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Hon. President-Hon. Sir Oliver Mowat, K.C.M.G., Q.C.
President-Hon. J. E. Robidoux, Q.C.

Vice-Presidents :
Quebec-Hon. T. C. Casgrain, Q.C., M.P., Quebec.
Ontario-0. A. Howland, M.P.P., Toronto.
Prince Edward Island-Hon. Frederick Peters, Q.C., M.P.P., Charlottetown.
Nova Scotia-C. Sidney Harrington, Q.C., Halifax.
New Brunswick-Hon.' Wm. Pugsley, Q.C., M.P.P., St. John, N.B.
Manitoba-J. S. Ewart, Q.C., Winnipeg.
North-West Territories— Hon. F. W. G. Haultain, Regina.
British ColumbiaAulay Morrison, M.P., New Westminster.

Secretary-J. T. Bulmer, Halifax.
Treasurer-C. B. Carter, Q.C., Montreal.

Honorary—The Hon. Sir Oliver Mowat, K.C.M.G., Q.C., Minister of

“ Hon. C. Fitzpatrick, Q.C., Solicitor-General.
Ex. Officio—The President, the Vice-Presidents, the Secretary, the

Elected--Hon. Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper, Q.C., M.P., Halifax.

F. L. Bëique, Q.C., M.P., Montreal.
Hon. F. Langelier, Q.C., Quebec.
D'Alton McCarthy, Q.C., M.P., Toronto.
J. A. Gemmill, Ottawa.
Geo. F. Gregory, Q.C., Fredericton, N.B.
Hon. D. McNeill, Q.C., Halifax, N.S.
Hon. L. H. Davies, Q.C., M.P., Charlottetown, P.E.I.

brary—The Hostice.

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0.c., Solicitor-Genetihe Secretary,

CONSTITUTION. Article 1_This Association shall be known as the Canadian Bar Association. Its objects shall be to advance the science of jurisprudence and international law; to promote the administration of justice; to secure proper legislation ; to uphold the honor and dignity of the profession of the law, and to encourage cordial intercourse among the members of the profession in Canada.

Article 2-Any person shall be eligible to membership in this Association who is a barrister of any Province of Canada, and who shall be nominated as hereinafter provided.

Article 3—The following officers shall be elected at each annual meeting for the year ensuing : An Honorary President, a President, one Vice-President for each Province, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Council, consisting of the President, the Vice-President from each Province, the Secretary, the Treasurer and eight other members ; of which Council five shall be a quorum. The Minister of Justice and the Solicitor-General of Canada for the time being shall be ex-officio members of the Council.

Article 4-The Council shall be the Executive Committee of the Association. It shall appoint such committees as it shall deem proper and necessary for the carrying out of the objects of the Association. All by-laws shall be made by the Council ; shall be reported to the next annual meeting ensuing their adoption, and may be repealed or amended by the Association.

Article 5-Each member shall pay five dollars to the Treasurer as entrance fee, and each year thereafter such annual fee not exceeding five dollars, as the by-laws shall prescribe.

Article 6–The word "province” whenever used in this Constitution, shall be deemed to be equivalent to “Province and Territory of Canada.”

Article 7-All members of the conference signing the constitution shall become members of the Association upon payment of the entrance fee.

Article 8–Thereafter election of all members shall be made by the Council, in such manner as may be prescribed by by-law.





The meeting of members of the Canadian Bar desirous of forming a
Canadian Bar Association was opened at Montreal on the 15th of September,
1896, pursuant to the following circular :

“CANADIAN BAR ASSOCIATION. “It is proposed to hold a meeting at Montreal on Tuesday, the 15th of September next, at 2.30 p.m., to take the requisite steps to form a Canadian Bar Association. The suggestion came from one of the provincial law societies some months ago, has been endorsed by many of the law societies in Canada, and approved of generally by the profession. The undersigned have been favorably impressed with it, and are of the opinion that an opportunity for a comparison of views and friendly intercourse is needed by the profession, and would be of service in helping to advance the science of jurisprudence, promote the administration of justice and uniformity of legislation, and uphold the honor of the profession of the law in Canada.

“This circular is mailed to members of the profession in each province whom it is thought such a project might interest, and whom it is hoped to see at the meeting.

