American Journal of Pharmacy, Volumen31

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science., 1859

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Página 487 - The Action of Medicines in the System ; or, " On the mode in which Therapeutic Agents introduced into the stomach produce their peculiar effects on the animal economy.
Página 569 - I take a cold -solution of sulphate of aniline, or a cold solution of sulphate of toluidine, or a cold solution of sulphate of xylidine, or a cold solution of sulphate of cumidine, or a mixture of any one of such solutions with any others or other of them, and as much of a cold solution of a soluble bichromate as contains base enough to convert the sulphuric acid in any of the above-mentioned solutions into a neutral sulphate.
Página 284 - Convention of 1880, the names and residences of their respective delegates, as soon as they shall have been appointed; a list of...
Página 283 - I860, by the following resolutions. " 1. The President of this Convention shall, on the first day of May, 1859, issue a notice requesting the several incorporated State Medical Societies, the incorporated Medical Colleges, the incorporated Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons, and the incorporated Colleges of Pharmacy, throughout the United States, to elect a number of delegates, not exceeding three, to attend a general Convention, to be held at Washington, on the first Wednesday in May, 1860.
Página 156 - PRESERVATION OF ANIMAL AND VEGETABLE SUBSTANCES. A patent has lately been taken out for effecting this object. The improvements consist in coating animal and vegetable substances with a compound formed of vegetable albumen and a suitable antiseptic material. The coating is effected by immersing the substances to be preserved in the prepared compound two or three times, each coating being dried or set in a current of air before the next is applied. The object of combining...
Página 70 - Fohkien, acquainted with the properties of alum, was appointed to remove it a short distance from the mountain. Alum was first introduced into China from the west, and until a comparatively recent period the best kind, called sometimes Persian, and at others, Roman Alum, was brought from Western Asia. Numerous localities where an inferior article is manufactured, are mentioned in the Pharmacopoeia — viz ; Shan-tung, Shan-see, Kiang-su, Hu-kwang, Sz'-cheun, and also in the south western frontier...
Página 569 - F., and digest it repeatedly with coal-tar naphtha, until it is free from a brown substance which is extracted by the naphtha. Any other substance than coal-tar naphtha may be used in which the brown substance is soluble and the colouring matter is not soluble. I then free the residue from the naphtha by evaporation, and digest it with methylated spirit, or any other liquid in which the colouring matter is soluble, which dissolves out the new colouring matter. I then separate the methylated spirit...
Página 191 - A TREATISE ON DISEASES OF THE AIR PASSAGES. Comprising an inquiry into the History, Pathology, Causes, and Treatment of those Affections of the Throat called Bronchitis, Chronic Laryngitis, Clergyman's Sore Throat, etc., etc.
Página 69 - Surgeons apply it variously after depriving it of its water of crystallization, and in domestic life it is used for precipitating vegetable substances suspended in potable water. It is used also by the Chinese in a manner peculiar to themselves. Fishermen are usually provided with it, and when they take...

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