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IV. The Ecclesiastical History of the second and third Cen-,

turies illustrated from the Writings of Tertullian. By

John, Bishop of Bristol, Master of Christ's College,

and Regius Professor of Divinity in the University

of Cambridge ...


V. The Book of Churches and Sects; or the Opinions of all

Denominations of Christians differing from the Church

of England, traced to their Source by an Exposition

of the various Translations and Interpretations of the

Sacred Writings: to which is added, a brief Refuta-

tion of Unitarianism, and an Arrangement of Texts in

Support of the Church of England. By the Rev. T.

Charles Boone, B.A. of St. John's College, Cam-



VI. The Theology of the early Patriarchs illustrated by an

Appeal to subsequent Parts of the Holy Scriptures;

in a Series of Letters to a Friend. By the Rev. Thos.

T. Biddulph, M.A. Minister of St. James's, Bristol,

and late of Queen's College, Oxford


VII. The Convert. By the Author of the Two Rectors... 73

VIII. Declaration of the (Roman) Catholic Bishops, the Vicars

Apostolic and their Coadjutors in Great Britain


IX. Babylon and Infidelity foredoomed of God. A Dis-

course on the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apo-

calypse, which relate to these latter times, and until

the Second Advent. By the Rev. Edward Irving,

Minister of the Caledonian Church


X. An Answer to the Rev. John Davison's “Inquiry into

the Origin and Intent of Primitive Sacrifice," &c. By

the Rev. John Edward Nassau Molesworth, M.A.--

A Statement of the Argument respecting Abel's Sacri-

fice and Faith, with reference to the Objections of Mr.

Davison and Mr. Benson, to a divine Institution. By

the Rev. W. Vansittart, M.A....


XI. Nugæ Hebraicæ ; or an Inquiry into the Elementary

Principles of the Structure of the Hebrew Language.

By a Member of the Royal Irish Academy


XII. Origines : or Remarks on the Origin of several Empires,

States, and Cities. By the Right Hon. Sir W.






XIII. The History of the Reformation of the Church of Eng

land, during the Reign of King Henry VIII. By

Henry Soames, A.M. Rector of Shelley, in Essex 168 XIV. Rational Religion examined: or, Remarks on the Pre

tensions of Unitarianism ; especially as compared with
those Systems which professedly discard Reason. By
the Rev. Baden Powell, M.A. F.R.S. of Oriel College,

185 XV. A Sermon preached in St. John's Episcopal Chapel, before

the Bishop and Clergy of the Episcopal Communion
in Edinburgh. By the Rev. James Walker, M.A.
formerly of St. John's College, Cambridge, Senior

Minister of St. Peter's Chapel, Edinburgh, &c.
A Respectful Remonstrance, addressed to the Rev.

James Walker, on the subject of his Sermon preached
before the Bishop and Clergy, &c. By the Rev. Ed-
ward Craig, M.A. of St. Edmund Hall, Oxon. and

Minister of St. James's Chapel
A Serious Expostulation with the Rev. Edward Craig,

M.A. in reference to the Doctrine by him falsely at-
tributed (in a Remonstrance addressed) to the Rev.
James Walker, humbly submitted to the Judgment of
the Bishops and Clergy, &c. By the Rev. James
Walker, &c.



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A Vindication of the most Reverend Thomas Cranmer, Lord Arch

bishop of Canterbury, and therewith of the Reformation in
England, against some of the Allegations which have been
recently made by the Rev. Dr. Lingard, the Rev. Dr. Mil-
ner, and Charles Butler, Esq. T'he second edition, with
notices of Dr. Lingard's and Mr. Butler's remarks on the first

edition. By the Rev. H.J. Todd, M.A. F.S.A. and R.S.L.. 199 Sermon by the Rev. Dr. Shuttleworth, preached at the Fourteenth

Annual Meeting of the Hampshire Society for the Edu-
cation of the Infant Poor in the Principles of the Estab-
Jished Church

202 PAGE

A small Dictionary intended principally for the use of the Poor of

the Established Church, whether School Children, or grown
up Persons, &c. &c. By the Rev. E. C. Kemp, M.A. 204

RETROSPECTIVE Review.-Johannis Vorstii de Hebraismis Novi.

Testamenti Commentarius sive Philologiæ Sacra quà tùm
Theologica, tùm Philologica attinguntur et pertractantur.
Accedit ejusdem de Adagiis N. F. Diatriba....


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