“Kindly accept this as an invitation to be present, but in any event communicate your views on the subject of the proposed organization to J. T. Bulmer, Halifax, N.S., who will submit them to the meeting.

Due notice of a programme will be given through the press, and efforts are being made to secure the attendance of distinguished visitors.

“Montreal, Aug. 27th, 1896.”

The circular was signed by the following members of the profession :Hon. Sir O. Mowat, K.C.M.G., Q.C., Minister of Justice, Ottawa ; Hon. Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper, Q.C., M.P.; E. L. Newcombe, Q.C., Deputy Minister of Justice ; Hon. J. E. Robidoux, Q.C., Batonnier-General of Quebec'; Hon. J. W. Longley, Q.C., Attorney-General Nova Scotia ; B. Russell, Q.C., M.P.; Hon. Sir Adolphe P. Caron, Q.C., M.P., Ottawa ; C. N. Skinner, Q.C., St. John, N.B.; A. A. Stockton, Q.C., M.P.P., St. John, N.B. ; W. T. Pipes, Q.C., Amherst, N. S. ; M. O'Gara, Q.C., Ottawa ; s. D. Phinney, Q.C., Richibucto, N.B. ; J. K. Armstrong ; Mont. McDonald, St. John, N.B.; Thomas Fortin; Hon. J. G. H. Bergeron, Q.C., M.P.; J. A. Gillies, Q.C., Sydney, N.S.; F. H. Chrysler, Q.C., Ottawa ; W. W. B. McInnes, M.P., Nanaimo, B.C ; R. Dandurand, Montreal; D. B. MacTavish, Q.C., Ottawa; F. D. Monk; Robert E. Harris, Q.C., Halifax; Arch. McGoun, Jr., Montreal; J. A. Belyea, St. John, N.B.; Hon. D. McNeill, Q.C., Halifax, N.S. ; C. F. McIsaac, M.P., Antigonish, N.S.; Wallace McDonald, Halifax, N.S. ; George G. Foster, Montreal ; Edmund Guerin, Montreal; D. R. Murphy, Montreal; C. B. Carter, Q.C., Monttreal; D. R. McCord, Q.C., Montreal; L. E. Bernard, Montreal; Honore Gervais, Montreal; R. D. McGibbon, Q.C., Montreal; Hon. John S. Hall, Q.C., Montreal; R. A. Greenshields, Montreal ; H. Abbott, Q.C., Montreal ; Hon. Wilfrid Laurier, Q.C., Premier of Canada ; Hon. Arthur Dickey, Q.C.; Hon. Charles Fitzpatrick, Q.C., Solicitor-General ; Hon. L. H. Davies, Minister Marine and Fisheries, Charlottetown; Hon. H.G. Joly de Lotbiniere, Q.C.; D’Alton McCarthy, Q.C., M.P., Toronto ; R. L. Borden, Q.C., M.P., Halifax; Hon. G. H. Murray, Q.C., Premier, Nova Scotia ; C. S. 'Harrington, Q.C., Halifax ; N. F. Davin, M.P., Regina, N.W.T.; A. O. Earle, Q.C., Št. John, N.B. ; Hon. Wm. Pugsley, Q.C., M.P.P., St. John, N.B.; A. I. Trueman, St. John, N.B. ; C. A. Stockton, St. John, N.B.; J. A. Gemmill, Ottawa ; J. Lavergne ; T. C. Casgrain, Q.C., Quebec ; N. D. Beck, Edmonton, N.W.T.; H. C. Saint-Pierre, Q.C., Montreal; M. J. Gorman, Ottawa ; M. J. F. Quinn; L. P. Brodeur ; Hon. F. Langelier, Q.C., Quebec; M. F. Hackett; Wm. Lount, Q.C., M.P., Toronto ; Rodolphe Lemieux, M.P., Montreal ; Hector McInnes, Halifax, N.S. ; Fred. T. Congdon, Halifax, N.S. ; H. J. Logan, M.P., Amherst, N.S.; H. d. Powell, Q.C., M.P., Sackville, N.B.; Hon. H. R. Emmerson, Q.C., Dorchester, N.B. ; Pascal Poirier; W. H. Bennett ; Geo. McInerney, Q.C., M.P., Richibucto, N.B. ; H. G. Carroll; Maxwell Goldstein, Montreal ; J. N. Greenshields, Q.C., Montreal ; A. G. Brown; J. T. Bulmer, Halifax, N.S. ; O. A. Howland, M.P.P., Toronto; F. Arnoldi, Q.C., Toronto ; Edmund Bristol, Toronto; Hon. S. H. Blake, Q.C., Toronto; Č. H. Ritchie, Q.C., Toronto; W. G. P. Cassels, Q.C., Toronto; Henry O'Brien, Toronto ; R. H. Bowes, Toronto; J. A. Mills, Toronto; H. H. Dewart, Toronto ; C. J. Holman, Toronto; W. Davidson, Toronto; S. G. Wood, Toronto; Geo. Kappele, Toronto; Jas. Bicknell, Toronto; J. J. Maclaren, Q.C., Toronto; Thos. Langton, Q.C., Toronto; E. Coatsworth, Toronto ; F. E. Hodgins, Toronto ; J. R. Roaf, Toronto ; D. 0. Cameron, Toronto ; E. D. Armour, Q.C., Toronto; A. C. Macdonell, Toronto; W. E. S. Knowles, Dundas, Ont. ; James Magee, Q.C., London ; R. Bayly, Q.C., London ; J. H. Fraser, Q.C., London ; Geo. C. Gibbons, Q.C., London ; Ē. J. Parke, Q.C., London ; J. L. Murphy, Windsor, Ont. ; F. Cleary, Windsor; A. H. Clarke, Windsor ; „R. F. Sutherland, Windsor ; J. V. Teetzel, Q.C., Hamilton ; John Crerar, Q.C., Hamilton ; J. W. Nesbitt, Q.C., Hamilton ; Mathew Wilson, Q.C., President Western Bar Association, Chatham, Ont.

