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with a rod of iron, and my heart is fixed; I will dash them in pieces like a sing, and give praise. potter's vessel.

Awake up, my glory; Be wise now therefore, awake, lute and harp; I O ye kings; be learned, ye myself will awake right who are judges of the early. earth.

I will give thanks unto Serve the Lord in fear; thee, O Lord, among the and rejoice before him with people, and I will sing unreverence.

to thee among the nations. Subrnit to the Son, lest For the greatness of thy he be angry, and so ye per- mercy reacheth unto the ish from the right way, if heavens, and thy truth unhis wrath be kindled, yea, to the clouds. but a little. Blessed are all Be thou exalted, O God, they who put their trust above the heavens, and let in him.

thy glory be above all the

earth. PSALM 57.

Now unto the King eter

nal, &c. BE merciful unto me,

Be honour and glory, &c. O God, be merciful unto me, for my

soul trusteth in thee; and under the shadow of thy wings shall be EVENING PRAYER. my refuge, until this ca

PSALM 113. lamity be overpast.

I will call unto the most PRAISE the Lord, ye high God, even unto the servants of his; O praise God who will perform all the name of the Lord. things for me.

Blessed be the name of He shall send from heav- the Lord, from this time en, and save me from the forth for evermore. reproach of him who would Let the Lord's name be swallow me up.

praised, from the rising up Be thou exalted, O God, of the sun unto the going above the heavens, and let down of the same. thy glory be above all the The Lord is high above earth.

all nations, and his glory My heart is fixed, O God, above the heavens.


Who is like unto the Lord, than to put confiLord our God, who hath dence in princes. his dwelling so high, and The Lord is my strength yet humbleth himself to and my song, and is bebehold the things that are come my salvation. in heaven and earth? The voice of joy and

He taketh up the simple salvation is in the dwellout of the dust, and liftethings of the righteous; the the poor out of the mire; right hand of the Lord

That he may set him bringeth mighty things to with the princes,

pass. with the princes of his The right hand of the people.

Lord is exalted; the right

hand of the Lord bringeth Psalm 118.

mighty things to pass.

I shall not die, but live, O GIVE thanks unto and declare the works of the Lord, for he is gracious, the Lord. and his mercy endureth The Lord hath chastenfor ever.

ed and corrected me; but Let Israel now confess he hath not given me over that his mercy endureth unto death. for ever.

Open me the gates of Let the house of Aaron holiness, that I may go innow confess that his mercy to them, and give thanks endureth for ever.

unto the Lord. Yea, let those now who This is the gate of the fear the Lord confess that Lord, into which the righthis mercy endureth for eous shall enter.

I will thank thee, for I called upon the Lord thou hast heard me, and in trouble; and the Lord art become my salvation. heard and delivered me. The same stone which

The Lord is on my side; the builders refused, is beI will not fear what man come the head stone in the doeth unto me.

It is better to trust in the This is the Lord's doLord, than to put confi- ing; and it is marvellous dence in man. It is better to trust in the This is the day which




in our eyes.

the Lord hath made; we Thou art my God, and I will rejoice and be glad will thank thee; thou art in it.

my God, and I will praise Save, now, O Lord ; 0 thee. Lord, send us now pros O give thanks unto the perity.

Lord, for he is gracious, Blessed be he who com- and his mercy endureth eth in the name of the for ever. Lord; we bless you, ye Now unto the King eterwho are of the house of nal, &c. the Lord.

Be honour and glory, &c.



Truth shall flourish of

the earth, and righteousO GIVE thanks unto the

ness hath looked downi Lord, and call upon his from heaven. name ; tell the people what

The Lord will give things he hath done.

strength unto his people ; © let your songs be of the Lord will give unto bis him, and praise him; and people the blessing of let your talking be of all

peace. his wondrous works.

Blessed are the people Seek the Lord and his whose strength is from strength, seek his face for thee, and in whose heart evermore.

are thy ways. The Lord gave the word, Teach us to do thy will, and great was the com- for thou art our God; O pany of those who publish- let thy good spirit lead us ed it.

into the paths of righteousHis salvation is nigh unto those who fear him, that glory may dwell in the land.

PROPER PSALMS. Mercy and truth are

MORNING PRAYER. met together, righteous

PSALM 68. ness and peace have kissed each other.

LET God arise, and let


his enemies be scattered ; Thou, O God, sentest a let those also who hate him gracious rain upon thine flee before him.

inheritance, and refreshLike as the smoke van

edst it when it was weary. isheth, so shalt thou drive They dwelt in the midst them away; and like as of thy food; for thou, o wax melteth at the fire, so God, didst of thy goodness shall the ungodly perish at prepare for the poor. the presence of God.

The Lord gave the But let the righteous be word; great was the comglad, and rejoice before pany of those who publishGod; yea, let them ex- ed it. ceedingly rejoice.

Kings with their armies O sing unto God, and did fee and were discomsing praises unto his name; fited, and she who staid at magnify him who rideth home divided the spoil. upon the heavens; praise The chariots of God him in his name JEHOVAH, are twenty thousand, even and rejoice before him. thousands of angels, and

He is a Father of the the Lord is among them, as fatherless, and defendeth in the holy place of Sinai. the cause of the widows; Thou art gone up on even God in his holy hab- high, thou hast led captivitation.

ity captive, and received God restoreth the solita- gifts among men; yea, even ry to their families, and from thine enemies, that bringeth the prisoners out the Lord God might dwell of captivity ; but letteth among them. the rebellious continue in Praised be the Lord a dry land.

daily; even the God who O God, when thou went- helpeth us, and poureth est forth before the peo- his benefits upon us. ple, when thou didst march He is our God, even ihrough the wilderness; the God of whom cometh

The earth shook, and salvation; God is the Lord, the heavens dropped at the by whom we escape death. presence of God; even Si The Lord hath said, I nai itself was moved at the will bring my people again presence of God, the God as I did from Bashan ; of Israel,

minę own will I bring

again, as I did once from He made a covenant the deep of the sea. with Jacob, and gave Is

Sing unto God, O ye rael a law, which he comkingdoms of the earth; O manded our forefathers to sing praises unto the Lord; teach their children ;

Who sitteth in the heav That their posterity ens over all, from the be- might know it, and the ginning; lo, he doth send children who were yet unout his voice, yea, and that born; a mighty voice.

To the intent that when Ascribe ye the power to they came up, they might God; his excellency is show their children the over Israel ; his strength same; is in the clouds.

That they might put O God, wonderful art their trust in God, and not thou in thy holy places; to forget the works of God, the God of Israel will give but to keep his commandstrength and power unto ments. his people; blessed be Now unto the King eterGod.

nal, &c.

Be honour and glory, &c. PSALM 78.

HEAR my law, O my people; incline your ears

EVENING PRAYER. unto the words of my mouth.

PSALM 44. I will open my mouth in WE have heard with a parable; I will declare our ears, O God, our fahard sentences of old ; thers have told us, what

Which we have heard thou hast done in their and known, and such as time of old ; our fathers have told us; How thou hast driven

That we should not hide out the heathen with thy them from the children of hand, and planted them in; the generations to come, how thou hast destroyed but to show the honour of the nations, and cast them the Lord, his mighty and out. wonderful works that he For they gat not the hath done.

land in possession through

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