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and 102 New York State Reporter

Miller v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. (Sup.)..1143 New Jersey Steel & Iron Co. v. Robinson
Miller v. East River Sav. Inst. (Sup.). 983 (Sup.)
Miller v. Edison Electric Illuminating Co. Newman, F. A. Ringler Co. v. (Sup.). 871
of New York (Sup.).

900 New York Bank- Vote Co. v. Hamilton Miller v. Irving Say. Inst. (Sup.) 983 Bank-Note Co. (Sup.)..

.1144 Miller v. Miles (Sup.)..

505 New York Building Loan Banking Co., Miller Seaman's Bank for Savings Garvey y. (Sup.). ...,

317 (Sup.)

983 New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Brown v. Miller v. South Brooklyn Sav. Inst. (Sup.) 983 (Sup.)

1134 Miller, Hand v. (Sup.).

531 New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Cash v. Miller, Lese v. (Sup.). 554 (Sup.)

.1135 Milligan v. Brooklyn Warehouse & Storage New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Edwards Co. (Sup.). 744 V. (Sup.)

..1137 Mittendorf v. New York & H. R. Co. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Kerr v. (Sup.) .1094 (Sup.)

1141 Molia, Heuer v. (Sup.).

835 New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Park v. Molson's Bank v. Marshall (Sup.). .1143 (Sup.)

460 Mooney v. Press Pub. Co. (Sup.).

739 New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Park v. Mooney v. Press Pub. Co. (Sup.). .1143 (Sup.)

.1145 Moore v. Alexander (Sup.).

888 New York Cooperage Co., Roach v. (Sup.)..1147 Moore, Race v. (Sup.).

792 New York County Nat. Bank, Badger 1., Morgan, People v. (Sup.). 21 three cases (Sup.)..

.1133 Morgan, People v. (Sup.). 135 New York El. R. Co., Bailey v. (Sup.).

...113 Morgenthau, Norwood v. (Sup.)

.1144 New York El. R. Co., Herman v. (Sup.)...102) Morris Ave., In re (Sup.)..

.1143 New York El. R. Co., Malloy v. (Sup.)....1142 Morrison v. Metropolitan El. R. Co. New York Fire Ins. Exch., Tanenbaum v. (Sup.)


319 Morrow v. Westchester Electric R. Co. New York Herald Co., Bosi v. (Sup.). (Sup.)

1144 | New York Herald Co., Bosi v. (Sup.).... 1134 Morse v. Court St. Theater Co. (Sup.)...1144 New York Juvenile Asylum, People v. Morse, Shimmel v. (Sup.).... .1118 (Sup.)

279 Moss v. Crimmins (Sup.).

495 New York Juvenile Asylum, People v. (Sup.) Mt. Morris Bank, Mierisch v. (City Ct. N. New York County Medical Ass'n v. City of Y.) 1128 New York (Sup.)...

111 Mowbray v. Lyon (Sup.)..

.1114 New York Milk-Products Co. v. Damon Muchmore, Farrington v. (Sup.) 857 (Sup.)

183 Muller v. Peterson (Sup.).

.1144 New York, O. & W. R. Co., Donahue v. Municipal Gas Co. of City of Albany, Leon


1137 ard v. (Sup.)...

.1141 New York, O. & W. R. Co., Yaple v. (Sup.) 292 Munsell v. Mursell (Sup.).

329 New York & H. R. Co., Boll v. (Sup.). Murphy, Lyman v. (Sup.). 490 New York & H. R. Co., Fries r. (Simp.).

676) Murr v. Western Assur. Co. of Toronto New York & H. R. Co., Mittendorf v. (Sup.) .1144 (Sup.)

.1094 Murray v. Williamson (Sup.).

.1144 New York & Q. C. R. Co., Michaelis v. Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York v. Top


. 1143 litz (Sup.).. 680 Nichols, Kennedy v. (Sup.).

.103 Mutual Reserve Fund Life Ass'n v. Patter- Nicol v. Brown (Sup.).

