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The Latitudes and Longitudes of which are reduced to the Present Time.

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d. m. s.
d. m. S.

d. m. s. d m s. In Southern Scale ore 5 m 11.39.20 2. 4.31 11. In hind horn, north 1a 4 v 1.14 11 7. 3.16n. Zubeneschemali, S.Sc. a 12 12.34.43 0.23.18 n. Close to la

244 1.20.45) 6.58.56 n. In northern Scale ... 12.45.26 8.17. 8 n. In hind horn, southB3 1.32.17 4.38.11 n. * Zubenelgabi bel.S. Sc. Y In fore knee

+5 4.39. 3 6.56.18s. In southern scale ..1.4 18.29. 6 1.47.45.s. In the belly..

5 10.14.15 2.56. Os Zubenelgumabi, N.Sc. B 1 2 16.51.51 8 32,29 n. In the back..., 05 11.20. 0 0.31.30 s

18,50.57 8. 7.39n. In the belly fin E4 17.41.15 4.55.36 s Rim of north scale.. 45 4 22.30.59 2.17.39 n. Deneb Algedi, in tail > 4 19.16.15 2. 30.16 s. Zubenhakrabi, N. Sc. 22.36.51 4.25.57 n. In the tail

15 22.31. 8 1.58 36 n. Near S. claw of Scor. 26.25.24 8.27.30 s. East of y, in tail... #3 21. 1.31 2.31.41 s. South-east of ditto.. 26.43.53 9.56.39 s. In the tail

M15 23,17.59 0.37.49 n. ED In southern scale x 4 25.15.31 0. 1.27 n. In northern scale

ที่ 14 24.43.47 4. 2.40 n. AQUARIUS. Betw. Libra & Scorp. 24

27.57.16 0. 8.2 04 27.30,23 3.30,' In left hand, west € 4 9.14. 41 8. 8.40n. +4 27.52.8 6. ? [u left hand, east

pe 4 10.32.57 8.17.22 n. 28.47. 2 9.1 In the left shoulder B3 20.53.31 8.39. 6n. In right armpit

5 29.36.10 9.12. 9n. SCORPIO.

In the thigh

41. 26.12.55 2. 2. 4 s.

On right shoulder .. a 3 * 0.51. 310.41.17n. In southern claw 8 # 0.36.25 8

Ancha, on right hip 04 0.44.52 2.44.47 n. In the head, south.

On the right arm

4.12.17 8.15.46 n. In head, north of a d3 0. 3.27

Near right hand

6. 8.57 10.32.32 n. In head, most north B 2 0.40.35

In right hand § 14 6.24. 3 8.52.32 n. Near B, north-east .. v 4 2. 5.44

In the leg

u 5 0. 1.36 10.50.27 s. North of

Iu right hand, east..

7.54.21 8.10.42n. Antares, in the heart. 1 7.14.25

Situla, on vase

6.55.37 4. 8.40n. South-east of Antares 14 8.56. 4

In the cascade

X14 9. 4.10) 0.22.15 s. First in the tail

12.52,17 1

Schegt, in right leg #3 6.21.57 8. 9,47 s. Lesath, point of tail λ 13 22. 4.14/12

Fomalhaut, fish's mo.

1.18.28 21, 4.21 s, Point of tail

M3 22. 2. 713 is. In cascade, by fool 204 7.29 57 14.29. 7s. Point of tail 21.30.20 13.. 4s. In southern fish

4 28.36.17 16.44.54 s.

North of a North of 0 North of

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In the arrow's head 1913 28.45. 76.56.27 s. In south fish, mouth B. 5 * 16. 5.43 9. 4.31 n.
North tip of bow 18 4 v 0.42.32 2.22.34 n. In south fish, gill 74 18.52.53 7.17.56 n.
In the bow
3 2. 3. 06.23.51 n. On the back

05 22.42. 9| 9. 3. 8 n. In beud of bow, sonth &

3 2.34.2311. 0,21 s. In south fish, lail 5 m 0. 4. 3 6,22.54 n. In bow above &

a 14 3,59.23 2. 3.34 s. Below south fish.. 4*26.26. 6 5,45. 7s.

