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Select List of Recent Publications.


A Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans, with a Translation and various Excursus. By Moses Stuart, Professor of Sacred Literature in the Theologi. cal Seminary at Andover. Andover. pp. 576.

The Evidences of Christianity in their external division, exhibited in a course of Lectures, &c. By Charles P. M'Ilvaine, D.D., Rector of St. Ann's Church, Brooklyn-Professor of the Evidences of Revealed Religion, and of Sacred An. tiquities in the University of the city of New York. pp. 565, 8vo. New York.

The Main Principles of the Creed and Ethics of the Jews, exhibited in Selections from the Yad Hachazakah of Maimonides, with a literal English Translation, copious Illustrations from the Talmud, &c. By Herman Hedwig Bernard, Teacher of Languages at Cambridge, England.

Translation of several principal Books, Passages, and Texts of The Veds, and of some controversial Works on Brahmunical Theology. By Rajah Rammuhun Roy. London.

The Works of the late Andrew Fuller; edited by Andrew Gunton Fuller. 5 vols. 8vo. London.

A Word for the Church ; consisting of two Charges. By the late Rt. Rev. Bp. Hobart, with an Appendix of Authorities, and a Preliminary Notice. By the Rev. G. W. Doane, Rector of Trinity Church.

The Heart Changed by Divine Grace: or the Protestant Episcopal Church Vindicated, in her Views of Spiritual Influences; in a Letter to the Parishioners of Emmanuel Church, Little Falls. By the Rev. William M. Weber, M.D. Missionary at Fairfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 8vo. pp. 27. Auburn.

The Church of God; in a Series of Sermons. By Rev. Robert W. Evans. London.

Kiesselbach, Dogma de rebus post mortem futuris.

A Brief Examination of the Mode and Subjects of Christian Baptism. By E. Foster. Salisbury, Conn. pp. 52.

Remarks on the Rev. Dr. Taylor's Letters to Dr. Hares. By Benjamin Ty. ler, D.D. Boston. pp. 12.

A Practical Exposition of St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans : in a Series of Lectures : with an Appendix containing Remarks on certain Leading Terms, a Tabular Analysis of the Epistle, &c. By the Rev. Thomas Parry, M.A. Archdeacon of Antigua, in the Diocese of Barbadoes; and late Fellow of Baliol Col. lege, Oxford.

A Practical Exposition of the Gospel of St. Luke, in the form of Lectures, intended to assist the Practice of Domestic Instruction and Devotion. By John Bird Sumner, D.D. Lord Bishop of Chester. London.

The History of Noah's Day, practically considered, and viewed in connexion with our own Times, and the Coming of the Son of Man. In a series of Twelve Discourses, preached at St. James's Chapel, Brighton, June, 1832. By the Rer. C. D. Maitland, A.B., Perpetual Curate.

A Translation of Bishop Davenant's Exposition of the Colossians, with a Life of the Author, and Notes. By Rev. Josiah Allport, Minister of St. James's, Birmingham. 2 vols. 8vo. London.

Sermons preached before the University of Oxford. By Rev. Edward Burton, D.D., Regius Professor of Divinity. pp. 145. London.

Lectures on the Dispensations of God with Adam. By Relf Wardle. London.

An Exposition of the Book of Psalms, Explanatory, Critical, and Devotional. By John Morison, D.D. 3 vols. London.


The smaller Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon of Professor Simonis; Translated by C. Seager. London.

Hebrew Chrestomathy. By Professor Stuart. 2d edition. Andorer.

A Harmony of the Kings and Prophets; or, an arrangement of the History contained in the Books of Kings and Chronicles, together with the Writings of the Prophets, introduced in Chronological order, as they were delivered, commencing with the Revolt of the Ten Tribes, and closing with the Prophecies of Malachi. By Stephen Merrill, Pastor of the First Congregational Church in Kittery, Me.

An Easy Introduction to the Hebrew Language, on the principles of Pestalozzi : to be used as a Lexicon. London.

Questions on the Historical Books of the New Testament, designed for Bible classes and Sunday-schools. By Albert Barnes. Vol. 3. On John.