1141 son (Sup.) 885 Noblett, Watson v. (Sup.).

11.71 Myrus, Tuthill v. up.). 37 | Norris, Webb v. (Sup.).

11.311 North v. Taylor (Sup.).

1144 Nadler, Kalichman v. (City Ct. N. Y.).... 396 North American Trust Co. v. Aymar (Sup.) 870 Nagle v. Gundersen (Sup.)...

.1144 North River Electric Light & Power Co., Nassau Electric R. Co., Brainard V.

Einson v. (Sup.). (Sup.)

. 1134 Northwestern Mut. Life Ins. Co., Merchant Nassau Electric R. Co., Dillon v. (Sup.). ..1098 v. (Sup.) Nassau Electric R. Co., Hickman v. (Sup.)..1140 Norton v. Genesee Nat. Savings & Loan Nathanson, Kotzen v.' (Sup.). 497 Assn (Sup.)..

32 National Bank, Breed v. (Sup.). 68 Norwood r. Morgenthau (Sup.).

.11+ National Butchers' & Drovers' Bank, Bloomingdale v. (Sup.). 35 O'Brien, Bush v. (Sup.)...

631 National Exhibition Co. v. Crane (Sup.). .1144 O'Brien, Leary v. (Sup.).

SWIS Navel, Chadwick v. (Co. Ct.). .1110 O'Connor v. Union R. Co. (Sup.).

10.16 Nelson v. Hatch (Sup.).,

501 O'Connor v. Webster, two cases (Sup.)...114 Nelson v. Masonic Mut. Life Ass'n (Sup.).. 290 Ogden's Will. In re (Sup.).

.1111 New, Mansbach v. (Sup.). 674 | O'Hara v. City of Brooklyn (Sup.).

210 New Amsterdam Gas Co., Harris v. (Sup.)..1139 Old Forge Co. v. Webb (Sup.).

.1143 Newcomb, In re (Sup.).

418 Opening of Ludlow St. in City of Yonkers, Newcomb, In re (Sup.). . 988 In re (Sup.)...

.1016 Newcomb v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. (Sup.) 780 Opper v. Hirsh (Sup.).

879 Newcomb v. Newcomb (Sup.). 430 | Osborn v. Gilliams (Sup.).


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Page Oswaldt v. Jestler (Sup.)... 1115 People v. Scott (Sup.).

1146 Oussani, Lyman 1. (Sup.)... 450 | People v. Sheppard (Sup.).

426 People v. Sherlock (Sup.).

74 laz Pakas v. Steel Ball Co. (City Ct. X. Y.). 397 | People v. Smith (Sup.).

.1116 Papay v. City of New York (City ('t. N. People v. Spolasco (Gen. Sess.).

92+ 1.) .1145 People v. Stern (Gen. Sess.)...

732 Park r. New York Cent. & II. R. R. Co. People v. Trainor (Sup.).

263 ne Sup.) 460 People v. Van Dervoort (Sup.).

1145 Park v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co. People v. Wells (Sup.).

59 Cu (Sup.) ..1145 | People v. Wendel (Sup.)

978 Pasquarillo v. Garefalo (Sup.). 83+ People v. Wilson (Sup.)...

850 Art Patterson v. Powell, two cases (Sup.) ..1145 | People v. Woodruff (Sup.).

10 Patterson, Burton v. (Sup.).. . 1135 People v. Woodruff (Sup.).

100 6- Patterson, Mutual Reserve Fund Life People v. York (Sup.).

7+1 Ass'n v. (Sup.).... 885 People v. York (Sup.).

.1077 Payton, Frohman v. (Sup.).. 849 People v. York (Sup.).

.1146 Peabody v. Knubel (Sup.)..

.1145 People's Trust Co. of Brooklyn, Abegg v. Pearsali v. Westcott (Sup.). 1145 (Sup.)

755 Pearson v. Cuthbert (Sup.)..

.1031 Perfect Arc-Lamp Co., Process Copper & Peck, In re (Sup.). 1115 Brass Co. v. (Sup.).

