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Page ..1127 McBride v. Howes Transportation & Con Mann v. Spangehl (Sup.). .

331 ...1110 tracting Co., two cases (Sup.)

..1128 Manning Sand Paper Co., Hellman v. (Sup.) 335 ..1149 MacBride, Sutton y. (Sup.).

.1023 Manning Sandpaper Co., Hellman v. (Sup.) 1123 p.) 112 McCabe v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. (Sup.) 741 Margolin v. Ward (Sup.).

.1130 McCahill, In re (Sup.)..

996 Markell v. Daniel Green Felt Shoe Co. ..1141 VcClure Publications, Inc., Peerless Pat (Sup.)

·1130 661 tern Co. 1. (Sup.). . 1135 Marks v. Codwin (Sup.).

567 McCormack v. Holbrook (Sup.). 1128 Marrone v. Bell (Sup.)

.1130 ...1123 YcCrea v. Bath (Sup.).

.1128 Martelliano v. O'Mara Specialty Co. (Sup.)1130 McCreery Realty Co. v. Sadowsky, two cas Martin v. Bender (Sup.).

321 es (Sup.) .1128 Martin, Pritchard v. (Sup.).

.1140 McCreery Realty Co., Times Square Imp. Martin v. Roff Underwear Co. (Sup.). ..1130 ...1114 Co. y. (Sup.).

. 1147 Martin Co., Broadway Bldg. Co. v. (Sup.)1112 McCreery & Co., Messerschmidt Y., two Martini, Swift v. (Sup.).

130 ...1150 cases (Sup.)....

,1131 ) Marus v. Central R. Co. of New Jersey ks McCullough v. Pennsylvania R. Co. (Sup.)1128 (Sup.)

.1130 McCutcheon, Bradley v. (Sup.),

.1111 Mason-Seaman Transp. Co., Hooley V. McDermott & Hanigan, Patrizio & Hen (Sup.)

. 1124 driekson v. (Sup.). .

302 Mason-Seaman Transp. Co., Kinney v. MeDevitt, In re (Sup.). .1032 (Sup.)

.1126 BlacDiarmid v. Steele (Sup.).

263 Massachusetts Bonding Co., Sloan v. (Sup.)1144 MacDonald v. Bernheimer & Schwartz Pil Massachusetts Bonding & Ins. Co. Schwartz .1128 sener Brewing Co. (Sup.). : .1129 v. (Sup.).

1004 McDonald, Bonner v. (Sup.).

324 Massillon Rubber Co., Lindholm v. (Sup.). .1128 . 1125 McElroy v. Floral Park Villa Co. (Sup.).. 467 Mathes v. Baumer (Sup.)......

.1130 McFarlane, Stetler v. (Sup.)... .1145 Matthews, Smith v. (Sup.).

..1145 1141 MacGinniss v. Lane, three cases (Sup.). .1129 Mauro v. Cooper (Sup.).

. 1130 McGinniss Co., Williams v. (Sup.).

.1149 Mayer v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co. 1199 McGoldrick v. Myers (Sup.).. .1129 (Sup.)

..1130 UcGrath, People v. (Sup.). 1136 Mayer v. Seril (Sup.).

903 McGraw v. Gresser (Sup.).

1129 Mayer Ice Machine & Engineering Co., Helderney, Yauck y. (Sup.).

Dunseath v. (Sup.).

Mackay y. Tidewater Oil Co. (Sup.). .1129 Mayers v. Broadway & 97th St. Realty Co.
McKee, Bloomingdale v. (Sup.).
286 (Sup.)

1130 McKegney, Mandl v. (Sup.). 900 Mayo, Meyer v. (Sup.).

486 Mckelway's Estate, In re (Sup.). .1129 Meahl v. Ordway (Sup.)

576 McKeon, Crown Lands Corp. of Staten Is Mecca Realty Co., People ex rel. Empire land v., two cases (Sup.)... 1115 Leasing Co. v. (Sup.).

.1138 McLaughlin, Currey v. (Sup.).

..1115 Mechanics' & Metals Nat. Bank of New MacLean, Lamphear v. (Sup.).

York, Gilbert V. (Sup.).

.1121 McLinskey v. *Floral Park Terrace Co.

Medical Soc. of Oneida County, Reid v. 1129 (Sup.)

.1141 Ucklahon's Estate, In re (Sup.). . 1129 Meenan v. Gore (Sup.)

