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“ warming-pan." Cf. “ Chaff-wax," the official for it is not in common collections of proverbs—is wbose duty it was to beat the wax for the Great attributed to King William III. I have seen just Seal. French Chauffe-cire. SHERBORNE

now a somewhat similar expression, but without Travellers' Club.

the rhyming termination, in Gascoigne's 'The It seems to me impossible to interpret flitches Fruites of Warre' (67) :of byest as “beast," beef," Possibly it is a Suffiseth this to proove my theame witball, miswriting or a misreading for“ gyest,” or “gyste,"

That every bullett hath a lighting place.

ED. MARSHALL. or “gist,” payment for pasturage, then used of things given in such payment. Of. the word Giste HENRI II. (7th S. x. 462).—Charles the Good, in Catholicon Anglicum,' p. 157, where some in- Count of Flanders, was murdered in the church of stances of the word are given in the note. In the St. Donatian at Bruges on March 2, 1127 :“ Household Book of the L'Estranges,' A. D. 1519,

“ The news, it was thought, flow over the world with occurs,

iiii conyes and a logo of veile of gyste,' miraculous celerity. The count was murdered on Wedand this is not the only passage, as two curlews are nesday morning, and the event was known in London, “of gyste," "üii spowes of gist.

we are told, by the sunrise of the second day; and 0. W. TANCOCK.

towards evening of the same day the inbabitants of Little Waltham,

Laon, in the opposite direction, also knew it. Galbert says he had these facts in the one case from students of

his town, who were at that time studying at Laon; in St. MILDRED'S CHURCH, POULTRY (7th S. viii. the other, from merchants of Bruges who were on busi443, 496 ; ix. 3, 113, 154, 190, 312, 435).—A noss in London.”

."— Life of St. Bernard,' by J. C. Morireference to 6th S. viii. 105 will show that Mr. J. son, 1877, p. 102. Fytche, of Thorpe Hall, near Loutb, Lincolnshire,

W. C. B. happened in June, 1872, to see this church in pro- FREEMASON'S CHARGE (7th S. x. 449).—The cess of destruction, and thereupon bought it from two most learned Masonic experts living are W.J. the destroying contractor, and shipped the materials Hughan, Esq., Torquay, and R. F. Gould, Esq., to his estate. There they remained, in his own 8, St. Bartholomew's Road, W., either of whom words,

would afford MR. HAMILTON any information be "Iying in a green field near my house, called St. Katha- may require. The “T. W. Tew" MS. at the rine's Garth, from an old priory of St. Katharine which Masonic Museum, Wakefield, which contains the formerly stood there, and which I hope some day to re- ancient charges and constitutions, very much build as my domestic chapel.”

resembles the MS. described by MR. HAMILTON, I trust this intention has long since been carried of which it may be a duplicate copy, although the out. Pity it is that so admirable, reverent, and date assigned to the Tew MS. is circa 1680. It pious an example has not always been followed in would be interesting

compare the two MSS. this country. If Englishmen will not act thus, it

J. R. DORE, P.Z., P.P.G.D. is to be hoped that whenever any other of our venerable public buildings is removed—whether

If MR. WALTER HAMILTON will write to Mr. by a railway company, a town council

, or other W. J. Hughan, Torquay, describing his MS. and vandals—some spirited American, possessing both giving any particulars he may possess as to its preculture and capital

, may jump at the opportunity, sent and former ownership, he is certain to receive and carry off the remains for re-erection in his a courteous reply. Mr. Hughan takes the greatest own country. Such an opportunity lately threatened interest in such documents. He was the pioneer in the city of Worcester, but will, I trust, be of the modern school of Masonic historians. averted by the prompt action of the local Com

E. S. N. mittee for the Preservation of the Old Galleried The charges_form an important part of the House in the Trinity, treasurer, Mr. A. C. Cherry, work of the Freemasons, as may be seen in Old Bank, Worcester.