1147 Peerles Shoe Co., Tierney v. ((lity Ct. X. Y.) 392 Peterson v. Bronx Co. (Sup.).

.1146 Peet v. Kimball (Sup.)... 1010 Peterson v. Weinpahl (Sup.)..

1146 Pell v. Fuller (Sup.). .1145 Peterson, Muller v. (Sup.).

.1111 People v. Baxter (Sup.).

201 Petty v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. (City Ct. People v. Benson (Sup.). .1145 N. Y.).

730 People v. Biesecker (Sup.). 134 Pfeffer i Kling (Sup.).

641 People v. Biesecker (Sup.). . 1067 Pfeffer, Burke v. (Sup.).

799 Prople v. Blase (Sup.).. 472 | Pfister v. Writer (Sup.).

976 People v. Blaise (Sup.).. .1145 Phillipines Co. v. Kimball (Sup.).

.1146 Prople v. Brady (Sup.). 796 Phillips, Hart v. (Sup.).

.1139 Prople v. City of Buffalo (Sup.). 409 Phænix Ius. Co., Abel v. (Sup.).

19 Peuple v. Coler (Sup.).. 446 Piaget v. Headley (Sup.).

351 l'-ople v. Coler (Sup.).

448 | Pickert r. Rochester Printing Co. (Sup.)..11 16 l'eople Coler (Sup.).

738 Pickett v. Town of West Monroe (Sup.). .1146 I'-ople v. Coler (Sup.). 767 Pidcock, Burnham v. (Sup.).

..1007 Prople v. Coler (Sup.).

.1101 | Polk & Calder Drug Co. v. MacKinnon Peuple v. Collins (Sup.). 151 (Sup.)

.11 16 People v. Commissioners of Taxes and As- Pollock, Deuterman v. (Sup.).

.1136 sessments of City of New York (Sup.)... 548 Pope v. Levy (Sup.)..

.11 16 People v. Dalton (Sup.).. .1146 Pope v. Thrall (Sup.).

137 People v. Dickerson (Sup.). 715 | Porter, Crocker v. (Sup.).

.1136 People v. Elmendorf (Sup.).

54 Potter v. City of New York (Sup.). .1039 People v. Erwin (Sup.). 868 Poulson v. De Navarro (Sup.).

177 i'eople v. Feitner (Sup.)..

149 Powell v. F. C. Linde Co., two L'eople v. Feitner (Sup.). 226 (Sup.)

.1070 I'rople v. Feitner (Sup.)

338 Powell, Patterson v., two cases (Sm.). .. .1115 People v. Feitner (Sup.).

535 | Prager v. Borden's Condensed Milk Co. People v. Feitner (Sup.).. 581 (Sup.)

833 People v. Feitner (Sup.).

.1038 Pratt v. Greenwich & J. R. Co. (Sup.). 117 People v. Feitner (Sup.).

.11-46 President, etc., of Great Western Turnpike People v. Fuller (Sup.). 742 Co. v. Shafer (Sup.)..

5 l'eople v. Ham (Sup.).

298 Press Pub. Co. v. “Altonwood Park, etc., l'eople v. Hiley (Co. Ct.).. 301 Co. (Siip.)

.1147 People v. Hines (Sup.). 276 | Press Pub. Co., Mooney v. (Sup.).

739 People v. Hoffman (Sup.)...

.1146 Press Pub. Co., Mooney v. (Sup.). .1143 People v. Knox (Sup.) 207 Press Pub. Co., Squire v. (Sup.).

. 1028 P'rople v. Kramer (Gen. Sess.).

383 Price, Village of Tonawanda v. (Sup.). ...1150 People v. Lyman (Sup.). 331 Pritchard v. Kirsch (Sup.).

..1049 People v. McLaughlin (Gen. Sess.) .1108 Process Copper & Brass Co. v. Perfect People v. McLaughlin (Sup.). 246 Arc-Lamp Co. (Sup.)...

.1147 People v. Manhattan State Hospital (Sup.) 647 Prosser v. Carroll (Sun.).

