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Remonstrance of the*Commons against tlie Dissolution—Proclamation tor

Liuriiini^ the said Remonstrance—Projects r raising Mnnej l>V l.o.n.s,

&c—Persons commuted to Prison for refusing tl.r Lean—Sir.). I:Unit's

Petition on his Imprisonment—Sir R. Cotton's Advice to the Council to

call a Parliament - . . . . . . . . .193


March 17. A Ne» Parliament called—The King's Speech on opening the Session-—The
Lord Keeper's Speech—Sir John Finch chosen Speaker—Hi> Oration
to tlie Throne--—The Lord Keeper's Answer . . . . .217

March 20. The Commons iccene the Sacrament—Petition of hoth Houses lor a East—

The King's Answer 229

.2. Debate in the Common! upon Public Grievances—Sir F. Seymour, sir J.

Elliot, sir I!. May, sir T. Edmonds, sir H. Philips, Mr. Godwin, sir U.
Ruilyarrl, sir T. \V c ntworth, sir E. Coke, sir .1. Cooke . . . 220

51. Debates in the Commons on the Supply—Mr. Secretary Cooke, Mr.

Creskeld . 238

A Committee appointed to enquire concerning the Judgment against the

Refusers of the Loan—!Sir U. Philips, sir E. Coke .... 215

25. The King's Propositions for a Supply ....... 2-16


March 20. Conference concerning enforcing the Laws against Recusants—Petition of
both Houses concerning enforcing the Laws ugaitikt Recusants, with the
King's Answers .......... 218

April 2. Debate in the Commons on the Supply—Mr. All'ord, sir li. Mauscll, sir E.

Seymour, sir N. Rich, sir P. [layman, Mr. Pym, Mr. Secretary Cooke,
sir D. Diggs, Mr. Spencer, sir J. Elliot, sir E. Coke, sir T. Wentworth,
sir II. Martin, Mr. Kirton, sir It. Philips. Serjeant Hoskins . . 253

Debate in the Commons on Confinement—Mr. Seidell, sir Thomas Hobby . 250
3. Debate in the Commons Oh Designation to Foreign Employment—Sir P.

Hayman, Mr. Hackwell, sir E. Coke, sir T. Wentworth, sir J. Elliot . 257
Message from the King in Vindication of the Duke of Buckingham . . 258
Resolutions of the Commons relating to the Liberty of the Subject . . 259
Report of a Conference with the Lords on the Liberty of the Subject—Sir

D. Diggs, Mr. Littleton, Mr. Selden, sir E. Coke' .... 200

•4. Debate in the Commons on the King's Message for hastening tha Supply—

Mr. Secretary Cooke, sir Ii. Rudyard, Mr. Pym .... 272

7. Five Subsidies voted—The Duke of Buckingham's Speech thereupon—Sir J.

Elliot resents the Duke's Speech 271

10. Message from the King desiring the Commons not to make any Recess at

Easter—Sir R. Philips, sir E. Coke . 270

11. Further Debate on the Supply—Mr. Secretary Cooke, sir D. Diggs, sir T.

Wentworth 277

12. Another Message from the King to hasten the Supply—Sir R. Philips, Mr.

Secretary Cooke, Mr. Wandesford, sir 11. May, sir T. Wentworth . 278

Instructions of the Commons to their Speaker in Answer to the King's

Message . 280

14. The Speaker's Speech to the King on presenting the Petition against Reletting

of Soldiers—Tlie Petition—The King's Answer .... 231

Complaint of the ('ominous arjainst the Earl of Suffolk, for aspersip.g a Mem-

ber of their House . .280

Proceedings in the King's Bench against the Gentlemen impri* >ncd for re-

fusing the Loan, inquired into—The Judges give the Ror isons of their

Conduct ... 288

17. Report of a Second Conference between both Houses concerning the

Liberty of the Subject—Serjeant Ashley ordered into C^jtody, for words

spoken at the Conference ..... ■ 292

53. A further Conference relating to the Liberty of the 'jubject—The Lords

Propositions thereupon—The Abp. of Canterbury' 's Speech thereat . 329

28. The King's Speech, desiring the Parliament to rely t ,n his Royal Word for

their Liberties 331

Debate in the Commons on the King's Speech—7 vjr Secretary Cooke, sir

B. Rudynrd . . . . 332

Debate on a Bill for securing the Liberty of the S abject Mr Hackwell, Mr.

Mason 336

May t. The King's Message to the Commons to rf .|v" 0n his Royal Word—Mr.

