Parley's Magazine, Volumen5

C.S. Francis & Company, 1837

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Página 182 - Then wherefore, wherefore were they made, All dyed with rainbow light, All fashioned with supremest grace Upspringing day and night : — Springing in valleys green and low. And on the mountains high, And in the silent wilderness Where no man passes by ? Our outward life requires them not — Then wherefore had they birth ? — : To minister delight to man, To beautify the earth ; To comfort man — to whisper hope, Whene'er his faith is dim, For who so careth for the flowers . Will much more care...
Página 117 - We were entertained with all love and kindness, and with as much bounty (after their manner) as they could possibly devise. We found the people most gentle, loving, and faithful, void of all guile and treason, and such as live after the manner of the golden age.
Página 167 - Woodman, spare that tree ! Touch not a single bough ! In youth it sheltered me, And I'll protect it now. 'Twas my forefather's hand That placed it near his cot; There, woodman, let it stand, Thy axe shall harm it not. That old familiar tree, Whose glory and renown Are spread o'er land and sea — And wouldst thou hew it down? Woodman, forbear thy stroke! Cut not its earth-bound ties ; Oh, spare that aged oak Now towering to the skies ! When but an idle boy, I sought its grateful shade; In all their...
Página 112 - COME, take up your hats, and away let us haste To the Butterfly's ball, and the Grasshopper's feast; The trumpeter Gadfly has summoned the crew, And the revels are now only waiting for you.
Página 167 - When but an idle boy, I sought its grateful shade; In all their gushing joy Here, too, my sisters played. My mother kissed me here; My father pressed my hand — Forgive this foolish tear, But let that old oak stand.
Página 149 - How great his power is, none can tell, Nor think how large his grace ; Not men below, nor saints that dwell On high before his face.
Página 78 - Captain Church and his handful of soldiers crept down also, under the shadow of those two and their baskets. The captain himself crept close behind the old man, with his hatchet in his hand, and stepped over the young man's head to the arms. The young Jlnnawon discovering him, whipped his blanket over his head, and shrunk up in a heap. The old Captain Annawon started up on his breech, and cried out
Página 89 - This land lay stretching itself to the West, which after we found to be but an island of twenty miles long, and not above six miles broad.
Página 88 - ... arrived upon the coast, which we supposed to be a continent and firm land, and we sailed along the same a hundred and twenty English miles before we could find any entrance or river issuing into the sea.
Página 88 - Which being performed, according to the ceremonies used in such enterprises, we viewed the land about us, being, whereas we first landed, very sandie and low towards the waters side, but so full of grapes, as the very beating and surge of the sea overflowed them...

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