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Engineering Materials Export Corp., Flawn.v. New York Cent. R. Co., two cases

Knauth V. (Sup.)..




Enright, Muench y. (Sup.)

203 Flaxman. p. New York (Sup.).


Erickson, People v. (Sup.).

.1136 Fleitman v. Werner (Sup.).


Erie County v. Fridenberg (Sup.). .1115 Fleming, In_re (Sup.)..


Erie County v. Tonawanda (Sup.).

994 Fleming v. Barret (Sup.).


Erie R. Co., Flis v. (Sup.). .

.1119 Fleming, People ex rel. Fleming v. (Sup.). .1138

Erie R. Co., Meyer v. (Sup.).

1131 Fleming x, Robert Gair. Co. (Sup.). . 298

Erie R. Co., Smith v. (Sup.).

.1145 Fletcher, Painter v., two cases (Sup.). ..1134

Ernest v. Olanoff (Sup.)

.1117 Fliashnick v. Burke (Sup.).


Ertischek v. New Hampsbire Fire Ins. Co. Flis v. Lrie R. Co. (Sup.).


of Manchester (Sup.)

..1047 | Floral Park Terrace Co., McLinskey y.

Esposito, People v. (Sup.).

.1136 (Sup.)


Evento, Brown v. (Šup.).

1112 Floral Park Villa Co., McElroy v. (Sup.). . 467

Everard's Breweries, Landowski v. (Sup.)..1127 Flynn v. New York Cent. R. Co. (Sup.)...1119

Flynn v. Rodgers & Hagerty (Sup.). 1119

Faber v. Kent Holding Co. (Sup.).

.1117 Flynn v. York (Sup.)...

. 1119

Fabian v. Shinasi (Sup.)...


Fogarty Pittsburg Contracting Co.

Fagan v. Bishop (Sup.).




Famous Tire & Rubber Co. v. Fuerth (Sup.)1118 Foot, City of Rome v. (Sup.).


Farmers' Loan & Trust Co., In re (Sup.)..1118 Forbes, Conkling v. (Sup.).


Farrington, Striker v. (Sup.).


Foster Boxboard Co., Morey v. (Sup.). .1132

Farson, First Nat. Bank v. (Sup.). ..1118

Foster Mach. Co., Wimpie v. (Sup.). 902

Faulkner's Will, In re (Sup.).

Foster Mach, Co., Wimpie v. (Sup.). ..1150

Fay v. Brockway Co. (Sup.).


Foucha v. Buse (Sup.). .


Fay, Reaney v. (Sup.). .

. 1141

Foxall v. Search (Sup.).


Fay v. Sun Printing & Publishing Ass'n

Fox's Estate, In re (Sup.).




Francis v. Steadman (Sup.).


Federal Trust Co., Conklin v., four cases

Franco-American Ferment Co., Reilly v.





Feder Wine & Liquor House, Greenberg v.

Frank v. Frank (Sup.).




Frank v. Vogt (Sup.).


Feinburg v. Tooley (Sup.).


Frank J. Felgenhauer Co., Cohen v. (Sup.) 306

Feine & Sons Co., Mosgeller v. (Sup.). .1132

Frank V. Brotsch Co., Shaughnessy

Feldman v. Lubitz (Sup.)..

. 1118



Feldman v. Washburn Wire Co. (Sup.). .1118

Frazee Milling Co. v. State (Sup.).


Felgenhauer Co., Cohen v. (Sup.).


Frees Const. Co., Mullen v. (Sup.) 1132

Fellman, Weinmann v. (Sup.). .


French, Watson v. (Sup.).


Fergnson v. Buffalo, R. & P. R. Co. (Sup.) 1118 Freudenthal, Bloom v. (Sup.).


Ferguson v. Newburgh (Sup.).


Freund v. Stoneham (Sup.).


Ferguson, Raymond v. (Sup.).


Fridenberg, Erie County v. (Sup.).


Fetherston, People ex rel. Legget v. (Sup.)1138 Fried v. New York, N. H. & H. R. Co.,

Fidelity & Casualty Co. of New York, Ams-

three cases (Sup.).


den v. (Sup.).


Friedman v. Blauner (Sup.).


