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I'm reviewing the short story of 'The Valley of the Worm' and not a collection by that name. Howard presents another of his reincarnation tales, this time his main character recalls a previous life ... Leer comentario completo


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In this successor to the first volume of his memoir, Palimpsest (1995), prolific novelist/essayist/gadfly Vidal mixes mournful minor keys among his usual trumpet blasts against what he regards as an ... Leer comentario completo

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Página 59 - The language used in treaties with the Indians should never be construed to their prejudice. If words be made use of which are susceptible of a more extended meaning than their plain import, as connected with the tenor of the treaty, they should be considered as used only in the latter sense.
Página 32 - It is therefore obvious that when you have ascertained the current cash value of the whole funded debt, and the current cash value of the entire number of shares, you have by the action of those who, above all others, can best estimate it, ascertained the true value of the road, all its property, its capital stock, and its franchises, for these are all represented by the value of its bonded...
Página 7 - This case, being a claim for supplies or stores alleged to have been taken by or furnished to the military forces of the United States for their use during the late war for the suppression of tne rebellion, the court, on a preliminary inquiry, finds that Charles W.
Página 12 - ... shall be paid from the revenues of the District of Columbia and the other half from the Treasury of the United States. A report in detail of the expenses on account of the National Zoological Park shall be made to Congress at the beginning of each regular session" (sundry civil act, March 3, 1893) $50,000.00 EXPENDITURES FROM JULY 1, 1893, TO JUNE 30, 1894.
Página 7 - Les Etats qui n'ont point pris part à la présente convention sont admis à y adhérer, sur leur demande. Cette adhésion sera notifiée par la voie diplomatique au gouvernement de la république française, et par celui-ci aux autres gouvernements signataires.
Página 2 - The railway cars used in the transportation of animals to the quarantine grounds shall be either cars reserved for this exclusive use or box cars not otherwise employed in the transportation of animals or their fresh products, and after each journey with animals to the quarantine grounds they shall be disinfected by thorough cleansing and disinfection under the direction of the inspector.
Página 4 - An Act making appropriations for the construction, repair, and preservation of certain public works on rivers and harbors and for other purposes...
Página 7 - The bureaus of exchange will serve, in an officious capacity, as intermediaries between the learned bodies and literary and scientific societies, etc. of the contracting States for the reception and transmission of their publications. It remains however well understood that, in such case, the duty of the bureaus of exchange will be confined to the free transmission of the works exchanged and that these bureaus will not in any manner take the initiative to bring about the establishment of such relations.

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