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the tables which are based on them not only reliable and comprehensive, but also compact. But as these rules are liable to occasional amendments, the tables may also have to be revised from time to time.

These rules and tables are preceded by a short chapter on Design,' in which such hints have been given as will, it is hoped, facilitate drawing-office work. It has not been thought advisable to reproduce any drawings of complete boilers, but a long list has been compiled of publications where they can be looked up, together with their principal dimensions, their performances, and the builders' names.

These and the other references to publications were found to be so numerous that it was necessary to abridge their titles to a few initial letters, which have been rearranged in alphabetical order in the following list, together with the necessary particulars for easily finding the required volume. It was at first intended to quote only such papers or books as had been printed in the English language; but many of these turned out to be translations, and it soon became evident that they could not always be relied upon. Not only were the misprints sometimes of the most serious nature, but in several instances it was found impossible to trace the original paper, because of the date, volume, or page being wrongly given. The plan had therefore to be adopted of mentioning only the original notice of experiments on investigation, no matter in what language they were first described,


The following books and publications are referred to in the text :

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J. BARBA. * Etude sur l'Emploi de l'Acier dans les Constructions,' &c. Paris

1875. J. BARBA. * The Uses of Steel,' &c. (A translation of the above by A. L. Holley.)

New York, 1875. J. F. BARNABY. • Effects of Heat on the Bending Qualities of Iron,' 1881. Admir

alty Letter, N.S. J. F. BARNABY. •Influence of Repeated Heating and Cooling of Steel and Iron,'

1882. Admiralty Letter, N.S. W. M. BARR. · A Practical Treatise on High-Pressure Steam Boilers.' Indian

apolis, 1880. B. H. BARTOL. A Treatise on the Marine Boilers of the United States.' Phila

delphia, 1851. G. BERKLEY. “Preliminary Experiments on the Mechanical Properties of Steel.'

London, 1868. G. BERKLEY. •Experiments on the Mechanical Properties of Steel, made at Wool

wich Dockyard, 1870. L. E. BERTIN. • Marine Boilers.' (Translated by L. G. Robertson.) London,

1898. W. R. BROWNE. • Triple-Riveting. London, 1873. N. P. BURGH. “A Treatise on Boilers and Boiler-Making.' London, 1873. C. Brsley. Die Schiffsmaschine.' Kiel, 1883. (A new edition is in progress, as

well as a translation by H. A. B. Cole. London, 1892, not completed 1901.) A. LE CHATELIER. ' Influence de la Température sur les Propriétés Mécaniques

des Métaux. Paris, 1891. D. K. CLARK. “Recent Practice in Locomotive Engineering. London, 1858. D. K. CLARK. "A Manual of Rules and Tables. London, 1878. D. K. CLARK. The Steam Engine.' London, 1890. E. CLARK. · Britannia and Conway Bridges.' 1850. F. COLYER. “Management of Steam Boilers.' London, 1885. F. COLYER. “A Treatise on Modern Steam Engines and Boilers.' London, 1886. J. H. COTTERILL. “The Steam Engine.' London, 1878. C. Couche. • Permanent Way,' &c. (A translation.) London, 1877. C. T. Davis. A Treatise on Steam Boiler Incrustation.' Washington, 1884. DELAVNY-BELVILLE. •Liste des Règlements,' &c. Paris, 1886. V. DESHAYES. Classement et Emploi des Aciers.' Paris, 1880. BRYAN DOxkix. • Heat Efficiency of Steam Boilers. London, 1898. J. B. EVERETT. • Units and Physical Constants.' London, 1886. J. A. Ewing. Magnetic Induction in Iron,' &c. London, 1891. W. FAIRBAIRN. •Useful Information for Engineers.' London, 1856. L. FLETCHER. “Red-hot Furnace Crown Experiments.' Manchester Steam Users,

N. FOLEY. • The Mechanical Engineer's Reference Book. London, 1891.
E. FRANKLAND. “Experimental Researches.' London, 1877.
DR. F. GRASHOFF. Theorie der Elasticität und Festigkeit, mit Bezug,' &c. Berlin

C. E. GROVE and W. THORPE. “Chemical Technology. London, 1889.
H. M. HOWE. «The Metallurgy of Steel.' New York, 1890.
W. S. Hutton. The Practical Engineer's Handbook.' London, 1887.
W. S. HUTTON. Steam Boiler Constructions. London, 1891.

