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and vain thought, to subdue every proud and angry feeling. May I strive to live only to Thy glory, and may I never forget the unspeakable love of my Redeemer; but teach me to give myself in humble gratitude wholly to Him; and grant that being strengthened to keep the vow of my baptism, I may so pass through the waves of this troublesome world, that finally I may come to the land of everlasting life, for His merits, who died and rose again

for me, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Lord, to Thee I commend all who are near and dear to me, especially [here name any par, ticular persons]. I pray Thee to guide and strengthen all Christian people, and to bring the heathen to the knowledge of the truth; and I entreat Thee to comfort and aid the suffering and the afflicted, the ignorant and the tempted, and to give us all rest in Thy eternal kingdom, for the sake of Jesus Christ, our blessed Lord and Saviour. Amen.

Our Father, &c.

Evening Prayer. O ,

hear, I beseech Thee, the prayer of Thy unworthy servant. Lord, I confess myself most sinful; especially I would own before Thee the offences of this day [here name any particular sins). Pardon me, I entreat Thee, for Jesus Christ's sake; forgive the sins which I know, and those of which I am ignorant. Look with compassion on my coldness, and give me a penitent and contrite heart. Receive me again into Thy favour, and let me lie down under Thy watchful care. And grant, Lord, that whether I live, I


live unto Thee, or whether I die, I may die unto Thee; for His sake, who for us laid Himself in the grave, and rose again in glory, Jesus Christ, our merciful Redeemer. Amen.

Lord, to Thee I commend, &c.
Our Father, &c.




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First Sunday in Advent . 2 St. Peter iii. 8-13
Monday, 1st Wk. in Advent. . Zephaniah i. 14--18; ii. 1—3
Tuesday, 1st Wk. in Advent. Revelation xx. II-15
Wednesday, ist Wk. in Advent. St. Matthew xxiv. 29–39
Thursday, ist Wk. in Advent St. Matthew xxv. 1-13
Friday, ist Wk. in Advent 2 Corinthians v. 1-10
Saturday, ist Wk. in Advent

Psalm cxlv. 1-13
Second Sunday in Advent Revelation xix. 11-16
Monday, 2nd Wk. in Advent. Isaiah xiii. 6-13
Tuesday, 2nd Wk. in Advent . St. Luke xii. 42-48
Wednesday, 2nd Wk. in Advent Revelation i. 4-7
Thursday, 2nd Wk. in Advent . Job xxxiv. 10-20
Friday, 2nd Wk. in Advent Joel iii.II-16
Saturday, 2nd Wk. in Advent

St. Luke xiii. 23--30
Third Sunday in Advent

St. Matthew xxiv. 35-4+
Monday, 3rd Wk. in Advent St. Matthew xxv. 31–46
Tuesday, 3rd Wk. in Advent

St. John v. 22-29
Wednesday, 3rd Wk. in Advent Romans ii, 1–11
Thursday, 3rd Wk. in Advent

Revelation xiv. 9-13
Friday, 3rd Wk. in Advent St. Mark xiii. 24-37
Saturday, 3rd Wk. in Advent

. St. Luke xii. 33-40
Fourth Sunday in Advent . Nahum i. 2-8
Monday, 4th Wk, in Advent, . Malachi iii. 146
Tuesday, 4th Wk. in Advent

Galatians iv. 147
Wednesday, 4th Wk. in Advent Isaiah xxxv. 1-10
Thursday, 4th Wk. in Advent . Ephesians v. 13-21
Friday, 4th Wk. in Advent . Isaiah xi. 1-9
Saturday, Christmas Eve . St. Luke ii. 8--20
Christmas Day

Psalm lxxii. 1-19
December 26 (St. Stephen)

St. Mark xiii. 3-13
December 27 (St. John Evnglst.) Revelation xxii, 6–12


December 28 (Innocents)

St. Matthew xviii. 1-10
December 29

Micah iv, 1-5
December 30

Philippians iv. 4-8
December 31

Ephesians vi, 10-18
The Circumcision (January 1) . Deuteronomy xxx. 146
January 2

Galatians v. 16-26
January 3

Romans vi. 7-18
January 4

Romans viii. 1-10
January 5

Galatians vi. 7-16
The Epiphany. (January 6)

Acts xvii. 22-31
January 7

Isaiah xlix. 5-10
January 8

Acts x. 34-43
January 9

. Acts xi. 1-18
January 10.

. Acts xii. 38—48
January 11.

. St. John iv. 43-54
January 12

Ephesians iii. 1-12
First Sunday aft. Epiph. Acts xiv. 8-18
Monday, 1st Wk. aft. Epiph. Acts xviii. 1-II
Tuesday, 1st Wk. aft. Epiph. Ephesians ii, 1–10
Wednesday, ist Wk. aft. Epiph. Romans x.4-13
Thursday, ist Wk. aft. Epiph. . Ephesians iv. 17-24
Friday, ist Wk. aft. Epiph. St. Luke xiv. 16-24
Saturday, 1st Wk. aft. Epiph. Colossians iii, 12-17
Second Sunday aft. Epiph.