5+2 People v. Mercantile Credit Guarantee Co. Provident Sav, Life Assur. Soc. of New (Sup.) .1115 York, Meeder v. (Sup.).

518 People v. Morgan (Sup.). 21 Pruden v. Rutler (Sup.).

737 People v. Morgan (Sup.). 135 Pryor v. City of Rochester (Sup.).

86 People y. New York Juvenile Asylum (Sup.) 279 Pugh, Whitney v. (Sup.).

992 People. v. New York Juvenile Jylum Purvis, Carpenter v. Sup.).

.1135 (Sup.)

636 People v. Roosevelt (Sup.). .1146 Query v. Cooney (Sup.).....

800 People v. School Board of Boranch of Richmond (Sup.) .11-16 Race v. Moore (Sup.)..



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and 102 New York State Reporter

Page Radja viller v. Third Ave. R. Co. (Sup.).... 617 Saranac Lake Light, Heat & Power Co., Raegener v. Brockway (Sup.). ..

Williams v. (Sup.). ..

.1151 Railway Educational Ass'n, Travis V. Saul, Bendix v. (Sup.). (Sup.)

893 Saul, Industrial Loan Ass'n r. (Sup.). 837 Rankin v. Metzger (Sup.).

911 Schlaenger v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. Recknagel v. Steinway (Sup.). 957 (Sup.).

.1148 Recknagel v. Steinway (Sup.). .1147 Scharmann, Foley v. (Sup.).

771 Redfield, Gowdey y. (Sup.). .1138 Scheidt v. Carr (Sup.).

.1148 Reed, In re (Sup.)...

.1147 Schierenbeck v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. Reed v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. (Sup.). 539 (Sup.)

.1148 Regan, In re (Sup.). 527 | Schmaltz v. Weed (Sup.).

212 Reid Ice-Cream Co., Kinney v. (Sup.). 325 Schneider, M. Groh's Sons v. (Sup.). 862 Reid, Kane v. (City Ct. N. Y.). 623 Schoellkopf, Gross v. (Sup.).

1139 Reilly v. Krause (Sup.). .

265 Schoenblum v. City of New York (Sup.). ,1005 Reiss v. Town of Pelham (Sup.) .1147 School Board of Borough of Richmond, PeoRemsen v. Bryant (Sup.).. .1147 ple v. (Sup.)..

. 1146 Remsen Cape Cod Ship-Canal Co. Schrenk, W. P. Fuller & Co. y. (Sup.).

781 (Sup.) ..1147 Schreyer, Deering v. (Sup.).

. 1015 Reno Oil Co. v. Culver (Sup.). 303 Schultz, Hayes v. (Sup.)..

340 R. F. Stevens Co. v. Brooklyn Heights R. Schwartz v. Brucato (Sup.).

299 Co. (Sup.) .1088 Schwarz v. Robbins (Sup.)..

.1001 Ribeiro, JacCabe v. (Sup.). .1142 Schweppenhauser, Jermyn v. (Sup.).

1.3 Rice, In re (Sup.).. .1147 Scott, People v. (Sup.)...

1116 Rice v. Culver (Sup.). 24 Seaman, Clarke v. (Sup.l...

243 Rice v. Culver (Sup.).

.1147 Seaman's Bank for Savings, Miller v. (Sup.) 983 Rich v. Wright (Sup.).

122 Seamen's Bank for Savings, Tyrrel v. (Sup.) 275 Richards v. Stillman (Sup.).

188 Seamen's Bank for Savings, Tyrrel Richman, Van Wyck v. (Sup.). 473 (Sup.)

.1150 Ringler Co. v. Newman (Sup.). 871 Sears' Estate, In re (Sur.).

363 Rivard v. Jones (Sup.)...

..1147 Secor v. Mathews (City Ct. N. Y.). .1148 Roach v. New York Cooperage Co. (Sup.). .1147 Seeman v. Tiedeman (Sup.).