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J, S. JEANS. Steel : its History, Manufacture, Properties, and Uses.' London,

1890. H. v. JOHNSTORFF. “Die Heizstoffe.' Wien, 1890. D. KIRKALDY. • Results of an Experimental Enquiry into the Tensile Strength of

Wrought Iron and Steel.' Glasgow, 1863. D. KIRKALDY. * Results of an Experimental Enquiry into the Mechanical Proper

ties of Steel of Different .. Conditions, London, 1873. D. KIRKALDY. •Experimental Enquiry into the Properties of Essen and Yorkshire

Iron. London, 1875. D. KIRKALDY. Strength and Properties of Materials,' &c. London, 1891. G. L. KNAB. "Fabrication et Emplois Industriels de l'Acier.' Paris, 1889. Dr. H. LANDHOLT and Dr. R. BÖRNSTEIN. • Physicalisch-chemische Tabellen.'

Berlin, 1894. J. H. LATHAM. “Construction of Iron Bridges.' Cambridge, 1858. A. LEDEBUR. Handbuch für Eisenhüttenkunde.' Leipzig, 1884. R. B. LONGRIDGE. • Strength of Riveted Joints.' Manchester, 1879. W. H. Maw. • Recent Practice in Marine Engineering. London, 1883. DR. F. Mock. Die Chemie der Steinkohle.' Leipzig, 1891. M. M. P. Muir. The Elements of Thermal Chemistry.' London, 1885. Dr. W. OSTWALD. • Verwandschaftslehre.' Leipzig, 1887. F. A. PAGET. • On the Wear and Tear of Steam Boilers.' London, 1865. E. PÉCELET. Traité de la Chaleur.' Paris, 1860. DR. J. PERCY. “The Metallurgy of Iron and Steel.' London, 1864. L. POILLON. Cours Théorétique et Pratique des Chaudières.' Paris, 1877. H. POOLE. The Calorific Power of Fuels. London, 1900. E. J. REED. Ship-Building in Iron and Steel.' London, 1869. H. v. REICHE. * Die Untersuchungen an Dampfmaschinen und Dampfkesseln.'

Aachen, 1881. G. RICHARD. • La Chaudière Locomotive et son Outillage.' Paris, 1886. J. A. Rowe. · Marine Boiler Construction and Preservation.' 1884. SCHWARZ-FLEMMING. · Die Kesselabtheilung auf Dampfschiffen, Berlin, 1873. A. E. SEATON. A Manual of Marine Engineering. London, 1891. R. SENNETT. The Marine Steam Engine.' London, 1882. W. H. Shock. *Steam Boilers : their Construction and Management.' New York,

1880. C. A. Smith. · Steam-Making and Boiler Practice.' Chicago, 1885. K. STYFFE. • Iron and Steel.' (Translated by C. Sandberg.) London, 1869. R. H. THURSTON. The Materials of Engineering. New York, 1883. R. H. Thurston. "A Text-book on Materials of Construction.' New York, 1885. R. H. THURSTON. *Steam Boiler Explosions. New York, 1887. J. TODHUNTER and K. PEARSON. • A History of the Theory of Elasticity.' Cam

bridge, 1886. W. TRAIL. ·Boilers : their Construction and Strength.' London, 1888. T. TREDGOLD. “Practical Essay on the Strength of Cast Iron and other Metals.'

London, 1824. T. TREDGOLD. • The Testing of Materials of Construction. London. J. TYNDALL. “Heat a Mode of Motion.' London, 1870. W. C. Unwin. •Wrought Iron Bridges.' London, 1868. W. C. UNWIN. • The Testing of Materials of Construction. London, 1885. W. M. Watts. "Index of Spectra. London, 1872. DR. P. J. J. WEYRAUCH. Strength, &c., of Iron and Steel.' (Translated by A. J.

