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YOU! E To give you Hope and Comfort ; Joy and Peace.

Only believe in the willingness of God to forgive every PENITENT Sinner, and pray earnestly to Him for mercy, and lest assured that he will pardon you, (yes, even you), for the sake of his beloved Son.

REMEMBER " The Lord waits to be gracious," therefore put away the temptations of Satan, who would have you distrust the mercies of God, and persuade you to believe that vour sins are too great to be pardoned. This is impossible, leven if vou have been a murderer ;) and the reason is, because the blood of Christ cleanseth from all sin.

Let not conscience make you linger,
Nor of fitness madly dream;
The only fitness He requireth

Is to feel your need of Him. Seeret earnest Prayer is the approved and never failing method of obtaining relief and comfort in seasons of the deepest distress.

A tender, broken, contrite heart;--a humble consciousness of having merited condemnation ;-an earnest application for mercy;these are things which accompany salvation, and will never be rejected by our gracious Gon

*** It may (probably) be well to lend or read this Book to persons

who are quite ignorant of the way of Salvation. God sometimes works by very humble means--and who knows what He may be pleased io do by such a trifle as this. Is any thing 100 hard for The Lord ?

(Entered at Stationers' Hall.)

The WICKED shall be turned into HELL, and all the

nations that forget GOD! Psalm 9, 17.

DOOR SINNER—What are you to do in this dreadful

[ case? How are you to escape the doom of wicked persons who will be consigned to endless woe ?

Repent, and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and THOU shalt be saved. Acts 16, 31.

None of the sins that you have committed shall be mentioned unto you. Ezekiel 33, 16.

The Lord saveth in the eleventh hour, and he save:h to the uttermisst ; therefore, never DESPAIR. Yet delay not a moment. To morrow,-may be your last.

THE DAY OF JUDGMENT will very soon be here.

Look to the next page, and read the encouragement given you to trust in the mercy of that gracious God, who hath no pleasure in the death of a sinner, (Ezekiel c. 33, v. 11), and hath promised to cast out none that come to Him (with a humble contrite heart) trusting in the merits of his beloved Son.

REPENTANCE and FORGIVENESS, are inseparable. Luke 24, 47

REMEMBER AGAIN--That there is no SIN which may

not be pardoned, except the sin against the Holy Ghost. Mark 3, 28-29

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