401 Roberts v. Grand Lodge A. 0. U. W. of Segi v. City of New York (Sup.).

.1148 New York (Sup.). 949 Seibert, Boynton v. (Sup.)..

502 Robbins, Schwarz v. (Sup.). ..1001 Seymour's Estate, In re (Sur.).

638 Robinson v. Wappans (Sup.).

815 Shafer, President, etc., of Great Western Robinson, New Jersey Steel & Iron Co. v. Turnpike Co. v. (Sup.). .

5 (Sup.) 577 Shannahan v. State (Sup.).

131 Rochester Printing Co., Pickert v. (Sup.). .1146 Shannon, Hale v. (Sup.). . .

803 Rodgers v. Clement (Sup.).

594 Shattuck v. City of Binghamton (Sup.)...1148 Rodgers, Fitzgerald v. (Sup.). 946 Shaw v. Cornell (Sup.)..

..10.34 Rogers v. Erie R. Co. (Sup.)..

.s 1147 Shayne v. Evening Post Pub. Co. (Sup.).,1148 Rogers, Twelfth Ward Bank v. (City Ct. Sheldon v. Liberty Nat. Bank (Sup.).....1148 N. Y.).. 393 Sheldon v. Stevens (Sup.).

. 1148 Romain v. Sweet (Sup.).

516 Shepard v. Boulevard Land Co. of Oswego Roos v. Decker (Sup.). 790 (Sup.)

106 Roosa v. Harrington (Sup.). 1147 Sheppard, In re (Sup.).

974 Roosevelt, People v. (Sup.). . .1146 Sheppard, People v. (Sup.).

426 Rosenbloom v. Chittick (Sup.).

819 Sheridan, Turner v. (City Ct. N. Y.) .1124 Rosenheim, Kahn v. (Sup.). 856 Sherlock, People v. (Sup.)...

7+ Rosenmeyer v. Greenbaum (Sup.). 237 Sherman v. Tucker (Sup.).

.1148 Rosenweig v. Von Bauer (Sup.). . 1147 | Shimmel v. Vorse (Sup.).

.1148 Ross, In re (Sur.)... 373 Shoemaker, Fink v. (Co. Ct.).

. 1112 Rothschild v. Goldenberg (Sup.).

955 Sigua Iron Co. v. Brown (Sup.). Rothschild v. Goldman (Sup.).

. 1095 Silver v. Elias (Sup.)... Rothschild, Henning v. (Sup.).

840 Simon v. Kugler Syndicate (City Ct. N. Rudd v. Cornell (Sup.).. 757 Y.)

.1128 Rudes, Stacey v. (Sup.).. . 1149 Simonson, Smith v. (Sup.).

.1149 Ruhl r. Thomas (Sup.). 209 Sire, Browning v. (Sup.).

875 Russell v. Kilgallon (Sup.). . 1148 | Sire, Browning v. (Sup.).

.113+ Russell, Brown v. (Sup.). 735 Sire, Degnario v. (Sup.).

789 Russell, Cantine v. (Sup.). 94 Sire, Lederer v. (Sup.).

1141 Rutler, Pruden v. (Sup.).

737 Sire, Union Surety & Guaranty Co. v. Rutzler v. Todd (Sup.). .1148 (City Ct. N. Y.)...

943 Ryan, Coleman v. (Sup.). 253 Sitt, Lindheim v. (Sup.).


Sizer v. Hampton & B. R. & Lumber Co. Sabin v. Kendrick (Sup.).

546 (Sup.) Salisbury v. Cooper (Sup.). 876 Skelly v. Jones (Sup.).

422 Sammis, Cox v. (Sup.). 203 Skinner, Howe v. (Sup.).

. 1140 Sanders, Lord v. (Sup.), .1141 Sloane v. Flower (Sup.).

1148 Sanger, Wilson v. (Sup.). 124 Sloane v. McCauley (Sup.).


141 851

232 Page

Page Sloane v. Small (Sup.)..... .1148 Stuyvesant v. Early (Sup.).

903 Small, Sloane v. (Sup.).

.1118 Sugden v. Magnolia Metal Co. (Sup.) 809 Smith v. Bowers (Sup.).

