the history of the world.
Página 150 - That rivers which separate several States, or which bathe their territory, shall be open to the free navigation of the merchant marine or ships of war of riparian nations. (2) That this declaration shall not affect the jurisdiction nor the sovereignty of any of the riparian nations either in time of peace or war.
Página 146 - In that case it is understood that the quota of each nation shall be paid directly to the vessel or vessels carrying its flag. In case of war, each State may use as transports and arm as cruisers, upon payment therefor, the vessels carrying its flag.

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