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Página 479 - the very power that granted the concession. With these remarks upon the treaty of 1783, we come to that of 1818, which gives to us the liberty to take fish of every kind on that part of the southern coast of Newfoundland, which extends from Cape Hay to the Rameau
Página 477 - and on all other banks ot Newfoundland, also in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and at all other places in the sea where the inhabitants of both countries used at any time heretofore to fish, and then it gives them the "liberty" to take fish on such part of the coast of Newfoundland as British fishermen shall use, but not to
Página 361 - or laws of this State, as may be deemed necessary for the government of its officers and the conduct of its affairs, and the same, when necessary, to alter and amend, and they and their successors may have a common seal, and may change and alter the same at their pleasure. SEC.
Página 537 - usages, and customs of the United States. shall be deemed to be free and exempt, although the whole lading, or any part thereof, should appertain to the enemies of either, (contraband goods being always excepted.) It is also agreed, in like manner, that the same liberty shall be extended to
Página 541 - Salvador, within eight months from the date of the signature thereof, or sooner if possible. In faith whereof, we, the plenipotentiaries of the United States of America and of the Republic of San Salvador, have signed and sealed these presents, in the city of Leon, on the second day of January, in the year of
Página 539 - 24. It is further agreed, that in all cases the established courts for prize causes in the country to which the prizes may be conducted shall alone take cognizance of them. And whenever such tribunals of either party shall pronounce judgment against any vessel, or goods, or property, claimed by the citizens
Página 535 - compensation if the concession was conditional. ARTICLE 1. There shall be a perfect, firm, and inviolable peace and sincere friendship between the United States of America and the Republic of San Salvador, in all the extent of their possessions and territories, and between their citizens respectively, without distinction of persons or places.
Página 539 - 23. It is further agreed, that the stipulations above expressed, relative to the visiting and examination of vessels, shall apply only to those which sail without convoy ; and when said vessels shall be under convoy, the verbal declaration of the commander of the convoy, on hi* word of honor, that the vessels under his protection belong
Página 498 - met with. Such a one will take thee back to Nazareth itself; thou wilt see the splendor of heaven spring forth from the humblest depths of earth like a light shining in great darkness."* Such is the lot and duty of man. Labor ! Labor on in some shape for
Página 540 - open to foreign commerce, who shall enjoy in them all the rights, prerogatives, and immunities of the consuls and vice-consuls of the most favored nation; each contracting party, however, remaining at liberty to except those ports and places in which the admission and residence of such consuls may not seem convenient.

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