...1130 McManus v. Buffalo Taxicab Co., two cases Megrue's Estate, in re (Sup.)

. 1130 .1129 Meier v. Carpenter, Boxley & Herrick (Sup.)1130 McMillan, Schmitt v. (Sup.).

437 Meisel v. Central Trust Co. of New York MeMullen, Snare & Triest, Gerard V.


446 1121 ) Meissner v. Atlantic Hygienic Ice Co. (Sup.)1130 MeNaught, Beers v. (Sup.). 514 Meissner v. Seeger (Sup.).

.1130 McNaught, Beers v. Sup.).

.1110 Merchants' Bank of Brooklyn V. Miller McPherson v. Andrus (Sup.)... .1129 (Sup.)

999 McPherson, People v. (Sup.). .

.1136 Meredith v. Art Metal Const. Co. (Sup.)..1131 McQueen, Kucharuk v.' (Sup.), .1127 Merian y. Knickerbocker (Sup.).

.1131 Madden, People v. (Sup.). .1136 Meserole's Estate, In re (Sur).

414 Magee v. Condon (Sup.)

..1129 Mesinger, Valenti v., two cases (Sup.). 30 Magnusson y, Long Island Ladder & Scaf Messerschmidt v. James McCreery & Co., fold Co. (Sup.).... .1129 two cases (Sup.).

1131 Maloney y. Rodgers & Hagerty (Sup.) ..1129 Metal Shelter Co., Mulroney v. (Sup.). . 1132 Maloy v. Bannon (Sup.). .1129 Meyer v. Erie R. Co. (Sup.).

.1131 Mandi v. McKegney (Sup.). 900 | Meyer v. Kahnweiler (Sup.).

.1038 Mandle, Bollweber y. (Sup.). .1111 Meyer V. Mayo (Sup.).

486 Hang v. Phettaplace (Sup.). . 1130 Meyer v. Miller (Sup.).

.1131 Slangin v. Mangin (Sup.). ..1130 Meyer, Rositzke v. (Sup.).

013 Manhattan Athletic Club of America, Wal Meyle, Uffmann v. (Sup.)...

179 lach v. (Sup.)...

237 M. H. Powers Co., Heuman v. (Sup.). 59 Manhattan Maternity & Dispensary v. New

Michel Brewing Co., C. F. Harms Co. v. .1130 (Sup.)

.1071 Manbattan Co., Empire Trust Co. v. (Sup.) 629 Mickey, Hottenroth V. (Sup.).

.1124 Manneschmidt,' Tully v. (Sup.).. 1147 Midville Realty Co., Moran v. (Sup.).... 117




York (Sup.)



Miklj v. Empire Limestone Co. (Sup.)...1131 Myers, Lonas v. (Sup.).


Millard, Kirschner v. (Sup.).

296 Myers, McGoldrick v. (Sup.).


Miller, In re (Sur.).


Miller v. Carpenter (Sup.)

1131 Naliboff v. Rothbeind (Sup.)

.. 1132

Miller, Merchants' Bank of Brooklyn y. Nanfra v. Holbrook, Cabot & Rollins Corp.





Miller, Meyer v. (Sup.).

. 1131 Napolitano v. Baratz (Sup.).


Miller v. Russe (Sup.).

.1131 Nassau Assets Collecting Co. v. Van Tuyl

Milliken v. Richelieu Co. (Sup.).




Mills v. Lang (Sup.).

545 | Nassau Electric R. Co., Cedarholny Y.

Milton Schnaier & Co., Schweikert v. (Sup.)1143 (Sup.)


Mincolla v. Binghampton R. Co. (Sup.)... 1131 Nassau Electric R. Co., Delaney v. (Sup.). .1116

Miner v. Pietraschke (Sup.).

,1131 Nassau Electric R. Co., Futoransky v.

Minkowitz, People v. (Sup.).




Minkowitz, People v. (Sup.).

.1137 | National Folding Box Co., Rosenthal Paper

Mintzer & Kneisler v. Neuburger (Sup.)...1131 Co. v. (Sup.)..


Miranker v. Williams (Sup.)

1132 National Folding Box & Paper Co., Rosen-

Mirror Films, Dale v. (Sup.).


thal Paper Co. v. (Sup.)...


Mirror Films, Lambart v. (Sup.). .1127 National Jewelers' Board of Trade, Ken-

Mitchell v. Kupferstein (Sup.)


nedy v. (Sup.)..