Field, In re, two cases (Sup.).


Frink, Cornwell v. (Sup.). .


Fifth Ave. Coach Co., Ackerman v., two

Fritz v. Smith Worthington Co. (Sup.). .1120

cases (Sup.).


Froman, Gold v. (Sup.).


54th and 55th Streets in City of New York,

Fuerth, Famous Tire & Rubber Co. v.

In re (Sup.)..



. 1118

Figge & Hutwelker Co., Singer v. (Sup...1144 Fuhrmann, People ex rel. Whitfield v. (Sup.)1139

Fine v. New Amsterdam Casualty Co. (Sup.) 135 Fuller v. Bradley Contracting Co. (Sup.) 673

Fuller, Becker v. (Sup.)...


Finucane, Dennin v., five cases (Sup.). .1116

First Bank of Notasulga v. Casualty Co.

Fulton, People v. (Co. Ct.)..


of America (Sup.).


Fulton, Seneca Distributing Co. v. (Sup.)..1144

First Nat. Bank v. Farson (Sup.)


Futoransky Nassau Electric R. Co.

First Nat. Bank v. Gidden (Sup.).




First Nat. Bank v. Hudson (Sup.). .1118

Fischerauer v. New York (Sup.). .1118 Gage v. Bewley (Sup.).


Fischl's Son, Inc., Hummel v. (Sup.). 150 Gair Co., Fleming v. (Sup.).


Fishel, Cognetta v. (Sup.)...

. 1114 Gaitley v. Albany Foundry Co. (Sup.)...1120

Fishkill Electric R. Co., Wilson v. (Sup.). . 1150 Gallagher v. Ancient Order of Hibernians

Fisk, Besant v. (Sup.)..




Fitzgerald v. Brooklyn Institute of Arts Galvanotype Engraving Co. v. Internation-

and Sciences (Sup.)..

625 al Bible Students' Ass'n (Sup.).


Fitzgerald v. Cannan (Sup.).

.1118 Gardner v. Buffalo, L. & R: R. Co. (Sup.) 1120

Fitzgerald, People v. (Sup.).

.1136 Gardner v. Gardner (Sup.).


Flannelly v. Edison Electric Illuminating Gardner v. Thompson-Starrett Co. (Sup.). .1120

Co. of Brooklyn (Sup.)..

. 1118 | Garrabrant, In re (Sup.). .


i Gaston v. Wolf (Sup.).


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. 1119


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. 1119


. 1119



Page Gately-Haíre Co. v. Insurance Co. of State Graner, Schlesinger v. (Sup.)....

. 1143 ..1119 of Pennsylvania (Sup.)..... 473 Granger Co. v. Berkeley (Sup.).

680 Gately-Haire. Co. y. Niagara Fire Ins. Co. Grant, Hyde v. (Sup.)..

.1121 .1119 (Sup.) 473 Grasell v. Broadhead (Sup.).

421 ...1119 Gaypor y. Yier (Sup.).... 463 Gray v. Delpho (Sup.).

194 .1119 Gelfan, Katz v. (Sup.)...

352 | Greater New York Feather Co. v. Diamond .1139 G. Elias & Bro. y, Brownell (Sup.). .1120 Coat Front & Pad Co. (Sup.).

258 Geller v. Kings County Mortg. Co. (Sup.) 183 Greco y, Lo Monte (Sup.).

982 ...1134 Gendray v. Reliable Furniture & Carpet Green, In re, two cases (Sup.).

.1121 Co. (Sup.) .1120 | Green V. Altenkirch (Sup.)...

447 General Accident, Fire & Life Assur. Corp., Green, Hochberg v. (Sup.).

983 Allen v, (Sup.). 934 Green, Huberth v. (Sup.)..

.1124 General Automobile Supply Co. v. Rock Green Felt Shoe Co., Markell v. (Sup.). ...1130 well (City Ct. N. Y.)...

210 Greenberg v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. General Baking Co., Adams v. (Sup.). ..1109 (Sup.)

.1121 .1119 Genesee Reduction Co., Chapman y., two Greenberg, Chestnut v. (Sup.).

137 . 1119 cases (Sup.)...