14 15 9.58, 8) 0. 9.12 n. In the cord .... 14 r 11.38.45 2.10.16 n. On left shoulder,

03 9.52.26 3.23. 1 s. East of 8, in cord 4 15 2. 5. 1. 5. 6n.

83 11. 7.15 7. 8.35 s. East of e, in cord $14 17.21.511 0,12.58 s. In the head

o 14 12.29.27 0.55. 9 n. In the lail, north fish $5 24.36.35 9.22.39 n. In the breast T 14 12.19.39| 5. 0.38 s. In the cord

5 20.36.26 3. 3.42 s. Ou crown of head 74 13,45. 2 1.29.43 n. In the cord, north

24.28.33 5.21.50 n. On right shoulder 1x 5 16.52.581 2.24. 7s. In the cord..

75 24.23, 3 1.51.44n. Betw. the shoulders 15 14.32. 2 2.53.31 n. In the cord..

22.59.47 4.43. Is. In arrow head 29 44 28.35.13 6. 0.45 s. In knot of cord

26.51.52 9. 4.41 s. horse's back 0 5 18 23.19. 65.23.22 s. In elbow of Androm. € 19.52.12 15.55. 0n..

In left armpit



Che Present Sovereigns of Europe.

The Present Royal Family of England.





King George IV. born Aug. 12......1762 England, &c. Geo. IV. .. Aug. 1762 Jan. 1820 Duke of York,

Aug. 16, ..1763 France, &c... Lou.XVIII. Nov. 1755 May, 1814 Duke of Clarence,

Aug. 21 ..1765
Russia Alexander.. Dec. 1777 Mar. 1801 Queen of Wirtemberg, Sept. 29. ...1766
Spain.. Ferd. VII... Oct. 1784 Mar. 1808 Prs. Augusta Sophia, Nov. 8 ..1768
Portugal John VI... May, 1767 Mar. 1818|Prs. Hesse Homberg, May 22. .1770
Prussia.. Fred. III... Aug. 1770 Nov. 1797 Duke of Cumberland, June 5 ..1771
Netherlands .. William Aug. 1772 May, 1815||Duke of Sussex, Jan. 27. .. 1773
Denmark.. Fred. VI... Jan. 1768 Mar. 1808| Duke of Cambridge, Feb. 24. ..1774
Swed.& Norw. Chas. XIV.Jan. 1764 Feb. 1818 Duchess of Gloucester, April 25. ..1776

Austria....... Francis II. Feb. 1768 Mar. 1792 Princess Sophia, Nov. 3 ...1777
Popedom Leo XII. Aug. 1760 Sept. 1823 Duchess of Clarence, Aug. 13

. 1792 Sardinia.... Vict. Eman. July, 1759 June, 1812 Duch. of Cumberland, Mar. 20. ...1778 Naples Ferd. IV... Jan. 1751 Rest. 1815 Duchess of Kent,.... Aug. 17 ..1786) Turkey. Mahmud .. July, 1785 July, 1808 Duch. of Cambridge, July 25. ..1797



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Celtic Dynasty. Brutus to Tudorbelin, including a period of 1094 overeigns. Born. Reign began. Rond Irs.

Ys. Mosince years, and a succession of 69 Potentates; whose Will. Conq./1029Oct. 14, 106620 11 737 origin may be dated in 1149 before Christ, or will. Rufus 1057 Sept. 9, 1087 12 11 724 2973 years since.

Henry I... 1068 Aug. 2, 1100 35 4 689
Roman Dynasty.

Stephen ..1105 Dec. 1, 1135 18 11 670
Julius Cæsar to Honorius, including from 59 lenry II... 1133 Oct. 25, 1154 34 8 635

B.C. to the year of our Lord 455, and a suc, Schard I.. 1156 July 6, 1189 9 9 625 cession of 47 Potentates. This Dynasty bega


1165 April 6, 1199 17 6 608 1879 years since.

nry III. 1207 Oct. 19, 1216 56 1552 Saxon Heptarchy, 8c.

vard I.. 1239 Nov, 16, 1272 34 8 517 Hengist to Egbert, including the British Prince gard 11. 1284 July 7, 1307 19 7 497

from Vortigern to Caridic, in all 117 Potentates, 'rd III. 1312 Jan. 25, 1327 50 54471 holding contemporary Sovereignties, from the rd II.1366 June 21, 137722 3 425 yearof Christ455 to 800: began 1369 yearssince *y IV. 1367 Sep. 29, 1399 13 6 411

y V... 1389 Mar. 20, 1413 9 5 402

y VI.. 1421 Aug. 31, 1422 38 6 363
Rgn. | Yrs. Yrs ird IV. 1442 Mar. 4, 146122 1/ 341
began rgd. Isince

rd v. 1471 April 9, 1483 0 2 341 Egbert..