Mitchel, People ex rel. Murphy v. (Sup.). .1138 National Order of Daughters of Isabella,

Mitchell-Lewis Motor Co., Brown v. (Sup.)1112 People ex rel. Reed v. (Sup.).


Modern Holding Co. v. Kirknew Realty National Sugar Refining Co. of New Jersey,

Corp. (Sup.).

.1132 D'Hont v. (Sup.)...


Modern Mach. Tool Co., O'Connell v. (Sup.)1133 Neenan Elevated Co., Mulholland v. (Sup.)1132

Molenaor, Kiowa Realty Co. v. (Sup.).

1126 Nehring

Adirondack Wood Products

Momand v. Landers (Sup.)


Corp. (Sup.)


Mondschein v. _Siegelstein (Sup.).

641 Nelson, Palmer v. (Sup.).


Monteforte v. Ætna Life Ins. Co. of Hart Neuberger, Mintzer & Kneisler v. (Sup.). .1131

ford, Conn. (Sup.)....

762 Neuberger, Schmid v. (Sup.).


Montgomery, Bailey v. (Sup.).

1110 Neuer v. Jaffe (Sup.).


Montrose v. Baggott (Sup.)

..1132 Neuman, In re (Sup.)


Moore v. German Artistic Weaving Co. New Amsterdam Casualty Co., Fine v.


178 (Sup.)


Moore v. Riehm (Sup.).

976 New Amsterdam Casualty Co., L

Moore's Estate, In re (Sur.).

213 (Sup.)


Moran v. Midville Realty Co. (Sup.). 117 Newcomb v. Whitehouse (Sup.).

2 19

Moran v. Yale Club (Sup.)

.1132 Newcombe v. Von Tilzer (Sup.)


Morey v. Foster Boxboard Co. (Sup.). .1132 New Hampshire Fire Ins. Co. of Man-

Morey V. Lehigh Valley R. Co. (Sup.). 434 chester, Ertischek v. (Sup.).

. 1047

Morgan, In re (Sup.)...

.1132 Newhouse v. Crown Mills (Sup.)


Morgan's Estate, In re (Sup.)

. 1132 Newman v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. (Sup.)1133

Moroney, People ex rel. Rochester, S. & E. Newmark & Davis, American Clothes Dryer

R. Co. (Sup.)...

1138 Co. v. (Sup.).

Moross, People v. (Sup.).

1137 Newport Ave. in City of New York, In re

Morrison, Casale v. (Sup.).

.1113 (Sup.)


Morris Park Estates, Slavitz v. (Sup.). 888 New York Cent. R. Co., Beggs v. (Sup.).


Morse v. Brown (Sup.).

666 New York Cent. R. Co., Borden v. (City Ct.

Mosgeller V, August Feine & Sons Co.

N. Y.)..

. 1099


.1132 New York Cent. R. Co., Czerwinski v.

Moskowitz, People ex rel. Fowler v. (Sup.), 453


. 1115

Mosson, In re (Sup.)

1132 New York Cent. R. Co., Flawn V., two
Mott, People v. (Sup.)..

272 cases (Sup.)..
Mt. Vernon Trust Co. v. Penfield (Sup.)1132 New York Cent. R. Co., Flynn v. (Sup.). .1119
Muench v. Enright (Sup.). .

203 New York Cent. R. Co., Giovio v. (Sup.). .1026
Mulcahy v. Weber, two cases (Sup.). 905 New York Cent. R. Co., Hill Steamboat
Mulford v. A. S. Pettit & Sons (Sup.). 1132 Line v. (Sup.).
Mulhall, In re (Sup.)

..1132 New York Cent. R. Co., Kimball v. (Sup.). .1126

Mulholland v. Neenan Elevated Co. (Sup.)1132 New York Cent. R. Co., O'Connor v.

Mullen v. Louis C. Frees Const. Co. (Sup.)1132 (Sup.)

Mulroney v. Metal Shelter Co. (Sup.). .1132 New York Cent. R. Co., Wood v., two cas.

Mundler v. Palmer (Sup.). ,

605 es (Sup.)..

Murphy v. Haggerty (Sup.).

.1132 New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Bogart

Murphy v. Tweedle (Sup.).

874 v. (Sup.).


Musical Mut. Protective Ass'n, Victoria v. New York Cent. & H. R. R, Co., Kinney v.


652 (Sup.)


Mutual Bank, Kaolin v. (Sup.).