..1113 Greenberg y. Feder Wine & Liquor House 0. Geneva Mineral Springs Co., Coursey v. (Sup.)

724 „1119 (Sup.) .1115 Greenberg, Heiman v. (Sup.)..

931 Gening v. Turner (Sup.).. .1120 | Greenhut v. Rosendorf (Sup.).

345 Gens F. Baldwin (Sup.) .1120 Greenhut & Co., Holtz v. (Sup.).,

359 George Colon & Co. v. Smith (Sup.) .1120 Gregg, O'Connor v., two cases (Sup.). .1133 George Howard, Inc., Howard v. (Sup.)...1124 | Gregory v. Acme Road Machinery Co. Geo. Irying Co. v. Acunto (Sup.). 919 (Sup.)

574 Gerard y. McMullen, Snare & Triest (Sup.)1121 Gregory, Allen v. (Sup.).

.1109 German Artistic Weaving Co., Moore v. Gresser, McGraw v. Sup.).

.1129 „1119 Sup.) 178 Gridley, Hollows y. (Sup.).

1123 German Fire Ins. Co. of Peoria, Ill., Adder Grieme v. Grove Hill Realty Co. (Sup.). ..1121 Mach, Co. v. (Sup.).

...1109 Grieme v. Grove Hill Realtv Co. (Sub.). .1122 German Publication Soc. v. Pichler (Sup.).. 260 Griffin v. A. Roberson & Son (Sup.).

313 Giamberardino, Aiken v. (Sup.).

. 1109 Griffin, Iroquois Rubber Co. v. (Sup.). .1125 Gibbons, Hummel v. (Sup.)..

.1124 Griffin v. Utility Garage Co. (Sup.). ..1122 Gibbons v. Saks & Co. (Sup.) .1121 Gritzhandler v. Shapiro (Sup.).

276 Gibson, Sullivan (Sup.)....

.1146 Grosser v. New York, O. & W. R. Co. Gidden, First Nat. Bank v. (Sup.). 317 (Sup.)

.1122 Gilbert v. Mechanics' & Metals Nat. Bank Grossman v. Breier (Sup.).

725 of New York (Sup.).

.1121 Grove Hill Realty Co., Grieme v, (Sup.)...1121 Gilbert, People v. (Co. Ct.).

126 Grove Hill Realty Co., Grieme v. (Sup.)...1122 Gilbert v. Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Gruber, Cowen y. (Sup.). .

.1053 Iron Co., two cases (Sup.)... 1121 Guare v. Stony Creek (Sup.).

...1122 Gillender's Estate, In re (Sur.).

413 | Guatotolopas Sugar Co. v. Peck (Sup.). .1122 Gillender's Estate. In re (Sur.).

955 Guenther v. Ridgway Co., three cases (Sup.)1122 Gilleran v. Springfield, L. I. Cemetery Soc. Guinea v, Pittsburgh Contracting Co. (Sup.) 1122 (Sup.) 701 Gunther, Dessar v. (Sup.).

794 Gillett, Hurlburt v. (Sup.). .1124 Gunther, Hellman v. (Sup.).

. 1123 Gilmore, Clarke v. (Sup.).

.1114 Gurland v. C. W. L. Realty Co. (Sup.) 1122 Gingold Realty Co., Rosenthal v. (Sup.). .1142 Guttenberg, People v. (Sup.),

.1136 Ginsberg, City of New York v.,

four cases

G. W. Smith Co., Pierce v. (Sup.). .1140 (Sup.)

.1114 Ginsburg, Zbieski v. (Sup.)....

586 Haas v, Silberman Realty Co. (Sup.). .... 283 Giovio v. New York Cent R. Co. (Sup.)...1026 Hackford v. Veeder & Brown (Sup.). .1122 Glens Falls Lumber Co. v. Joseph T. Ryer Haggerty, Murphy v. (Sup.).

.1132 son & Son (Sup.). 427 Hainer v. Berry (Sup.).

1122 Globe Indemnity Co., In re (Sup.). 244 Haire, In re (Sup.).

510 Globe Indemnity Co., In re (Sup.).


Hall v. Allemania Fire Ins. Co. of Pitts-
Gold v. Froman (Sup.). .
500 burgh (Sup.)