St. Mark vii. 24-30
Monday, 2nd Wk. aft. Epiph. . Ephesians ii. 13-22
Tuesday, 2nd Wk. aft. Eph.. St. Luke xix. 1-10
Wednesday, 2nd Wk. aft. Epiph. St. John i. 1-14
Thursday, 2nd Wk. aft. Epiph. Romans xi. 17-25
Friday, 2nd Wk. aft. Epiph. . St. John X. 14-18
Saturday, 2nd Wk. aft.

Epiph. . Romans iv. 13-25
Third Sunday aft. Epiph.. . Ephesians i. 15-23
Monday, 3rd Wk. aft. Epiph. . Isaiah xl. 1-12
Tuesday, 3rd Wk. aft. Epiph. . St. John iii, 1-8
Wednesday, 3rd Wk. aft. Epiph. Col. i. 3-14
Thursday, 3rd Wk. aft. Epiph. . St. John iii. 16421
Friday, 3rd Wk. aft. Epiph. Isaiah v. 147
Saturday, 3rd Wk. aft. Epiph. . Psalm xcii.
Fourth Sunday aft. Epiph.

Colossians i. 15-23
Monday, 4th Wk. aft. Epiph. Ephesians ii. 1--13
Tuesday, 4th Wk. aft. Epiph. . 1 Tim. ii, 1-8
Wednesday, 4th Wk. aft. Epiph. Isaiah xlv. 18-25
Thursday, 4th Wk. aft. Epiph. . Isaiah lv. 1-7
Friday, 4th Wk. aft. Epiph. Hebrews v. 1-9
Saturday, 4th Wk. aft. Epiph. . Isaiah 1.7-11


Fifth Sunday ast. Epiph.

Psalm lxiii. 1-9
Monday, 5th Wk. aft. Epiph. Isaiah xlii. 1-7
Tuesday, 5th Wk. aft. Epiph. . 2 Tim. ii. 19-26
Wednesday, 5th Wk. aft. Epiph. Isaiah li. 9—15
Thursday, 5th Wk. aft. Epiph. Hebrews i. 1-9
Friday, 5th Wk. aft. Epiph.

Isaiah lxiv. 4-9
Saturday, 5th Wk. aft. Epiph. . St. John xiji. 1-15
Sixth Sunday aft. Epiph. . Isaiah v. 8-16
Monday, 6th Wk. aft. Epiph. Jeremiah x. 6-16
Tuesday, 6th Wk. aft. Epiph. . 1 St. John iii. 1-10
Wednesday, 6th Wk. aft. Epiph. St. Matthew xv. 21—28
Thursday, 6th Wk. aft. Epiph. . Psalm xvi. 5-11
Friday, 6th Wk. aft. Epiph. : Jeremiah xxxi. 7-14
Saturday, 6th Wk. aft. Epiph. . Isaiah xlv. 5-12
Septuagesima Sunday . Job xxxiv, 21-32
Monday, Septuagesima . Ecclesiastes vii, 1–10
Tuesday, Septuagesima I St. John i. 5-10
Wednesday, Septuagesima

Proverbs i. 20-33
Thursday, Septuagesima .

. Psalm is. 7-14
Friday, Septuagesima . . 2 Timothy ii. 3-13
Saturday, Septuagesima Hebrews vi. 10-20
Sexagesima Sunday.

Ezekiel xx. 10-20
Monday, Sexagesima · Hebrews ix, 11-14
Tuesday, Sexagesima . Romans viii. 31-39
Wednesday, Sexagesima . St. Luke xiv. 25-33
Thursday, Sexagesima

. Ecclesiastes i. I-II
Friday, Sexagesima

. Psalm xxv. I-II
Saturday, Sexagesima . 2 Corinthians ix. 6-1
Quinquagesima Sunday . St. Matthew v. 1-12
Monday, Quinquagesima . 1 St. John iv. 7-12
Shrove Tuesday

. 1 St. Peter iv. 7-II
Ash Wednesday

Isaiah lviii. 14-8
Thursday aft. Ash Wednesday . Hosea xiv. 1-9.
Friday aft. Ash Wednesday . St. Matthew xvi. 21-28
Saturday aft. Ash Wednesday . Proverbs xi. 1-9
First Sunday in Lent

. Job xxxvi. 5-12
Monday, ist Wk. in Lent . St. James i. 2-15
Tuesday, 1st Wk. in Lent Micah vi. I-8
Wednesday, ist Wk. in Lent Deuteronomy vii. 9-13
Thursday, ist Wk. in Lent St. Matthew vi. 16-24
Friday, ist Wk. in Lent St. Luke xv. 1-10
Saturday, 1st Wk. in Lent

. Tim. vi. I3-19
Second Sunday in Lent . Romans xiv. 1-12
Monday, 2nd Wk. in Lent

. St. James 1. 19-27


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