W. Preston's Illustrations of Masonry,' London, John W. BONE, F.S.A. 1796, in which there is one of James I.'s reign, House, or Ambry, at Airlie Church, Forfarshire, “A Collection of Charges, Constitutions, Orders, HERALDIC (76 S. x. 327).— In the Sacrament note pp. 96-9; also in the Freemason's Pocket

Companion,' containing, as appears in the title, the arms of the Fenton family (three crescents) Regulations, Songs.” The running title of pp. 128occar in the manner referred to by A. M. The 148 is “The Charges of a Freemason.” Much may explanation is that the stone (which forms the be learnt about the early literature of Freemasons back of the ambry) bearing the arms has been pil, from these works.

ED. MARSHALL. fered from some previously existing structure, and used in a careless manner by being turned upside “SHEPSTER TIME” (7th S. x. 425).—Here the down.

T. Ross. starling is known as the “shepster.” I seldom

hear it called by any other name. “ EVERY BULLET HAS ITS BILLET” (5th S. viii.

HERBERT HARDY. 68).–At this reference the proverb-if such it is, Earls Heaton,



with all books from the same source, it is issued in a

strictly limited edition, the copies being all numbered NOTES ON BOOKS, &0.

and the type already distributed. In all respects of Darison's Poetical Rhapsody, Edited by A. H. Bullen. get-up, moreover, it is perfect. By readers of a genera2 vols. (Bell & Sons.)

tion hence these handy beautiful volumes will be eagerly SCHOLARS, antiquaries, and lovers of our early literature collected, and at no distant time they will be rarities. In wbo have hailed with delight the appearance of Mr. bidding adieu to the garden in which he has long dwelt, Bullen's gleanings from Elizabethan poets and song- Mr. Bullen speaks of the enjoyment he has experienced writers will learn with regret that the two volumes now as much, it is to be hoped, as that he has communicated issued close the series of his lyrical anthologies. -and quotes two lines from a masque writer, which are We have vainly sought to combat this decision, quite in the line of the ‘Poetical Rhapsody':and we

must yield to Mr. Bullen's judgment, Who would not hear the nightingale still sing; which is as unfailing as his taste. He has given

Or who grew ever weary of the spring? us two volumes of lyrics from Elizabethan songbooks, one from Elizabethan romances, and one from Warren Hastings. By Capt. L. J. Trotter. (Clarendon Elizabethan dramatists. To these have to be added Press.) his two volumes of love-songs, his Campion (a munificent The majority of readers who are not specialists in gift), and his · English Helicon. These are followed by Indian history are probably content to take their the Poetical Rhapsody,' leaving only the 'Phenix' estimate of Warren Hastings's career from Lord Nest, the best portions of which he has used. To de- Macaulay's brilliant essay. To the hasty and sweeping mand more is, we own, greedy; but "if it be a sin to generalizations of that clever piece of writing Capt.

more such booke, we will contest with Hotspur Trotter supplies the antidote in a sober, matter-of-fact the right to be considered the worst offender alive. relation which will serve to redress the wrongs of a Something in the shape of consolation comes in the much maligned statesman. For if ever man was the thought that the leisure now acquired may enable Mr. victim of partisan rhetoric—first at the hands of Burke Bullen to make progress with his edition of the Eliza and Sheridan, and afterwards at the hands of the bethan dramatists. More imperiously, perhaps, than picturesque historian-that man was certainly Hastings. any book of Elizabethan times is a new and authorita- Even in these days of party exaggeration and political tive edition of Beaumont and Fletcher demanded. multiplication, we are surprised to find how the cruel

To students of early literature Davison’s ‘Poetical butchery and expatriation of the Rohilla families to the Rhapsody' has been known in the edition published by number of half a million, over which much fine imSir Egerton Brydges at the Lee Priory Press in 1814 in passioned invective bas been expended, shrinks on tbree volumes, or in that from Sir Harris Nicolas in two examination into the mere expulsion of a few Pathan volumes, which followed in 1826. In literary merit Mr. chiefs with their people from the country which they Bullen regards it as inferior to England's Helicon '; in bad recently conquered, while Hastings did his best to other respects it is, he holds, the most valuable of our mitigate their sufferings. Apart from his public actions, old anthologies. In case of the destruction of England's that it was consistent with a character for honour to Helicon,' almost the whole of its contents might be re- win the affections of anotber man's wife, and then to stored from printed books. The greater portion of the buy over the collusion of the needy busband and provide • Rhapsody' is, however, from unpublished writings, and the money required for the divorce suit in order that its destruction "would mean the irretrievable loss of he might himself marry the divorcée, few will admit so much excellent poetry."