Goldberg, In re (Sup.).
.1121 Halloran v. Ryan (Sup.).

.1122 Goldschmidt, In re (Sup.)

....1121 Hamilton, People ex rel. Wilcox v. (Sup.). . 1139 Goldschmidt v. Sachs (Sup.). 323 Hamilton, Post v. (Sup.).

.1140 Goldstein v. New York Life Ins. Co. (Sup.)1088 Hamm, Ravold v. (Sup.)..

1140 Goldstone v. Cohen (Sup.)...

1121 Hammond, Archdeacon v. (Sup.).
Goodman, Amerman v. (Sup.).
.1110 Hamus v. Kaesche (Sup.)

.1122 Goodman v. Walden (Sup.).

.1121 Hancock Mut. Life Ins. Co., Schwarz v.
Gore, Meenan v. (Sup.).
1130 (Sup.)

Gould, Brandt v. (Sup.).
.1111 Hanrahan Co. v. Protzman (Sup.).

536 Graham, People v. (Sup.).

334 Hansen v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. (Sup.). .1122 Grace v, Wagner (Sup.) .1121 | Hardin v. Robinson (Sup.).

531 Grade Crossing Com'rs of City of Buffalo, Hardman, Peck & Co., Lowy y. (Sup.). 461 In re (Sup.) . 1092 Hardy, Hubbell v. (Sup.)..

.1124 Graham's Estate, In re (Sur.).


1132 1149

731 1119 1115

1119 711:59 1115 713)

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Page Harms Co. v. Leonhard Michel Brewing Co. Hooley v. Mason-Seaman Trafisp. Co. (Sup.) 1124 (Sup.) .1071 Hopkins v. Steubing (Sup.)

1124 Harris, Laska v. (Sup.). .1127 Hornburg v. Hornburg (Sup.)

.1124 Harry Aronson, Inc., Byrne v. (Sup.). 732 Horstmann v. Wyckoff (Sup.)..

.1124 Hart, Steuer v. (Sup.).. 489 Horter, Behre v. (Sup.)..

304 Hartman, Kingsbury v. (Sup.). .1126 Horton's Will, In re (Sup.).

.1124 Hart's Estate, in re (Sur.). 716 Horwitz, Bloom v. (Sup.).

230 Hatton v. Cunningham (Sup.). ..1008 Hottenroth v. Mickey (Sup.).

1124 Hauck Mfg. Co., Schnibbe v. (Sup.). 1143 Houk Mfg. Co., Dasey y. (Sup.).

.1116 Hauser y. Hauser (Sup.) 1122 Houle v. Houle (Sup.)

..1124 Haviland, Latimer v. (Sup.).

268 Howard v. George Howard, Inc. (Sup.). .1124 Hawes, In re (Sup.)

.1122 Howard, Inc., Howard_v. (Sup.).. .1124 Hebberd, People v. (Sup.).

80 Howell, People ex rel. Tuthill v., two cases Hebron v. 118 E. 54th St. Co. (Sup.). .1122 (Sup.)

..1139 Heflin v. Lyford, two cases (Sup.). . 1122 Howes Transportation & Contracting Co., Hegeman Ave., In re (Sup.).

McBride v., two cases (Sup.).

1128 Hegeman Ave., In re (Sup.). . 1123 Howley, Luikert v. (Sup.).

1128 Heiman v. Greenberg (Sup.). 931 | Hoyt v. Long Island R. Co. (Sup.)

792 Hein v. Sulzberger & Sons Co. of America Hubbell v. Hardy (Sup.).

.1124 (Sup.) .1123 Hubbell, Stuart v. (Sup.).

1146 Held, Kaufman v. (Sup.). .1126 Huberth v. Green (Sup.)

. 1124 Hellman v. Gunther (Sup.).

.1123 Hudson, First Nat. Bank v. (Sup.) .1118 Hellman v. Manning Sand Paper Co. (Sup.) 335 Hueg, Klein v., two cases (Sup.).

651 Hellman v. Manning Sandpaper Co. (Sup.)1123 Huggan, Berry v. (Sup.).

..1110 Hellmers, Dezell v. (Sup.).