On the meeting assembling in the Court House, there were present a large number of barristers from the different provinces of the Dominion, including delegates from the Law Society of Nova Scotia, the Bar of British Columbia and of several local Bars. The Hon. J. E. Robidoux, Q.C., Batonnier-General of the Province of Quebec, and Batonnier of the Bar of the District of Montreal, called the meeting to order, and requested Mr. J. T. Bulmer, of Halifax, as Secretary of the Committee of the Nova Scotia Bar, which organized the movement, to announce the objects of the meeting. This request having been complied with by Mr. Bulmer in terms corresponding with the circular, Mr. C. B. Carter, Q.C., was called upon to lay before the meeting the programme which had been proposed by the Reception Committee of the Montreal Bar for the business and entertainment of the delegates. Mr. Carter announced that by the courtesy of the Sheriff of the District of Montreal, the Hon. R. Thibadeau, a court room and committee rooms in the Montreal Court House had been placed at the disposal of the conference for its sittings, and that the Judges of the Court of Appeal had adjourned the sittings of that Court for two days to enable the members of the Montreal Bar to take part in the proceedings.

Mr. Carter then read the following as the programme arranged by the Montreal Bar, in concurrence with the Mayor of Montreal, R. Wilson Smith, Esq. :

TUESDAY, SEPT. 15, 1896. 1. Informal meeting of delegates in Court Room No. 1, Court House, at 10.30 a.m., for signature of roll.

2. General meeting of the members at 2.30 p.m., at Court Room No. 1. The Hon. J. E. Robidoux, Batonnier-General of the Province of Quebec, to preside and deliver an address.

3. Drive in the street railway cars throughout the city at 4.30 p.m., as guests of the Bar of Montreal.

4. Attendance at concert at Sohmer Park, 8 p.m., as guests of the Bar of Montreal.

WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 16, 1896. 5. Meeting of members at 10.30 a.m., in Court Room No. 1, Court House. 6. Drive to Mountain and lunch as guests of the city, 12 to 3 p.m.

7. Meeting of members at Court Room No. 1, 3.30 p.m., and at 4 p.m., address by the Hon. Sir Alexander Lacoste, Kt., Chief Justice of the Court of Queen's Bench. 8. Visit to Exhibition, 8 p.m.

