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HEN this little work

was first published, it W

was intended for the use of young people, for whom something of

the kind appeared to be much wanted. Now, there are so many works

upon the same subject useful and excellent in every way, well known, and much approved, that vanity may seem the only motive for printing a fourth edition of this. In excuse, the Authoress can only say, that as the original manuscript was examined and approved by Archdeacons Nares and Cambridge, and other distinguished persons in the Church ; and as she is assured the book is still asked for and recommended, she hopes that it may still prove useful. Another motive to republication has been, that she intends to devote the profits of the edition as a contribution towards the erection of a church in a rural district, where, from distance, and various other circumstances, most of the inhabitants are debarred from attending public worship THE OFFICE FOR THE HOLY COMMUNION.

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