.1125 New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Mayer v.

Myers, In re (Sur.)....



Myers, Assets Collecting Co, v. (Sup.). .. .1110



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Page .112 Page

Page New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., People O'Brien v. Stern Bros. (Sup.)..

.1133 F. (Sup.)..... 1137 O'Callaghan, Petruch v. (Sup.).

..1139 ..1132 New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Snook v. O'Connell v. Modern Mach, Tol Co. (Sup.)1133 (Sup.)

1145 | O'Connor v. Gregg, two cases (Sup.). , ..1133 New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co. v. Troy O'Connor v. New York Cent. R, Co. (Sup.)1134 ...1133 (Sup.)

325 | O'Connor v. Watervliet (Sup.).... .1133 New York City Interborough R, Co., Kal O'Connor's Estate, In re (Sur.).

957 .,1133 mowitz v. (Sup.)..

606 O'Dell & Eddy Co., Sampson v. (Sup.). ..1142 New York Consol. Card Co., Kunasek y. Oes, Levison v. (Sup.).

.1043 ..1115 (Sup.) 361 | O'Grady, Barker v. (Sup.).

262 New York Consol. R. Co., Altberger V. Olanoff, 'Ernest v. (Sup.).

.1117 (Sup.)

739 Old Homestead Water Co. v. Treyz (Sup.)1134 ..113) New York Consol. R. Co., Broder v. (Sup.)1002 O'Leary v. Ward (Sup.)

1134 New York Consol. R. Co., Scholes

Oliver, Wiener v. (Sup.).

..1149 (Sup.)

: 1143 Ollie Wong, People v. (Sup.).. ..1137 New York County Nat. Bank v. De Luca Olsen, E. A. Strout Farm Agency v. (Sup.). 1117 $14 (Sup.)

485 O'Mara Specialty Co., Martelliano New York, O. & St. L. R. Co., Larkin Co. (Sup.).

..1130 1. (Sup.)..

870 118 E. 54th St. Co., Hebron v. (Sup.).....1122 la. New York Edison Co., Herrman v. (Sup.).. 145 Onondaga Hotel Co., Syracuse Lighting Co. New York Life Ins, Co., Bollard v. (Sup.).. 706 v. Sup.).

1146 New York Life Ins. Co., Goldstein y. Onondaga Paper Co., Peck v. (Sup.). .1135 (Sup.) 1088 Ordway, Meahl v. (Sup.);

576 New York Life Ins. Co., Vigorito v. (Sup.)1148 | Osborne's Estate, In re (Sup.).

.1134 New York Municipal Ry. Corp. y. Kaplan O'Shaughnessy v. Spaulding, two (Sup.) 495 (Sup.)

.1134 New York Municipal Ry. Corp., Rubin y. Otis Elevator Co., Carroll v. (Sup... ,. .1113 (Sup.)

. 1142 | Overlander V. Holbrook Cabot & Rollins New York, N. H, & H. R. Co., Fried v., Corp., two cases (Sup.)

.1134 three cases (Sup.).

. 1119 | Overton v. Brooklyn Trust Co. (Sup.). . .1134 New York, O. & W. R. Co., Adams v. Owen, People v. (Sup.)...

...1137 (Sup.)

New York, O. & W. R. Co., Grosser v.
Pacher v. Stechmann (Sup.).....

.1134 (Sup.)

Paffen v. New York (Sup.).

723 New York Produce Exch. Bank v. Twelfth Page v. Peyser (Sup.)

.1134 Ward Bank of New York (Sup.)


Painter v. Fletcher, two cases (Sup.) .1134 New York Rys. Co., Carey v. (Sup.). . 1113 Palatnick, Stoller v. (Sup.).

.1145 New York Rys. Co., Catanzaro v., two casPalma v. North Hempstead (Sup.)

.1134 e$ (Sup.).

1103 New York Rys. Co., Schwartz v. (Sup.)..1143 Palmer v. Dunkirk Printing Co., two cases New York State Rys., Lane v. (Sup.).....1091 Palmer, McAuliff v. (Sup.).


980 New York State Rys., Thoresen v., two cas


Palmer, Mundler v. Sup.). 37 es (Sup.).. 397

.1135 New York Towel Supply Co. v. Lally (Sup.) 241 Palmer v. Nelson (Sup.). New York Trust Co., Carpenter v. (Sup.). .1113 Panama-Pacific International Exposition

799 Niagara Fire Ins. Co., Gately-Haire Co.


Co., Yessayan v. (Sup.).. v. (Sup.)...

