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THE extensive Sale of this Work has fully proved its general utility; and the Proprietors being determined not only to maintain but also to increase its usefulness, have introduced articles on several subjects, in order to make it the most complete Guide to the Local Marine Board Examinations.

The Questions requisite for passing the Examination for “ Home-Trade Passenger Ships," and somo Papers for practice, are now given, being rendered necessary by the increasing use of Steamers.

The Rules for working the Questions have been thoroughly revised, several new and simple methods have been introduced, and more Examples are given to illustrate the different workings which may occur in finding the Longitude by Chronometer, the variation by Azimuth, and the Tides.

A Paper on the Commercial Code of Signals, with à coloured Plate and Diagrams, has also been added,

a knowledge of their use is now required for the Examinations,


The Remarks on Dangers, &c. in the English Channel have been omitted, as pertaining to the book called “REED'S SCAMANSHIP, "where they will be found.

The List of Lights, and the Bearings and Distances, have been re-arranged and carefully corrected.

All the Questions are solved by Norie's Epitome, and the Examples are given for the year 1870, with the exception of those on Tidal Soundings, which are for 1866, as no Admiralty Tide Table of more advanced date could be obtained at the time of publication.

This work is used in the majority of the Navigation Schools in the United Kingdom, and in issuing this Edition, the Proprietors are convinced that its success will repay the additional labour and expense bestowed on it.

Sunderland, March, 1867.

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