A Harmony and Exposition of our blessed Lord's last Prophecy, in which the difficulties that have hitherto perplexed Commentators are satisfactorily esplained. By John Tanner, A.B. Dublin, 1832. 8vo.

[" The principal design of this Harmony and Exposition is to prove that the details which are given in Matthew xxiv. 15—22, Mark xiii. 14—20, and Luke xxi. 20—24, refer to two events, different, distinct, and distant from each other ; the one the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, an event long since past -the other still future, and likely to occur about the restoration of the Jews.

Mr. Tanner considers that St. Luke's account refers to the destruction of Jeru. salem by Titus, while St. Matthew's and St. Mark’s refer to the second coming of the Lord, and has devoted 23 pages to endeavouring to prove that the abomination of desolation spoken of by the two latter Evangelists, is Popery.")

The Greek Testament, with English Notes. By Rev. S. J. Bloomfield. 2 vols. London.

A Treatise on Languages; their Origin, Structure, and Connexion ; and on the best Method of Learning and Teaching them : containing an account of the most useful Elementary Books in Latin, Greek, French, Italian, Spanish, and German; also, in Syriac, Arabic, Persian, and Hindoostanee; with particular di. rections for the study of the Hebrew. By Rev. Alfred Jenour, author of a translation of Isaiah. London. 1 vol. 12mo.

Novum Testamentum Gr. ex edit. Westeini, editio altera, aucta et emendata, curante J. A. Lotze, vol. 1. (containing the Evangelists.)

Libri Historici Vet. Test. a Dathio, edit. altera. Halle.
Umbreit, Das Buch Hiob. Heidelberg,

A Biblical and Theological Dictionary. By Richard Watson. Revised by the American Editors. Reprinted, New York. pp. 1003. 8vo.

A Dictionary of the Holy Bible. By John Brown. From the 12th Edin. burgh edition. pp. 554. N. York.

The Book of Psalms, translated into English Verse, and illustrated with prac. tical and explanatory Notes. By E. G. Marsh. pp. 510. 8vo. London.

Schwickenburger, Annotatio ad Epist. Jacobi perpetua.
Schwickenburger, Beitrage zur Einleitung im neue Test.
Credner, Beitrage zur Einleitung in die biblichen Schriften.
Unterkircher, Hermeneutica biblica Generalis.
Rosenmuller, Scholia in V. T. Pars X. (Daniel.) Leipzic.


Institutes of Ecclesiastical History. By John Lawrence Von Mosheim, D.D. A new and literal Translation, from the original Latin, with copious additional Notes, Original and Selected. By James Murdock, D.D. In three vols.

The Life of Andrew Marvell, the celebrated Patriot and Friend of Milton, formerly M. P. for Hull, including several Spiritual Extracts from his Prose and Poetical Works. By John Dove. London.

Memoirs of Mrs. Emily Egerton. An Authentic Narrative. Prepared by Rufus Nutting, A.M. Professor of Languages in Western Reserve College. pp. 180.

The Journal of the Rev. John Wesley, A.M., some time Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford, from the last London edition, with the last Corrections of the

VOL. Iv. No. IV.- 4F

Author : comprehending also numerous Translations and Notes. By John Emory. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. 1488. New York.

The Signs of the Times, as denoted by the fulfilment of Historical Predietions, traced down from the Babylonish Captivity to the present time. With Military Maps, By Marshal St. Cyr, Illustrative of Buonaparte's and Suwar. row's Campaigns in Italy. By the Rev. Alexander Keith, Author of " The Evidence of Prophecy." London.

Boys and Girls' Library. No. 1., containing the Lives of the Apostles and early Martyrs of the Church. N. York.

Annals of the Jewish Nation, during the period of the Second Temple. By A. Alexander, D.D. N. York.

Incidents in the Life of Matthew Hale; exhibiting his Moral and Religious Character. By Gilbert Burnet, D.D. With Richard Baxter's Recollections of Matthew Hale. Boston.