.1151 Parker, Dalton V. (Sup.).

.1115 Niagara & Erie Power Co., Seneca Iron &


Parker, O'Brien V. (Sup.). Steel Co. v. (Sup.).

. 1133 Nichol v. Wilson (Sup.).

Parsons Wagon Co. v. Long Island R, Co. 1133 (Sup.)

367 Nield y. Jupiter (Sup.). ...


Paska v. Brooklyn Heights R, Co. (Sup.)1135 Nilsen v. American Bridge Co. (Sup.) .1133

Patrizio & Hendrickson v. McDermott &
Noble, Blatt v. (Sup.)..

Hanigan (Sup.)

302 Voble' y. Eldredge (Sup.).


Patten, People ex rel. Epstein v. (Sup.)...1138 Noeton's Estate, In re (Sur.).

Peake v. Lakin (Sup.).

.1135 Normann, Richard v. (Sup.)...

Pearsall, Dorlon v. (Sup.).

.1117 North British & Mercantile Ins. Co. of LonPearsall's Will, In re (Šur.).

119 don and Edinburgh, Lookstein v. (Sup.).., 267 Peck, Guatotolopas Sugar Co. v. (Sup.)...1122 Norton, Stull v. (Sup.).

1146 Norton's Estate, în re (Sup.)

Peck v. Onondaga Paper Co. (Sup.). .1135 1133

Peerless Pattern Co. v. McClure PublicaNorwich Union Fire Ins. Soc., Limited, of tions (Sup.)

.1135 Norwich, England, Corn Novelty Co. v. Pellegrino v. Clarence L. Smith Co. (Sup.) 1135 (Sup.)

.1020 Penfield, Mt. Vernon Trust Co. v. (Sup.). .1132 No. 1450 Broadway Corp., Rosenthal v.

Penn, Enders Sales Co. v. (Sup.).. .1117 (Sup.) 344 | Pennige v. Reynolds (Sup.).

966 Pennsylvania R. Co., Dodge & Dent Mfg. Oakley, Wolter v. (Sup.). .1150 Co. v. (Sup.)..

549 O'Brien v. Coogan (Sup.).

1133 Pennsylvania R. Co., Dodge & Dent Mfg. O'Brien v, Parker (Sup.)

. 1133
Co. v. (Sup.). ..



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Page Pennsylvania R. Co., McCullough v. (Sup.).1128 People ex rel. Heaney v. Woods (Sup.)....1138 People v. Bargey (Sup.)

.1135 People ex rel. Heinrich v. Travis (Sup.)...1138 People v. Becht (Sup.).

.1135 People ex rel. Hicks v. Blackmar (Sup.)...1138 People v. Bergman (Sup.).

413 People ex rel. Holzman v. Purdy (Sup.).. 05 People v. Budinich (Sup.).

.1135 People ex rel. Jordan v. Wotherspoon People v. Craven (Sup.). 1135 (Sup.)

.1138 People v. Delamater (Sup.).

.1136 People ex rel. Legget v. Fetherston (Sup.)1138 People v. Devine (Gen. Sess.).

852 People ex rel. Murphy v. Mitchel (Sup.)..1138 People v. Di Muro (Sup.).....

.1137 People ex rel. New York & V. S. Traction People v. Erickson (Sup.).

1136 Co. v. Public Service Commission of State People v. Esposito (Sup.).

1136 of New York for Second Dist. (Sup.).... 405 People v. Fitzgerald (Sup.).

.1136 People ex rel. Reed v. National Order of People v. Fulton (Co. Ct.). 125 Daughters of Isabella (Sup.)

.1138 People v. Gilbert (Co. Ct.).

126 People ex rel. Rochester, S. & E. R. Co. v. People v. Graham (Sup.).. 33+ Moroney (Sup.)...

.1138 People v. Guttenberg (Sup.).

.1136 | People ex rel. Ruestow v. Board of EducaPeople v. Hebberd (Sup.).

tion of New York (Sup.). .

1139 People v. Hyman (Sup.).

.1136 People ex rel. Sanger v. Warden or Keeper People v. James (Sup.). .1136 (Sup.)

.1139 People v. Jamestown Electric Mills (Sup.) 1136 People ex rel. Tappin v. Cropsey (Sup.)... 927 People v. Kilpatrick (Sup.).