169 Sugden, Magnolia Metal Co. v. (Sup.). 563 Smith r. Coe (Sup.). . 274 Sullivan, In re (Sup.).. :

.1149 Smith v. Gould (City Ct. N. Y.). . 1148 Sun Printing & Publishing Ass'n, ZangSmith v. Hart (City Ct. N. Y.).

will v. (Sup.)....

.1151 Smith v. Simonson (Sup.).... .1149 Supik v. Steinhardt (Sup.)...

..1149 Smith, Clark v. (Sup.).

39 Swain v. Brooklyn Alcatraz Asphalt Co. Smith, Courteau v. (Sup.). 1136 (Sup.)

50 Smith, Merritt v., two cases (Sup.). 1143 Sweet, Romain v. (Sup.).

516 Smith, People v. (Sup.)..

.1146 Syracuse Rapid Transit R. Co., Galvin v. Smith, Sonn v. (Sup.). 217 (Sup.)

.1138 Smith, Wilson v. (Sup.)...

.1151 Syracuse & S. B. R. Co., In re (Sup.). ... 881 Snyder, Brown v. (Sup.).

224 Socialistic Co-op. Pub. Ass'n v. Kuhn Taggert, McKee v. (Sup.)...

.1142 (Sup.)

.1149 Taintor v. Charles Beseler Co. (Sup.). 980 Sonn v. Smith (Sup.). . 217 Tait v. Buffalo R. Co. (Sup.).

1149 South Brooklyn Sav. Inst., Miller v. (Sup.) 983 Tallman v. Tallman (Sup.).

.1149 South Brooklyn Sawmill Co., Export Lum: Tanenbaum v. New York Fire Ins. Exch. ber Co. v. (Sup.).. .1137 (Sup.)

342 Soutbern Tier Masonic Relief Ass'n, Egg- Tanenbaum, Cohnfeld v. (Sup.).

.1023 stein v. (Sup.)... . 1137 Tausend v. Handlear (Sup.).

77 Spaulding v. *American Wood-Board Co. Taylor, North v. (Sup.).

1144 (Sup.).. 945 Teabout v. Connolly (Sup.)..

.1149 Spear, In re (Sup.),

.1149 Templars of Liberty of America, BettenSpeck v. Fielding (Sup.). 841 hauser v. (Sup.).

.505 Spellissy V. Cook & Bernheimer Co. Third Ave. R. Co., Eldridge v. (Sup.). 1137 (Sup.)

995 Third Ave. R. Co., Jacobs v. (City Ct. N. Spina v. Maroselli (Sup.). 862 Y.)

623 Spitzer v. Village of Fulton (Sup.). 660 Third Ave. R. Co., Jones v. (Sup.).

832 Spolasco, People v. (Gen. Sess.).

924 Third Ave. R. Co., Radjaviller v. (Sup.).. 617 Squire v. Press Pub. Co. (Sup.) .1028 Third Nat. Bank v. Keeffe (Sup.).

.1149 Stacey v. Rudes (Sup.)..... .1149 Thomas, Lyons V. (Sup.).

802 Starbuck, Conlon v. (Sup.). .1135 Thomas, Ruhl v. (Sup.)..

209 State, Shannahan v. (Sup.). 131 Thomas' Estate, In re (Sur.).

1116 Staten Island Midland R. Co. v. Hinch- Thompson v. Colonial Assur. Co. (Sup.).. 143 cliffe (Sup.) 556 Thompson v. Thompson (Sup.).

.1149 Staten Island Midland R. Co., Kelly v. Thompson, Mackintosh v. (Sup.).

492 (Sup.) .1141 Thompson's Estate, In re (Sup.).

