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Short Prayers and Meditations before the

Minister at Church begins the Commu-

At going up to the Altar.

N the Multitude of thy tender Mercies, O. Lord God, do I now approach thine Altar; O pardon my Sins, and look not upon my Unworthiness, (for I am a finful Creature, O Lord) but upon those Motives which drew me hither, even my own Miseries, and thy tender Mercies; therefore help me to supply in Humaility what I want in Worthiness, and let my.. bended Knees and contrite Heart shew that I. durst not have adventured hither, had not thy Mercy held out the golden Scepter, and said, Come unto me, all ye that labour, and are heavy

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* Mite, accept of this little which I freely offer towards the Relief of any of thy poor Members, Mark xii. 42.

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LQ9. down, O Lord God, from thy holy
Habitation, and from the glorious Throne

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I/hen you receive the Bread. -

- LORP. I am not worthy of the Crumbs

' which fall from thy Table, and yet thou

givest unto me the Bread of Life. Evermore

give me this Bread, that I may eat thereof, and

not die eternally. john vi. 34, 50. After receiving the Bread.

NOT unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but

‘Y unto thy Name give the Praise, for thy

loving Mercy, and for thy Truth's sake.

Before receiving the Cup.

WH AT Reward shall I give unto the Lord

- for all the Benefits that he hath done

unto me? I will receive the Cup of Salvation, and call upon the Name of the Lord.

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Prayers and Meditations which may be joined to the former, where the Communions are large.

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