Secretary Cooke, sir R. Philips, sir EV<T sjr T. Wentworth 342

1628. Page
May 2. Another Message from the King—Mr. Secretary Cooke, sir J. Elliot, sir M.

Fleetwood . . 344

3. The Commons Answer to the King's Messages—Thu King's Answer—De-
bate thereon 345

6. Proceedings of the Lords on Matters of Privilege—Attorney General de-
livers in his Opinion concerning Homage , 349

^Conference concerning the Petition Of Right 350

12. The King's Letter to the Lord* touching the Liberty of the Subject—Confe-
rence on the King's Letter „ 351

■14. Report of the Conference concerning the Petition of Right .. .- . 353
17. The Lords Addition to the Petition of Right—Conference thereupon . 355
Debate in the Commons on the Lords Addition to the Petition of Right—
Mr. Alford, Mr. Pym, Mr. Hackwcll, sir E. Cok*, sir 1\ Wemworth,

Mr. Nov. Mr. Selden 350

Reasons giien by the Lords for their Addition—Mr. Mason's Speech in

Answer thereto '. 359

23. Report of a Conference concerning the Lords Addition to the Petition of

Right . 364

26. The Lords at length give up their Addition to the Petition of Right . . 371

27. The Petition of Right agreed to by both Houses and delivered to the King 373
Jane 2. The Petition or Right—The King's Answer. 374

3. Mr. Rouse's Charge against Dr. Manwaring 377

« The King's Answer to the Petition of Right not agreeable to the Commons 379

Sir John Elliot recapitulates the Grievances of the Commons .. . . 380
Sir B. Rudyard's Speech for the better Maintenance of the inferior Clergy 385

4. The King's Message to both Houses to expedite Business . .. . 388
Declaration of the Commons against Dr. Manwaring—Mr. Pym's Speech in

support thereof 388

5. The King's Message requiring the Lords to adjourn .... 401
The King's Message forbidding the Commons to meddle with Affairs of State 401
Debate in the Commons on the King's Message—Sir R. Philips, sir J. Elliot,

the Speaker, sir D. Diggs, sir N. Rich, Mr. Kirton, Mr. Wandesford,
sir E. Coke, Mr. Kirton, Mr. Sherland, Mr. Knightly, Mr. Ashburnhain,
Mr. Prynne, sir A. Croft, sir R. Philips, Mr. Whitaker, Mr. Selden . 40*

6. The King's Message of Thanks to the Lords 405

The King's Message to the Commons by their Speaker—The Speaker, sir

ILPhilips 406

7. Further Debate in the Commons on Grievances—Mr. Kinon, Mr. Parker,

Mr. Windham, sir J. Maynani ....... 40T

The King gives a more explicit Answer to the Petition of Right . . 408
12. Bill of Five Subaidics passed . . . . . . . .410

Proceedings against Dr. Manwaring—Judgment pronounced against him . 414

16. The Commons complain, at a Conference, of the Commission of Excise . 416
Debate in the Commons relating to the Duke of Buckingham renewed—Sir

R. Philips, sir II. May, sir H. Martin, sir B. Rudyard, sir T. Jermin . 418
Remonstrance of the Commons against the Duke of Buckingham, as being
the Cause of all Grievances—The Duke complains of an Aspersion cast

upou him . 420

J 6 p. m. The f/>rds beseech the King to cancel the Commission of Excise . . 428

17. The Lords Exceptions to the Form of the Subsidy Bill—Dr. Manwaring's

Siih.'nission 428

81. Debate in the Commons on the Bill for Tonnage and Poundage—Their Re-

monsVance to the King on that Subject ... 431
26. The King pi orogues the Parliament in disgust—His Speech . . . 433
Jan. 21. The Parliame nt meet again—The Commons Inquiry concerning the Pe-
tition of K''?ht—Complaint of Mr. Holies 435

Feb. 9. The Lords resen t the conferring of. Scots and Irish Honours upon English

Gentlemen— -Their Petition thereupon 438

10. Complaint of seizin ? the Goods of Mr. Rolles, a Member, for refusing to pay
Tonnage—Sir 1.^- Philips, Mr. Littleton, sir J. Elliot—The King's Speech

on that Occasion • • 441

Jan. 26. Debate in the Comm on Grievances in Religion—Mr. Sherland, Mr.