800 37 987 -rdIII. 1442 June 22, 1483 2 2 339 Ethelwolph

837) 20

y VII. 1456 Aug. 22, 1485 23 8 315 Ethelbald.

8571 966

y VIII. 1492 April22, 1509 37 9277 Ethelbert.

858 5 961 Ea ard VI. 1537 Jan. 28, 1547 6 5 271 Ethelred

863) 10 951 Queen Mary/1516 July 6, 1553 5 4 266 Alfred the Great..

873 27 924 Queen Eliz. 1533 Nov. 17, 1558 44, 4 221 Edward the Elder

900 24 900James I... 1566 Mar. 24, 160322 0199 Athelstan....

924 16 884 Charles I... 1600 Mar. 27, 1625 23 10175 Edmond

9406 878 Charles II. 1630 Jan. 30, 1649 36 0139 Eadred..

946 9 869 James II... 1633 Feb. 6, 1685 4 0 135 Edwin

4 865 Mary II... (1662

5 101 129 Edgar

959| 16 829||WilliamIII. 1650

Feb. 13, 1689

13 0 122 Edward the Martyr

975 3 826 Queen Anne 1665 Mar. 8, 1702 12 5 110 Ethelred

978 38 798 George l... 1660 Aug. 1, 1714 12 10 97 Edmond Ironsides

1016 26 782 George II. . 1683 June 11, 1727 33 4 64 Edward the Confessor.

1042 23 759|George III. 1738 Oct. 25, 1760 59 3 4) Harold

1065 1 758||George IV.1762 Jan. 29, 1820

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King's Bench.
Common Pleas.

Eldon, Lord High Chan. Abbott, Ld. Chief Justice. Dallas, Ld. Chief Justice.

Ld. Ch. Baron. cellor.

Bayley, Sir John, knt. Park, Sir Jas. Allan, kt. Graham, Sir Robert, kt. Plumer, Mast. of the Rolls. Holroyd, Sir G. Sowley,kt. Burrough, Sir James,

kt. Hullock, Sir John, kt. Leach, Vice-Chancellor. Best, Sir W. Draper, kt. Richardson, Sir John, kt. | Garrow, Sir William, kt.

Gifford, Sir R. Attorney General.---Copley, Sir J. S. Solicitor General.


· Celestial and Terrestrial Prodigies; to Insurrections, Outrages, Pestilences, Inundations, gc. With Instances tending to establish the Fuct that Eurthquakes and Cornets are

Special Omens of the Destiny of Nations and of Individuals.



APRIL, 1823. The Fires of Vesuvius burst forth from a new crater A very extraordinary meteor seen at Cologne on the with a fury more violent than had been known for 2nd, which was attended with a hissing noise, a 30 years past, on the day the King of Naples set off smoky train being left along its track; and the light to join the Holy Alliance at Verona, and a torrent of from which surpassed that of the Full Moon. lava, nearly a mile in width, poured in the direction An outrage unprecedented in the history of the civilized of the palace, which it almost reached.

world, committed by France invading Spain with a V A like eruption happened on the day he set ont, great force, for the avowed object of overthrowing in 1820, on the same disgraceful errand.

ber peaceable government. Pour Meteors, resembling the Full Moon, were seen Earthquake at Java raised valleys to mountains, and

at Bourg, on the 21st, to follow one another, the converted mountains into valleys, overwhelming omotion of each of which was unusually slow and

thousands of persons. steady.