complaisantly as Capt. Trotter appears to do. The Among the contributors to the book is Sir Walter writer has taken full advantage of the new matter and Raleigh. wbo, besides sending 'The Lie,' a thoroughly original records published this year in Mr. G. W. powerful and characteristic poem-which Mr. Bullen Forrest': 'Letters, Despatches, and other State Papers says unreservedly must be assigned to Raleigb, though (Foreign) of the Government of India, 1772-1785, which the theory is contradicted by facts that he wrote it the gives a special value to his little book. night before his execution - adds one or two shorter poems. Edmund Spenser has one or two contributions Catalogue of Early Belfast Printed Books, 1994–1830. of no very special merit. Sir Philip Sydney sends some

Compiled by Jobn Anderson, F.G.S. (Beltast Library.). verses which bear unmistakable proofs of authorship. MR. ANDERSON, the honorary secretary to the Linen His influence is felt through the volume, which is full of Hall Library, has issued a new and enlarged edition of tears over bis logs and manifestations of friendlinees and this work, a valuable contribution to Scottish biblioadmiration. Sir John Davies; Thomas Watson, who, graphy. It is believed that the Catalogue' contains according to Heywood,

the title of every book known to have been printed in

Belfast between the years 1694 and 1830.

wrote Able to make Apollo's self to dote;

An Account of the Conduct and Proceedings of the Donde; Henry Constable, the Catholic poet and exile; Pirate Gow. By Daniel Defoe. (Sotheran & Co.) Sir Henry Wotton, who lived to praise the “Doric deli. READERS of Scott will be no less indebted to Messrs. cacy” of Milton's' Comus '; and Thomas Campion are Sotheran for this reprint than are admirers of Defoe, among those who send poems. The most voluminous The book, of which a limited edition is issued, is writer is x certain A. W., whom neither Sir Harris reprinted from a tract, apparently unique, in the Nicolas por Mr. Bullen has been able to identify. Mr. British Museum. That the work, which is anonyLinton hazards a not very satisfactory conjecture that mous, is by Defoe admits of no question. It has all the initials may stand for "anonymous writer.” Con- signs of his style, and has been accepted by all authocerning this man and the two Davison's, the sons of rities. Very forcible and graphic is the account given Secretary Davison, one of whom, Francis, is the editor of Gow, who, after the initial murders were committed of the book, we must leave Mr. Bullen to speak. That which gave him possession of his ship, seems to have Mr. Bullen's introduction, arrangement, and notes are been a milder man than most of his associates. In the all models in their way, readers of N. & Q.' bave bigh-handed proceedings among the Orkney Isles which learned to expect. His book is, indeed, one of those led to his capture and death the principal interest is possessions to which the owner clings. As is the case found. In the cbaracter of Cleveland, Scott has not

very greatly sentimentalized the character of Gow, fornia,' The Missions of Alta California,' and · A Ro. whose story he bad learned from Bessie Millie, a Strom- mance of Morgan's Rough Riders' are excellent.-Mr. ness sibyl, who herself sat for Norna of the Fitful Head. W. J. Lawrence sends to the Gentleman's 'America in Gow was twice hanged, the rope breaking with him England,' a good summary of the American actors who the first time after he had been hanging for four bave appeared in England. Mr. Percy Fitzgerald writes minutes. He is said to have remounted the ladder with about "Spa,' and Mr. J. E. Taylor on · Rambles among very little concern. A few good notes add to the value Algerian Hills.'— Recollections of an Octogenarian Civil of a judicious reprint.

