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Like all the loveliest things we know,
That bloom in fragrant vales,
Full soon will fade its living glow,

If heaven's mild radiance fails.


Where now it plays, the look of care
Shall be or if a smile,

A smile that sorrow's self can wear,
As 'twould itself beguile.


Then watch it with a mother's eye,
And with her prayer of love;
And though the earthly frame shall die,
The gem shall live above!




AMIDST a rude cold world, 'tis sweet to feel,
One gentle heart is fondly linked with ours;
Grieves in our woe, rejoices in our weal,

And, if it might, would strew our path with flowers.


But sweeter far it is to feel that He,

To whom that heart in humble faith is given, Is "touched" for both with tenderer sympathy, And, as He can, illumes our path from heaven.


Oh Thou, the fountain of all holy love!
Grant that, however dear be ought below,
Far dearer still may be the source above,

Than even the fairest streams that thence can flow.


TO C. F. D.


As one receiving some rare tender flower,
That he might bear it to a distant land,
Pleased with his charge, yet mindful of the hour
Of storms and frosts, might take with trembling

So now, my first-born daughter, while I fold
Thine infant form with gladness on my bosom,
It is with gladness, trembling to behold,
Consigned to these frail hands, so frail a blossom.


Yet, have I seen on childhood's bosom sleeping,

A tender infant, that was safe I knew ;
Because a parent fond sate near them, keeping
Each little one alike in reach and view:
So I, my babe, will minister to thee,

Fearless of harm, whatever storm may gather; Because above, the eye of faith can see, Guarding us both, a loving, watchful Father.


A Father-and a God! Oh, wondrous blending
Of majesty and tenderness supreme!
Inspiring deepest awe, yet ever lending,

To win us and assure, a gentle gleam :
Even, as when his mighty voice above,

'Mid the dark cloud that shadows us, is pealing,

The bow of promise too its tale of love

In hues of softest beauty is revealing.


As coming years shall bring their wondrous visions, Both to thine outward and thy mental eye,

Of love divine, yet mingling still monitions
Of dread unutterable majesty,-

Oh! may'st thou love, my child, thy Father's God,
And, sweetly conscious of His sure protection,
Joy in the light His presence sheds abroad-

But aye with reverence deep as thine affection.

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