61136 | People ex rel. Tompkins Cove Stone Co. v. People v. Kists (Sup.).. .1136 Saxe (Sup.).

408 People v. Kingsley (Sup.).

.1136 People ex rel. Trojan Realty Co. v. Purdy People v. Kleinholtz (Sup.).

.1136 (Sup.) People v. Koeperski (Sup.)

.1136 People ex rel. Tuthill v. Howell, two cases People v. Leo (Sup.). . .1136 (Sup.)

..1139 People v. McGrath (Sup.).

.1136 | People ex rel. Twiss v. Bell (Sup.). .1139 People v. McPherson (Sup.).

.1136 People ex rel. Weeks v. Ward (Sup.). 741 People v. Madden (Sup.).

.1136 People ex rel. Weiser v. Tucker (Sup.). .1139 People v. Minkowitz (Sup.).

.1136 People ex rel. Werner v. Woods (Sup.)....1139 People v. Minkowitz (Sup.).

.1137 | People ex rel. Whitfield Fuhrmann People v. Moross (Sup.). .1137 (Sup.)

...1139 People v. Mott (Sup.).

272 People ex rel. Wilcox v. Hamilton (Sup.).. 1139 People v. New York Cent. & I. R. R. Co. People's Nat. Bank of Brooklyn in New (Sup.) .1137 York v. Egbert (Sup.)..

.1139 People v. Ollie Wong (Sup.). 1137 | Perham v. Cottle (Sup.).

21 People v. Owen (Sup.).. 1137 | Perine v. Silvester (Sup.)....

1139 People v. Powers (Sup.).

.1137 Perley v. Shubert, two cases (Sup.) . 1139 People v. Ready (Sup.).. .1137 | Perlnian, Dow v. (Sup.)...

.1117 People v. Redmond (Sup.). .1137 | Perrigo v. Fulton (Sup.)...

.1139 People v. Roth (Sup.). .

.1137 Peter Doelger Brewing Co., Winter v. People v. Russo (Sup.). 1137 (Sup.)

469 People v. Sanger (Sup.).

.1137 Peter Doelger Co., Winter v. (Sup.). .1150 People v. Scanlon (Sup.) .1137 | Peters v. A. Schwoerer & Sons (Sup.)

917 People v. Schaefer (Sup.). 1137 | Petheram, In re (Sur.)....

9.33 People v. Tortora (Sup.). .1137 Petruch y. O'Callaghan (Sup.).

. 1139 People v. Valiant (Sup.).

.1137 Pettit & Sons, Mulford v. (Sup.). People v. Walla (Sup.).

.1137 Peugeot Auto Import Co., Dearborn v. People v. Whalen (Sup.).

1138 (Sup.) People v. Williams (Sup.).

.1138 Peugeot Auto Import Co., Rapetti v. (Sup.) 133 People ex inf. Eylers v. Armour & Co. Peyser, Page v. (Sup.).

1134 (Sup.) 621 Phetta place, Mang v. (Sup.).

. 1130 People ex rel. Baylis v. Board of Sup’rs of Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Co., Nassau County (Sup.). .1138 Gilbert v., two cases (Sup.).

. 1121 People ex rel. Becker v. Board of Education

Phillip v. Catskill Mountain R. Co., three of City of New York (Sup.).. 643 cases (Sup.)..

. 1139 People ex rel. Brower v. Board of Sup'rs of Phillip v. Catskill Mountain R. Co. (Sup.)1140 Nassau County (Sup.)..

.1138 Pichler, German Publication Soc. v. (Sup.) 260 People ex rel. City Real Estate Co. v. Pur Pierce v. G. W. Smith Co. (Sup.).

1140 dy (Sup.)... . 1138 Pietraschke, Miner v. (Sup.)..

.1131 People ex rel. Currier v. Chief of Police of Pinto v. Pulidora (Sup.).

736 City of Rochester (Co. Ct.)..

845 Pittsburg Contracting Co., Fogarty People ex rel. Empire Leasing Co. v. Mec


. 1119 ca Realty Co. (Sup.)..

. 1138 Pittsburgh Contracting Co., Guinea People ex rel. Epstein v. Patten (Sup.)...1138 (Sup.)

.1122 People ex rel. Erie R. Co. v. Public Service Pittsburgh, S. & N. R. Co., Central Trust Commission, Second Dist. (Sup.).. 520

Co. of New York v. (Sup.)..