Servant' begins in Temple Bat, and gives a fair account

of life early in the century. A slight sketch of Havana A SECOND volume of Le Livre Moderne is concluded in is also readable.—Mr. W. J. Hardy sends to Belgravia the number for December 10, which does not make its

a paper on 'Lord Melbourne,' and Mr. Maclean one appearance until near the close of the month. Most

on Christina of Sweden.'-Canon Overton contributes interesting among its contents is the article on Portraits to Longman's an account of Lincolnshire which is in et Charges d'Alexandre Dumas Père.' Nearly a score of part a review of the new guide-book to that county portraits or caricatures of the great romancer, showing recently noticed in our columns. In the English IUusbim at various ages, are given, and with the accompany- trated the Dean of Gloucester gives a capital paper, illusing letterpress constitute

a great attraction. Under the trated, on · La Grande Chartreuse.' Mr. Cobden-Sandertitie • Lueurs Littéraires' further autographs of interest son's paper on Bookbinding' will interest our readers. are supplied. M. Gausseron has & causerie on recent Mr. Tristram’s ‘Cabs and their Drivers,' illustrated by books, and an account is given of the late meeting of the Mr. Hugh Thomson, catches well the spirit of the day. Académie des Beaux Livros. Quite fin de siècle is M.

- The ghost of Joe Haynes, if, after two to three hun. Uzanne, in whose bands Le Livre Moderne is. He does dred years, he revisits the earth, must be interested to not intend to run it interminably, but after a year or two find himself described, in Curiosities of Gaming,' which more will bring it to a close and replace it with some appears in the Cornhill, as a sharper. That of Charles III. thing still more nove

also might be perplexed to find it was at cards, not bowls, *SHUT UP IN THE AFRICAN FOREST,' in the Ninteenth that he offered to stake his soul against an orange (!), Century, is a record of the dangers, sufferings, and and was taken up by Rochester. These are not the only privations experienced by Lieut. Stairs while waiting for people with whom the article deals somewhat flippantly. Stanley. Of all foes, and they were numerous, the most

- Winter on Exmoor 'and' A Secret Religion' are read. dreaded appear to have been the most diminutive, namely, able. The worst thing about ‘A Pompeii in Bohemia' ants, concerning whose numbers and variety_some is its title.—The Sun has the usual variety of contents. remarkable experiences are narrated 'Random Roam- THE first number is issued of the Ladder, a sixpenny ing,' by Dr. Jessopp, gives an interesting semi-antiquarian review of politice, literature, and art. An article on account of spots of historical association in Sussex. Mr. The Gold of Rabelais,' of which the first part appears, Norman Pearson comes forward as an upholder of some scarcely comes up to its title. form of Animal Immortality.' Dr. Kingsbury writes on Hypnotism, Crime, and the Doctors,' and Viscount

The third volume of the sixpenny novels of Scott Lymington on Vert and Vinery.' – The Fortnightly, (A. & C. Black) is The Antiquary. which reaches us late, contains a poem by Mr. Swinburne, an account by Mr. Gosso of Ibsen's new The members of the Harleian Society have just had drama, and Scientific Sins.' - In the New Review issued to them two volumes of 'Allegations for Marriage

“Further Newly Discovered Papers by De Licences issued by the Vicar-General of the Archbishop Quincey." That on Why the Pagans could not invest of Canterbury,' extending from July, 1679. to June, their Gods with any lota of Grandeur ' is a wonderfully 1694, and edited by George J. Armytage, Esq., F.S.A. characteristic and scholarly production. A second, on Honorary Secretary to the Harleian Society. Many * Great Forgers,' deserves also to be preserved. Sir John notable entries occur in the books, which are of great Lubbock defends warmly Free Libraries.' The Starved value to genealogists. Government Department,' by Lady Dilke, is a response to a previous paper on The Hard Case of the Labour

Notices to Correspondents. Statistical Department of the Board of Trade. While agreeing with her predecessor as to the expediency of We must call special attention to the following notices : having "frequently published statistics of all branches On all communications must be written the name and of labour, domestic and foreign,” the writer would have address of the sender, not necessarily for publication, but the hands of the present labour correspondent strength as a guarantee of good faith. ened.-In Macmillan's, “Two Treatises on the Sublime'