Du Bois.) New York, 1877. T. WICKSTEAD. “Report upon the Advantages to be derived from Clothing Steam

Boilers. London, 1840. C. W. WILLIAMS. “On the Steam-Generating Power of Marine and Locomotive

Boilers.' London, 1862. R. Wilson. “A Treatise on Steam Boilers.' London, 1875. C. WINKLER. “Handbook of Gas Analysis.' (Translated by J. Lunge.) London,

1885. J. G. WIXTON. • Modern Steam Practice.' London, 1883.


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List of Publications of Societies, dc., and of Periodicals, arranged in

the Order of the Abridged Titles as mentioned in the Text.

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Acad. Berlin Monatsbericht der Königlich-Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften.

Berlin. Am. C. E. Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

New York. Am. J. S. American Journal of Science.

Newhaven, Conn. Am. M. E. Transactions of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

New York. Am. Min. E. Transactions of the American Institute of Mining Engineers.

New York. Am. R. M. M. A. Report of the Proceedings of the American Master Mechanics' Association.

New York. An. Ch. . Annales de Chimie.

Paris. An. Ch. Ph. Annales de Chimie et Physique.

Paris. An. Genie Annales du Génie Civil.

Paris. An. Ind. . Annales Industrielles.

Paris. An. Mines Annales des Mines.

Paris. An. Pont. C. Annales des Ponts et Chaussées.

Paris. Arch. I. V. Zeitschrift des Architecten- und Ingenieur-Vereins. Hanover. Army N. J.. Army and Navy Journal.

New York. Bai. K. B. Bairisches Kunst- und Gewerbe-Blatt.

Weimar. Bay. A. I. V. · Zeitschrift des Bayerischen Architecten- und Ingenieur-Vereins. (New Title : Zeitschrift für Baukunde.)

München. Beiblätter Beiblätter der Annalen der Physik und Chemie. Wiedmann Ann. Berg- H. J.. Berg- und Hüttenmännisches Jahrbuch.

Wien. Berg. H. V.. Zeitschrift des Berg- und Hüttenmännischen Vereins. Berg. H. 2.. Berg- und Hüttenmännische Zeitung.

Leipzig. Brit. Assoc.. Reports of the Brittish Association.

London. C.E.. Minutes on the Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

London. Chem. N. Chemical News and Journal of Physical Science. London. Chem. S. Journal of the Chemical Society.

London. Chron. Ind.. Chronique d’Industrie.

Bruxelles. Civil-Ing. Der Civil- Ingenieur.

Leipzig. Comp. Rend. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Séances de l'Académie des Sciences.

Paris. Deut. Ch. G. Berichte der Deutschen chemischen Gesellschaft. Berlin. Deut. Ing. Zeitschrift des Vereins Deutscher Ingenieure.

Berlin. Dingler's J. . . Dingler's polytechnisches Journal. Augsburg, Hanover, Stuttgart. Elect. W. Electric World.

New York. Elect. 2. Electrotechnische Zeitschrift.

Berlin. Eng. Min. J. Engineering and Mining Journal.

New York. Enging. Engineering.

London. Engr. The Engineer.

London. Eng. Scot.

Transactions of the Institution of Engineers and Ship-Builders in Scotland.

Glasgow. Frankl. Inst. Journal of the Franklin Institute.

Philadelphia. Génie C.. Le Génie Civil.

Paris. Glaser's An. Annalen für Gewerbe und Bauwesen (F. C. Glaser). Berlin. Gorni J.. Ghornu Zhurnal.

St. Petersburg. Industries Industries.

London. Ing. Civ.. Comptes Rendus (also Résumé) des Travaux de la Société des Ingénieurs Civils.

Paris. Iron. Iron.

London. Iron Age . Iron Age.

New York. I. and S. I.. Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute.

London. Jahrb. B. H. Jahrbuch für Berg- und Hüttenwesen.



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