Rouse, Mr. Kirton, • Mr- Pym> sir F. Seymour, sir R. Philips . . 443
Petition of both Houses ,r°r a Fast—The King's Answer .... 447
The King's Message to ha. stcn Bill of Tonnage 449
l6"28. , Pag»

Jan. 27. The Commons proceed with Religious Grievances—Sir \V. Earle, Mr. Cori-

ton, sir .1. Elliot, Mr. Long, sir T. Edmunds, Mr. Coriton, sir J. Elliot 4-19

Feb. 2. Apoiogy of the Commons for not passing the Bill of Tonnage and Poundage

—The King's Answer 404-

3. Debate on the King's Answer—Sir J. Elliot, Mr. Speaker, Sec. Cooke, sir II,

May, Mr. Kirton, Mr. Coriton, sir W. Earle, sir H. May, sir J. Porrott 457

4. A Sub-Committee concerning Pardons appointed—Sir It. Philips . . 458

6. Information against one Witheringtou, for aspersing the Protestant Re-

ligion—Sir R. Philips reports Mr. Attorney's Answer concerning

Cosins . 459

9. Report from the Committee relating to the Sheriff of London—Dr. Mon-

tagu's Confirmation argued , . . . . . . . 460

10. Mr. Rolles'^ Complaint relating to Tonnage—Sir R. Philips, sir H. May, Mr.

Seldcn . ". . 401

The Sheriff of London committed to the Tower—Mr. Long, sir F. Seymour,

Mr. Selden, Mr. Kirton, Mr. Littleton 402

11. Mr. Stlden's Report relating to Tonnage—Proceedings of the Committee

for Religion—Mr. Waller, Mr. Seidell, sir B. Rudyard . . .463

Debate in the Commons concerning Pardons—Mr. Sherland, Mr. Oliver

Cromwell, sir R. Philips, Mr. Kirton, sir M. Fleetwood, sir W. Earle,

sir J. Elliot 464

12. Debate on a Complaint concerning Tonnage and Poundage—Mr. Coriton,

sir H. May, sir T. Edmunds, Mr. Coriton, Mr. Waller, sir R. Philips,

Mr. Boyle, Mr. Seidell, Mr. Littleton 467

14. Proceedings of the Committee tor Religion—Sir W. Farle, Mr. Coriton, sir

R. Grosvcnor, sir R. Philips, Mr. Coriton, Mr. Selden, Mr. Sec. Cooke 467
Debate on a Commoner's appearing to Answer before the Lords—Mr. Sel-
den, Mr. Cooke .......... 472

Answer of the Barons of the Exchequer concerning Tonnage and Poundage 472
Report relating to Popish Priests—Sir T. Hobby, sir N. Rich, Mr. Secre-
tary Cooke, sir J. Elliot, sir F. Seymour, Mr. Cooke, sir J. Elliot, sir
N. Rich, Mr. Selden, Mr. Stroud, the Chancellor of the Duchy, Mr.

Selden, sir II. Martin, sir F. Seymour 473

17. Report of the Judges' Answer concerning stay of Execution of the Popish ,
Priests—Mr. Selden, sir R. Philips, sir T. Hobby, Mr. Wandesfotd,
sir T. Barrington, sir M. Fleetwood, sir N. Rich .... 47*
19. Debate on the Seizure of the Goods of Mr. Rplles, a Member—Mr. Wan-
- desford, Mr. Seidell, sir N. Rich, sir J. Elliot, sir H. May, sir P. Hay-

man, Mr. Selden, Mr. Glanville, Mr. Littleton, sir R. Philips, sir H.
May, sir F. Seymour, Mr. Glanville, Mr. Secretary Cooke, sir J.
Strangeways, Mr. Banks, Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Selden, sir N. Rich, Mr.
Noy, Mr. Cooke, sir H. May, sir N. Rich, sir H. May, Mb Kirton,
Mr. Glanville, Mr. Kirton, sir II. May, Mr. Hackwell, Mr. Noy, Mr.
Hackwell, sir H. May, sir J. Elliot, Mr. Cooke . . . . . 477