THURSDAY, SEPT. 17, 1896. 9. Trip on steamer in harbor of Montreal at 2.30 p.m., as guests of the Bar of Montreal.

10. Dinner to members of the Bar Association at the Windsor Hotel, Montreal, eight o'clock p.m., as guests of the Bar of Montreal.

The programme was unanimously adopted.

Mr. Carter then suggested that all those present should register their names, whereupon Mr. Farewell, Q.C., of Whitby, Ont., suggested that this be done by provinces. Sir Hibbert Tupper was opposed to this, and said that in a meeting of this kind all provincial lines should be ignored and they should sign indiscriminately, simply as members of the profession to which they were all so proud to belong. This was seconded by Mr. F. A. Knapp, of Prescott, and unanimously adopted. About 150 of those present then signed the register.

AFTERNOON SESSION. Among the visiting barristers were : The Hon. Charles Hibbert Tupper, Q.C., M.P., Halifax, N.S.; Aulay Morrison, M.P., New Westminster, B.C. ; P. S. Lampman, Victoria, B.C.; F. A. Knapp, Prescott, Ont.; Geo. Ritchie, Halifax, N.S.; Hon. Fred. Peters, Q.C., Charlottetown, P.E.I. ; 0. A. Howland, M.P.P., Toronto, Ont. ; Hector McInnes, Halifax, N.S. ; C. S. Harrington, Q.C., Halifax, N.S. ; Frank Arnoldi, Q.C., Toronto, Ont. ; Hon. William Pugsley, Q.C., M.P.P., St. John, N.B. ; Alexander W. MacRae, St. John, N.B. ; Hon. Daniel McNeill, Q.C., Halifax, N.S. ; J. E. Farewell, Q.C., Whitby, Ont. ; J. A. Gemmill, Ottawa, Ont. ; R. Smith, Cornwall, Ont.; Æneas A. Macdonald, Charlottetown, P.E.I.; R. G. Code, Ottawa, Ont.; J. W. Macdougall, Port Hood, N.S.; W. C. Languedoc, Q.C., General Secretary of the Bar, Quebec; David Grant, Moncton, N.B.; R. R. Cromarty, Toronto; J. C. McCorkill, Cowansville; N. Chauvin, Montebello, Que. ; Aug. Noel, Q.C., Batonnier, Arthabaskaville; J. C. Noel, Inverness; J. T. Bulmer, Halifax ; J. Travers Lewis, Ottawa; Asa Gordon, Ottawa ;. C. H. Cline, Cornwall ; M. j. Gorman, Ottawa; Geo. F. Gregory, Q.C., Fredericton; John A. McGillivray, Q.C., M.P., Toronto ; F. R. Latchford, Ottawa ; D. C. Fraser, Q.C., M.P., New Glasgow ; Chas. B. Pratt, Ottawa; W. H. Barry, Ottawa ; P. N. Martel, Trois Rivieres; Arthur Olivier, Trois Rivieres; L. J. Cannon, A.A.G., Quebec; R. G. Murray, St. John, N.B. ; Geo. E. Kidd, Ottawa ; C. A. Stockton, St. John, N.B. ; J. Shaw, Toronto; Arthur R. Slipp, Fredericton, N.B. Among the members of the local Bar were: Messrs. P. H. Roy, Louis H. Tache, Arthur Globensky, W. J. White, L. G. A. Cresse, A. E. Poirier, Jos. A. Descarries, T. Brosseau, Jas. Crankshaw, A. E. Harvey, Husmer Lanctot, L. T. Marechal, Peers Davidson, J. M. Ferguson, C. P. Beaubien, H. A. Cholette, Pierre Beullac, Geo. F. O'Halloran, A. J. Brown, Philip Sheridan, Ernest Pelissier, J. H. Migneron, Joseph Hebert, J. C. Walsh, A. R. Oughtred, F. W. Hibbard, Chas. A. Duclos, S. A. Lebourveau, G. E. Mathieu, Elzear Roy, S. J. Drouin, Elie Maurault, J. O. Drouin, Horace St. Louis, Camille Piche, N. K. Laflamme, Urgel A. Denis, George U. Moffatt, J. Netterville Driscoll, w. Prescott Sharpe, Maxwell Goldstein, L. P. Brodeur, R. Dandurand, Charles Ar. Wilson, Eug. Lafontaine, D. H. Girouard, Edmund Guerin, L. P. Berard, U. Plourde, P. B. Mignault, C. B. Carter, Q.C., C. Archer, Charlemagne Rodier, L. E. Bernard, V. F. Jasmin, G. A. Marsan, Eug. A. Primeau, Albert LeBlanc, Jos. Lussier, Ć. A. Harwood, W. D. Lighthall, J. F. Dubreuil, H. C. St. Pierre, Q.C., Alexandre Jodoin, L. W. Sicotte, jr., Ls. J. Loranger, R. G. de Lorimier, W. A. Weir, Þ. St. Germain, Hon. John S. Hall, Q.C., J. Brisset, John Dunlop, Q.C., Arch. McGoun, jr., A. Gagnon, P. R. Goyet, V. E. Mitchell, Seth P. Leet, J. A. Perrault, P. A. Begin, Ernest Desrosiers, Alf. E. Merrill, James Kirby, Q.C., Charles M. Holt, Romulus Laurendeau, J. D. Cameron, F. X. Dupuis, J. Ó. Fournier, J. A. Labelle, H. J. Hague, F. S. Maclennan, Phil. Cousineau, C. A. Barnard, N. T. Rielle, R. D. McGibbon, Q.C., Percy C. Ryan, L. H. Davidson, Q.C., Alphonse Jacque.