1116 Hull v.

Williamsport Planing Mill Co. Hellyer v. Prendergast (Sup.). 788 (Sup.)

.1124 Hellyer v. Prendergast (Sup.).

.1123 Hummel v. Akron Bldg. Co., two cases Helvitz v. Balshofer (Sup.)


1124 Hene, Worthington v. (Sup.) .1150 | Hummel v. Gibbons (Sup.)

1121 Hennemann, Tripp v. (Sup.). .1147 Hummel v. L. S. Fischl's Son (Sup.).

150 Henry Kupfer & Co., Kleiman v. (Sup.). ..1083 Hunter v. Willard (Sup.)...,

364 Herrman v. Herrman (Sup.)

.1123 Hurd-Landsheft Motor Co., Zelechowski v. Herrman v. International R. Co. (Sup.). .1123 (Sup.)

1151 Herrman v. New York Edison Co. (Sup.). . 145 Hurlburt v. Gillett (Sup.).

1124 Herman, Springfield, L. I., Cemetery Soc., v. Huskisson v. Lipp (Sup.)

206 (Sup.) . 1145 Hutton's Estate. In re (Sup.)

972 Herzberg v. Seidenberg (Sup.) ..1123 Hyde v. Grant (Sup.)

. 1124 Herzog v. Cohen (Sup.). 160 Hyman, People v. (Sup.).

.1136 Heuman v. M. H. Powers Co. (Sup.). 590 Hewlett Embroidery Works, Lichtig v. Independent Brewing Co., Easling v. (Sup.) 351 (Sup.)

1128 Independent Chemical Co., John C. Wiarda Iligbie v. Long Island R. Co. (Sup.). .1123 & Co. v. (Sup.)...

158 Hiler v. Ehling Brewing Co. (Sup.). .1123 Inman Co. v. Dix (Sup.).

925 Hill Steamboat Line v. New York Cent. R. Innes, In re (Sup.).

721 Co. (Sup.)

.1123 Insurance Co. of State of Pennsylvania, Hines, in re (Sup.).

Gately-Haire Co. v. (Sup.)...

473 Hipwell v. International R. Co. (Sup.). ..1123 Interboro Rapid Transit Co., Tonnelly v. Hoadley, American & British Mfg. Co. v. (Sup.)

1147 (Sup.)

836 International Bible Students' Ass'n, GalHober 'v. Reikert (Sup.).

328 vanotype Engraving Co. v. (Sup.).. 757 Hochberg v. Green (Sup.).

983 International R. Co., Burgsthaler v. (Sup.)1112 Hocking Valley R. Co., Pomeroy v. (Sup.). . 1140 International R. Co., Connors v. (Sup.)...1085 Hoe, Sullivan v. (Sup.)..

761 International R. Co., Crockett v. (Sup.)... 357 Hofferberth v. Duckett (Sup.).

167 International R. Co., Herrman v. (Sup.)...1123 Hlofferberth v. Duckett (Sup.)

.1123 International R. Co., Hipwell v. (Sup.)...1123 Hoffman v. North Hempstead (Sup.). .1134 International R. Co., Lyons v. (Sup.).....1128 Holbrook, McCormack v. (Sup.).

.1128 International Trust Co., Lesser y., two caHolbrook, Cabot & Rollins Corp., Nanfra v. ses (Sup.)...

.1127 (Sup.)

. 1094 Iroquois Rubber Co. v. Griffin (Sup.)....1125 Holbrook Cabot & Rollins Corp., Overlan Irving Co. v. Acunto (Sup.).. der v., two cases (Sup.). . 1134 Isaacs, Jarmulowsky v. (Sup.).

.1125 Hollows v. Gridley (Sup.)

.1123 | Isaacs v. Toronto Furniture Co., two cases Holmes v. Camp (Sup.) .1014 (Sup.)

.1125 Holmes v. Jones (Sup.)

1123 Isaacson v., Crean (Sup.) Holmes v. Jones (Sup.) 1124 | Israel v. Stern (Sup.).

.1125 Holmes Electric Protective Co. v. Arm Ithaca Trust Co., In re (Sup.)

355 strong (Sup.)... 770 Iuppa v. Saxton (Sup.).