23. Report concerning Privileges—Mr. Secretary Cooke, sir R. Philips . . 482

25. Heads of Articles to be insisted on, and agreed upon, at a Sub-Committee

for Religion . 483

March 2. Sir John Elliot's Speech against the Lord Treasurer Weston . . . 487

The Speaker delivers the King's Message for an Adjournment, which is not

regarded by the house 487

Sir John Elliot offers a Remonstrance concerning Tonnage and Poundage . 488

The Speaker refuses to put the Question, and, offering to leave the House,

.is held in the Chair—The Speaker, Mr. Selden, sir P. Hnyman . . 490

The King sends the Black Rod and threatens to force the Door of the

House of Commons . 491

10. The King's Speech to both Houses at the Dissolution of the Parliament . 491

The King's Declaration of the Causes of the Dissolution .... 492

Imprisonment of Mr. Hollis, sir J. Elliot, and other Members—Questions

proposed to the Judges relating to them—Information in the Star

Chamber against them—The Members brought, upon a Habeas Corpus,

before the Court of King's Bench—The Members removed to other

Prisons by the King's Order—The King's Letter to the Judges on thnc

Occasion—The King sends for the Judges—A Motion to bail the

Prisoners—An Information exhibited in the King's Bench against them

—Sir Walter Long's Case in the Star Chamber—The Judges give their

Opinions on tb« Case of the Imprisoned Members .... (04


1628. P*E«

1 lie King's Proclamation against false Rumours ..... 524

Occurrciu cs from tlie Dissolution in 1023 to the Meeting of the New Parlia-

ment in 1640 521


April 13. A New Parliament called—The King's Speech at opening the Session—The
, Lord Keeper Finch's Speech — Tin- King produces a Letter from several
Scots Lords to the French Kins- -John Glanvillc, esq. chosen Speaker
—lli» Speech—The Speake r's Flection confirmed by the King—The
.Speaker's Reply to the King's Confirmation ..... 52'd
lb. Debate 111 the Conniions on Petitions from several Counties relating to

Grievances —Mr. Harhottle Grimston, sir It. Rudyard, Mr. Pym . 541
CC. The Behaviour of the lute Spe aker (-ir John Finch) censured . . . 551
The King's Speech by the Lord keeper to hasten a Supply—Debate in the

Commons thereon—Mr. Edmund Waller 555

22. The Commons resolve to prefer Grievances to Supply—'I he King's

Speech to the Lords thereon—Heads of Grievances proposed by the

Commons ........... 551

25. The Lords at a Conference- n commend Precedency of Supply ./ . 565

'I he Commons proceed with Grievances •. ... . • / 5(3 J

Mnv 1. The Lords, at a Couu-rcnce, give their Hcasons for preferring the Supply . 5o'j

ii. The King's Message to the Commons to hasten a Supply—His Second

Me-sngc—The King dissolves the Parliament ..... 57C

4. The King's Detlaraii Hi of his K.asons for dissolving the Parliament . 575

Remarks on the Proceedings of the late Parliament—Principal Occurrences

after the Dissohnion ......... 57$

Petitions to the King to call another Parliament . . . . 585

A Meeting of the Peers at York—The King's Speech to them—A Treaty

with the Scots at itipon 589

Nov. 3. A New Parliament c died—State of the Peerage at this time . . . 591
List of the House of Commons, from the Opening of the Long Parliament,

Nov. S, 1040, to the forcible Dissolution thereof by Cromwell, in 1053 597
The King's Speech on opening the Long Parliament—The Lord Keeper's
Speech—William Lenthall, esq. chosen Speaker—His Speech—The
King'.- Speech to the Lords—The Commons appoint several Committees 629
7. Debates in the Commons relating to Grievances—Mr. Pym, sir B. Rudyard,

sir J. Holland, Mr. Bagshaw 639

9. A Solemn Fast appointe d—Resolution of the Commons against Monopolists 651
Further Debates in the Commons relating to Grievances—The lord Digby,
sir .F. Colepeper, Mr. Grimstou, sir K. Dering, sir J. Wray, lord Digby,
sir F. Seymour .......... 651

10. Proceedings of the Peers relative to the Searching the Studies and Pockets

of two Peers ........... 667

20. Remonstrance from the Parliament of Ireland—Orders respecting the Com-

mons receiving the Communion 069

S3. Debate in the Commons concerning Religion—Sir E. Derlug, sir J. Wray 670
Dec. 7. Resolutions against Ship Money—Two Subsidies granted . . . .671

11. Petition of the City of Loudon against Bishops, &c. ..... 673

15.. Resolutions against the Canons lately made by the Convocation . . 678

18. The late Breaches of Parliamentary Privileges inquired into , . . 679
Dr. H. Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, charged with High Treason—Mr.

'Grimston's Speech thereon . . . . . . . - . 679

19. Informations against Dr. Wren, Bishop of Ely 682

•Secretary Windebank flies the Kingdom—Articles against him—His Vindica-
tion of himself 682

91. Proceedings on the Impeachment of the Lord Keeper Finch—Hi9 Apology
before the Commons—Mr. Rigby's Speech against him—Articles of
Impeachment—Lord Falkland's Speech in Support of the Articles—
The Lord Keeper's Letter to the Earl of Pembroke after his Escape . 685

81. Articles of Impeachment against sir George Ratcliffe—Mr. Pym's Speech in

Support of them .......... 698

68. Informations against Six of the Judges ....... TOO

23. Two Additional Subsidies voted.—Sir B. Rudyard's Speech thereon . . 701

The Archbishop of Canterbury's Petition to the Lords .... 701

64. Information against Dr. Piers, Bishop of Bath and Wells—Alteration in the

Judges Patents . . . . , 702

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