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P is the Peter.
Q Quarantine. (Yellow Flag.)
R Red (Cross.)

» Spot (White.)
T Tricolor.

must be remembered.

W 2. To know to what class the signal made belongs. This depends upon the number of flags in the signal, and what kind of flag the top one is.

The Code Pennant is the answering Pennant. The Red Ensign, with the Code Pennant under it, means that the ship hoisting it wishes to communicate with you by means of the “ Commercial Code of Signals.” ONE FLAG SIGNALS :- Pennant C means

6 Yes.” D

« No.” Two FLAG SIGNALS :- The Burgee on top

“ Attention signals.” A Pennant on top

" Compass signals." A Square Flag on top

“ Urgent, distress, or danger


THREE FLAG SIGNALS :-Are “general signals.”
FOUR FLAG SIGNALS :- -The Burgee on top-

“Geographical signals." The C, D, or F, or one-coloured pennants

“National vocabulary." The G, or two-coloured pennant

" Names of men-of-war." A Square Flag on top

“Names of merchant ships." 3. Having learnt the flags, and being able to distinguish the class of the hoist, it is next required that the candidate should be able to find, in the Signal Book, the meaning of the particular signal made.

To do this readily, the system on which the Signal Book is made must be understood. The following Extract shews that all Two LETTER signals come first; THREE LETTER signals next; and FOUR LETTER signals last; and that all are arranged alphabetically.



BD What ship is that?
BF Vessels just arrived, show your distinguishing

BK Attention. Pay attention.
BL Calls the attention of the first or nearest ship, on

the bearing (from the person signalling) pointed

out by compass signal. BQ Calls the attention of the fifth ship, on the bearing

pointed out. BS Calls the attention of the shore signal station. BV Calls the attention of the vessel leaving the

anchorage. CF N by E DA ESE FBS GL NWW CV EIN


HB | Want immediate assistance.
HL Do not attempt to land in your own boat.
HV Damaged rudder; cannot steer.
JB Accident; want a surgeon.
LP Anchor instantly.
MN Do not quit the ship until the tide has ebbed.
NM I am on fire.
PH Want (or wants) food ; starving.
BCS Keep as close as you can to pick up my people.
BLH Wrecked on the coast.
BNS What is your name.
BPF Where are you bound.
BRM Will



letters. CDH Fleet consists of CDT | Admiral. CGT There is a cessation of hostilities for the present at DHK Who is captain of ship signalled ? DPS Will you dine with me? WTH H WTK J WVC T WVG W WVLI. (Full stop.) And mark after initials.

BDNM Antwerp.

GQLC Black Prince, iron screw, BFRW Blyth.

armoured, 41. BFSC Tyne.

GQRK | Castor, drill ship, 22. BFSG Newcastle. GRCL Defence, iron scr. ar. 22. BFSH Sunderland. GSBN Hector, iron scr. ar. 20., BFSK Hartlepool lts. GSPN Minotaur, iron scr. ar. 22. BFSN Whitby.

GVFB Trincomalee, drill ship, 16. BGWM Mediterranean GVLR Warrior, iron scr. ar. 32. CBLK Cre

HBMK Verena, of Sunderland. CBLV Da

HBPJ William Clowes, of CDQP Mon

S. Shields. CDQR Mor

HGTF Coral Queen, of W. HartCFJK Ris

lepool. CFKR Sal

HVCJ Chevy Chase, of Newcastle
KCMN Lord Gough, of Whitby.

B Escample. What class of signals does belong to, and what does it mean?

Two flag signals, with B (burgee) uppermost, are "attention signals," and in the Extract BV means—“Calls the attention of the vessel leaving the anchorage.”


F is a pennant; and Two flag signals, with a Example. M

pennant uppermost, are “Compass signals ;"

and FM in the Extract means, “S.W.” L

L is a square flag; and therefore the signal Ecample. is—"Urgent, danger, or distress"; and


** Anchor instantly."

All Three flag signals are general, and this Ecample. P

means, “ Where are you bound ?”

Example. P Means- " Will you dine with me?"


Four flag signals, with B (burgee) upper

F Example.

most, are “ Geographical signals;" and BFSH means

" Sunderland.” H C Four flags, with the C, D, or F pennants

D uppermost, are Example.

« Vocabulary signals ;" Q and CDQR means “ mor”, a part of

R a word. Suppose you wished to signal your name, say H. Salmon. Turn up the Alphabetical Table; (in the Extract beginning with WTH, and ending with CFKR); look for H, and the signal letters are WTH; hoist them and keep them up until


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