.1125 Holtz v. Greenhut & Co. (Sup.).

359 Holzman, Cohen & Co., Prime Hat Co. v. Jackson, In re (Sup.)....

1125 (Sup.)

. 1140. Jackson, Arenson v. (Sup.).





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Page Jacob Dold Packing Co. 6. Kings County Kaufman v. Held (Sup.)

.1126 Refrigerating Co. (Sup.)... .1035 Kaufman, Slackman v. (Sup.)..

.1144 Jacob Dold Packing Co. v. Kings County Kaufman, Wasserman v. (Sup.).

752 Refrigerating Co. (Sup.). .1151 Keane, In re (Sur.).

856 Jacobs v. Rosenbaum (Sup.)

.1125 Kehoe v. Consolidated Telegraph & ElectriJaffe, Neuer v. (Sup.).. .1133 cal Subway Co. (Sup.).

481 Jaffe v. Weld, two cases (Sup.) 1125 Kellogg, Simers v. (Sup.).

.1144 Jalkoff, Abrams v. (Sup.). .1109 Kelly, Daniel v. (Sup.).

.1116 James, People v. (Sup.). .1136 Kelly, Laurie v. (Sup.).

.1127 Jas. Everard's Breweries, Landowski, v. Kelsey, Blumenthal v. (Sup.)...

967 (Sup.) .1127 Kemenitsky v. Corcoran (Sup.)


780 James Frazee Milling Co. v. State (Sup.).. 293 Kempf v. Biers (Sup.). Jas. McCreery Realty Co. V. Sadowsky, Kennedy v. Bruno (Sup.).

.1126 two cases (Sup.)

1128 Kennedy v. National Jewelers' Board of Jas. McCreery Realty Co., Times Square Trade (Sup.)

635 Imp. Co. v. (Sup.)... .1147 Kenny, Anderson v. (Sup.).

1110 James McCreery & Co., Messerschmidt V., Kent Holding Co., Faber v. (Sup.).

.1117 two cases (Sup.)... .1131 Kenworthy, Collins v. (Sup.)..

.1114 James McGinniss Co., Williams v. (Sup.). .1149 Kerbaugh, Rodgers y. (Sup.).

.1142 Jamestown Electric Mills, People v. (Sup.) 1136 Kern, Davidson v., two cases (Sup.).

895 Jankowski v. Borden's Condensed Milk Co. Kilmer v. Dr. Kilmer & Co. (Sup.). 617 (Sup.) 778 Kilmer & Co., Kilmer v. (Sup.).

617 Jarmulowsky v. Isaacs (Sup.) .1125 Kilpatrick, People v. (Sup.).

.1136 Jarvis v. Sees (Sup.).. .1125 Kilts, People v. (Sup.).

1136 Jaworower v. Rovere (Sup.).

.1075 Kimball v. New York Cent. R. Co. (Sup.) 1126 Jersey Co-Operative Realty Co., Tarpey v. Kingsbury v. Anderson (Sup.)..

730 (Sup.) 665 Kingsbury v. Hartman (Sup.)

1126 Jewett's Will, In re (Sur.)..

953 Kings County Lighting Co. v. New York Jewish Press Pub. Co., Bresslin v. (Sup.). .1112 (Sup.)

581 Jewish Press Pub. Co., University Soc. v. Kings County Lighting Co. v. New York,

two cases (Sup.)..

..1126 John C. Wiarda & Co. v. Independent Kings County Mortg. Co., Geller v. (Sup.).. 183 Chemical Co. (Sup.). .

158 Kings County Refrigerating Co., Jacob Jobn Hancock Mut. Life Ins. Co., Schwarz Dold Packing Co. v. (Sup.)...

.1035 1. (Sup.)...

964 | Kings County Refrigerating Co., Jacob Johnson y. Case (Co. Ct.)... 841 Dold Packing Co. v. (Sup.).

.1151 Johnson v. Johnson (Sup.) ,1125 Kingsley, People v. (Sup.).

.1136 Johnson, Selander v._(Sup.).

.1144 Kingston, Utica Gas & Electric Co. v. Johnson v. Syracuse Dry Goods Co. (Sup.) 1125 (Sup.)

.1148 Johnson, Voigt v. (Sup.).