At 2.30 p.m. the meeting proceeded to business pursuant to programme, and on motion of the Hon. Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper, Q.C., M.P., Halifax, seconded by O. A. Howland, M.P.P., Toronto, the Hon. J. E. Robidoux. Q.C., Batonnier-General of the Province of Quebec, was unanimously chosen Chairman of the Conference. Mr. Robidoux, on taking the chair, thanked the meeting for the honour done him and proceeded to read the following address : Gentlemen, Members of the Canadian Bar:

This is the first occasion upon which a member of our Bar is privileged and honored with the opportunity of addressing a meeting composed of members of the Canadian Bar, assembled for a common purpose and animated by a common sentiment. The Bar of Montreal feels that it has particular reason to be proud that its brethren in the other provinces should have chosen Montreal as the birthplace of the Association which it is proposed to found.

In the name of the Bar of Montreal, and as its Batonnier, I extend to you, its distinguished guests, a most sincere and cordial welcome.

The interest and sympathy with which our Bench views the formation of an Association of the present kind, is best attested by the fact that the Court of Appeals, the highest tribunal of the Province, has been courteous enough to adjourn its sittings until Thursday. Had there been no danger that the administration of justice would have suffered, our other judges would also have adopted a similar course, but you can be assured, however, that our proceedings will be watched by them with attention and appreciation.

Another pleasant duty now falls to my lot. I am authorized by His Worship, the Mayor of Montreal, to request you, as the guests of the city, to be present on Wednesday at lunch on the mountain. There you will be formally received by His Worship on behalf of the city.

One of the most agreeable features of this gathering is that it brings into intimate association men of prominence throughout the country, and that it cannot fail to create friendships to be lastingly cherished. And naturally so.

Hitherto we have been acquainted with you only through the place which you occupy in your profession. Henceforth we trust you will, by personal contact, and by our recognition of those qualities which have brought you distinction, become better known, and even more esteemed by us.

The acquaintance thus to be formed may be the means of removing certain prejudices which may, perchance, exist, but which, if they do, can be due only to the estranging influences of absence and separation. Inter-communion of ideas cannot fail 10 result from enlightened intercourse between men of education animated by enthusiasm for the same studies and the same institutions. Is it too much to expect that good will result, not only to us, but in a wider measure, to our common country, from your deliberations? Your thought and your speech are agencies second to none in accomplishing great ends, because they will find a deep echo in the breasts of your fellow citizens in your several provinces.

It is to be hoped that this meeting will be followed by many others of a similar kind. And for many reasons. In the various provinces different systems of law exist. Doubtless it is far from our thoughts to suppress any of these individual systems.

Each province has a right to rely on its autonomy for the preservation of that law which is best suited to its particular conditions. Just as you would

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