Earthquake at Swansea and vicinity, which greatly A Bow, much more brilliant than the Milky Way, convulsed the whole town, and was strongly felt by was seen at 9 in the evening of the 8th, to extend the miners in the pits, but no great damage at

from East to West, through the zenith of Aberdeen. tended it. Dreadful Inundation of the Ganges, by which 100,000

MAY, 1823. persons, and all the crops in the districts of Patna Awful storin of thunder and lightning at and round and Moorshedebad were swept away.

Hull, during which a horse conveying a funeral was Ten thousand houses burnt down at Canton, by which killed ; a clock was also dashed to pieces, and much

the East-India Company is said to have lost one otver damage done to a house at Herpingham, Line. inillion sterling, and about 500 persons fell victims. The Spanish Cortes retreat with the king for security Earthquake at Valparaiso, and along the coast of Chili to Cadiz; and the members all denounced traitors

and Peru, by which the houses and churches were in a tyrannical manifesto issued by the puny leader terribly sbattered, and numbers of lives lost.

ascallion enemy. Earthquake at Hillsden, Bucks, which shook the b

JUŃE, 1823. tlements off the church and dislocated the buildi

on in Portugal to annihilate popular represenand many houses suffered from the concussion.

and restore the horrors of a reign of monastic DECEMBER, 1822. Earthquake at Aleppo continuing its devastations

Thunderstorm, by which several houses near August for a great distance round, and the s

reat Commercial Road, London, were dreadfrom the putrid bodies said to be dreadful.

shattered, and a woman in a shop was struck Discovery of an extraordinary cavern near Wate

1, but recovered afterwards. N. America, containing many spacious apar

seen by Mr. Rumker at New South Wales. beautifully hung with varieties of stalactites.

JULY, 1823. A Lunar Rainbow, exhibiting the tints of the

at storm of Thunder and Lightning at Leicester,

vhich the steeple was struck down, and much very distinctly visible at Arundel on the 26th

lage occasioned. JANUARY, 1823.

lition of Crops in Canada, lasting for 15 days, by A singularly dense atmosphere in London oị

ich a tract of country five uild

in extent was very unlike a common fog; and so grea

vastated. darkness at mid-day, that candles were indis

lagrations from the 13th to the 29th at ConstantiA brilliant specimen of Parhelia was wit

ple, by which 15,000 houses, several public buildAyrshire on the 18th at mid-day, the sun its ing encompassed by a lucid halo, in conti

gs, one ship of the line, and two corvettes, were

duced to ashes three meteoric suns, each having a semicir Excessive Storm of Snow for 3 days fro:

See the sign which indicated this event alluded to

.n forcible terms in my predictions for July, 1823. during which 150 coal brigs bound to Lo

eat damage sustained by the phenomena called driven into Leith Roads, 600 miles from

Waterspouts in various parts of England and Scotnation, the mails being stagnant a whole

land during this month. Earthquakes still convulsing and devastati

AUGUST, 1823. try round Aleppo and Antioch, which i

Terrible storm of Thunder and Hail on the 21st, visited ravaged and desolated.

the vicinity of Brussels, which destroyed the crops, A violent species of Cholera Morbus ragi

and shivered to pieces many thousand timber trees; and cominunications avoided as in a plague.

the hail-stones falling as large as hen's eggs, tearing A Volcanic Phenomenon, terrible in its consequences, down every thing in their way.

burnt, in Java, four villages to the ground, and Awful Thunderstorm at Margate, during which a mass buried two others, with most of their inhabitants, in

of fluid was seen to descend from the cloud to the the cinders it vomited.

sea, and torrents of rain followed. FEBRUARY, 1823.

Attempts to burn Constantinople to the ground conThe Bankruptcies during the last three years, in Eng: tinue to be perseveringly followed up throughout the land, amount to £7,369,146, all the dividends paid whole of August. * upon which ainount to £ 13,500, being 1 farthings Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption in Iceland, by

which large tracts have been laid totally waste. MARCH, 1823.