.1148 | Kingston Gas & Electric Co., Bishop v. Jonathan Ring & Son v. Winola Worsted (Sup.)

.1097 Yarn Co. (Sup.).. ..1125 Kinkel, Trimboli V. (Sup.),

.1147 Jond v. Sobin (Sup.). 865 Kinlen' v. Runyon (Sup.).

.1126 Jones v. Allen (Sup.).

1125 Kinney v.

Mason-Seaman Transp. Co. Jones, Holmes v. (Sup.). .1123 (Sup.)

.1126 Jones, Holmes v. (Sup.).

.1124 Kinney v. New York Cent. & H, R. R. Co. Joseph T. Ryerson & Son, Glens Falls (Sup.)

42 Lumber Co. v. (Sup.). ...

427 Kiowa Realty Co. v. Molenaor (Sup.). .1126 Joyce, Bickle v. (Sup.).

1111 Kirknew Realty Corp., Modern Holding Co. Joyce's Estate, Bickle v. (Sup.)

v. (Sup.)

Juditsky, Brouard v. (Sup.)..
.1112 Kirschner, In re, two cases (Sup.)

1126 Jupiter, Nield v. (Sup.). 465 Kirschner v. Millard (Sup.).

296 J. W. Inman Co. v. Dix (Sup.). 925 Klee v. Klee (Sup.)..

440 J. & G. Lippmann v. Reynolds (Sup.).....1125 Klee v. Klee (Sup.)

1126 Kleiman v. Henry Kupfer & Co. (Sup.). 1083 Kaempfer v. Polskin (Sup.).. 730 Klein v. Hueg, two cases (Sup.)..

651 Kaesche, Hamus v. (Sup.). .1122 Kleinholtz, People v. (Sup.).

1136 Kahnweiler, Meyer v. (Sup.)

. 1038 Kling v. Tobias, two cases (Sup.). .1126 Kalisky, In re (Sup.) .1125 Klugh. In re (Sup.). .

543 Kalmowitz v. New York City Interborough Klugh's Will, In re (Sup.).

543 R. Co. (Sup.). 606 Klugh's Will, In re (Sup.).

544 Kaolin v. Mutual Bank (Sup.)

.1125 K. M. Davies Co., Continental Can Co. Kaplan, New York Municipal Ry. Corp. v.

v. (Sup.)

.1115 (Sup.) 495 Knapczyk v. Badner (Sup.).

.1127 Katz v. Gelfan (Sup.).

352 Knauth v. Engineering Materials Export Katz, Wisner Mfg.Co. y. (Sup.). . 1150 Corp. (Sup.)

1127 Katzenelenson v. Brody (Sup.).. .1126 Knickerbocker, Merian v. (Sup.).

.1131 Kaufman v. Empire Gypsum Co., three cas

Knickerbocker Ice Co., Ronsheim v. (Sup.).1142 .1126 | Kobyra v. Adams (Sup.)...

209 162 N.Y.S.-b

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ES (Sup.)





Page Kobyra v. Adams (Sup.). .1127 Lester v. Lester (Sup.).....

1127 Koebel y. Devine (Sup.). .1127 Levenberg, Dahl v. (Sup.).

.1113 Koebl v. Koehl (Sup.)..

.1127 Leventhal, Weber-Peuthert Co. v. (Sup.). .1149 Koeperski, People v. (Sup.).

.1136 Levine v. Westchester Electric R. Co. (Sup.)1128 Kramer v. Thorne (Sup.). 141 Levison y. Oes (Sup.)...

. 1043 Krauss v. Richard Carvel Co. (Sup.). 402 Levy, Reiss v. (Sup.). Kronenwett v. Kronenwett (Sup.)... .1127 Levy v. West Side Const. Co. (Sup.). 661 Krulewitch v. New York (Sup.)

.1127 Levy Dairy Co. v. Thousand Island Farms Krumholz, Sanders v. (Sup.). .1143 (Sup.)

1128 Kucharuk'. v. McQueen (Sup.)..

..1127 Lewis, Suddard v. (Sup.). Kunasek y. New York Consol. Card Co. Lezinsky, Schneider v. (Sup.). (Sup.) 361 Library Bureau, Cobb v. (Sup.).