We cannot undertake to answer queries privately. deals, as may be supposed, with Longivius and Burke, the latter of whom is sacrificed to the former. Burke's To secure insertion of communications correspondents treatise is, we are told, “a mine of stale paradoxes and must observe the following rule. Let each note, query, exploded paradoxes." Night in the Cromarty Firth ' or reply be written on a separate slip of paper, with the deals with sport.— A Tour in Burmah,' by B. C. F., in signature of the writer and such address as he wishes to Murray's, depicts our new possession as an enchanting appear. Correspondents who repeat queries are requested spot for a visit. Mr. Arthur Waugh writes on The to head the second communication "Duplicate." Poetry of Mr. Lewis Morris,' and Mr. Morley Roberts LORA ("A wilderness of sweets ''). -Milton, ‘Paradise begins a series of papers on “ Great Steamship Lines," Lost,' bk, v. 1. 294. the first being on the Western Ocean.' - In the Century the great feature is the series of extracts from Editorial Communications should be addressed to “ The the Memoirs of Prince Talleyrand,' which begins in Editor of Notes and Queries'"-Advertisements and the present volume. For the historian the memoirs have Business Letters to “The Publisher"-at the Office, 22, much value and interest. So far as concerns the general Took's Court, Cursitor Street, Chancery Lane, E.C. public, it may be doubted whether they have not been We beg leave to state that we decline to return comtoo long kept. Among the illustrated contente, ' Along munications which, for any reason, we do not print; and the Lower James,' . Pioneer Spanish Families in Cali- to this rule we can make no exception.

are some






President-Lord Tennyson.
Vice-Presidents-Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P., The Very Rev.
the Dean of Llandaff, Sir E. H. Bunbury, Bart., Sir Henry Barkly,

Trustees Earl of Carnarvon, Sir John Lubbock, Earl of Rosebery.
The Library contains 130,000 Volumes of Ancient and Modern

Subscription, les gebe without Entrance fee Cup2.s with Entrance LIVES of the SAINTS. By the Rev.
Country, and Ten to Town Members. Reading Room open from Ten
to ball-past Six. Catalogue, Fifth Edition, 2 vols. royal 8vo. price 218. ;

B. BARING-GOULD, M.A. A New Edition, with several to Members, 168. Prospectus on application.

Hundred Illustrat ns.
ROBERT HARRISON, Secretary and Librarian.

Vol. XVI. will contain a COMPLETE INDEX.

Vol. XVII. SAINTS with their EMBLEMS.
WELLS.- Board and Residence offered in a Private Family,
in a sheltered and central position, only three minutes from S. B. Rly.
Frequent fast trains to London.-R. G., Roxwell, Guildford-road,
Grove-bill-road, Tunbridge Wells.


they are Distinguished in Works of Art. By the late Very CASES. Very Light and Strong.

Rev. F. C. HUSENBETH, D.D. A New Edition, with numerous Corrections and Additions, by the Rev. AU


Last Volume of Mr. Baring-Gould's Lives of the Saints.' in Crocodile and Morocco Leather, Silver and

Ivory Fittings, from Five Guineas to Hundred.

Jarge Stock, for Ball Dresses, with Fitted CRYPHAL SCRIPTURES. Being the Additions to the
Trays, &c.

Old Testament Canon which were included in the Ancient

Greek and Latin Versions; the English Text of the ALLEN'S NEW ILLUSTRATED CATA

Authorized Version, together with the additional Matter LOGUES of Registered and Patented Requi- found in the Vulgate and other Ancient Versions; Introsites for Travelling, post free.

ductions to the several Books and Fragments; Marginal

Notes and References; and a General Introduction to the J. W. ALLEN, Manufacturer, 37, Strand, London

Apocrypha. By the Rev. W.R. CHURTON, B.D., Fellow (opposite the Lowther Arcade).

of King's College, Cambridge, Canon of the Cathedral of St. Albans, and Examining Chaplain of the Bishop. Large

post 8vo. Pp. 608, cloth, 78, 6d. BRAND & CO'S BEEF

The NARROW WAY. A Complete

Manual of Devotion for the Young, with a Guide to ConBOUILLON.

firmation and Holy Communion. 245th Thousand. Cloth,

tid.; or neatly bound, with gilt edges, ls. Large-Type A most nutritious and invigorating beverage, made

Edition, cloth, is. by the simple addition of boiling water, at a cost within the reach of all.