No eruption from the mountain had been expeConflagrations of Constantinople, in which part of rienced for 68 years preceding.

the Arsenal was burnt down, and a vast many houses. Contagious diseases committing great ravages at An07. This event was precisely predicted as to time and cona, and much distress froin an extraordinary

circumstances in the Prophetic Almanack, 1823. drought. Earthquake at Madras, which terribly shook the whole An unnaturally dark day at Ancona on the 20th, and coast and Isle of Ceylon on the 2nd.

a meteor of extraordinary size seen fall into the sea. Earthquake at Palermo on the 11th, which overturned Earthquake at Ancona, which threw down many

many houses, and buried numbers in their ruins. buildings, and numbers of persons were inhumedalive. Barthquake at Favignani, in the Mediterranean, which Earthquake and Volcano at Turkish Borneo, during threw down the ancient fortress, under which 22 which an immense fragment of rifted rock struck a persons were buried.

vessel laden with flour, and all the crew perished. Earthquake at Sicily on the 31st, which shocked the Earthquake at Ragusa, by which a fort built by the

Isle from East to West, but left no fatal traces of French under Buonaparte, and many houses were its violence.

thrown down.

in the pound.


with which the execrable Bourbon bigots 276

busying themselves with so mucb jesuitical zeal. Extraordinary Thunderstorin and severe Gale at Lon. Be see the express time pointed out when this bas..

don froin 2 to 4 o'clock in the morning of the 15th, of mutual relationship between England and South by which many ships in the port were greatly Ainerica was to happen, in my Almanack for 1823; dainaged; and during which several remarkably and the train of causes by which it has been urged brilliant meteors were seen to descend.

on will be found regularly marked out in that and Dreadful devastation from a Waterspout at St. Omer's, the three preceding years' predictions, with a fidelity

which swept away several hundred houses, and that vouches for the propriety of paying attention to many lives were lost.

siderial tokens. Temporary overthrow of the Representatives of the A successful gambler named Weare invited by three

People and Liberties of Spain by the intrigues of ruined desperadoes of his own class to a shooting Russia, France, and Germany, rather than by excursion on the borders of Hertfordshire for the armies; and a new æra taking date by the adoption preconcerted purpose, as it seems, of revenging their of a fanatical code of laws for the good of Spain dic- losses by taking away his life; one being committer tated by the emissaries of Alien states, and ratified for the murder, and two others as accomplices; and at the points of 100,000 bayonets.

many more of the gang being in custody. England, over-reached by continental duplicity, after I perceive that a dungeon scene was prognosticated

having hung off to the last extremity of impolicy, at this very season in my former number. courts the friendship of the South American states, Dreadful storm of snow, wind, and rain on the soth which have honourably released theinselves from the and 31st, in which many fatal accidents and losses bondage of Spain, by hurrying off her consuls to of cattle, swept off by the inundations, happened: each state, in the hope of securing, in a juncture sorrowful wrecks and loss of crews heard of from coming on, a right of interfering in the double. all parts of the coast. sided views of France with regard to certain Murders and depredations of the most horrible descripinfainous aggressions against the infant governments tion perpetrated daily by banditti in Ireland.

WE are now, iny fellow-countrymen, about to fulfilment of the prophecy.-Can the most dense of witness another round of seasons inerging into Eter human beings look back, únappalled upon that stroke nity-another year expiring, for ever. We saw it in of Omnipotence by which rocks were so suddenly and its youth all-animate, and braided with every flowery signally rent as they were when the Saviour was expiring? hue that could give beauty the power of captivation- The facts I have to adduce with regard to the we beheld it grow, and display the fairest of virility in its Summer pride-we were lo some omninous character of comets, though not scriptural, are

such as carry, in my mind, conviction with them. little while ago with adiniring eyes on the pleasing know that an individual of our own time has richness of its Autumnal glory—but see it now,

destined to act an extraordinary part in carrying out, as it were, before us in the dismal similitúe

execution certain moral dispensations in that death, while we form the pensive retinue that foll

ordained by Providence. Napoleon the Great its funeral car.-Ifthese reflections shall serve to tent

orn in August, 1769; and for several months the mind to a sedate and susceptive state, my pre ing his birth the Northern regions of the heavens purpose will have been answered; and I may pro

sited by one of those Blazing Messengers for to say, with the hope of fixing some impression,

entous character of which I am bere contendthe progress of the seasons affords a faithful embil

reached, in 1811, the zenith of his glory; not only of the instability of human life, but of hun.