18 Steel Ball Co., Pakas v. (City Ct. N. Y.).. 397 Thrall, Pope v. (Sup.).

137 Steinhardt, Supik v. (Sup.). .1149 Tiedeman, Seeman v. (Sup.). .

401 Stein's Estate. In re (Sur.).

933 Tierney v. Peerles Shoe Co. (City Ct. N. Steinway, Recknagel v. (Sup.). 957 Y.)

392 Steinway, Recknagel v. (Sup.). .1147 Timberlake v. Knubel (Sup.)

.1145 Stern v. Brodsky (Sup.). 814 Tischler v. Fishman (Sup.).

787 Stern, People v. (Gen. Sess.). 732 Todd, Rutzler v. (Sup.).

1148 Stevens v. Marcellus Electric R. Co. Toplitz, Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York (Sup.) 1149 v. (Sup.)

680 Stevens, Sheldon v. (Sup.). .1148 Tousey, In re (Sup.).

.1149 Stevens Co. v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. Town of Evans, Lyth v. (Co. Ct.).

356 (Sup.)

.1088 Town of Mamakeating, Boyce v. (Sup.). 1134 Stewart v. Vadeboncoeur (Sup.). .1149 Town of Pelham, Reiss v. (Sup.).

1147 Stewart, Bond v. (Sup.).

586 Town of Pelham, Weber v. (Sup.). .1150 Stewart, Bowns v. (City Ct. N. Y.).. .1134 Town of West Monroe, Pickett v. (Sup.). . 1146 Stiasny v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. (Sup.) 694 Townsend v. Binghamton R. Co. (Sup.). . 121 Stikeman v. Flack (Sup.)... .1011 Townsend v. Van Buskirk (Sup.).

512 Stillman v. Brant (Sup.). .1149 Townsend, Hicks v. (Sup.).

1140 Stillman, Richards v. (Sup.). 188 Townsend, Kervan v. (Sup.)...

.1141 Stokes, in re (Sup.)..

439 Traders' & Travelers' Acc. Co. of New Stoll, Wellborn v. (Sup.)..

1150 York, Meehan v. (City Ct. N. Y.). .....1143 Straus, Keller v. (Sup.).

777 Traders' & Travelers' Acc. Co. of New Strauss v. Daly (Sup.). 596 York, Meehan v. (Sup.).

821 Strauss, Mansfield v. (Sup.).

682 Tradesmen's Nat. Bank, Continental Nat. Stromberg v. Maister (City Ct. N. Y.)... 392 Bank v. (Sup.)..

.1135 Stowell, Farley v. (Sup.)... 119 Trainor, People v. (Sup.).

263 Stuart .v. Manhattan Bath-Tub Co. (Sup.) 816 Trask v. Sturges (Sup.).

.1149 Stuart, Bailey y. (Sup.).

11133 Travis v. Railway Educational Ass'n (Sup.) 893 Sturges, Trask v. (Sup.).

.1149 Tromblay v. Harmony Mills, two cases Stuyvesant v. Early (Sup.). 752 (Sup.)

..1150 68 N.Y.S.-b


and 102 New York State Reporter

Page Troy Steel Co., Guaranty Trust Co. of Weinpahl, Peterson 1. (Sup.)....

1146 New York v.' (Sup.)... 915 Weinstein v. Weber (Sup.).

570 Trustees of New York & Brooklyn Bridge, Welch, Webster v. (Sup.). McAlan v. (Sup.). . . 1142 Wellborn v. Stoll (Sup.).

.1150 Tucker, Sherman v. (Sup.).

.1148 Wells v. Brooklyn Heights R, Co. (Sup.). 305 Turner v. Sheridan (City Ct. N. Y.). .1124 Wells v. Herald Co. (Sup.).

.1150 Tuthill v. Myrus (Sup.)... 37 Wells, People v. (Sup.)..

59 Twelfth Ward Bank v. Rogers (City Ct. N. Wendel, In re (Sup.).

904 Y.) 393 Wendel, People v. (Sup.).

948 Tyrrel v. Seamen's Bank for Savings (Sup.) 275 Wentz v. Meyersohn (Sup.).

1091 Tyrrel v. Seamen's Bank for Savings West, Baker v. (Sup.).

.1133 (Sup.)