Very large type, demy 8vo. cloth, 10s. 6d. Sold by the principal Chemists and Grocers through. The DAILY ROUND. Meditation, ont the United Kingdom.

Praise, and Prayer adapted to the Course of the Christian

Year. Caution! Beware of Imitations.

It may also be had in imperial 32mo. cloth, 38.; Persian SOLE ADDRESS:

roan, 48, 6d.; morocco, 68. Royal 24mo. cloth, 38. 6d.; 11, LITTLE STANHOPE-STREET, MAYPAIR, W. morocco, 68. 6d. Foolscap 8vo, cloth, 48, 6d. ; Persian roan,

68. ; morocco, 98.; and in several other sizes. AYRTON & THOMAS,

Conduct every kind of British, Foreign, and Colonial Business The GOSPEL STORY. A Plain Com-

connected with

mentary on the Four Holy Gospels, containing the NarraProvisional Protection, lasting dine months, 31. 38.; subsequently

tive of Our Blessed Lord's Life and Ministry. By the Rev. completing the application, 61. 68. French Patent, with first year's tax W. MICHELL, M.A., Diocesan Inspector of Schools in the paid. ? Belgian Patent, 4. German Patent, 101. 108. Drawings (when Diocese of Bath and Wells. A New Edition, Revised. 2 vols. required) at extra charge by arrangement.

cloth, 6s.
List of Charges free upon application.
Telegraphie Address, “ Prolonged, London."
59 and 60, CHANCERY-LANE, W.C.


Colds, Coughs, shortness of Breath. These maladies require early and woremitting attention, for 11 neglected they often end in asthma, bronchitis, or consumption. The Ointment well rubbed upon tbe chest and back, penetrating the skin, is absorbed and carried directly to the longs, whence it expels all impurities. All the blood in the body is perpetually passing through the lungs, and there all noxious particles tending to disease can be quickly, thoroughly, and permanently Beutralized, rendered harmless, or ejected from the system. Holloway's Ointment and Pills perfectly accomplish this purification, and tbrough the blood thus cleansed, the influence of these wonderful medicamente reaches the remotest parts of tbe human body, and thus cures all diseased action, whetber internal or external.

Common Objections to Receiving it.
Part IL AN EXPLANATION of what is REQUIRED of them
who come to the LORD'S SUPPER. In Plain Language.

By the Rev. W. H. RIDLEY, M.A.
Price in cloth, 7d. ; or on fine paper, 1s. ; neatly bound in
Persian roan, with gilt edges, 2s.

London : J. WHITAKER, 12, Warwick-lane.




New Volume of The Dictionary of National Biography.'
Now ready, royal 8vo. 15s. in cloth; or in half-morocco, marbled edges, 208.


Edited by LESLIE STEPHEN and SIDNEY LEE. ... Volume XXVI. will be published on March 26, 1891, and the subsequent Volumes at intervals of Three Months. "The greatest literary undertaking that has ever been carried out in England. The book is, and must continue to be, quite as essential to literary men, politicians, and historians as Liddell and Scott's Greek Lexicon is to c'assical seholars.... How long will it take to complete this greus national work? It will take seven years more Then we shall have & Dictionary of National Biography' such as no other nation in Europe ea. boast of, and such as can never be wholly superseded, though it will need to be supplemented for the requirements of our posterity."

The Rev. Dr. J ESSopp, in the Nineteenth century. ENGLISH PROSE: its Elements, History, and Usage. By John Earle, M.A.,

Rector of Swanswick, formerly Fellow and Tutor of Oriel College, Professor of Anglo-Saxon in the University of Oxford, Author of The Philology of the English Tongue,' &c. 8vo. 163. “Will be read with delieht by every British man of letters...,The book is at once a treasure house of useful information and a noble specimes of the art which it expounds with rare lucidity and completeness."-Daily Telegraph.

