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For Home-trade Passenger Ships.


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11. Any one who is in possession of a Master's Certificate of Competency for a Foreign-going Ship, may pass an Extra Examination without payment of any fee; but if he fails in his first Examination, half a Master's fee will be charged for every subsequent attempt.

12. If the applicant passes, he will receive a document from the Examiner, which will entitle him to receive his Certificate of Competency from the Superintendent of the Mercantile Marine Office, at the port to which he has directed it to be forwarded. If his testimonials have been sent to the Registrar General of Seamen to be verified, they will be returned with his Certificate.

13. If an applicant is examined for a higher rank and fails, but passes an examination of a lower grade, he may receive a Certificate accordingly, but no part of the fee will be returned.

14. In all cases of complete failure, the candidate must be re-examined de novo ; and in case of failure in Seamanship, a candidate will not be re-examined until after a lapse of six MONTHS, to give him time to gain experience. 15. If a candidate fails three times to pass

his Examination in Navigation, he will not be allowed to undergo another Examination until after the lapse of THREE MONTHS from the date of his last failure.

16. As the Examinations of Masters and Mates are made compulsory, the qualifications have been kept as low as possible; but it must be distinctly understood that it is the intention of the Board of Trade to raise the standard from time to time, whenever, as will no doubt be the case, the general attainments of officers in the merchant service, shall render it possible to do so without inconvenience; and officers are strongly urged to employ their leisure hours, when in port, in the acquirement of the knowledge necessary to enable them to pass their Examinations; and Masters will do well to permit apprentices and junior officers to attend schools of instruction, and to afford them as much time for this purpose as possible.

APPROPRIATE CERTIFICATES. A person possessing a Master's Certificate, whether of competency or service, is eligible to command any vessel of whatsoever tonnage, and either Certificate is sufficient for clearance at the Custom-house. But a condition in the charter

party of vessels taken up by Government for the conveyance of troops, stores, or emigrants, and also the regulations of the principal Steam Packet Companies, require that the Master and principal Officers shall possess Certificates of Competency. The First Mate may engage as Mate of any

kind. The Only Mate as First Mate, when there is no other; or as Second Mate, when there is a First Mate.

The Second Mate is not appropriate for any superior station, and must be employed only in cases where a First Mate is also engaged.

Certificates of Competency or Service may be either of a grade appropriate to the stations held for the time being, or of any superior grade.

N. B.-Certificates of character from owners and captains must particularly include the word “sobriety."


Arrangements have been made for giving to those Masters, and First or Only Mates, who desire it, an opportunity of undergoing an examination as to their practical knowledge of the use and working of the steam engine. These examinations are conducted under the superintendence of the Local Marine Boards, at such times as they may appoint for the purpose; and the Examiners are selected by the Board of Trade from the Engineer Surveyors appointed under the Steam Navigation Act.

The examination will not comprise any intricate theoretical questions, but will be such as to satisfy the Examiner that the applicant is competent to control the working of the engine, and has such a knowledge of the ordinary parts of the machinery, as will enable him to judge of the nature of an accident, and in the absence of the Engineer, to give the necessary directions in the engine room.

The practice will be as follows :-The applicant must deliver to the Superintendent of the Mercantile Office a statement in writing to the effect that he wishes to be examined in steam. If he is about to pass a Master's examination in

* The questions required to be answered by those Masters and Mates who present themselves for Examination ia Steam, will be found in the following pages.


navigation also, this statement must be on or annexed to the form Exn. 2, late E.E. If he has a Master's Certificate of Competency, it must be delivered to the Superintendent with his Certificate, so that due notice may be given to the Examiner, and so that the Board of Trade, on receiving it, may have the means of indorsing on his Certificate, and recording the fact that he has passed in steam. He must also at the same time pay a fee of £1., which will be applied in remunerating the Examiners. Notice will be given of the time at which the applicant is to attend to be examined; and if he passes, the result of the examination will be reported to the Board of Trade, and his Certificate of Competency will be issued or returned to him, as the case may be, with an indorsement as above-mentioned, shewing that he has passed in steam. If he fails, no notice of the failure will be reported on the Certifi cate, but no part of the fee will be returned.

Full directions as to the course of Examinations in Steam, and the qualifications required of Candidates, are contained in the instructions issued to Engineer Surveyors appointed as Examiners at the large ports.

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Bristol Wm. McCulloch W. McCulloch John Croone
Hull Jonathan Aylen Jonathan Aylen Robert Taplin
Liverpool J. T. Towson Normn McLeod E. J. Ross J. Smart

A. C. Mott
London Boulter J. Bell John Burnett Robt. Galloway J. Newton
John Domett

H. Burchill Newcastle J. Gillie J. W. Armstrong Walter Hannab W. H. Thorn Plymouth Wm. Walker Wm. Walker John E. Mare Merryweather Shields J. Gillie J. W. Armstrong Walter Hannah Sunderlnd J. Gillie J. W. Armstrong Walter Hannah Aberdeen P. Robertson Shipping master Thomson, Hall,

Catto & Co. J. R. Jones Dundee Andrew Roy Shipping master J. Z. Kay Glasgow Andrew Small James Gilkison H. R. Robson J. Boss Greenock Andrew Small James Gilkison H. R. Robson T. Cranston Leith John Davidson Shipping master S. D. Davison J. Bolam Belfast Shipping master Shipping master Wm. Rowan S. Doran Cork Thomas Stuart Thomas Stuart Paul McSwiney Dublin R. McLean R McLean F. Barrington D. M'Carthy

Appointed by the Board of Trade Department of Science and Art.

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Divide 31421764

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Multiply 316724 276549375 67219465 3146821 87964217

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Divide 981234567 by 101 3965217

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1. Write in figures :-One thousand seven hundred and

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fifty: 2. Add the following quantities together :476498

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4. Multiply the following quantities together :

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Multiply 547621 by 963

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