The History and Origin of the Missionary Societies, containing whaterer is important and interesting in the Voyages, Travels, and Journals of the various Missionaries; who have been sent out for the purpose of Evangelizing the Hea. thens, and containing a connected detail of their labours and success. By the Rev. Thomas Smith. 2 vols. 8vo. London.

Memoirs of Felix Neff, Pastor of the High Alps. By Rev. S. Gilly. London. Jones' History of the Christian Church. 2 vols. in one. pp. 607. Philadelphia.

Lives of Eminent Missionaries. By John Carnes, Esq. (Select Library, No6.) London.

Reichlin-Meldegg, Geschichte des Christenthums.
Elvers, Wesen und Freiheit du Christl. Kirche.


Remedy for Intemperance : a Sermon delivered at the Bleecker street Pres. byterian Church, in Utica, on Sabbath evening, July 15, 1832. By D. C. Lan. sing, Pastor of the said Church.

Address delivered before the Chippewa County Temperance Society, on the influence of ardent spirits on the condition of the North American Indians. By Henry R. Schoolcraft, Esq. May 8, 1832.

Apostolic Mode of Preaching; a Sermon delivered in Boston, before the Conference of Baptist Ministers, May 29, 1832. By Rev. Daniel Sharp.

Co-operation; a Sermon preached in North Woodbury, Connecticut, at the dedication of the Meeting-house, and the ordination of Rev. Owen Cowles, as Pastor of the original Church in that place, April, 1832. By Joseph I. Foot Pastor of the First Church in Brookfield, Mass.

The Self-existence of Jehovah pledged for the ultimate Revelation of his Glory

to all Nations. Preached before the London Missionary Society, May 9, 1832. By John Morison, D.D.

Tholuck, 10 Predigten. Berlin.

Doctrinal Preaching: an Address, delivered before the Porter Rhetorical Society, in the Theological Seminary, Andover, September 11, 1832. By Thomas H. Skinner. Published by the Society. Boston.


The Young Christian : or a familiar Illustration of the Principles of Christian Duty. By Jacob Abbott, Principal of the Mount Vernon Female School, Bos. ton. pp. 323.

Remarks on the Unitarian Belief; with a Letter to a Unitarian Friend on the Lord's Supper. By Nehemiah Adams, Pastor of the First Church of Christ in Cambridge.

Sermons for Sunday Evenings. By the Rev. Edward Wilson, Rector of Topcroft, Norfolk. Designed to explain and impress, in language adapted to Family and Parochial Instruction, the Vital Principles of the Gospel. London.

Inquiries concerning the Intellectual Powers, and the Investigation of Truth. By John Abercrombie, M.D. From the second Edinburgh edition. New York.

The Devotional Letters and Sacramental Meditations of Dr. Philip Doddridge; to which are added his Lectures on Preaching, and the Ministerial Office. London.

Catechism of Sacred Geography and History: designed for Sunday and other Schools. Part 1.-Containing places mentioned in Genesis ; a particular account of Palestine or Holy Land, and the fulfilment of various Prophecies. By the Rev. F. H. Cuming, A.M. Rector of St. Mark's Church, Le Roy, Genessee Co. N. Y.

American Religion, and Church Order ; with an Appendix, containing a Manual for Communicants, and a Sermon on Revivals. By S. H. Cox, D.D., Pastor of the Laight St. Church, N. York. London.

Biblical Cabinet Atlas, 24 Maps, crown. 8vo. London.

Evening Exercises for the Closet, for every Day in the Ycar. By Wil. liam Jay. 2 vols. 8vo. London.

The Christian's Own Book, being a Selection of Meditations from some of the early Christians, with an Introductory Essay. By the Rev. S. H. Tyng, Rector of St. Paul's Church, Philadelphia.

A Narrative of many surprising Conversions in Northampton and vicinity, in 1736. By Jonathan Edwards. Worcester. pp. 382.

The Missionary Gazetteer; comprising a Geographical and Statistical Ac. count of the various Stations of the American and Foreign Protestant Missionary Societies, of all Denominations. With their Progress in Evangelization and Civilization. By B. B. Edwards. Boston.

History of the Proceedings of the Carlisle Presbytery, in relation to a work

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