New Edition of Mazzini's Life and Writings.

Now ready, Volume III. crown 8vo. 4s. 6d. of the LIFE and WRITINGS of JOSEPH MAZZINI. Vols. I., III., and V. will be entitled AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL and POLITICAL, and Volumes II., IV., and VI. CRITICAL and LITERARY.

. This Edition will be completed in Six Volumes, issued at Monthly intervals. “Should meet with a wide demand."-Pall Mall Gazette. "No intelligent thinking man should fail to possess them."-Star.

WITH ESSEX in IRELAND. By Hon. Emily LAWLESS, Author of Hurrish : a Study."

Second Edition. Crown 8vo. 78. 60. LIFE of FRANK BUCKLAND. By his Brother-in-Law, George C. Bompas. With a Portrait.

Crown 8vo. 58.; gilt edges, 68. A SELECTION from the POETRY of ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING,

First and Second Series. Crown 8vo. 38. 6d. each. A SELECTION from the POETICAL WORKS of ROBERT BROWNING.

First and Second Series. Crown 8vo. 3s. 64, each. LIFE of HENRY FAWCETT. By LESLIE STEPHEN. With 2 Steel Portraits. Fourth Edition.

Large crown 8vo. 128, 60, The LIFE of GOETHE. By GEORGE HENRY LEWES. Fourth Edition, Revised according to the

latest Documents. With Portrait. 8vo. 168. A HISTORY of ENGLISH THOUGHT in the EIGHTEENTH CENTURY,

By LESLIE STEPHEN. Second Edition. 2 vols. demy 8vo. Bs. The SCIENCE of ETHICS: an Essay upon Ethical Theory as Modified by the

Doctrine of Evolution. By LESLIE STEPHEN. Demy 8vo. 168. The LIFE of LORD LAWRENCE. By R. Bosworth SMITH, M.A., late Fellow of Trinity

College, Oxford. Sixth Edition. 2 vols, large crown 8vo. with 2 Portraits and 2 Maps, 218. ROBERT BROWNING'S WORKS. New and Uniform Edition. 16 vols. crown 8vo. bound

in Sers, 41. ; or the Volumes bound separately, 58. each. This Edition contains 3 Portraits of Mr. Bruwning at different periods of life aod a few Illustrations. Also Mr. Browning's last volume, ASOLANDO: Fancies and Facts. Eighth Edition. Fcap. 8vo. 53.

W. M. THACKERAY'S WORKS. The STANDARD EDITION. 26 vols. large 8vo. 108. 6d, each. This Edition contains some of

Mr. Thackeray's Writings not before collected, with many additional Illustrations. The LIBRARY EDITION. 24 vols. large crown 8vo. handsomely bound in cloth, 91. ; or halfrussia, marbled edges, 131. 138. With Illustrations by the Author. Richard Doyle, and Frederick Walker.

The Volumes are sold separately, in cloth, 7s.6d. each. The POPULAR EDITION. 13 vols. crown 8vo. with Frontispiece to each Volume, scarlet cloth, gilt top, 37. 58.; and in half-morocco, gilt, 51. 108.

The Volumes are sold separately, in green cloth, 5s, each. The CHEAPER ILLUSTRATED EDITION. 26 vols. bound in cloth, 41. 118. ; or handsomely bound in half-morocco, 81. 88.

The Volumes are sold separately, in cloth, 3s. 6d. each.
The POCKET EDITION 27 vols. in handsome Ebonized Case, 21. 128. 6d.

The Volumes are sold separately, in hall-eloth, cut or uncut edges, 18. 64, each ; or in paper cover, 1s each.

London : SMITH, ELDER & CO. 15, Waterloo place, S.W.

Printed by JOHN C. FRANCIS, Athenarum Press, Took's court, Cursitor-street, Chancery-lane, BC ; and Publisher hp the said

JOHN C. PRANCIS, at No. 92, 'look's-court, Cursitor-street, Chancery-lane, E C. - Saturday, January 3, 1891.

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