The Ten Pounder, Tema 1

Stillies Bros., 1832
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Página 58 - ... no doubt, there is misery enough in every corner of the world, as well as within our convent. But we distinguish...
Página 45 - For he who fights and runs away May live to fight another day ; But he who is in battle slain Can never rise and fight again.
Página 57 - ... more than it lost by it. When he had entered the room three paces, he stood still; and laying his left hand upon his breast (a slender white staff...
Página 57 - I put my purse into my pocket buttoned it up set myself a little more upon my centre, and advanced up gravely to him: there was something, I fear, forbidding in my look: I have his figure this moment before my eyes, and think there was that in it which deserved better. The monk, as I judged from the break in his tonsure, a few...
Página 57 - ... being in his right), when I had got close up to him, he introduced himself with the little story of the wants of his convent, and the poverty of his order ; and did it with so simple a grace, and such an air of deprecation was there in the whole cast of his look and figure, I was bewitched not to have been struck with it.
Página 57 - ... at something beyond this world. How one of his order came by it, Heaven above, who let it fall upon a monk's shoulders, best knows: but it \ would have suited a Bramin, and had I met it upon the plains of Indostan, I had reverenced it.
Página 39 - The real power of every country is vested in what we have called its effective aristocracy ; and that country is the happiest, in which the aristocracy is most numerous and most diversified as to the sources of its influence ; that government the most suitable, secure and beneficial, which is exercised most directly by the mediation of this aristocracy. In a country where rank, wealth and office, constitute the chief sources of influence over individuals, it is proper that rank, wealth and office,...
Página 39 - ... boroughs ; — and, so far from being of opinion that the alteration of those parts of our system, according to the suggestion of Mr Cobbett, would cure this or any other evil, we are persuaded that such a measure would have a contrary effect. Placemen, we think, are better in Parliament than any where else ; — the influence of great families in the election of members is rather beneficial than pernicious ; — and the sale of boroughs...
Página 58 - The poor Franciscan made no reply: a hectic of a moment passed across his cheek, but could not tarry. Nature seemed to have done with her resentments in him: he showed none — but letting his staff fall within his arm, he pressed both his hands with resignation tipon his breast, and retired. My heart smote me the moment he shut the door. Pshaw...
Página 92 - State whose independence and integrity concern the welfare of other countries. We have a right to say to Belgium, " You are a legislature of yesterday, your independence has hardly been established, and you have no right to claim as yours that which of right belongs to another.

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