...1113 People ex rel. Fleming v. Fleming (Sup.)1138 Plumb v. Almekinder (Sup.). People ex rel. Floersheimer v. Purdy (Sup.) 70 Plunkett, Village of Argyle v. (Sup.).

242 People ex rel. Fowler v. Moskowitz (Sup.) 453 ) Plymouth Garage v. Shanley (Sup.)......1140






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Pocock v. Reynolds (Sup.).....

978 Rakov v. Bankers' Life Ins. Co. of New


Podolsky, Rosenbaum v. (Sup.).

227 York (Sup.)..



Policastro v. Sprague, two cases (Sup.)...1140 Ralph's Estate, In re (Sup.).

Polskin, Kaempfer v. (Sup.).

730 Rapetti v. Peugeot Auto Import Co. (Sup.) 133


Pomeroy v. Hocking Valley R. Co. (Sup.). .1140 Rapp v. New York (Sup.)...


Port Jefferson Electric Light Co., Blatch Rastall v. Sampson (Sup.).



F. (Sup.)

...1111 Ravold v. Hamm (Sup.).


Port Jefferson Electric Light Co., Purick v. Raymond v. Ferguson (Sup.).




.1111 Ready, People v. (Sup.).



Post v. Hamilton, two cases (Sup.). ..1140 Ream, Davidson v. (Sup.).


Post Exp. Printing Co. of Rochester, Stod Ream, Davidson v. (Sup.).


dard v. (Sup.)

839 Reaney v. Fay (Sup.).




Postal Telegraph-Cable Co. v. Associated


v. Edison Electric Illuminating

Press (Sup.).

4 Co. of Brooklyn (Sup.). .



Postal Telegraph-Cable Co. v. Associated Reddy v. Little Falls (Sup.).



Press, two cases (Sup.)...

11 Redmond, People v. (Sup.).


Postal Telegraph-Cable Co. v. Associated Reed, Baeder v. (Sup.).



Press (Sup.)...

12 Reed, Burt v. (Sup.).


Postał Telegraph Cable Co. v. Tonopah & Reed's Estate, In re (Sur.).


T. R, Co. (Sup.).

1140 Regan v. New York (Sup.).


Potter, White v., two cases (Sup.). 1149 Reid v. Medical Soc. of Oneida County

Powells, Rudd v. (Sup.).....

.1142 (Sup.)


Powers, In re (Sup.).

828 Reikert, Hober v. (Sup.).


Powers, People v. (Sup.).

.1137 Reilly v. Franco-American Ferment Co.

Powers, William J. Burns International De (Sup.)


tetive Agency v. (Sup.)...

578 Reinartz v. Brewster (Sup.)


Powers Co., Heuman y. (Sup.)..

590 Reinhardt, In re (Sup.).


Pragi v. Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co. Reinhardt v. New York (Sup.)..



..1011 Reiss v. Levy (Sup.).


Preferred Accident Co., United Sponging Reliable Furniture & Carpet Co., Gendrau

Co. v. (Sup.)

.1147 v. (Sup.)


Prendergast, Business Detail Corp. v. (Sup.)1113 Renault Selling Branch, Wolcott v. (Sup.) 496

Prendergast, Hellyer v. (Sup.).

788 | Reynolds, J. & G. Lippmann (Sup.). .112.5

Prendergast, Hellyer v. (Sup.).

.1123 Reynolds, Pennige v. (Sup.)..


President and Directors of Manhattan Co., Reynolds, Pocock y. (Sup.).


Empire Trust Co. v. (Sup.)....

629 Rbinelander Ave., In re (Sup.).

. 1141

Press Pub. Co., Stern y. (Sup.).,

891 | Richard v. Normann (Sup.)....


Prime v. Alapri Trading Co. (Sup.). .1140 | Richard Carvel Co., Krauss v. (Sup.).


Prime Hat Co. v. Holzman Cohen & Co. Richards v. Ackerman (Sup.).



.1140 Richards v. Dauch (Sup.)..


Pritchard v. Martin (Sup.)...

.1140 Richards v. London & Lancashire Co.

Progressive Const. Co. y. Sayre, three cas (Sup.)


és (Sup.).

.1140 Richards v. Robin (Sup.).


Prokop v. Litcher (Sup.).

..1140 Richelieu Co., Milliken v. (Sup.).


Prokopiak v. Buffalo Gas Co. (Sup.). 288

Ridgway Co., Guenther v., two cases (Sup.) 1122

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