agh all of us may remember that luminous institutions; and, moreover, of the birth, rise, vigo

which appeared at that time, few could know and dissolution of nations. Let me, therefore, conju aliar characteristics which mark its astrological you all who deign to cast over these pages with

In September, 1811, when it first became willing eye not to hastily refuse a reflection on the perceptible, it was, in its diurnal course, serious precepts and injunctions they contain. The at Corsica. Its splendor continued to increase are faithfully, and not fanatically or hypocritically ad- had reached 488 of north latitude; and, when dressed to you. They come stamped with solemnity ighest degree of lustre, it was on the Zenith of for the best of purposes—to dissuade from vice, and to AT NOON. It then 'retired, gradually declin. animate to virtue. Pray let the series of prodigies illiancy towards the south, until it seemed to which I have just been recording be pondered over dy to nothing on that latitude of the heavens and over again-meditate well upon the inoral indica

• brought it again daily vertical to Corsica.

e circumstances that deserve the attention of until the heart becomes touched, let the words of that the ho dispute its having the ominous import Divine preceptor who demands universal confidence atta to it; and they are bound to account for such and homage be re-called and weighed with devout re- pecurs coincidences by some better argument than

“ What sign will there be when these mere chunce.But even this is not all. During the things shall come to pass ?" was the question of his few latter weeks, as the spirit of life was evaporating disciples. “ Then said he unto them, Nation shall from the mortal body of that extraordinary man, the rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; Blazing Star of Fate again

appeared to beam upon his and great earthquakes shall be in divers places and bier on that obscure rock, severed far from the social famines, and pestilences, and fearful sights; and world, where he was doomed, amidst a drear of waves great signs shall there be from heaven."* "Now, be to years of lone reflection on the precarious tenure of aware that the heavy judgments which fell on the all human glory, and to die beneath his fiery star. Jewish nation are declared to be foretokened by the Having advanced these facts, I leave them to their celestial and terrestrial prodigies, and moral commo. effect on every rational mind; and shall take my tions just enumerated ; but do not let it be supposed fervent farewell, for the present, in the subjoined that such signs were to precede the destinies of that

COLOPHON. people alone. A lasting lesson concerning the signs by Let every English Church at once begin, wbích great moral dieissitudes shall be foreboded is Whate'er its tenets, to wage war with sin: here set before the whole world, present and to coine. 'Tis make-game to drawl out a Christian Creed, Impressed with this sense, look then again at the extra. Unless belief be back'd by thought-worddeed! ordinary succession of earthquakes in divers places Unlessmaw'd by God's ever-chasing eyewithin the two preceding years, and let this fact sink We think, say, do, as if that God were by! deep into the understanding-That the isles of Crete, Without ALL'THIS,“faith” is a word to sull: Miletus, and Samos; the regions of Campania and All praying, preaching, and professing-null. Judea; the cities of Smyrna and Romne, were all That Church must go to wrack whose guards are seen awfully shivered; while the superb piles of Laodicea, Resign their task t' a Lothian“ Magazine”. Hierapolis, and Colosse in Lesser Asia were buried by To " Scribes and Pharisees,” by Lust entic'd a series of earthquakes a few years prior to the literal | T'abet the Ministry of Antichrist.


• Luke xxi.

T. C. Hansard, Pater-noster-row Press.



Or, Annual abstract of Celestial Lore:
Calculated, from the Æra of Human Redemption, for the Year




And the Sixth of the Reign of His Majesty George IV:






Particular configurations of the planets,


Salutary Precepts and Comments on the same ;


Prognostications of the Weather throughout the whole Year :



With all the Useful Tables and Contents of the Common Almanacks ;


A Poetic Gagary on the tway of the World :

To all which is prefixed

The whole being calculated to prepare Mankind for
The Coming of Christ's Kingdom upon Earth.



" What Sign shall there be ? " CHRIST's Answer.–And there shall be Signs in the Sun, and in the Moon, and it the Stars ; upon the Earth distress of Nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaringi mer's beares failing them for fear; aud for looking after those things which are coming on the Earth. (St. Luke, xxi. 25, 26.)

London :
Printed by B. Bensley, Bolt Court, Fleet Street,


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