291 Kupferstein, Mitchell v. (Sup.). .1132 Library Bureau, Cobb v. (Sup.).

.1114 Kupfer & Co., Kleiman v. (Sup.). 1083 Lichtenstein, Williamsburgh City Fire Ins. Kurtz, Bartlett v. (Sup.). .1110 Co. v. (Sup.).

. 1150 Kuschner v. Cohen (Sup.)

998 Lichtig v. Hewlett Embroidery Works (Sup.)

.1128 Lake Shore & M. S. R. Co., Timmons v. Lindholm v. Massillon Rubber Co. (Sup.)..1128 (Sup.) .1147 Lipp, Huskisson v. (Sup.)..

2116 Lakin, Peake v. (Sup.).. .1135 Lippmann v. Reynolds (Sup.)

1125 Lally, New York Towel Supply Co. v. Litcher, Prokop v. (Sup.)...

1140 (Sup.) 247 Loewenthal, Weinhandler v. (Sup.).

.114!) Lamb v. United States Fidelity & Guaran Lomasney v. Cavanaugh's Estate (Sup.). .1128 ty Co. (Sup.)..... 138 Lo Monte, Greco v. (Sup.)....

982 Lambart v. Mirror Films (Sup.)

.1127 | Joonas v. Myers (Sup.). Lamborn, Leavitt v. (Sup.).

.1127 London & Lancashire Co., Richards v. Lamphear v. MacLean (Sup.). 432 (Sup.)

1141 Lancheshire Corp., Dodd v. (Sup.). .1117 | Long Island Ladder & Scaffold Co., Mag. Landers, Momand v. (Sup.). .1132 nusson v. (Sup.).

1129 Landes v. David Lupton's Sons Co. (Sup.). .1127 Long Island R. Co., Higbie v. (Sup.). .1123 Landman, Champion Shoe Machinery Co. Long Island R. Co., Hoyt v. (Sup.). v. (Sup.).

346 Long Island R. Co., Parsons Wagon Co. v. Landowski V. Jas. Everard's Breweries (Sup.)

367 (Sup.)

.1127 Long Island R, Co., Simons v. (Sup.)..... 987 Lane, MacGinniss v., three cases (Sup.)...1129 Long Island R. Co., Wilson v. (Sup.). . . . .1150 Lane v. New York State Rys. (Sup.). . 1091 Lookstein v. North British & Mercantile Lane v. Schmidt (Sup.).

. 1127 Ins. Co. of London and Edinburgh (Sup.) 267 Lang, Mills v. (Sup.)... 545 Loper v. Askin (Sup.).....

.1129 Lange, Share v. (Sup.)..

.1144 Lotus Realty Co. v. Silver Bell Realty Corp., Lansing Liquidation Corp. v. Bankers' En


1122 cyclopedia Co. (Sup.)

.1127 Lotus Realty Co. v. Silver Bell Realty Corp. Lanza v. Southern Pac. Co. (Sup.). 156 (Sup.) Larkin Co. v. New York, C. & St. L. R. Co. Louis C. Frees Const. Co., Mullen (Sup.)

870 (Sup.) Laska v. Harris (Sup.)

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..1118 Lawrence, Baas v. (City Ct. N. Y.). 959 Lucas v. New Amsterdam Casualty Co. Leach, White v. (Sup.).. 1149 (Sup.)

191 Leavitt v. Lamborn (Sup.) .1127 Luikert v. Howley (Sup.).

.1128 Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co., Pragi v. Lukasik v. Czarcyznski (Sup.)

1 (Sup.)

..1011 Lumber Mut. Casualty Ins. Co. of New Lehigh Valley R. Co., Bowden v. (Sup.). .1111 York, In re (Sup.)...

313 Lehigh Valley R. Co., Morey v. (Sup.).... 434 | Lummis v. Crosby (Sup.).

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V. Leke, Saenger v. (Sup.).

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.1128 re (Sup.)

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. 1071 V. (Sup.).. Lesser v. International Trust Co., two cas McAuliff v. Palmer (Sup.). es (Sup.) . 1127 | McAuliff v. United Fruit Co. (Sup.).

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