.1150 Westchester Electric R. Co., Morrow v. (Sup.)

.114 Uihlein v. Matthews (Sup.). 309 Westcott, Pearsall v. (Sup.).

..1145 Union Ferry Co. of New York & Brooklyn, Western Assur. Co. of Toronto, Murr v. Maloney v. (Sup.). .1142 (Sup.)

.1144 Union R. Co., O'Connor v. (Sup.). ..1056 Westervelt v. Garrett (Sup.)

.1151 Union R. Co., Zingrebe v. (Sup.). . 1151 Wetmore v. Wetmore (Sup.).

1151 Union Surety & Guaranty Co. v. Sire (City Wheeler, Abbey v. (Sup.).

252 Ct. N. Y.)... 943 Whitehead v. Heidenheimer (Sup.).

704 Union Surety & Guaranty Co., McDonald Whiting, In re (Sur.)..

733 v. (Sup.) ...1142 Whitlock, Janssen v. (Sup.).

. 1086 United Press v. A. S. Abell Co. (Sup.).... 613 Whitman v. Holmes Pub. Co. (Sup.). 167 Ynited States Trust Co. v. Maresi (Sup... 918 Whitman v. Keiley (Sup.).

551 Uvalde Asphalt Paving Co., In re (Sup.). .1106 Whitney v. Pugh (Sup.).

992 Whitney v. Wilcox (Sup.).

607 Vadeboncoeur, Stewart v. (Sup.)..... ...1149 | Wierichs v. Innis (Sup.).

. 1151 Van Buskirk, Townsend v. (Sup.). 512 Wilcox, Hunt v. (Sup.).

.1110 Van Demark, Bruce v. (Sup.).

...1134 Wilcox, Whitney v. (Sup.). Vanderbilt, In re (Sup.). .1150 Wilder, McCormick v. (Sup.).

1142 Van Dervoort, People v. (Sup.). .1145 Wilkins, Flamm v. (Sup.).

1137 Van Stone, Heineman v. (Sup.). 803 Wilkinson, Belden v. (Sup.),

203 Van Wyck v. Richman (Sup.).

473 William J. Merritt Co., Kelly v. (Sup.). .. 774 Vermilye, Ehrlich v. (Sup.)... ...1137 Williams v. Daiker (Sup.).

348 Village of Fulton, Spitzer v. (Sup.).

660 | Williams v. Saranac Lake Light, Heat & Village of Port Jervis, Gorr v. (Sup.).

Power Co. (Sup.)

. 1151 Village of Port Jervis, Green v. (Sup.). ....1138 Williamsburgh Sav. Bank v. Methodist Village of Tonawanda v. Price (Sup.).....1150 Protestant Church of Village of WilVirgil v. Virgil Practice Clavier Co. (Sup.) 335 liamsburgh (Sup.)

. 1151 Virgil Practice Clavier Co., Virgil v. (Sup.) 335 Williamson, Murray v. (Sup.). Vogel_v. Friedman (Sup.). . 820 Willis, Diller v. (Sup.).

8:29 Von Bauer, Rosenweig v. (Sup.). ......1147 Willison v. Jewelers' & Tradesmen's Co. of

New York (City Ct. N. Y.)..

.1129 Waldron v. Becker (Sup.).. 402 Wilson v. Abbott (Sup.).

867 Walker, Davenport v. (Sup.). 161 Wilson v. Harter (Sup.).

116 Walsh v. Contento (Sup.)..

.1150 | Wilson v. Mechanical Orguinette Co. Walter v. F. E. McAllister Co. (Sup.).... 952 (Sup.) Wandell v. Wandell (Sup.). ..1150 Wilson v. Sanger (Sup.).

124 Wappans, Robinson v. (Sup.). 815 Wilson v. Smith (Sup.).

1151 Ward, In re (Sup.). ...1150 Wilson, Fitzpatrick v. (Sup.).

.1137 Ward v. Kountze (Sup.). ..1150 Wilson, People v. (Sup.).

830 Ward, Hagan v. (Sup.).

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. 1113

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